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Get To Stepping: Celebs Fired From Television Shows

Anyone can go at any time.

Can We Have Our Style Back Please? Celebrity Men Who Wear Women’s Clothes

In the age of skintight jeans and stretch jeggings, it’s become socially acceptable for men to wear more form-fitting clothing. But these famous men have gotten in touch with their feminine side by wearing clothes made for women. Evan Ross Evan Ross recently tied the knot to his girlfriend of six months Ashley Simpson in […]

Music To Our Ears: 15 Songs To Start A Revolution

Get inspired.

Posthumous Albums We’re Thankful For

These artists’ music lived on after their deaths.

Somebody Cut His Mic: Don Lemon’s Most Embarrassing (And Disappointing) Moments

He just won’t stop.

How To Avoid Packing On The Pounds During The Holidays

You can do this.

Celebs Who Have Gone To Therapy

There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help

Things We’re Dreading About Thanksgiving Already

It’s almost that time of year again. Thanksgiving is two days away and although we are looking forward to overdosing on some turkey and then passing out in a comatose-like state because of the tryptophan, aka greens, ham, sweet potatoes…, there are some things we’re dreading about Thanksgiving already.   The Preparation Remember back in the […]

Father Knows Best? TV Dads With Messy Personal Lives

You just never know.

Signs You’re Too Old For The NightClubs

Who doesn’t love a fun night out popping bottles, laughing with your friends and dancing the night away at the club? However, there comes a point in your life when you realize that it’s not your scene anymore. Take a look at a few signs that you’re too old for nightclubs. You Have To Hire […]