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Long Hair, Don’t Care: Famous Men Rocking Man Buns

Are you here for it?

Do You Know Which Movies Inspired These Music Videos?

Music videos are truly the glue that holds together an artists identity, as intriguing lyrics aren’t enough. Accompanying visuals for songs can also help boost its popularity. Therefore, it’s very common for an artist to put a lot of thought, effort, and time into creating a video that stands out from the masses. These artists found […]

I’m Locked Up: 12 Artists That Have Been Arrested Before Or During Live Shows

Every time you watch the news or read the blogs it seems as if artists are being toted away to the slammer left and right. Embarrassing enough, concerts have become frequent hot spots for these unfortunate happenings to occur. Artists show up not only determined but prepared to put on a good show for their fans, and the […]

Too Close For Comfort: 15 Celebrities With Crazy Stalkers

Celebrities have to get used to the paparazzi trying to photograph their every move, but some of them have had to watch their backs for a far more serious reason. These stars have had encounters with crazy stalkers and some of the stories are unbelievable. Chris Brown Now that Chris Brown and his on-again, off-again […]

Dear Diary: Celebs Who Penned Open Letters

Did you take time to read their thoughts?

Celebrity Weddings We Didn’t Find Out About Until After They Said “I Do”

Some stars can keep secrets.

Green Hair, Don’t Care! Celebs Whose Tresses Were Green With Envy

Would you try it?

NO!!! TV Character Deaths We Never Got Over

It’s so hard to say goodbye.

Famous Mothers Whose Parenting Skills Were Called Into Questioned Over Controversies

Were people being too hard on them?

“He Smelled Like Baby Powder:” Ridiculous Reasons Women Turn Down Men

Have an open heart.