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How My Friend’s Wedding Changed My Dating Life

I realized that I want to have myself together for me, but also for the man who could come along down the line.

Don’t Talk About It, Be About It: How I Finally Started Seeing Success

I had to pause, go back to the drawing board, re-strategize and figure out how to make my next move my best move to improve my situation.

How Fear Of Failure Kept Me From Reaching My Fullest Potential

For a while, I second-guessed myself in most of my endeavors. I declined opportunities out of fear. I even went without asking for things I really wanted for fear of being rejected.

Dating Lessons I Wish I Would Have Known Long Before I Started Playing The Field

These dating lessons would have saved me a lot of time and heartache (and kept me from hurting others) had I known them before I started playing the field.

Praying For A Man: Is It A Necessity Or Just Plain Desperate?

I want to one day meet my soulmate, get married, and have babies. I hope for these things, but should I pray for them?

The Company You Keep: What Your Relationships, Past And Present, Say About You

I eventually started to understand that the people I involved myself with said a lot about my own character.

Dating For “Fun” And Not For A Ring: Could You Do It?

This author tried it. How about you?

How Social Media Can Mess With Your Self-Esteem If You’re Not Careful

Have you ever found yourself comparing your life to the lives of people you follow on social media?

The “Ex” Factor: What You Need To Know About A Man’s Ex-Girlfriend Before You Date Him

Probe, even if it seems intrusive. Your heart will thank you in the long run.

Before You Get Married: Things You Should Do For Yourself Before You Jump The Broom

What is one thing you want to accomplish before you become a Mrs.?