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The Good in Goodbye: Why You Need To Eliminate People Or Things Stopping Your Progress

No matter how good a person was or a situation has been to you, it’s always important to evaluate how this person or thing is affecting you in the present.

Why Meeting A Man’s Family Doesn’t Always Mean You’re ‘In’

While John eventually wanted to be in a relationship with me, at the time that I met his family, he wasn’t so sure. How backwards is that?

Why Guys Who Are Too Damn Nice Finish Last…

I learned a startling truth about most nice guys: the majority of them are simply that way with everyone. Where’s the exclusivity in that?

Can’t Knock The Hustle: Why I Believe A Relationship Will Get In The Way Of My Career Ambitions

I hustle hard. Point. Blank. Period. That is until I find myself in a relationship.

How I Realized That My Negative Attitude Was Getting In The Way Of My Relationships

I’ve never considered myself to be a negative person, but after careful self-reflection, I realized that I had let bad relationships in my past interfere with my optimism about future ones.

Can We As Black Women Be Too Defensive Sometimes?

I don’t think being cautious of someone’s intentions is necessarily a bad thing, but when it causes you to be defensive with everyone you meet, it becomes a problem.

He’s Old Enough to Be…Your Boyfriend: The Benefits Of Dating An Older Man

While you probably don’t want a man your father’s age and up, there are perks to dating men who have a few years on you.

The Silent Killer That Is Mental Illness: Black People Need Therapy Too

Yes, the strength that most black people wear as a badge of honor is sometimes the same thing that kills us when we pass up on the opportunity to seek professional help and deny our feelings in general.

My 80/20 Rule: Should You Really Give 100 Percent In A Relationship?

Some compromise is good, but I do believe that before marriage, every woman should consider saving something for herself and refrain from giving it all to a man.

Things You Can Do For Him On Valentine’s Day That Cost Very Little

From movie night but with movies of his choice, to putting on a nice little “show” for him, don’t forget about your man on V-day, but keep it simple.