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Are You Willing To Be With A Man Who Is Still “Building”?

A man who is still building used to be a deal breaker for me, until I realized I was being a hypocrite.

Does The More Money A Man Make Mean The More Likely He Is To Cheat?

Studies have shown that the more power a person has, man or woman, the more likely they are to cheat. Why?

When You Get Into A Relationship Do Your Friendships Have To Change?

While I think the dynamics of such associations may be altered, the bond shouldn’t be broken when it comes to genuine friendships.

How To Make The Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life

Live life to the fullest, ladies!

I Know I’m Too Old To Say This, But I’m Scared To Settle Down

#commitmentissues on fleek.

Baby Steps: Things You Can Start Doing Now To Get Healthy

Besides looking good, we should all want to feel just as good and create lifestyles that will sustain us past the spring and summer months.

Would You Stop Dating A Man Because You Can’t Stand The Way He Talks?

It’s not you–it’s the sound of your voice.

I Tried To Date A Man Who Was Just Like Me, And It Was A Complete And Utter Failure

Negative Nancy, meet Negative Nate…

Too Much To Do, So Little Time: How I Finally Learned To Deal With Stress And Got More Done

Move stress out of the way and make way for peace of mind.

Do You Have Gold-Digger Tendencies?

Can women who believe themselves to be of high stature, who have more degrees than a thermometer, also be gold diggers?