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How I Realized It Wasn’t My Job That Was The Problem…It Was Me

I realized that most times we need to change our attitude and not our jobs for us to excel.

In Life And Love, Is It True That You Attract What You Fear? It Was For Me.

The idea of attracting what I was scared of sounded ridiculous to me, until I heard more.

I Like You But Not Your Financial Situation: Why Being Financially Compatible Is Important

Understanding his views surrounding money is important WAY before you begin combining incomes.

If The Sex Is Bad, Is It A Deal Breaker?

If a man doesn’t know how to please you in bed, is it a deal breaker that can result in your withdrawal from the relationship?

I Thought I’d Found A Husband–Until I Realized We Were Better Off As Friends

How do you know when what you have shouldn’t go any further than the friend zone?

Is Contemporary R&B Dead? If Not, Where Is The Love?

Is the music that once encouraged love and commitment now a thing of the past?

Despite Being Proposed To, Here’s The Real Reason I’m Not Married And Why I’m Okay With That

Has your perception of marriage changed as you’ve gotten older? If so, how?

I Had A Problem With Leading Men On Until The Tables Turned

I realized that, for years, I had been the queen of leading men on. When the tables turned, so did my way of doing things.

Preparing For Your Future Husband: Is It Necessary Or Just Plain Crazy?

According to the married women in my life, by “preparing” for a husband, I am telling the universe what I want through my actions.

Stop The Stigma: On The Idea Of Being “Too Strong” To Take Your Own Life

Seeking help for mental illness is no longer a ‘White people practice’ or problem. Too many of us are suffering in silence.