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There Is Room At The Top: Do Black Women Help Each Other As Much As We Should?

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Maybe, maybe not.

Just Gotta Make It: My Love-Hate Relationship With Being An Entrepreneur

Erica speaks on the struggles of trying to start her own business while working for someone else, and why she won’t give up on her vision.

Confession: I Want To Find Love, But I’m A Commitment-Phobe

After years of soul-searching, I realized I was the one who was afraid to commit.

How My Friend’s Wedding Changed My Dating Life

I realized that I want to have myself together for me, but also for the man who could come along down the line.

Don’t Talk About It, Be About It: How I Finally Started Seeing Success

I had to pause, go back to the drawing board, re-strategize and figure out how to make my next move my best move to improve my situation.

How Fear Of Failure Kept Me From Reaching My Fullest Potential

For a while, I second-guessed myself in most of my endeavors. I declined opportunities out of fear. I even went without asking for things I really wanted for fear of being rejected.

Dating Lessons I Wish I Would Have Known Long Before I Started Playing The Field

These dating lessons would have saved me a lot of time and heartache (and kept me from hurting others) had I known them before I started playing the field.

Praying For A Man: Is It A Necessity Or Just Plain Desperate?

I want to one day meet my soulmate, get married, and have babies. I hope for these things, but should I pray for them?

The Company You Keep: What Your Relationships, Past And Present, Say About You

I eventually started to understand that the people I involved myself with said a lot about my own character.