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15 Foods You Should Avoid If You’re Trying To Get In Shape

I was consuming a smoothie for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, and an equally healthy option for dinner. Or so I thought. These were only a couple of the food choices I’d opted for to get in better shape. And while I wasn’t exercising as much as I should have been, I soon found out […]

Why Saying Someone Is “Wife Material” Is Anything But A Compliment

It’s not necessarily the phrase that I despise, but what it stands for: a checklist of criteria by men that women should hope to live up to if they want to get married.

What If I Can’t Have A Baby? Why I Started Getting Serious About Infertility In My Early 30s

I’d be mendacious if I said the statistics didn’t worry me. And the fact that I’m slowly creeping up on 35 only compounds that concern.

Do You Struggle To Be Vulnerable?

It took me a while to realize that being vulnerable is a part of growing and evolving, and if I chose not to let my guard down, I couldn’t experience the fullness of my life.

After The Hashtags: 10 Things You Can Do To “Stay Woke”

Starting with your own community.

Is Your Self-Esteem Tied To Your Accomplishments?

After coming to a career crossroad, I decided to focus on my own definition of success.

About That Checklist: Do You Know What You Bring To The Table In A Relationship?

While you’re making romantic checklists, you may want to check yourself first.

Why Do Some People Think It’s A Problem To Be Single And Satisfied In Your 30s?

No, really, I’m just fine.

Why We Need More Black Girl Anthems

This author thinks we need more artists with power and influence to uplift Black women in their music. Do you agree?

Is Your Materialistic Attitude Keeping You Single?

It’s one thing to desire a man who is doing well for himself. It’s another to make that the most important thing in your search for “love.”