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What Would You Do? You Want To Help A Young Girl Being Abused But Can’t Because Of Your Job

If you suspect that a young girl is being abused, would you speak to her, speak to her family, or call the authorities? Help!

You’re Crazy If You’re Letting Kids Experiment With Hair Dye

Flaunting the Odell Beckham, but far from a giant? Here’s one take on your kids being trend and the problem with letting children experiment with hair dye.

Still Eating Trix With An iPhone 6? When Is It Appropriate For Kids To Have Cell Phones

At what age should an unworldly child be trusted to handle all the complications and safety hazards that come with cell phones…responsibly?

Don’t Be A Bitter Baby Momma: Are You Still Keeping Your Child Away From Its Father ?

No matter what has happened–barring any abuse–keeping your child away from their father is only doing all parties involved harm. Let’s get it together.

Single Moms: Do You Investigate Your Ex’s New Love Interest?

Does the fact that you have a child in common give you an okay to investigate your ex’s new love interest?

What Would You Do? Your Teenage Son Got A Girl Pregnant

It’s hard enough raising a child when you’re an adult, so what happens when your teenage son got a girl pregnant?

Is It Ever Okay For A Woman To Hit A Man?

We are women. We lack the strength of a man, therefore men who are hit by women should just suck it up and walk away, right? Wrong.

Haitians vs. Jamaicans, African-Americans vs. Everybody: Cut The Crap, We’re All Black

Whether you are a black from the States, Europe, the islands or anywhere else in the world, we are all a part of the African diaspora and should respect one another as distant kin.

Now THAT Would Be Entertaining: Celebs We Wish Had Their Own Reality Show

Oh to be a fly on the wall! But what if these famous folks shared their lives on TV? Probably won’t ever happen, but it would be entertaining.

Celebrity Women Who Tried To Keep Their Pregnancies A Secret

In most cases, these women remained mum on any baby news even though we all knew they were pregnant. But in other cases, it was a complete surprise!