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Hey RZA, Why is Azealia Banks “Erratic” When Ol’ Dirty Bastard Was “Misunderstood”

The double standard is too real.

About That Study On Who’s More Likely To Use Misogynistic Language Online…

It should be noted that the report makes clear women are only slightly more likely to use misogynistic language online than men.

Why Martin “Kendu” Issacs Should Be Paying Mary J. Blige Alimony

Call it anti-feminist, but I don’t think there is anything particularly equal – or fair – about Martin “Kendu” Issacs requesting spousal support. Granted he is well within his legal right to make the request – although arguing against a pre-nuptial agreement he willingly signed sounds like a pretty uphill climb. And to be honest, […]

Democrat Donations To “Rebuild” GOP’s Firebombed Office Is An Act Of Violence Against Black People

Charing argues that when the GOP has placed two racist, bigoted people at the helm of their party, civility is no longer noble, it’s dangerous.

Homie Don’t Play Dat: Why Black Children Shouldn’t Dress As Clowns For Halloween

Not this year. Not next year. Not never for that matter.

Let’s Be Honest: Regardless Of Parker’s Past Or Black Support, BOAN Was Only Going To Do So Well

There were a lot more things working against this film than those two factors.

Now That Crackheads Are White, Drug Addiction Is No Laughing Matter

Did you notice the change in tone?

The Smiths Called It: Hollywood’s New Emphasis On Diversity

Do you see it?

President Obama’s Straight Talk And Why We Need to Start Telling White Folks The Truth

Time to stop sugar coating it.

How One Woman Turned Her Wellness Journey Turned Into A Business

Check out her story and the products behind them.