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If They Really Care About Animals And Ending Oppression, Why Is PETA Silent About Ferguson PD’s Use Of Police Dogs?

Charing says the organization often seems more hellbent on antagonizing people than on trying to really help make a difference.

10 Classic Black Books That Should Be Made Into Films

Do you see your favorite on this list?

Like “New York Undercover,” It’s The Music That Makes “Empire” A Hit

Charing says that like “New York Undercover,” keeping abreast of popular culture, including the music, has made “Empire” a rating’s juggernaut.

Why Mo’ne Davis Probably Shouldn’t Have Publicly Forgiven And Supported The Baseball Player Who Called Her A “Sl*t”

When we give young men like this passes for saying and doing despicable things to women, we’re giving passes to their words and to the words they will say to other women in the future.

Are Latinos Being Left Out of Empire?

Should the show diversify?

Should Black Leaders Rally Around Loretta Lynch Over Her Delayed Senate Confirmation?

Charing Ball asks, shouldn’t we start expecting more from our black politicians?

Common And The Current Political Ambiguity Of Conscious Rap

What did yo think about Common’s comments?

On Creflo Dollar And Whether Clergy Should Take A Vow Of Poverty

What do you think about this?

Why Is Michelle Obama Always Dancing?

Charing wonders if this is a ploy to make White folks feel less threatened by her.

#IAmSelma: High School Alumni Use Commemoration To Support Local Community

Check out this worthwhile organization.