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I’M Sorry I’m Not Idris: What If Idris Elba Was A Single Mom?

Charing Ball finds it interesting that no one is chiding Idris Elba for having a child out of wedlock, the same way they did Nia Long, or countless other single moms. Why do we chide single parents at all? She speaks on the double standard.

Does Hip Hop Have a Mental Illness Problem?

What do you think?

An Open Letter To White People: Please Control Your Dogs

After a very uncomfortable episode with a dog owner and her chocolate lab, Charing Ball has some things she wants to get off her chest.

No, Patti LaBelle Did Not Punch Aretha Franklin: Why We’re So Susceptible To Believing Satirical News

From the fake story about the boy who killed himself over a Polo shirt, to Aretha and Patti scrapping in the streets, some of us are liable to believe a lot of foolishness.

About The 200 Professors & Students Who Want To Ban Condi Rice From Speaking At Their College

The professors and students argued that Rice actually worked to dismantle civil rights during her tenure with the Bush administration.

When The Dust Settles From This “Sex Tape,” Will Mimi Faust Be A Winner Or A Loser?

Is Mimi Faust winning or losing? Charing Ball gives her two cents.

“Noah” And Why Are White People Considered The Standard?

The screenwriter for the movie explained that he didn’t cast minorities because he wanted the movie to reflect, “everyman.”

My Own Battle With Depression: Why People Should Empathize With, Rather Than Criticize, Karyn Washington

As a society, we are good at being judges and jurors, but suck really badly at being good stewards and helpmates to one another.

Turning The Tables: What Happens When You Tell A Man To Smile?

What happens when you flip the script and men have to deal with street harassment?

Do It For The Headline: Why Do We Care So Much About Dencia?

It’s clear all she wants is attention.

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