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Get Some Shut-Eye: Are You Missing Out On That Good, Good Sleep?

Most Americans are operating at a deficit.

Why Equal Pay Is The Number One Civil Rights Issue Affecting Black Women Right Now

That’s right. Equal pay is a civil rights issue, and it is one that our community, in particular, has been neglecting to fight for, for a very long time – if ever.

No More Down Low: Why Don’t We Talk About Straight Black Men With HIV

Charing says our silence about this group is negatively affecting us all.

Walter Scott’s Children Matter, Too

While we all are mourning and rallying around the tragically wasted life of Walter Scott, let’s not forget that there are other Black lives in need that matter that we should be rallying around too: his children.

Why You Should Consider Staying In A Hostel On Your Next Vacation

Charing describes the fascinating people she’s met at the hostel.

Serious Question: Isn’t It Time We Start Thinking About Disarming The Police?

Let’s disarm the police. No seriously, think about it…

Why I Have Mixed Feelings About France’s New Law Banning Excessively Thin Models

Sounds like a good idea but Charing Ball says it may open up a can of worms.

Pretending To Be Black To Get Ahead: The Mediocre Truth About Mindy Kaling’s Brother

Charing Ball fact checks the claims of Mindy Kaling’s brother when it comes to affirmative action and black enrollment in medical programs.

Black People Do Hike

Charing recounts her story of hiking in South Africa for the first time and what she learned from the experience.

No, I Don’t Want To Buy Your Goji Berry Juice: The Nightmare That Is Multi-Level Marketing

Charing Ball says it’s the side hustle your family and friends have flocked to that’s gone oh so wrong.