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I Am Tired Of Talking About Black Death

Has all of this talk and news of Black death taken an emotional toll on you?

What’s At Stake When We Ignore Mental Health?

Charing says we need to have an honest conversation about the way we treat those who may be dealing with mental illness.

On 50 Cent Crying Broke And His Penchant For Playing The Villain

Charing says that 50 is not really a nice person. And he has never been a nice person. In fact, he can be downright treacherous. And this is why she has a hard time believing anything that comes out of his mouth, including his recent claims that he is broke.

Unexplained Edits In Sandra Bland Arrest Video Prove Investigation Can’t Be Trusted

Charing Ball has very little hope.

Why Bernie Sanders Needs Some Black Friends

His response to Black Lives Matter protesters this past weekend highlighted the fact that not only is Sen. Sanders not a man of the people, but he also has a race problem too.

Do Dr. Cornel West’s Comments About Ta-Nehisi Coates’ New Book Prove He’s A Hater?

What do you think? Was his criticism valid, or just vindictive?

Should We Trust The Koch Brothers And Their Prison Reform Campaign?

Are they truly trying to make a change? Or is it all a political strategy?

Why Do We Talk So Much About Serena Williams’ Body And Not Her Athleticism?

When you’re dominating in your field, like Serena, the focus shouldn’t on what your body looks like.

What Do We Do With Bill Cosby’s Legacy Now That It Has Been Tarnished?

Charing asks, what do we do now?

“Smoke And Mirrors” Co-Creator Explains Why Millennials Are Obsessed With Black Love

She tells Charing, there isn’t a lot of programming in the mainstream about love, which is geared to the Black millennial.