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Who We Really Should Be Thanking During This Holiday Season

Are you giving thanks to the people who laid down their lives so that you could be where you are and do what you do?

BET Founder Robert Johnson Hopes To Create A Black Netflix With New Urban Movie Channel

Do you see this working?

“We Are Still Being Lynched”: Ferguson Activists, Business Owners And Residents Speak On Grand Jury Decision, Chaos That Followed

Check out a few reactions from Ferguson residents Charing first met and conversed with a few months back.

MO. Gov Jay Nixon Announces Ferguson Commission; Activists Respond

The commission is supposed to address the issues that led up to the murder of Mike Brown. But is Governor Nixon simply shirking his responsibilities?

Why Shanesha Taylor Owes You Nothing

When people give a gift, don’t you give up the right to determine how it’s being used?

Two Women Create App To Help Loved Ones Stay Connected With Family Members In Prison

Charing speaks to the creators about the inspiration behind such an app, and the impact its had already.

Vh1’s New Show “Bye Felicia” Highlights Why Hollywood Loves A Magical Negro

Have you noticed this trend?

Exclusive: Ferguson Activist Says Gov. Jay Nixon’s State Of Emergency Is A Declaration Of War Against Peaceful Protesters

A protester says, I’m just completely baffled by this order and why Gov. Nixon, who says his interest is in protecting the people, would give police and other law enforcement agencies free-rein to do whatever it wants to those very citizens.”

Dear Black People: Stop Having The N-Word Conversation With White People

Are you tired of this debate yet?

Rape Culture Is Real: N.O. Detectives Failed To Investigate Over 1,000 Sex Crimes