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Should Toni Morrison Leave Her Historic Works At An HBCU Instead?

Many argue that because Morrison started her writing career at Howard, she should consider housing her works there.

How Much Whiteness Is Actually In “The Whiteness Project”?

Charing’s not really sure how white people telling us how they feel about us as black folks helps them to start thinking more about what makes them white.

There Are No Winners In The Snoop Dogg Iggy Azalea Beef

Charing is more concerned about the anonymous, Black woman who was used as a source of offense in this whole thing.

And Another One: Are You Ready For A Web Series About Traveling Back In Time To The Slave Era?

Are you ready for another production about slavery? Well, you better get ready because one, a web series called “Save Me,” is in the works.

Serious Question: Can We Stop With All The Ebola Conspiracy Theories?

Charing says we’ve got to deal with the fact that so many people are conspiracy theorists right now, and that many of these theories are ruining all rational conversations about Ebola and how to quell this epidemic.

J. California Cooper’s Daughter Speaks On Her Mother’s Genius And Writing To Show Black Women’s Humanity

The daughter of late author J. California Cooper discusses her legacy and the stories behind her beloved works with Charing Ball.

“We Don’t Want Money To Be Used On Boob Jobs” South African Leaders Ask Nicki Minaj Return Money For Canceled Show

Find out why the show was canceled in the first place…

The Very Real Dangers Of Street Harassment

It’s not something we can afford to brush off any longer.

Should Old Beloved Television Shows With Questionable Racial Content Come With A Disclaimer?

And have you ever watched shows you used to love as a kid and realized they were filled with racism, sexism and homophobia?

What Is Your Signature Style?

Having a signature style can be deeper than you might think.