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Why Shanesha Taylor Owes You Nothing

When people give a gift, don’t you give up the right to determine how it’s being used?

Two Women Create App To Help Loved Ones Stay Connected With Family Members In Prison

Charing speaks to the creators about the inspiration behind such an app, and the impact its had already.

Vh1’s New Show “Bye Felicia” Highlights Why Hollywood Loves A Magical Negro

Have you noticed this trend?

Exclusive: Ferguson Activist Says Gov. Jay Nixon’s State Of Emergency Is A Declaration Of War Against Peaceful Protesters

A protester says, I’m just completely baffled by this order and why Gov. Nixon, who says his interest is in protecting the people, would give police and other law enforcement agencies free-rein to do whatever it wants to those very citizens.”

Dear Black People: Stop Having The N-Word Conversation With White People

Are you tired of this debate yet?

Rape Culture Is Real: N.O. Detectives Failed To Investigate Over 1,000 Sex Crimes


Why Azealia Banks Is Exactly What Hip-Hop Needs Right Now, But Probably Doesn’t Want

What is particularly refreshing about Banks is that she pulls no punches and is fearless. Those are two traits that are not always celebrated nor appreciated in women, let alone black women.

Why #Pointergate Is Nothing To Mock Or Laugh About

Are we taking this matter too lightly?

“I’m Not Gay No More!”: What’s Not So Funny About The Church Of God In Christ Homosexual Deliverance Video

While everyone is laughing at the video of the young man saying he was delivered from homosexuality, Charing Ball explains why it’s actually pretty sad.

Is Reality Tv Desensitizing Us To Violence Against Women?

Remember when reality tv stars were immediately kicked off of a show when they put their hands on someone?