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Did A Man Lie On This Alleged Gay-Basher Because Of His Race?

Women lie, men lie but video proof is pretty hard to deny.

Will You Be Boycotting Businesses “Or Else” This Holiday Season?

Charing says of the Justice or Else boycott that is not enough to tell people to boycott the Christmas season. You have to tell folks who, what and why.

Why Patti LaBelle’s “Thank You” To James Wright Is Enough

Charing wonders why we’re always asking women to share credit.

Serious Throwback Question: Tony! Toni! Tone! vs Guy?

Take your pick!

Mo’Nique vs Shonda: Who Has The Better Relationship Philosophy?

Are you more of a let your man step out or a never get married type of girl?

Does A F–kboy Ever Stop Being A F–kboy?

Rapper David Banner is making a lot of promises to Black women with his new song, “Marry Me.” But Charing Ball wonders if he can really deliver.

Why Patti LaBelle’s Pie Is The Blackest Moment This Year

What could be blacker than the weekend we had debating the authenticity of Patti’s sweet potato pie?

The Media Is Not Responsible For The Reasons We Didn’t Care About Lebanon And Kenya

Are we the ones who decide which stories get the most coverage?

Why There Are No Winners in the HBCU vs PWI Debate

Shouldn’t Black students take this time to simply support each other?

The Twerk Assault And The Need To Take Street Harassment Seriously

Charing says, when we fail to take sexual assault and harassment that happens to women seriously, we can’t be too surprised when men are not given the benefit of the doubt as well.