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Was Al Sharpton’s MSNBC Show Used To Protect Comcast From Charges Of Racism?

Have you heard these claims?

The Assumptions We ALL Make About Dreadlocks

I don’t want people walking down the street using my hair to make assumptions about my intelligence, my commitment to the community and social justice, and how much weed I smoke–unless they are going to front me a bag.

Is Asexuality A Real Thing?

Have you heard about this?

Like It Or Not, Soul Food Is Part Of Black History Too

What’s wrong with serving and honoring Soul Food as traditional African-American cuisine during Black History Month?

All Black Men Are Revolutionaries; All Black Women–Like Mo’Nique–Are Difficult

Why can’t we ride for Mo’Nique for standing up for what’s right?

What’s So Wrong With Us Seeing Beyoncé’s Pre-Photoshopped Face?

We did understand that she was a human being right?

A Warning About Dating “The Potentials”

Charing Ball says Cory and Tia’s story on how they met is beautiful, but in the wrong hands, their story about finding love through potential can also be the stuff horror films are made of.

Houston We Have A Problem: Where Are The Black Finalists For The One-Way Trip to Mars?

Find out why we need to be there.

Amber Rose, Kylie Jenner And The Intersection Of Class And Slut-Shaming

Charing Ball says that “class” is often used as a shield to protect some while also being used as a tool to oppress others: like women of more marginalized identities. This was made very evident in the whole Amber Rose/Khloe Kardashian Twitter dust-up.

What Do “Empire” Ratings Say About “Rampant Homophobia In The Black Community”?

Lee Daniels said his goal was to blow the lid off of the rampant homophobia in the Black community. Has he done that?