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“All Cops Ain’t Bad”: The Problem With The Feel Good Cop Viral Videos…

The problem is not that most people don’t like cops. The problem is that when we need them, some cops don’t always show up. Sometimes, when they do show up, they don’t always follow the laws that they are supposed to uphold and protect equitably.

Roland Martin And His Hypocritical Thoughts On “Sorority Sisters”

See why Charing took issue with some of Roland’s views and let us know if you agree?

In Spite Of The Wait, New D’Angelo Sounds Just Like Old D’Angelo

Charing Ball says that even though D’Angelo doesn’t want to be defined as a neo-soul artist, “Black Messiah” is very regressive and very much, for lack of a better word, neo-soul. But that’s not a bad thing.

Eric And Esaw Garner Do Not Have To Be Perfect To Be Victims

The notion that we have to be twice as good applies even in the way we die.

What The NAACP Image Award Nominations Tell Us About The State of Black Entertainment

Did these nominations seem a bit off to you?

What The New Show Empire Gets Wrong About How “Notoriously Homophobic” The Black Community Is

Charing says Empire is definitely sending a message about homophobia in the black community, but does the way it does so push the conversation in a positive direction or reinforce sad stereotypes, which try to paint blacks as more homophobic than anyone else?

Are We Witnessing The Re-emergence Of The Activist Black Athlete?

Are Black athletes finally waking up?

Al Sharpton, The NAACP And The Antiquated March On Washington

Do you think we need another tactic?

Filmmaker Bill Duke Talks “Dark Girls”, New Doc “Light Girls” And More

He had some very interesting things to say. Check them out inside.

What Does It Mean To Be Peaceful In The Face Of So Much (Police) Brutality?

After a jury failed to bring Eric Garner’s killer to justice, Charing asks, what does it mean to be peaceful when we still haven’t seen change or justice?