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Should Black Women Protest For Eric Garner?

Should we keep marching for Black men when many don’t support Black women as they should?

Is It Wrong To Want Your Kids To Be Trust Fund Babies?

As more celebrities refuse to leave their wealth to their children, Charing Ball says that for wealthy black folks, that’s not a good idea.

This is Why I’m Excited About Black Jesus

Charing says since McGruder left “The Boondocks,” the show is a shadow of itself. So she’s looking forward to McGruder’s new project “Black Jesus.”

Did The NYPD’s “Broken Windows Policy” Of Policing Contribute To The Death Of Eric Garner?

Charing Ball says the NYPD is wasting valuable resources and man hours to target minor offenses and people they believe could potentially turn into big-time criminals.

How The “Hookie Do” Is Revolutionizing the Weave Industry

See how this new wig was supported and funded by black women.

Why I Think Honorary Greek Inductions Are Unfair

Do you agree?

Serious Question: Do Black Women And Gay White Men Need Each Other?

What commonalities do we actually share? Black women, regardless of one’s sexual orientation, can not assert the same sort of liberties as White men.

It Is Time For Some New Ideas In Black Romantic Comedies

Are you tired of seeing the same movie over and over again?

About That Korean Hair Meme: Why We Should Really Be Thanking Some Sistas For Their Weaves

After a meme came out criticizing black women and weaves, Charing Ball says we’re overlooking how weaves have helped black entrepreneurs in the hair care industry.

Why Are We Always Talking About The Dysfunction of Basketball Wives And Not Basketball Itself?

Charing Ball notices that we’re always talking about the dysfunction of Basketball Wives but rarely mention the negative effects basketball has on our community.