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Why Is Melissa McCarthy The Face Of Body Positivity And Not Gabourey Sidibe?

Have you noticed this?

How Much Do You Really Know About The Clintons?

Charing says if you’re going to vote for Hillary Clinton, you better make sure she works hard for that vote based on the track record of the Clintons and how their policies have impacted Blacks.

BU Professor Saida Grundy Victimized By Vicious Right-Wing Attack

See what lies people are telling about Professor Grundy these days.

Sorry, Jerry Hough. But “The Asians” Are Not Doing Better Than Black People

After Professor Jerry Hough put his foot in his mouth when speaking on Asians vs. Blacks, Charing Ball says she’s had enough of the model minority myth. We’re all out here dealing with major issues.

Shanesha Taylor’s 18-Year Probation Highlights War On The Poor

Do you think Taylor is being unfairly penalized because her case generated so much attention?

Study Finds Religious White Flight, While Blacks Hold The Mainline For Jesus

The study that is being cited and reported all over the media about Americans leaving the church isn’t really accurate when it comes to Black Americans.

Serious Question: Why Can’t Farrakhan Be A Television News Pundit But Ann Coulter Can?

At this point, getting mad at her is the equivalent of getting mad at Stephen Colbert’s fake conservative routine: The joke is on you.

Can We Stop Making Fun of Black Children’s Prom Dresses?

Charing says that as adults, we should know better than to make fun of children.

Sorry, Michelle. But The “Sting” Of Racism Did Change You

Charing says that in spite of her declaration, it is clear that the “sting” of racism has in fact defined Mrs. Obama and the Obamas in general.

The Stone Mountain Graduation Shows That We Are Not Post-Racial

We still have quite a bit of work to do.