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The Scary Break-In At Ray Allen’s Home And How The Law Doesn’t See Black People As Victims

Seven young people broke into Ray Allen’s home while his wife and kids were home, yet police and media in Florida are treating it all as a silly prank. Charing Ball knows why…

Politic365 Founder Answers Allegations That She Has Been Selling Black People Out In Net Neutrality Fight

Are you familiar with net neutrality?

11 More Updates About The Michael Brown Case And The Ferguson Unrest You Should Know

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10 Armed White Men Who Did Not Die By the Police

White men have several lives when it comes to dealing with the police.

If Drugmakers Have The Cure, Why Is The Vaccine For The Ebola Virus Really Taking So Long?

How should pharmaceutical companies proceed with experimental drugs during times of contagious disease outbreaks and epidemics?

Do We Need Youth Curfews?

Is this just another way for police to harass young Black people?

What Would Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Say About The Ferguson Riots In Response To Police Killing Michael Brown?

Charing Ball says that while she doesn’t think violence is the answer, she can’t fault weary people for dealing with aggression from police with their own dose of aggression.

No, Charlize Theron Is Not African

Charing is tired of people claiming Charlize Theron cannot be racist because she was born in South Africa.

Should Men Be Forced To Undergo Circumcision?

What do you think?

Does Mary J. Blige Get The Recognition She Deserves, Or Is She Fading Into Obscurity?

Her music changed the way we listen to R&B, but are we still listening to Mary J. Blige?