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Why Don’t We Laugh At Iggy Azalea’s Fake Cakes?

Why is Iggy cute and entertaining while Nicki is a menace to society?

Autumn’s Law: Should The Family of A Child Murderer Be Held Financially And Criminally Responsible For The Kid’s Actions?

Charing asks, is it fair to hold a parent responsible for unforeseeable crimes their children commit?

It’s Not Musiq Soulchild’s Fault He’s Rapping; It’s Ours

When was the last time you bought an R&B album?

The Drama Surrounding FCKH8: Should A T-Shirt Company Be Able To Profit Off Of Racism?

The for-profit company FCKH8 has been getting a side eye for years, but was criticized recently for using children in Ferguson to sell T-shirts. Charing Ball speaks on the problem with companies claiming they want to make a change while also seeking to make some change.

About Daniele Watts And The Time I Was Mistaken For A Prostitute

Daniele Watts is not the only one.

Hey Buddy With The BlueTooth In Your Ear: You Kind Of Look Like A Douchebag

Are you tired of talking to people who aren’t talking to you?

What Do The Kids Learn When A High School Cancels Dance Out of Fear Of Twerking?

Miley Cyrus is causing all types of problems for kids across the country.

10 Smart Black Web Series That Will Make You Cancel Your Cable

You’re welcome.

I Didn’t Need A Video Tape To Tell Me That Ray Rice Was Guilty But Thank God For It

Sadly, there’s been a lot of victim blaming going on.

Either We Claim It All Or We Get Rid Of Black Twitter

Charing argues that we either embrace all that Black Twitter is and could be or stop using the misnomer all together.