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Jesse Williams’s Speech Was Moving, But Were We Really Listening?

Charing says, loving the words is easy. It’s the work that is hard. And it is the work that matters.

The Pointless Theater of #NoBillNoBreak

Charing said that while the sit-in looked like something historic, Democrats knew that it wouldn’t accomplish anything.

Racism Or Justice? Black Drug Dealer Gets 21 Years For White Heroin User’s Overdose

Charing says if the skin color of the dealer wasn’t a factor in his hefty sentence, then the skin color of the man who overdosed definitely is.

Should This Mother Be Locked Up For Beating Her Children For Breaking And Entering?

Have you heard this woman’s story?

Why I Oppose The Inclusion Of Women In The Military Draft

Charing explains why the government needs to do away with Selective Service altogether.

Tamir Rice and The Cleveland Cavalier’s Invictus Moment

Charing says this win brings everyone together and makes them forget the city’s biggest problems.

Isn’t It Time For “Men’s Night” At The Club?

Why should men have all of the fun?

There Is Nothing Brave About A Woman Dining Alone

Charing wants to know: What’s the big deal?

Dr. Steve Perry’s “Aesthetics To Success” And Why Men Need A Natural Hair Movement

Charing says that telling Black men to cut their natural hair for success is just upholding and even encouraging some very nasty oppression that hurts us all.

The Orlando Shooting Is About More Than Just A Gun Control Issue

Charing said the hate the media has been spewing for months is responsible for this?