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Slavery And Santa Claus: 10 Things Before Gay Marriage That God Did Not End The World Over

Charing says cut it out already with all the fire and brimstone talk.

Why Is Zendaya Coleman Always The Center Of Controversy?

Is it real or imagined?

Donald Trump Has Always Been Racist, So Why Is He Being Fired Now?

Charing says that Trump has been making racist comments for years, particularly about Black people, including President Obama. Why didn’t NBC do something years ago?

Bree Newsome’s Reclamation Of Faith

Bree said that she was coming against the flag in the name of God.

Is It Right That Rappers Are Being Arrested Over Violent Rap Lyrics?

Is this yet another way to discriminate?

Serious Question: Should President Barack Obama Issue An Apology For Slavery?

Charing Ball says we don’t need anymore symbolic gestures or phony apologies. We need tangible solutions.

Who Really Benefits From Forgiveness?

There have been plenty of people telling Black people to stop being so forgiving. See what Charing thinks about the concept.

Guns, The Confederate Flag And Whatever Rick Perry Is Talking About Did Not Cause Emanuel AME Massacre

Stick to the facts.

Exclusive: The “Conscious Stripper” Explains Why She Exposed Dr. Umar Johnson

She says Dr. Umar Johnson is pretending to be something that he’s not while condemning others for not being what he pretends to be.

Dear White People, Stop Having These Phony Conversations About Race

Charing was disappointed, but not surprised to see that White people who had so much to say about Rachel Dolezal and race as a social construct had nothing to say after the shooting at Emanuel AME.