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Bobby Shmurda And Why We Need More Dancing In Hip Hop

Even though Charing thinks the song is blah, the dance is important.

Where Are All The Ghouls And Goblins In Black Cinema?

With Halloween tomorrow, Charing wonders if there is an audience for black horror films?

Honey Boo Boo Child And Why White Poverty Is No Laughing Matter

Charing says we ignored the dysfunction associated with poverty for far too long.

What Would You Change About Your Physical Appearance If Money Were No Object?

The way that the looks of celebrities are visually ripped apart by any and everyone on a daily basis, who’s to say that you wouldn’t feel the pressure to make some big changes if you had a lot of money and were in the spotlight?

The Lie Charles Barkley Told About Black People…

Did you hear his comments? Charing Ball found them very off base.

On Men Who Don’t Have Anything To Say

Have you run into this problem?

University Of Texas To Offer Course On Rihanna Womanism Vs. Beyoncé Feminism

Are you here for it? Charing Ball speaks on the course.

Should Toni Morrison Leave Her Historic Works At An HBCU Instead?

Many argue that because Morrison started her writing career at Howard, she should consider housing her works there.

How Much Whiteness Is Actually In “The Whiteness Project”?

Charing’s not really sure how white people telling us how they feel about us as black folks helps them to start thinking more about what makes them white.

There Are No Winners In The Snoop Dogg Iggy Azalea Beef

Charing is more concerned about the anonymous, Black woman who was used as a source of offense in this whole thing.

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