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Do We Really Need To Boycott Mother’s Day?

Charing wonders why Mother’s Day, in particular, got Minister Louis Farrakhan so riled up.

Is “Becky” A Racist Term? Iggy Azalea Thinks So

Is it?

The Failed Alchemy Of Birdman’s Quest For “Respeck”

Charing says, when it comes to protecting your good name, always remember to be impeccable with your words.

Let’s Be Real, We Know Exactly What Happened To Lil Kim’s Face

People say love yourself like it’s easy to do, it’s not.

Why I Am Upset That We Can’t See Any Of Prince’s Videos

Charing says that Prince had a right to protect his music, but what about the fans?

Why Having Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill is A Good Reminder

What do you think?

Has Society Conditioned Us To Fear And Hate Men?

The more I think about it, the more I come to understand just how much my mistrust of the opposite sex is rooted in our culture.

Reproductive Attorney Gives Sound Advice On How To Go About Finding A Surrogate

Some good information ladies.

Why Rachel Dolezal’s Book Deal Reeks Of Exploitation

Charing says what is being sold to us as the face of transracialism (if it is such a thing) is a suburban White woman whose total identity is shaped around fragments and pieces of the Black experience she picked up in college. Thanks, but no thanks.

A Frank Discussion With A Celebrity Hairstylist About White Girls And Cornrows

See whether or not this stylist thinks this is cultural appropriation or not.