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Michael Jordan’s Open Letter on Police Respect/Brutality is Too Little, Too Late

In an open letter where many were hoping to see Jordan finally take a stand for something, Charing says that he chose to ride the fence.

Should Black Lives Matter March for White Victims of Police Brutality?

What do you think?

When Will Black Women Start Protesting For Themselves?

Are Black men even stepping up for themselves in this way?

Sorry KRS-One But When It Comes to Sexual Abuse, Our “Leaders” Are Not Beyond Reproach

KRS-One said that because of who Afrika Bambaataa is, he should get a pass.

Is The Green Party’s Jill Stein Really A Viable Presidential Option?

Charing says she doesn’t see Stein’s campaign – or her – being a major factor in this upcoming presidential election.

Despite Plagiarism Charges Against Melania, Donald Trump Will Still Come Out On Top

Do we honestly believe folks are going to suddenly disavow him or his campaign over a little bit of plagiarism?

How Come We Only Care About Blue Lives When They’re Taken By Black People?

We rarely hear about the White people who kill cops though statistically they do it more often than we do.

The Pointless Theater On ABC’s Conversation On Race Town Hall

This was disappointing.

Despite Reports, New Black Panther Party Will Not March At The RNC Armed — Even Though They Should

Charing says that someone really should be there to make a statement about the right wing’s lack of response to the death of two Black men, shot and killed by police for carrying guns in states with lenient open-carry gun laws.

Serena Williams Reminds Us That The Wage Gap Knows No Bounds

If Serena can’t even get paid what she’s worth…