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The Cincinnati Zoo Story Reminds Me Why I’m Glad I’m Not A Parent

Charing says that accidents happen, and parents should not be shamed for them.

Why Pastor Jamal Bryant Probably Doesn’t Deserve To Be Banished From Baltimore

Charing says the point the man taped chastising Pastor Jamal Bryant made will be lost on people due to his aggressive approach. Do you agree?

African Union Says Haiti Not African Enough To Have Membership

Welp, Charing says it looks like that dream some of us have of uniting all of the Black nations under one cultural, socioeconomic and political agenda might have to wait a while longer.

Who Really Suffers In A Public Spat Between Co-Parents?

You guessed it–the child. Charing explains this in light of Chris Brown and Nia Guzman’s public spat.

Tonya TKO Talks Living In Her Car; The Blessing And Curse Of Asking For Help

Read about this woman’s compelling story and her message to all Black women.

When Big Girl Love is WhiteWashed

Have you noticed the mainstream’s new infatuation with plus sized women?

Krystal Lake, Home Depot And How Black People Move America Forward

Charing speaks on the importance of small victories.

Will “Shots Fired” And the Re-imagining Of Ferguson Work On Network Television?

Charing says the history is so complicated, they might have bitten off more than they can chew with this series.

Why Do We Put On Airs To Comfort White People But Don’t Check On Our Own?

Charing says that White people get asked if they’re okay. Black people are told to suck it up and stop whining.

Serious Question: Is Rihanna A Misandrist?

Charing weighs in after a Fusion writer offered this opinion.