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Loretta Lynch: The Good And The Not So Good

Did you listen to her hearings? How do you think she’ll serve the people?

Serious Question: Why Can’t Mya Work The Pole In Peace?

Folks are going in on Mya like some of us aren’t out here juggling two or three side jobs instead of one steady, decent-paying and fulfilling job.

Kanye West Gives His Designer Friend An “N Word” Pass

Same story, different day.

Serious Question: What’s Wrong With Marrying Yourself?

While some think it’s pathetic, Charing Ball says the best part of the story about the woman who married herself is the people in her life who supported and participated in her choice. We all need people like this sometimes.

The Perils Of Sending Black Children To Predominantly White Schools

There are some definite drawbacks.

“Light Girls” And Why Black Men Also Need To Be Honest About Their Own Issues With Self-Hatred

Colorism isn’t, and has never been, a women-only issue.

Now That ‘Sorority Sisters’ Is Off The Air, What Will The Divine 9 Champion Next?

Do you think we’ll continue to see this type of activism?

Harriet Tubman Day: When Will There Be A Federal Holiday That Honors A Woman?

Outside of Mother’s Day and Women’s History Month (which are not federally recognized holidays), there just aren’t very many public and state holidays, or momentums and commemorations in general, which seek to canonize women on the same level as we do our male heroes and leaders.

3 Reasons Why The Possible Live Remake Of ‘The Wiz’ Will Suck

Do you think they should do this?

Fleek, Bae, Ratchet And How Black People Appropriate Within Our Own Culture

It’s not just White folks.