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New Documentary “Bleaching Black Culture” Tackles Cultural Misappropriation

Watch the trailer inside.

Michael Jai White Says Tasha Smith Probably Shouldn’t Have Called Tyler Perry Asexual On Wendy

Ya think?

Meagan Good, Chad Coleman To Star In Law & Order: SVU Episode On Domestic Violence

This should be good.

Working It Out: That Time I Was Told Go To The Back Of A Zumba Class

Rosa Parks didn’t die for this.

Johnny Gill Says Sherri Shepherd Is Just “A Homie”

Is that right?

Serious Question: Would You Call Your Man Daddy?

Or better yet, do you?

5 Fabulous Fall Hairstyles To Try

Let celebrity stylist Stacey Ciceron help you.

True Indian Hair Founder Karen Mitchell Talks Racism, Sexism Within Weave Industry: “It’s A Secret, But Not Really”

See how she overcame those obstacles.

Shekinah Talks “Beef” With T.I.: “I Don’t Have A Problem With Clifford Harris”


Mama Knows Best: Lessons On Food And Family We Learned From Our Mothers

Learning to cook has long been a time of bonding and a right of passage for young girls. Even though most millennial women today pride themselves more on their killer careers than their ability to throw down in the kitchen, there’s no denying when it comes down to cooking up a home-cooked meal we always rely […]