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She Tried It! Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer

If low porosity and dryness are constant struggles for you, I’d strongly encourage you to try the Q-Redew.

Trey Songz Shows Support For Nate Parker: They Tried To Slight You And You Rose Above

That’s one way of looking at it.

El Cajon Officers Fatally Shoot Black Mentally Disabled Man “Not Acting Like Himself”

Another week, another victim.

I Tried Birth Control For 7 Days And It Was Hell

Period relief for a few days a month wasn’t worth the way my body felt on the pill every day.

Silk-Lined Headwraps To Protect Your Strands This Fall

Headwraps are not just not for the winter.

James Fortune On Finally Realizing He Was An Abuser: “My Controlling Behavior Was The Real Root Of My Problem”

The Gospel artist is now working to break the cycle with his own son.

Did Y’all See? Racial Fatigue And White Comfort

Enough is enough.

Gabrielle Union Would Love To Get Privileged Hollywood White Women Together To Discuss The Oppressive Systems They Benefit From

You know, the Lena Dunhams, Kate Uptons and Amy Schumers.

I Love Traveling To The Caribbean But I Hate The Americanization Of The Islands

It pains me to see locals living in places that have already been colonized by Europeans once still having to assimilate to those ideals for their livelihood.

Woman Undergoes 8-Hour Follicular Unit Transplantation After The #BunLife Snatches All Her Edges

There is hope.