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Too Comfortable Too Soon? When to Let Go In Front of Your Man

When is it okay to be completely “comfortable” with your man? Aka is it ever okay to pee with the door open or pass gas around your man?

Feeling That Spark – What Exactly Is Chemistry Based On?

What is that chemistry based on? Looks? Personality? Familiarity?

It’s the Little Things – 10 Things You Can Do To Let Him Know You Love Him

Check out these 10 Things You Can Do To Let your man Know that You Love Him!

A Kiss is Just a Kiss…or Is It? Do You Consider a Kiss Cheating?

Do You Consider a Kiss Cheating? Would you stay with someone you love kissed someone else?

Seeking Revenge? Don’t Play Yourself

I bust the windows out ya’ car…

Having A Second Child – Is It Too Early To Tell If I Should?

I was a month shy of my 41st birthday when I gave birth to my son. Being pregnant at 40 was nothing like I expected. It was magical, but it was scary…nerve racking yet miraculous. Meeting my son was the best day of my life, and its hard to imagine anything coming even remotely close […]

Is Becoming A Second Wife Settling For Being Second Best?

Second time around.

Postpartum Depression is Real – How to Cope

All new mothers need a little help.

Can A Baby Save A Relationship?

It’s complicated.

“Stand Back” Signals – Reasons He May Find You Unapproachable

Get back…you don’t know me like that.