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Seeking Revenge? Don’t Play Yourself

I bust the windows out ya’ car…

Having A Second Child – Is It Too Early To Tell If I Should?

I was a month shy of my 41st birthday when I gave birth to my son. Being pregnant at 40 was nothing like I expected. It was magical, but it was scary…nerve racking yet miraculous. Meeting my son was the best day of my life, and its hard to imagine anything coming even remotely close […]

Is Becoming A Second Wife Settling For Being Second Best?

Second time around.

Postpartum Depression is Real – How to Cope

All new mothers need a little help.

Can A Baby Save A Relationship?

It’s complicated.

“Stand Back” Signals – Reasons He May Find You Unapproachable

Get back…you don’t know me like that.

You Don’t Get a Brotha Back Like That! Is “Revenge Cheating” Justified?

Even though what he did WAS whack.

Omari Hardwick In “Things Never Said” Tonight On BET – A Must-See Indie Film

This film deserves your attention and you will not be disappointed.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone: Should You Change For a Man?

Your partner should bring out the best in you.

Pretty Little Liar – Is Lying Ever Okay?

Tell me lies…tell me sweet little lies.