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Are You a Good Heartbreaker?

Let him down easy.

Three’s a Crowd! Threesomes and Their Possible Effects On Your Relationship

Menage-a-heck naw.

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Becoming pregnant can change everything. Should it change this?

What Makes a Good Mother? You Do!

The truth is, you’re a great mom.

I Still Breastfeed My Son – You Got a Problem With That?

Yes, I still breastfeed my son. What’s the big deal?

Could You Date a Man Who’s Broke, Even if You’re Not?

Recently I noticed that my 25 year-old stepson was spending A LOT of time on the phone with a very nice young lady. When I inquired if she was his girlfriend, he emphatically said no…they were just friends. So I let it go, for a little while. But as the days and weeks went on […]

Plucked, Polished, Shaved and Waxed – The Things We Do For Beauty

It’s the weekend, and I’m looking forward to finally getting that mani/pedi that I’ve been in desperate need of for about a good month now. My toes look like talons!  If I’m lucky, I’ll have someone braid my hair for me as well since I hardly have time to tend to it with a busy 15 […]

Could My Hair Cost Me The Interview? Natural Hair & Getting The Job

Could my natural hair prevent me from getting the job?

Is It Okay To Crush On Someone Who ISN’T Your Man?

Is it ever okay to have a crush on someone else besides your man and Idris Elba?

Penciling in Playtime – Should You Schedule Sex?

Don’t knock it till you try it.