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Here are a few tips on figuring out if your jumpoff has feelings for you.

The Truth About Emotional Abuse and “Fixing Your Life”

While watching the interview between Iyanla Vanzant and Karrueche Tran last night, I got this familiar feeling. It was hard to pinpoint at first, but as I hung onto every word, every question, every answer that was presented in the interview, I no longer felt like I was watching someone else’s life story play out […]

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Are second chances really worth the risk?

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It may take some time, but here’s how I finally got my sexy back after having a baby.

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Is it ever too soon?

Creepy Much? 10 Things NOT To Do With A Potential New Boo

10 Things NOT to Do With a Potential New Boo

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Say What Now!? 12 Reasons a Man May Turn Down Sex

Here are some reasons why a man may turn down sex.

The Slap – Would You Allow Anyone Else to Hit Your Child?

The Slap – Is it ever okay to discipline someone else’s child?