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Flirting Your Way To The Top: Should You Use Your Sex Appeal To Get Ahead Professionally?

Flirting is simply a tool used in networking, which is an art form in and of itself.

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive: Do Cheaters Really Deserve A Second Chance?

When commuting to and from work on crowded trains, it’s hard not to overhear other people’s conversations. One in particular this morning that caught my attention was between two women contemplating if woman #1 should take back her man, whom she apparently discovered had cheated on her. Woman #1 was clearly hurt and confused and […]

My Sister The Muslimah: Why I Admire My Sibling For Converting And Finding Her Own Peace

Brooke shares why she did not condemn her sister for converting to the Islamic faith.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?: I Stopped Letting My Parent’s Failed Marriage Affect My Relationship With My Father

As one of two sisters who was raised by a single mother, it was hard for me not to identify with my mother. She epitomizes strength, love and resilience. And while we were far from rich or even middle class, my sister nor I ever wanted for anything. Well, except a father. Although I was never […]

New Gig, New You! The Do’s and Don’ts When Starting a New Job

Five months ago I got a call to stop by  my HR representatives office. “Uh oh,” I thought immediately, “this can’t be good.” After almost 12 years of doing a job that I absolutely loved, I was told that my position was being eliminated – no fault of my own, nothing personal,  just a business […]

Should You Throw Away Love Because A Man Doesn’t Fit Your Ideal Standards?

What do you think?

Does A Man’s Job Really Matter When Determining If He’s Mr. Right?

Would you date down?

Happily Never After? When Do You Know That The Relationship Is (Finally) Over?

When do you know when it’s time to call it quits?

Is It Okay To Have A Work Spouse?

Do you or have you ever had one?

What’s The Big Deal? Does Your Man Feel Threatened By Your Sex Toys?

Yesterday I received an e-vite to a sex toy party. I hadn’t attended one since I actually hosted one at my apartment several years ago. Because I was the host, I got to pick out several items as my gifts for giving up my space, time and inviting all my girlfriends who spent a grip […]