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What’s The Big Deal? Does Your Man Feel Threatened By Your Sex Toys?

Yesterday I received an e-vite to a sex toy party. I hadn’t attended one since I actually hosted one at my apartment several years ago. Because I was the host, I got to pick out several items as my gifts for giving up my space, time and inviting all my girlfriends who spent a grip […]

Zachary Hammond And Black Lives Matter VS. All Lives Matter

By not being outraged by Zachary Hammond’s death, the “all” hashtaggers are telling us they don’t give a damn, at all.

Too Soon? Things To Consider When Introducing Your Child To Your New Partner

#BabyFuture love #RussellWilson aww… #PicturePerfect 😍😍 I hope future is not jealous about this pic… A photo posted by @ibreathfashion_101 on Aug 1, 2015 at 2:33pm PDT Dating with children can be complicated, especially if you are in the public eye. If you’ve been paying attention to pop culture, you’ll know there was a big […]

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Messy, messy.

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Part of the magic of getting to know a new guy is the process of mutual discovery.