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The Wedding Is Off: Celebrity Engagements That Ended In The Last 12 Months

Maybe things will turn out better the second time around.

10 Films That Should Be Made Into Netflix Series

Starting with School Daze.

A Look At This Year’s Black Emmy Nominees

And the nominees are…

For The Fellas: What To Do For Your Lady On Wife Appreciation Day

Hint: It’s Sunday.

Are You Ready For Some Football? 11 NFL Players That Will Make Sundays Worthwhile

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10 Silent Protests That Made Major Noise

We salute those who aren’t afraid to take a stand for what they believe in.

Werk What Ya Mama Gave Ya: Our Favorite Curvy Girls Of All Sizes

There’s no one way to be curvy.

From Boo Boo Kitty To The Birthing Room: Our Fave (And Most Unexpected) Twerking Moments

There’s never a bad time to twerk.

RIP: Female Music Icons Who Left Us Too Soon

It’s never easy to accept when an iconic musician passes away. Fans not only mourn the loss of the person but the realization that the artist will never again make music for his or her followers to enjoy. That pain is especially deep when a musical icon leaves us at a young age. To honor […]

Power Players: The Most Powerful Women In Music Today

Who run the world? Girls. And that is especially true when it comes to the music industry. From women who have transcended genres to become mainstream icons, to songstresses whose past accomplishments still make them relevant and powerful today, there is no denying the reign of the female musician. In honor of Black Music Month and […]