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Other Woman I Am Not: Women Who Denied Being Mistresses

Do you believe them?

Baby, Baby Please: The Greatest Get-Her-Back Love Songs

Robin Thicke is certainly not alone in his brand of begging.

Club Dread: Memorable Celebrities Rocking Dreadlocks

Whose look is your favorite?

Stop With The Selfies: Inappropriate Places To Take Self-Portraits

In other words put down the camera.

Him So Funny — And Cute! Hollywood’s Sexiest Funny Men

If it wasn’t enough that these incredible men make us laugh our booties off, they also happen to be incredibly attractive. We never stood a chance against their charisma and charm, which is why we had no other choice than to honor these comic cuties. So as summer heats up, we look at 14 handsome […]

Let’s Get Married: Our Favorite Celebrity Wedding Looks


Happy Birthday Patti: Patti LaBelle’s Greatest Performances

Sang Auntie Patti

Dynamic Duos: Musical Duets We Would Love To See

Who’s your pick?

I am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse? A Look Back At Mariah Carey’s Albums, The Best And The Worst

What are your picks?

“Reject The Slander That Says A Black Child With A Book Is Trying To Act White” The Best Celebrity Commencement Speakers

Tell ‘em FLOTUS!