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How I Learned That Sometimes Not Getting What You Want Can Be A Very Good Thing

After I got my dream job, I considered emailing a previous interviewer to thank her for not hiring me.

There Are No Dealbreakers In Marriage? Says Who?!

In most situations, spending beaucoup money on a divorce before your wedding dress is back from the cleaners is idiotic. However, there are some legitimate reasons people break their til-death-do-us-part deal.

Brother May I? When Your (C0ck-Blocking) Siblings Keep You From Finding Love

Sometimes you have to ignore your brother’s opinions, no matter how well-meaning they might be, and just date whoever you want to.

Be Honest: Would You Rather Spend The Holidays With Your Friends Instead Of Family?

Nothing like the holidays to remind you how family-oriented you are not.

Trying To Have Your (Wedding) Cake And Eat It Too: There Is No Such Thing As Getting Married Now And Throwing A Wedding Later

If you’re getting married, you’re a bride. If you’re already married, you’re a wife in a wedding dress.

Oh, You’re Too Good To Help A Sistah Out? Maybe You’ve Forgotten The Struggle

If you’re this type, I’d like to present a modified Golden Rule: Do unto others as others have done unto you

Congrats? What Do You Say To A Married Friend Who Is Unhappily Dealing With An Unplanned Pregnancy?

Initially, I didn’t really say anything.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Why Are Homose*ual Relationships Shown More Than Interracial Couples On TV?

Are same-sex couples more likely to get screen time because more people are comfortable with homosexual relationships than they are with interracial ones?

I Hate To Break It To You But There Is No Right Time To Meet Someone

There will always be a reason to meet someone now or wait until later.

Put The Pen Down: Writing About Your Breakup Actually Makes It Harder To Get Over

There is a different tried-and-true method for even the most over-analyzing and obsessive woman to get over a guy though.