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Why Is It That Some People Don’t Want Women To Be Pastors In The Church?

Our country is pretty progressive. However many for some reason still seem to be hesitant to appoint women to pastoral positions in the church.

C**chie Cracks And Gone With The Wind Fabulousness: Why I’m Team Kenya Moore…Even If Nobody Else Is

I’m Kenya Moore’s #1 Fan and I am not ashamed. She is over the top, entertaining, and Gone with the Wind Fabulous.

Serious Question: At What Age Do You Start Calling A Woman Ms.?

It’s easy to be unsure about determining the appropriate age range to designate Ms. before someone’s name.

Club Church: When Did Shorts, Tight Skirts And Revealing Clothing Become Appropriate In The House Of God?

Nowadays church is filled with people dressing like they’re ready to go clubbing instead of dressing like they want to spend time with God. Noticed this?

Save Those Two Cents: Why You Should Care Less About What Others Think Of Your Man

How important is it for your friends to have a favorable opinion of YOUR boyfriend?

An Open Letter to Hollywood: Is It Just Me, Or Do Women Of Darker Complexions Always Get Cast In The Stereotypical, Negative Roles?

From being loud and crazy, to being just a crazy criminal, what happened to the positive characters like Maxine Shaw, Louise Jefferson, Helen Willis and more?

Rude Much? 9 Celebritiy Wives (Past And Present) Who Receive Unnecessary Shade For Their Looks

From being called homely or tacky to people just being flat out disrespectful, these women, married to sought after men, can’t (or couldn’t) seem to catch a break from some.

Double Standards And Stereotypes: Are You Dating Outside Of Your Race For The Wrong Reasons?

All I ask is that people be more honest about what they like, and why they like it, as opposed to using stereotypes and a few bad experiences with a certain kind of individual to blacklist and bash a whole group of them.

“I Got Some Indian In Me”: 9 Celebs Who Want You To Know They’re More Than Just Black

Yes, we’re all mixed with something, but these celebs have been very loud and proud about their diverse cultural background.

Am I The Only One Who Feels Mistreated When Visiting Some Asian-Owned Beauty Supply Stores Catering To Black Hair?

When we’re giving these establishments our hard-earned dollars, you would think they’d be nice…