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New iPhone Case, The CaseCam, Helps You Get Your Arm Out Of Selfies

It works like a tripod.

Doc McStuffins Crosses Over & Generates $500 Million In Sales

Doc McStuffins is crossing the color lines, bringing joy to children across the country and major profits to her makers.

Smaller & Smaller: H&R Block Is Among America’s Fastest Shrinking Companies

Some are shrinking because their industries are suffering or becoming obsolete. But there is also the trend of breaking up companies into smaller, more profitable units.

Diversity Backlash: Women & Minorities Frowned On When They Encourage Diversity

Part of the problem, strangely, may be that women and minorities are usually the ones in a position to promote diversity.

NAACP And Dunkin’ Donuts Launch Black-Owned Franchise Initiative

The goal is to get more minority franchisees at Dunkin and beyond.

Smartphone Unlocking Bill Passes The U.S. House, On Its Way To White House

Currently, if you unlock your phone, you could face jail time.

Brooklyn Using $1 Million To Investigate Wrongful Conviction Claims

Of the 90 cases the unit is investigating, a whopping 57 of them involves one former detective.

5 Black Women In Georgia Are Making National Political History

With a lack of diversity in politics across the country, Georgia is a history-making stand out.

Is Tech Diversity A Civil Rights Issue For Our Time?

He has taken a meeting with Labor Secretary Tom Perez to get the government involved.

Female Favorite Pinterest Run Mainly By White & Asian Men

Pinterest’s employees are 60 percent male, and 92 percent of the company’s 400 employees are white or Asian.