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Travelers From Ebola-Stricken Countries To Land Exclusively At Five Airports

The United States just announced extra precautions in the fight against Ebola entering the country.

Harlem’s The Cecil Named The ‘Country’s Best New Restaurant’ By Esquire

Harlem will have folks from all over coming to dine at The Cecil–the best new eatery in America, according to ‘Esquire.’

Race Matters: The More Blacks, The Harsher The Prison Policies, Finds New Study

The more Black people in a state, the harsher the prison sentences–and it has nothing to do with the crime rate.

Emails Leak Alleging Kim Kardashian Demands Nearly $1M For Product Endorsements

Make that money! Kim Kardashian knows how to rake in the dough.

Officials Trying To Protect Pregnant Workers, But You Have To Know Your Rights

Pregnant workers have rights that employers frequently violate.

Leave Your Credit Cards At Home: Apple Pay Offers A Virtual Payment Process

Apple Pay will revolutionize how we pay for things — at least that’s what experts predict.

‘Dear White People’ Helps Score One Of The Year’s Best Indie Box Office Weekends

‘Dear White People’ not only has people talking, but it’s gotten people out to the theaters.

Model Says Donald Trump’s Trump Model Management Owes Her A Ton Of Money

Her lawsuit claims bogus fees and expenses.

Obama Uses Executive Order To Improve Credit Card Security

Obama enacts security measures on federal credit cards just as his gets declined at restaurant.

No He Didn’t! Judge Says Teddy Pendergrass’s Son Submitted Fake Will In Battle Over Estate

The judge had issues with Pedergrass’s son’s story.