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This Is How Michelle Timberlake-Jackson Found Her Niche In The $100 Million Beef Jerky Industry

Michelle Timberlake’s Marjorie’s Beef Jerky Inc. sells beef jerky by the tuckloads.

Sisters Launch Online Service That Brings The Hair Salon To You

Imagine all the time you could save and still look good.

No Black Women Are In Top 10 On List Of Highest-Paid Actresses

Black women suffer from a major pay gap in Hollywood.

2,000 People Are Waiting To Buy These $125 Leggings

Multi-tasking leggings are a hot wardrobe pick.

Class of 2020 Has Highest Number Of Minority Medical Students At South Carolina’s College Of Medicine

More students of color are heading to med school.

Rent-To-Own Home Programs Turn Out Not To Be Such Great Deals

“”Most tenants walk away with nothing, having sunk money for rent and repairs into homes they had once hoped to own.”

How Making Cupcakes Helped Mignon François Get Her Family Out Of Debt

Sometimes success comes from taking a trend and making it your own.

BuyBlack Google Extenstion Will Help You Find Common Items From Black-Owned Companies

Good to know.

Dating App, Go Dutch Today, Aims To Remove Anticipation Of Sex By Putting Women In Financial Charge

And men don’t have to question a woman’s motives.

Blacks Locked Out Of Legal Marijuana Industry In Maryland & Many Other States

The War on Drugs is adversely affecting Blacks trying to enter the growing medical marijuana sector.