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Tithing & Charitable Giving: How To Do It Right

Do good and get your deductions at the same time.

New Report Says African Americans Have Still Only Reached 72 Percent Equality With Whites

The State Of Black America must improve.

Supreme Court Sends Case Seeking Job Protections For Pregnant Women Back To Lower Court

The decision could affect millions of women in the workplace.

Shonda Rhimes Puts Deadline Blog’s Diversity Article On Blast

The story says White actors are having trouble getting jobs now that there’s more diversity.

Even Male Nurses Earn More Than Females: There Are 9 Occupations Where Women Outearn Men

Women in general make just 78% of what men earn.

Egyptian Woman Posed As A Man To Support Family For More Than 40 Years

She did what she had to.

2.2 Million Black Americans Can’t Vote

America’s political landscape would be a lot different if everyone could vote

Although There is Proof Female Execs Yield Returns, Companies Are Slow To Break The Glass Ceiling

Seems like a no-brainer.

Give Me My Money! How To Collect On Debts

Keep your bottom line healthy.

Black Vote May Decide Chicago Mayoral Election

It’s crunch time.