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Christian Louboutin Expands His Nude Shoe Line To Appeal To Women Around The World

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How One Company Is Closing The Gender Wage Gap

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Black Professional Women Want Top Jobs & Top Dollar, But Hit Glass Ceiling

Do Black women love power? Let’s ask Cookie.

With Google’s Project Fi Mobile Service, Users Pay For Only The Data They Use

A la carte service is coming to mobile.

With Obama’s New Overtime Rules, Execs Who Earn $23,660 Annually Will Get A Boost

Many American “execs” work well over 40 hours a week.

Will The Rumored Jay Z/Beyonce Collaboration Boost Tidal’s Tanking Numbers?

Tidal is having some troubles.

Two Wrongful Conviction Cases Show The Differences In Compensation Exonerees Receive

Some receive multimillion dollar settlements, others get nothing for years spent in prison.

Which Money Issues Keep Americans Up At Night?

Do you have a financial plan?

New York City Bans Credit Checks In Hiring, A Boost For Many Minority Job Seekers

This will benefit many minority job seekers.

Lil Wayne Teams Up With ‘Weed Finding’ App To Drop New Video

Talk about targeted marketing.