Well You Don’t Say: 10 White Singers We Once Thought Were Black

November 29, 2011  |  
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Just a heads up, if you were thinking this was going to be one of those posts that idolizes “blue-eyed soul singers” or says folks are out here trying to “sound black” (as if there’s one way to sound black), you’re mistaken. This is a list about a few individuals with voices that we accidentally assumed at one point and time belonged to black people. It wasn’t until videos popped up for some of our favorite jams that we didn’t see a black man or woman, but a white man or woman–and it surprised the hell out of us. A lot of these singers are probably your personal favorites by now, some you may have never heard of, but don’t lie, you know you were telling your friends at one point or another, “Oh snap, I just assumed he/she was black…”

You’re not the only one.

Bobby Caldwell

This guy influenced this story. A few weeks back, I made the morning jam on our social media Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do for Love.” The video posted was of the singer and his band performing the beloved track live, and while most people reminisced on how much they genuinely loved the song back in the day, many people made it a point to let the world know they didn’t know he was white. In fact, the comment most “liked” on YouTube is by an individual saying they could have swore he was black. Pure surprise. Maybe because this song just played, and played, and played on the radio for all these years without most people trying to seek out some sort of video (there doesn’t actually seem to be an official video). But not only does he happen to be of non-black status, but he was a lover of mullets and ponytails. That’s the jam though…

Lisa Stansfield

When I was younger, riding in the back of my mother’s van, the local hip-hop and R&B stations used to play the mess out of some “Been Around the World,” so for many years, I just assumed that Stansfield was a black woman who really missed her baby. That was until I clicked to a video channel called The Box one day and finally saw a video for the song. Boy, was I shocked to see that black woman with the powerful, rolling voice was a white woman with really dark, really short hair who liked to wear WAY too much makeup. Either way, that song has stayed in my iTunes rotation for years.

Robin Thicke

Okay, so unless you knew Robin Thicke when he first started his career as Thicke, a hippy-dressed soul singer with long hair (don’t care), you, like me, were probably shocked to find out that he was NOT black. I became a fan immediately after first hearing “Wanna Love You Girl,” and my first time hearing it was on the computer, before the music video came out, before he had done a public performance of it. So when the video dropped and my sister bought me his CD, I was pretty confused. I wasn’t mad though, because I remember thinking, “damn, he’s kind of cute!” I’m sure Paula Patton agrees.

Joss Stone

Many British singers with deeper voices tend to get the “blue-eyed soul singer” card thrown at them whether they love it or hate it. Joss and her heavy voice, known for being breathy one minute then growling the next, was someone I assumed was of the black persuasion when I first heard the song, “Fell in Love With a Boy.” Well, she wasn’t of course, and since then, she’s garnered a lot of success and love, including some big ups from iconic singers like Patti Labelle and the chance to sing alongside The Roots, James Brown and more. And if kick-off-your-shoes Patti likes her, you’ve got to love her!

Christina Aguilera

LOVE her. Maybe songs like “Genie in a Bottle” didn’t have you thinking her melanin count was up, but for years, I’ve heard older people who’ve heard her sing say they thought she was a black woman. To many, she has the compelling voice of a modern day soul singer who just happens to not “look” like one. Stepping out from the teeny-bopper pack with their rail thin voices, Aguilera’s pipes have acquired her a lot of love and recognition. She was ranked number 58 on the 100 Best Singer’s of All Time list by Rolling Stone,  making her the youngest singer on the list.

Michael McDonald

“I Keep Forgettin.” “What a Fool Believes” (with The Doobie Brothers). Listen to those songs and hear Michael McDonald and you will understand why there were so many people way back when assuming that Michael was a black man. Psych! Michael McDonald wound up being a white man with a wealth of facial hair, a husky but beautiful voice, great songwriting skills, and the ability to record some pretty killer duets (“On My Own” with Patti Labelle, “This is It” with Kenny Loggins, and “Yah Mo Be There” with James Ingram). And you know your voice must be banging when folks let you cover Marvin Gaye’s hits and love it.

Yukimi Nagano of “Little Dragon”

If you don’t know the group Little Dragon, PLEASE look up their music. Back when I was working in retail, I used to hear a song by them called “Constant Surprises” and wanted it so bad that I went home and did research on Google to find it. After hearing the song about umpteen times and assuming it was a black woman and her band, I was surprised to learn that not only was she not black, but she was Japanese-Swedish and the rest of her band was a group of white Swedish men. Her voice, as well as the beats and rhythms created by the group as a whole reminded me of some new wave of R&B, but instead, they are classified as everything from electronic pop to neo soul. Check ’em out!

Jack Sheldon

You might not know his name, but bet any money, I’m sure you know his voice. Unless you had a deprived childhood, you’ve heard Sheldon singing School House Rock jams like “Conjunction Junction” and “I’m Just a Bill.” While his voice reminded me of that older black neighbor you have that always asks you how your parents are doing and what you’re up to, Sheldon is actually a white jazz and bebop singer who made learning about the Constitution awesome!

Nikka Costa

Okay, so some years back when funk singer Nikka Costa dropped the songs “Everybody’s Got Their Something” and “Like a Feather,” I was pretty sure she was a black woman. Her voice, even to this day, reminds me of the voice of strong black singers like Leela James, and her songs were soooo funky, I just assumed…Well, you know what they say about assuming. Either way, a lot of people are fans of her distinctive voice, even Prince. The purple one and Costa have performed together on multiple occasions.

Teena Marie

Where would this list be without Lady Tee!? The late singer was probably one of the first singers out there to confuse the listening public with her soulful, powerhouse voice back when she made her debut. It was also probably because when she first came out, her debut album, Wild and Peaceful, didn’t have her picture on it, and her hit song, “I’m Just a Sucker For Your Love” placed on the “Black Singles Chart” (no such thing now). Black or white though, Marie’s voice was one of a kind. “Square Biz” is my ish by the way!


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  • chinnies

    Black people must laugh at this. Robin Thick? Seriously?

  • Haynes

    C’mon-where is Rick Astley? That boy has soul,I’m telling you! If you never saw him you’d think he was black from his soulful deep voice!

  • Amelia

    They have singing lessons and guess whos voices they teach the white kids to emulate? Its either they teach them to sing like black people or they try and make theyre voices sound good. That remix of “Aint nobody” by Chaka Khan for example, its a white girl singing it, but her voice is so damn weak so they tried to make it sound “edgy” and “acoustic” but really she cant hold a note.

  • Arjay

    What about Michael Jackson?

  • DogEars

    No he doesn’t sound

  • Michael Wolfcarius

    By the way, thanks, I found some good stuff through this.

  • Michael Wolfcarius

    Paloma Faith !!!!!!!!

    And I’m sure someone will have reminded us of Lisa Stansfields’ nerdy brother 😉 Rick Astley

  • Ian Ibiza

    No Sheena Easton?

  • Mehki_Girl

    I used to share my office with this white guy. We got along just fine. But one day Lisa Stansfield’s Been Around the World came on (by this time I knew she was white). He looks at me in surpise and says something about me changing to the radio station (thinking, I guess, he was going to be forced to listen to “black” music all day – because that’s all black people listen to). I got a kick out of telling him that was a white girl and an Irish (how white can you get) at that.

  • Mehki_Girl

    What about Adele?

  • R.J. MacReady

    HAHA really.. Rick Astley isnt on the list what a joke

  • Ruth Nicholson

    Darius Rucker from Hootie And The Blowfish should have been on this list FOR SURE!!!

  • LilMissNico

    Amy Winehouse!!!

    • gerihewitt

      Amy Winehouse wasn’t white. She was Jewish.

  • Conrad

    I would add the disco group, Foxy. Listen to the song “Get Off” then Google the group. Surprise!

  • John Philippi

    You missed Stevie Ray Vaughan and Terry Kath!

  • amy whinehouse , sia, bob seger ,joe cocker,procol harem guy,..steve winwood,

  • VictorMartino

    What about Sia????????? She’s the blackest of them all and yet she’s a tiny blond lady.


    no righteous brothers???

  • Keyshawn Samuel

    Adele, Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera (This was when I was younger)

  • Paul Mariani

    “This is a list about a few individuals with voices that we accidentally assumed at one point and time belonged to black people.”

    An accidental assumption…last time I checked assumptions were a bad thing. I didn’t know one could “accidentally” assume. Maybe trying to take credit for positive things that sound “black”…

  • Kiki

    They also forgot to add Jamiroquai to this list…Just saying… If we’re just speaking on White Artists that have soul…

  • sheetshaker

    None of these people ever sounded like black singers to me for a second. White people have tried to prop up these people over and over again. From Elvis Presley to Robin Thicke, but black people can tell in an instant these people are white, especially when they try to do a run, or hit a riff. You see these things emote from the psyche, and they cannot be artificially manufactured. Thicke’s hit “Blurred lines” is a hit because he collaborated with T.I and Pharell. They ripped off a Marvin Gaye sound track, and got over with a one hit wonder, but Thicke has never, and probably never will again, produced any other song that made a splash on the R&B charts. White people when you listen to these people you hear what you want to hear, but you do not experience our music they way we do. You do not have the natural rhythm or feel for the blues that black folk have. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we know how much you would like to sound like us, but it is just not in the cards.

  • Sammy

    Jonny Lang!

  • Darkstonian

    Jon B hands down. If you didn’t see a video for “They don’t know” you would have sworn it was a Babyface sound a like

  • jas.♓

    No Jon B or Anastacia?! Jon B is the original Thicke (20 times better as well)

  • Linda

    Wow… so okay… back when I was 7 or 8, I thought Rick Astley was black. I loved his voice. Still do. Too bad he disappeared into obscurity.

  • MacBeagle

    Um…Anastacia anyone?

  • Dumbass

    What kinda of Stupid list is this? Only an idiot would’ve thought Christina Aguilera was a black singer.

    • Thedonjuan

      She sounds soulful like a black singer.

  • John


  • Lexii

    No Huey Lewis?

    I am disappoint, son.

  • SlG

    What about ABC (the look of love)

  • Charlie

    Ok two issues here. First off, why isn’t Rick Astley on this list. And second, this whole website is just a total step backwards in the evolution of society. I mean it’s one thing to be proud of your heritage but when you consistently point out the differences between whites and blacks and men and women, you only further conclude the inherit differences which is the main fuel for racism and sexism. Only when you acknowledge that its “we” and not “us and them” will you understand this.

    • Bea

      You just saved me some time. I only came to the list because I wanted to see if Rick Astley was number one. To know that he’s not even on the list is an injustice. The rest I do agree with as well but still I’m angry with this list.

  • cocoa

    Ummm amy winehouse in rehab .. thought it was lauryn hill.

  • I really appreciate the added videos.

  • lizarde

    You forgot Rick Astley. He sounded like a mature black man, but he was a 24 year old white guy.
    Also – Dave Wakeling of General Public for some reason. I thought it was always the black guy singing (Ranking Roger) rather than the blonde. Gorgeous voice.

  • rapunzel

    Teena Marie had one of the worse voices I’ve ever heard, the only voice worse than hers was Paula Abdul’s.

  • Micaela

    Thank you for the Little Dragon music suggestion. Excellent taste!

  • MC

    WHAT THE HECK!!! Robin Thicke is white??? :O That one I didn’t see coming!

  • kokochip

    The first time I heard Amy Winehouse, I SHO’ didn’t think she was white!!

  • knobodi

    you know what’s strange? i’m white and i could tell the “just a bill” guy was white. *shrugs*

  • wow–no Average White Band (they’re European too)? No Hall & Oats? Also, Bobby Caldwell also intentionally did not include his image on his album art because no one was sure how to market him.

    And, I mean..no one ever thought Christina Aguilera was black–everybody just knew that chick could sang…DO OVER! lol

  • Bobby Caldwell was the most surprising to me

  • Brawny71

    How could you leave off Taylor Dayne and Hall & Oates?!

  • Nappy Black

    Taylor Dayne wasn’t on the list.

  • jbr

    i agree. i knew from the jump most of these cats were white, but Pink fo sho i thought was a sis. i argued for a long time til i found out she was a martian



  • Satanlka

    Who cares what color they are seriously? Wouldn’t all of you be up in arms if there was a post about black singers everyone thought were white? Basically, all I got out of this article is if it sounds like crap you think it’s a black singer.

    • ShadowsGathered

      If that’s all you “got out of this article”, then I don’t think you basically read it.

  • Where’s amy winehouse

  • Thancock

    Another soulful singer I adore is Allen Stone! His voice is heavenly!

  • Kek

    Yoooo!!! Bobby Caldwell just blew my mind!! Had no idea he was white!! None! And that is my jam! My parents used to play his song when I was a kid! Also, Little Dragon, wow! You go girl. I really dug Nikka Costa. It’s a shame her career didn’t really take off like it should have. She’s got true talent.

  • bvfan

    I can’t believe Billy Vera was left off of this list. He did a duet with Judy Clay, Dionne Warwick’s cousin, at the Apollo and received standing ovations. Do a quick YouTube search and you’ll see.

  • Paul

    How could you overlook Alan O’Day ??? Go listen to Undercover Angel on YouTube and see what a glaring oversight that is!

  • Noelle

    Ummm, Rick Astley anyone?

  • Aloha man

    Unless I missed it, there are some glaring omissions. On the men’s side, Rick Astley. On the women’s side, the lead singer of Nu Shooz (“I Can’t Wait”)

  • genuine jim

    As an “old” guy I can tell you that the biggest omission here (well documented) is that the Righteous Brothers completely fooled the African-American community until they saw them live; credit generally given to their growing up early environment in where – Philadelphia?

  • Unga Bunga

    Daryl Hall, Rick Astley. Singer you thought was white but turned out to be black. . . Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage (not theeee Howard Jones whom is white.)

  • chris

    This is ridiculously racist.

  • Sonoran Curves

    Dan Hartman is missing from this list. The hit song “I Can Dream About You” from the 1984 movie Streets Of Fire. The group singing the song in the movie was black, and many assumed they were the recording artists. They were not, as I found out on an airing of Solid Gold

  • Devfix

    Rick Astley anyone??? The ultimate non black singer. Pasty white and ginger headed.

  • equines

    Also Rick Astley from the 80s. Thought he was black also.

  • Lorenzo

    What? No Rick Astley?!? A 5’4″ Englishman channeling James Ingram?!? He really should be on the list…

    • cf1970

      I totally agree that he should be on this list; and he could actually SING. Rick Astley is actually 5’10”, but I get your 5’4″ sentiment as in his voice in relation to his stature.

  • Bea

    yea, the Soulful/R&B sound was usually associated with black people, but this whole idea of sounding black seems a little outdated to me…these days there are lots of white soul singers, and so much more racial diversity in all genres of music, I don’t think you can really pin a particular sound of voice to a race anymore (except maybe something like country music)…

  • CarmenSo

    What?? Bobby Caldwell, Lisa Stansfield AND Jack Sheldon are all white??? Next you people will tell me that the President of the USA is black. . jk

  • William

    No Rick Astley on the list? I thought he was black till I saw one of his videos.

  • SusieQ666

    Thank you Jasmine, and amen.

  • Dusty Springfield…..Son of a Preacher man. and Wild Cherry

  • Erik

    No Rick Astley?

  • ClubMan

    strange how Madonna isn’t on this list.. but you’d have to be in your 40’s to actually “remember” that when Madonna came out, it was just “understood” that she was Black.

  • msladytac17

    I love the list all of the singers are great. I would have also added Pink and the Average White Band to the list.

  • TheBrittyG

    Kinda upset they didn’t include Jane Child (Don’t Wanna Fall in Love)! She blew in that song…and she was a mess of a white girl. Agree with everyone that P!nk shoulda been included too

  • Angie

    I thought Amy Winehouse was black when I first heard “Rehab”…

  • Oh puhleeze–I read through this expecting to see one of the great groups of all time, and see a list of a couple stars and a bunch of folks most people never give a thought to. When the Shangri-Las opened for James Brown in Texas HE was shocked to find out they weren’t black*. Mary Weiss nearly got in big trouble for daring to use the “colored” ladies’ room rather than going all the way across an arena to the one near the good seats.

    *This was _after_ Leader of the Pack had ousted Baby Love from #1 and therefore been played and played and played . . . on radio stations throughout the land.

  • Plink

    Where was Adele?

  • Ashamed of Humanity

    Damn, there’s some racist mo-fos on this board. I’m out -____-

  • You forgot Michael Jackson, or was it that he thought he was white? I forget!

  • WHAT! WAIT! Bobby Caldwell is White? I have listened to his music for years. Have a few of his songs on my iPhone but never thought to Google the Dude! His album covers are artistic so I had no idea. I just assumed.

  • jason lyric

    I’m an 80’s kid so some might find this hard to believe.. but when her song Physical Attraction and Everybody first came out I thought Madonna was Black. Her songs were on WBLS and KISS (New York) and I had not seen her on any video so I was surprised she was White. By the time Borderline came out I knew she was White.

  • Ramona

    Where is Jon B??? You don’t know about this here!

  • citadelgrrl05

    I am def. shocked that what you wont do for love is not sung by a black man, I thought it was lol wow

  • Risa

    I agree with the Jon B….and you forgot Rick Astley..remember “Never Gonna Give You Up?”

  • Diva Hill

    What You Won’t Do for Love… I just KNEW that singer was black! That’s my jam. This is the 1st time seeing him. (I guess it was before my time, I just remembered my mom listening to the song)

  • Tamorrah

    Wow! You have Robin Thicke on this list, but not Jon B.?

  • Did I miss Taylor Dane on this list!  I loved her voice when I was a child and thought it was a black women until I finally saw a video.    I think all the singers in the list had beautiful soulful voices.  Its a gift from God. 

  • No Jon B? Come on, this list is not a good list!

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  • Ff88

    i used to think hootie was white

  • Tracy Emert

    I would like to add a little more to this conversation.  Most people don’t remember that when The Pointer Sisters released their 2nd album in 1973, they released as a single their song “Fairytales” which was a COUNTRY song and charted #13 and got them invited to perform on the Grand Ole Opery; the FIRST black performers to ever do so!  They even won a Grammy for the song the following year.  But, when COUNTRY music fans discovered they where “black” they were shunned by the “country fans”.  It would be years later when they would gain the success they deserved by crossing over several charting hit songs.  Possibly due to this controversy, a young Olivia Newtown John was being rumoured as being “black” too.  So country radio refused to play her records UNTIL John Farrar brought her to America and booked her on every tv show that would book her.  He done this to show the “country music folks” that she was indeed a “white” girl.  And only then, did country radio/fans embrace her as one of their own!  Talk about “music prejudice” just look at country music during those post-civil rights years.  It sounds unreal and insane today but was the “norm” back then.  Thank God, the times have changed! 🙂

  • Andhorne

    love Madame Noire…however, you over looked one singer that we thought was black….and maybe it is an age thang but….when Madonna, yes the material girl Madonna first came out with her first hit “Lucky Star” it was played on black radio and all of us thought she was black….then she blew up with “Like a Virgin” and she didn’t need us anymore….I know that some of ya’ll reading this will find this hard to believe but it is true…I was just talking about this subject just the other day with a bunch of baby boomers and we all concur…and yes NOW Madonna is the epitome of white woman…that is not how she started…duces

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      I never for a second supposed Madonna was black and I was a huge fan of her early stuff.  Interesting how people interpret the same sounds differently.

    • Tracy Emert

      I’m an old DJ.  Madonna’s very first record given to us to play in clubs/radio was a remix of “Burning UP’ and the album cover deliberately pictured a non-descriptive silohette (sic) of a woman who was “shaded” to look half oriental and half black.  This was done deliberately so urban radio/urban clubs would play the newcomer’s record.  This was a year and a half BEFORE her first full album was released and the cover I am talking about is not the cover from the “official” release of Burning Up a year later.  This one was just for Club/Urban radio DJS to play.  Because of it’s success, she was able to have more control over her debut album.  But, YES INDEED, We ALL (us DJs and very early fans) DID think she was black based on the sound of the record and the 12″ album cover.  Again, this is not the cover of Burning Up with all the different pics of Madonna; this one just had one animated pic of Madonna with hair done up Oriental style and shaded (black) face.  If they’d put her pic on that first club record; then it would’ve got tossed to the side at first glance and never given a chance.  By the time she made her first video and just before her debut album dropped, Sire Records showed us an actual photo of the “white girl” doing the dance stuff.  This is not uncommon.  Not at all!  All these people on here have mentioned the “very white” Rick Astley.  His first record, too was given to DJs with his picture “marked out” so he would get urban airplay/clubplay.  It worked!  Not only for these 2 artists but more than you might imagine.  It was the only way (back then) to get white djs to play black music and black djs to play white music.  I’m white, btw.  People don’t realize the importance of artists like Michael Jackson, Teena Marie, Prince, Tina Turner, etc… that were the first to get “white djs” to play their music and to get “black djs” to play Teena Marie or Madonna.  This has been a great debate on here and I hope I’ve shed a little light on the process we used to go through back then.  We’d get a “Demo” or “DJ Only” or “First Pressing” record many months, weeks before an official commercial release and we were the ones getting the records with faceless sleeves so we would play without prejudice; which is the way it should have always been but the times were different back then.  That’s why you would always here a song in the club months before it became a “hit song” on the radio.  🙂  Peace DJ Trai Since 1978 🙂  Tracy Emert.

  • sue Lewis

    Dayuuuuuum Bobby Caldwell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking at him and still didn’t believe it!!!!

  • First of all, Seriously?! I can’t believe this article was even written!   Second, WHERE THE HELL IS RICK ASTLEY???

  • Rolandkorg2

    Alison Moyet, from YAZ and solo.

    And, lesser known, Billie Ray Martin, Electribe 101 and solo:

  • Rolandkorg2

    Alison Moyet, from YAZ and solo.

    And, lesser known, Billie Ray Martin, Electribe 101 and solo:

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      I never thought Alison Moyet was black.  I thought she was a man!

  • Kudos for the Michael McDonald and Little Dragon shoutouts, but no Rick Astley? Seriously?

  • Awesome article.

  • Jeff

    YES Pink! I definitely thought she was black. The cover of her first album did nothing to diminish that idea.  Also a lot of people thought Madonna was black when she first came out too.

  • JD

    How about Kristine W? http://www.videodetective.com/music/one-more-try/193173

  • Christine C

    I would add Taylor Dane (“I’ll always love you, for the rest of my days…”) and Bonnie Tyler to the list.

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      I agree with Taylor Dayne, but not Bonnie Tyler.

  • Screenscreams

    Did anyone besides me think Tracy Chapman was a white man instead of a black woman the first time you heard her on the radio?


    How Daryl Hall was left out is beyond me.  Hall and Oates were discovered because a black radio station (In Detroit if i recall) thougth the group that sang ‘Sara Smile’ was black and played it back in the 70’s.  The term “blue eyes soul” was invented to describe Daryl To this day, people still think he is a black singer when they hear some of his new (yes new–he is still cranking out the hits) and old songs.
    Nice list, but a huge gap by not including Darly Hall.

  • ripwhitney

    ya forgot the queen of the white chicks…AMY WINEHOUSE

    • gerihewitt

      Amy Winehouse wasn’t white. She was Jewish.

      And no, I am not being racist.

  • Ivan Renko

    Yukimi Nagano reminds me of Erykah Badu! Same vibe, very-very similar voice and the same style.  The harmonic vocals.  I like that chick!

  • Chethammer

    Wow, Can’t believe this degenerated into the conversation that is taking place now. I just wanted to add that the white guy most mistaken for black would be Rick Astley!!

  • Bob

    Funny but outside of Tina Marie & Joe Cocker ( who didnt even make your list??)  I never thought any of these people were black?  Oh yeah how about the lead singer for the (Young) Rascals?? Thought he was black too when I first heard him?  Never thought that Pink was black either?  Of course with a nick name like PINK it would have made sense if I would have thought about it?

  • Jgolds06

    And I completely forgot about Simply Red….big mistake indeed!

  • Jgolds06

    I miss Teena Marie!

  • AnitaVolpato

    Alison Moyet I thought she was black.  Most people don’t know who she is but she was the backup singer for Culture Club. I also thought that Taylor Dane was black when I first heard her sing but she is Jewish (she might still have the one drop) LMAO.  Bruno Mars is not white and Mariah Carey is not Latina. I read every comment on here and the people that said this are totally confused….  GinoVanelli is a hell of a singer but I never thought he was black but since he is Italian he might have that one drop….  😉  I get a kick out of the one drop rule, its true…   My husband is from Brazil and he is more than one drop but to the local black and white dude here in the US.  They call him white and it pisses him off…. Hilarious!

    • Tracy Emert

      Hey “anitavolpato” 🙂  I just wanted to correct one thing you mentioned about Alison Moyet.  She was the lead singer for Yazoo (Yaz in the USA) and had many solo hits, including “Invisible” and “All Cried Out”.  You, I believe, are confusing her with the “urban sounding” Helen Terry; who, as you mention, was indeed the backup singer for Culture Club, before starting her own short-lived solo career.  Both Alison & Helen Terry look like they could be sisters though and I too have confused them in the past 🙂  I love Gino Vanelli but never thought he sounded black either.  I didn’t know Taylor Dayne was Jewish, but she was always a favorite of mine in the late 80s/early 90s 🙂  peace

  • Jefslat

    Tom Waits. Sounds “blacker” (using your criteria) than anyone on the entire list. Of course, we’re talking Blind Melon Jefferson black, not Jackson 5 black.

  • I can’t believe you left out my favorite in this category: Rick Astley. The first time we saw the video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” — this was in the 80’s, when MTV still played music videos — we were shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to learn that he was not black. And that Rick was, in fact, a 12 year old white boy. With red hair.

    To this day, my friends and I still refer to him as “the white Luther Vandross.”

  • Kmariag

    Getting BACK to the article (Lol). I’m claiming Teena! Always have–always will! If someone tells me she’s white, I just look at them funny and say NOT!! Lighten up y’all!!!

  • SammyP

    Pitiful lame story…not the story itself, but how it was put together. Sheesh.

  • captainbuck

     Hhhahahahaha, you forgot the biggest one of all.
    Freddie Mercury for Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust!”.

    • gerihewitt

      Freddie Mercury wasn’t white. He was a Parsi. His real name was Farrokh Bulsara.

  • Lee

    What about Phobe Snow?

    • gerihewitt

      Phoebe Snow wasn’t white. She was Jewish.

  • Hodgepodge14

    Josh Garrels should be added to this list. If you don’t know who that is… do yourself a favor. Look him up. i think he has an album on noisetrade

  • Joe Cocker would be my pick!  Love Joe Cocker

  • paterson dave

    there should be an appendix for them who think they are black when they aren’t, like johnny otis. 
    i never heard of most of these kids. wayne cochran and the rascals got their music played on soul stations because it was good music, not because they were pretending. 

  • humana

    please.  Josh stone sounds “black”?  She always and still does sound like a white girl trying to sound “black”.

  • Nashvillienne

    Dont forget to include THE BLACK KEYS. They do the theme sone for HBO’s HUNG. “I’ll Be Your Man” I loved the song and thought it had to be an old black Bluesman. Ordered the CD and was amazed to see two young white guys with a decidedly “punky” appearance. Say What?  Maybe  the song is an old one? Didn’t see anywriter’s credits.. The more I play the song, the better I like it. Nothing else on the CD to captivate, but not bad either. .

  • Saphron

    I agree with Rick Astley and Taylor Dane and Anastacia, and add (sorry, I couldn’t read 814 comments so these might have already been mentioned) Katy Perry when she first came out, and back in the day, when Robyn had ‘Show Me Love’ on the radio (but more because of the genre – back then white girls just didn’t do pop/R&B for teens!).

  • throttler

    I forgot his name, but the guy in the seventies who sang POKE SALAD ANNIE (‘gators got your granny)I thought he was black for sure.

  • Suerosenorn

    Dont forget Taylor Swift.

  • TheWurx
  • guest

    Robin Thicke has never sounded Black. Black like Elvis sounded Black…not.  Jon B. and Taylor Dayne should be on the list instead of Robin and that Japanese chick.

  • I’m white and I have to agree with you about Bobby Caldwell, maybe Robin Thicke, Little Dragon, and Tina Marie.
    For me, the one who I always thought was black was Taylor Dayne.

    • throttler

      She is a great singer.  I heard 3 renditions of LOVE WILL LEAD YOU BACK. One by Taylor Dayne, one by Mariah Carey and one by Patti La Belle.  Taylor Dayne’s was by far the best one.

  • DEE

    Back in the day, Madonna was originally mistaken for black when she came out with Holiday.

  • Anybody with a good singing voice MUST be black.  I always assumed Luciano Pvarotti was black.  And Ronan Tynan. 

    What an idiotic article.  I knew they were white, for crying out loud.

  • Boz Scaggs.

  • Joyce Mari

    Where is Rick Asley (I think that’s how you prononce it, right?

    The “never gonna give you up” dude.  I thought he was black!

  • Jolson Fan

    I have no idea who those people are, but you left out the biggest one of all.

  • mimi_songtress

    Wow people how do you manage to turn this topic into something so crazy !!!! damn get with it and get back on the subject…………..So with that said i believe that some singers  have a certain vocal coach depending on their voice structure take for instance taylor swift when she preformed with TI she didnt sound like a country singer she sounded like a weak R&B singer. Its just goes to show you that it is soley based on the vocal coach. 

  • TC

    Don’t forget GIRL WATCHER by THE O’KAYSIONS… There is a video of them on YouTube.  Shocked me to learn they were white after all these years.

  • kev

    I’d add Mick Hucknall of Simply Red. Dusty Springfield had me fooled as well.

  • I think the most obvious one was missed:  Huey Louis

  • C485

    Teena Marie should have been #1. She is the best. And Robin Thicke is on the list, but not Jon. B??? Jon B. started it all. Shocked he didn’t even make the list. Add him.

    • throttler

      Teena Marie hid her identity for a long time because she thought if black people found out that she was white, they would not buy her music.  Sad.

  • Gitarslinger

    I thought I’d get into the comments and maybe find other people mentioned who should’ve been in this list.  But this is the internet.  Silly me.

    I’m guessing the author is fairly young, else there might be a mention of Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust, where Freddie was believe to be black even by the R&B DJs playing it.  And who can forget Phoebe Snow?

    Oh, and there was the Average White Band, who, despite laying it right out there in their name, were often thought to be black.

  • Brian Phillips

    Do your studies and you can do anything.  Ry Cooder mastered Hawaiian slack-key guitar, as well as other styles.  Why?  Because he studied.  That’s why some White men can sing the Blues and conversely, as the Bonzo Dog Band once said, Blue men can sing the Whites.

    As for additions to this list, I would add Mose Allison, Roy Head, Dean Parrish and Ella Logan.  In the UK, there was a funny case of someone not doing their homework.  A journalist quoted in “The Rock Yearbook 1981” praised Stacy Lattisaw by saying, “All that soul and the girl is White”!

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  • Guest


  • Ronaldgrimes1940

    Ps I would have bet money the Righteous Brothers were black but they aren’t.  

  • Ronaldgrimes1940

    I am a 72 year old white man born and raised in the south and I want to  personally apologize to
    every black person ,whether you have 1 drop or a bucket full of black blood in you. For every sorry
    lazy no good black person there is two white people just like them. I’ve been thinking every since I
    was a young boy working in the fields along side blacks that things would get better. Well that has
    been over a half century ago and I’ll  be danged if I can see any real honest and sincere change. 

    • throttler

      Don’t be a “danged” fool.  What you are saying has nothing whatsoever to do with what this article is about.

  • heathen2012

    Wow. Who on earth would listen to “What A Fool Believes” and think that Michael McDonald was black, or even soulful?  Great song, but you’re really disrespecting all that fantastic SOUL music of the 60’s & 70’s with the comparison. By the way, when did Soul become R & B? Ike & Tina were R & B, not Christina Aguilera. Finally, was Teena Maria really “one of the first singers” to cause this kind of confusion. Music – Soul, R & B, Blues, etc., – did not start in the 80’s.

    • throttler

      For some reason, I never liked Michael McDonald’s voice.  I agree with you; I never thought he was black.

  • Gifformt

    To show my age, I always thought Dusty Springfield was black…

  • Trini

    Ohhhhhh dear.  Why does it not surprise me that this would turn into a bitter debate/argument about race?

    I just wanted to add Taylor Dane to the list, if no one else already has.  When she sang ‘Tell it to My Heart’ and ‘I’ll Always Love You’, I just KNEW that woman was Black.
    Anyway, you may now resume your race arguments.

  • Jamester

    Gee, nice to have commercials playing off to the side the same time as the video. Makes my stay here much shorter guys.

    • throttler

      I could not agree more. There are so many commercials and other disruptions here that I really hate it.

  • Besides, all she says is “beside the God part, I agree.”   We have every right to disagree on religious issues, because they’re about faith, NOT facts. She didn’t criticize or belittle your beliefs, but you criticise and belittle her. Not very crhistian of you.

  • See also: Sam Sparro “Black & Gold” …had no idea he was white. Love this list!

  • nicc

    That was an awesome list! I would add the late but great Amy Winehouse too.

  • pnvt

    I never thoughts any of them was black   *wails in shame*

  • EffTee

    I read your whole list and only get mild form of reverse racism from it.  I personally could care less what someone looks like as long as they can sing.  By your definition, black singers shouldn’t be singing anything but R&B.  Where does that leave Lenny Kravitz?

    But by far the biggest insult was that you left off Annie Lennox from your list.

  • FunkKnowsNoColour

    I dont giva spit what what color you are. If you’ve got the vocal skills to deliver a soulful sound, do your thang. BTW, this list doesn’t include bands but you’d have to give props to AWB (Average White Band) from back in th’ day. Not only were they (mostly) white, they were from Scotland!! The one exception was the drummer, who was black… and British. (The original drummer was also from Scotland but died from a drug overdose after the release of their first album.)
    There’s also female jazz bassist Tal Wilkenfeld of Australia. Not a singer but the girl is AWESOME on bass! 

  • Dbsdbs

    I thought they were singers, not race sterotyical types. So you listen to music to decide whether to enjoy it based on the race of the musicians. What a stupid thing to do!!

  • No mention of Deryl Hall. One of the cleanest voices of the 80’s

  • herman_munster

    Where is Michael Jackson on this list?

    • Now dog, you know you ain’t right for that. Leave MJ alone dude.

    • throttler


  • Ortizel

    What?!?  Bobby Cauldwell is white???

  • UseYourimagination

    Where IS Tom Waits?

  • John

    I would add Anastacia to this list.

  • RONPAUL2012

    Wonder what would happen if I started an online mag called Madame Blanc

  • CouldItBeThis!?

    YO!  Jay Kay from Jamiroquai!? Like buttah

  • whatacountry09

    I would also add Rick Astley:  Never Gonna Give You Up.

  • Jeffcmhspam@gmail.com

    Buddy Holly anyone? Could this list be anymore shortsided? Who wrote it, a high school senior?

  • Roger W. Morgan

    In my opinion…one of the all-time great songs and an amazing performance.  She had STYLE!

    • throttler


  • Jupical

    When you get a chance, do a search for Alex Clare. He does a cover of Etta James’s “Damn Your Eyes” that will blow you away. He’s the new Rick Astley, who was the new Mick Hucknall.

  • Cpo276

    The fact that Rick Astley isn’t on this list is an utter FAIL.  

  • Hallowedkittee

    I have to correct myself. “Top 10 people we thought were black”, sorry……….

    •  And still it’s wrong. Not top 10……just 10 white singers we thought were black. so much for being clever

  • Hallowedkittee

    Um, well my comment is this…. Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, reminds me of Erykah Badu. Her singing style is similar to Miss Badu in my opinion. Also, my best guess about the omission of  some artists is because this is a “Top 10 people we thought were white,” not “Top 100,” so the limit can only be 10.  Oh also Mariah Carey is bi-racial so she’s considered black and wouldn’t have made this list. Damn, I’m probably wrong about all of this……….oh well post anyway………. smiles all………Yes, I know I used a lot of periods. I like them.

  • Crazy8ts

    It’s probably been mentioned already, but what about Hall & Oates? Know when I first heard Sara Smile, I was a youngin’, but could have sworn it was a black group… and in contrast, I thought Billy Ocean was white… so there you go…

    • Yeah, just a listen to “Sarah Smile”,”She’s Gone”, “I Can’t Go For That”,”One On One”, & “My Girl/The Way You Do The Things You Do” duet with Eddie Kendricks & David Ruffin shows you that these dudes had some real soulful pipes.

  • Tjandjen

    And the purpose of this article is??????????????????? Stupid. Write about something that is interesting. 

  • tj

    how could you leave out mariah carey

  • jess

    Where is Taylor Dane? Have you listened to Tell It To My Heart or Love Will Lead You Back?

  • John L. Sullivan

    Here’s a few older artists who were definitely thought of as black vocalists when their songs first hit the market: Elvis Presley, Joe Cocker, Dr. John, Stevie Winwood, Tom Waits, Timi Yuro, Long John Baldry, Johnny Otis, Janis Joplin, Karen Dalton (everyone thought she was Billie Holiday reincarnated), same with Madeliene Peryoux.

    There are probably many others. These artists are not imitating black vocalists — they just sound black when they sing. Many black artists even acknowledge this. Ray Charles once met Joe Cocker and told Cocker he was the closest thing to a brother — in vocals — that he had. Elvis Presley was widely thought of as black when his early Sun records came out. And NO, he didn’t “steal” black songwriters’ songs — in order for Elvis to have done that he would have had to be the publisher of those songs and he wasn’t. Every black writer received credit on every Elvis record and it was the songwriters business to be reimbursed/compensated through their respective music publishers.

    Tom Waits sounds like he went to the Louis Armstrong school of vocalists — and that’s a compliment. Before anyone says Johnny Otis was black — no, he wasn’t. He was Greek (as previously mentioned in someone elses’ post) and that name is not his real name. Despite this, he was once called the Godfather of Rhythm and Blues.

    Sounding black and at least having some soul to go with it can only be a benefit.  

  • Parlimentpfunk

    How can anybody growing up in the seventies forget about Hamish Stewart from Average White Band? A LOVE OF YOUR OWN,CUT THE CAKE,PERSON TO PERSON etc. Back in the day listening to the radio everybody thought they were black.

  • 99outlaws

    Where are the Ritchous Bros?

  • Thomyant

    I am a liitle older that most posters, but the first name that came to my mind was Steve Winwood.
    I always thought that the lead singer in Gimme Some Lovin by Spencer Davis was black, but that was Steve.  I wasn’t until I saw a picture of Traffic in the 70’s that I put the face with the voice.

  • Guest

    After reading this article, I’ve come to the conclusion that its writer might be the dumbest person who can claim the title of paid journalist.

    I’m officially dumber for having wasted the time to peruse this drivel…..Thanks.

  • Guest

    what about Jon B. aka Jon Buck?

  • Michael

    Any of you children ever hear of Boz Scaggs.  Well, he’s white too.

    Now crawl back to the 10AM slot at MTV where you belong.

  • O Barak

    Why is this not considered racism?

    • SlG

      I don’t think the idea of this article falls under any definitions of racism that I’ve heard, though it may be considered stereotyping.

  • Betrueblu

    And Taylor Dayne

  • Betrueblu

    What about Alison Moyet, Grayson  Hughes, Stacy Lattisaw, Brenda k starr ?

  • Well, Christina Aguilera’s not black, but she is good at stealing hooks from classic soul musicians. “Ain’t No Other Man” (wow, the title even is a pretender) steals from The Moon People’s “Hippy Skippy Moon Strut” and The Moon People borrowed it from The Latin Blues Band. Weak as hell.

  • shellibellie

    you left out the band that sang Play that funky music – Wild Cherry? I thought for sure the singer was black.

  • Me

    I agree with Pink and would also like to add Elliot Yamin.

  • Denny Crane

    How about Jimmy Elledge, “Funny How Time Slips Away”?

  • PYT

    Rest In Peace, but where’s Michael Jackson?

  • BoltBait

    I really expected to be Rick Rolled on the last page.

    Also, where’s Elvis?

  • John Gist

    The most ridiculous and dumbest article ever…the 3 I actually knew, I always knew they were white or hispanic and the rest I never heard of…useless

  • Moretta

    I would have to add William Elliot Whitmore, he has such a husky/bluesy voice!

  • Ray LaMontagne definitely sounds like a black man.  His voice is very deep and soulful!!  He sings the song “Trouble.”  You’ve probably heard the song on the Travelers commercial with the dog who keeps burying his bone.

  • Kaylee0396

    Holy crap! I am just now finding this one out!

  • Guest

    I expected to see Adele on this list

  • SynicInSF

    Glad to read/see this!

  • SynicInSF

    I thought the same with Rick James and “Very Freaky Girl”. 

  • Raybern1993

    I also have to say I hate Michael Bolton the least talented of all the whites that try and sing soul music the man butchered some classics. Of course the singers that originally recorded those songs were perfect and untouchable and never got the acclaim or the payday MB got, because we all know why. Maybe that is why he was left off the list I would never believe and cannot imagine anyone else who hadn’t seen his face that he is black man.

  • Raybern1993

    The thing I have always noticed it that none of those singers, with the exception of Tina Marie, (who was the best out of the lot, Lisa Stansfield and Jack Sheldon, (This is the first time learning he is white, and I still love what he did). I bought all those school house rock videos back in the 90’s, so my kids could hear them. None of the others made me think they were black. I knew the others were white although I do love some of there music. Lisa Stansfield was terrific, but can’t really judge her, I only heard that one hit record from her. I loved the song and was looking forward to listening to more from her and then she kinda faded from the spotlight. Black people have always been more accepting of white singers that sound soulful. If the music is good then AA will accept it no matter what the skin color is of the singer. White people have always been the discriminators of music, as with everything else.Thats the reason when Motown was starting out they didn’t put the pictures of there artist on the covers. (what a smart and shrewed guy Berry Gordy was) because he knew that as good as there music was white people wouldn’t by it because of the race of the artist, and I guess it worked because the rest is history. I’ve always thought the White British were always more talented than there white american counter parts. My theory is that the British were more accepting of black music, maybe there parents didn’t forbid them from listening to the music of black artist, which is to there credit. There were some others exceptional white musicians, What about the Average White Band.

    • throttler

      You are pretty racist when you say, “I knew the others were white although I do love some of there (sic) music.” Maybe in the old days white people would not have bought albums if they thought the singers were black.  But now (and probably in the old days too) black people will  not buy music if they think the singer is white.  As I said in an earlier post, Teena Marie hid that she was white for a while because she knew black people would not buy her stuff if they knew she was white.I also do not agree with you that black people are more accepting of white people who sound soulful Black people mock whites for this and say they are trying to sound black. So stop whining.

  • Babyvett

    You’re missing one of the biggest ones.. Chris Debarge  with “Lady in Red”..

  • No Rick Astley?  I would have thought he’d be #1!


  • AuntySocial

    No list like this could be complete without Van Morrison.  Brown Eyed Girl.  Give it a listen. 

  • John

    This article overlooks one of the great soul voices, Hamish Stuart of AWB.

  • Km5202369553

    what is the purpose beside race baiting does this article serve?

  • Cmilne523

    What about Jonny Lang??  When I first heard him sing, I thought he was a black singer in his 40’s or 50’s from Memphis or New Orleans or someplace like that.  Imagine my surprise to find out he was a blond haired, blue-eyed 20-something from one of the Dakotas!

  • Karla

    You forgot Fiona Apple, and Amy Winehouse. 

  • Yeah

    Have you heard Jeff Buckley cover Billie Holiday?

  • Krush

    Where’s Jon B. and MC Search, they both sounded like brothers when they first came out

  • Amberhatt

    Uhm…What about Rick Astley?? Have we not been Rick-rolled enough to know that those vocal cords should have belonged to a big, tall black man? 

  • Mr Right

    Alex Chilton  THE LETTER  (The Boxtops)
       How the author missed this guy is beyond me.
    The list of white singers that sound black starts and ends right there.

  • Add this to the collection http://youtu.be/ihWQzYm51OM

  • Chris

    Ha ha ha.
    White guy here, and not a frequent visitor to the site.   
    But this collection was a lot of fun.
    Michael McDonald?  Really?  Maybe I just saw too many album covers and the Doobies on Saturday Night Live.  Never fell for that.
    Jack Sheldon…  Okay, yeah.  I thought “Bill,” the bill on Capitol Hill, HAD to be a black guy.  Bingo.
    Joss Stone?  You thought “black?”   From the beginning, I thought “Janis Joplin!”
    And Lisa Stansfield?  What?  You mean she’s NOT black?  Okay, that’s new news to me TODAY!
    Some poster mentioned Rick Astley.  Meh.  Maybe because he was on MTV from pretty much day one, I saw baby faced white boy.
    Here’s one you missed: 
    Dan Hartman!  Long before Milli Vanilli, he was the real voice of the fictitious black band on “Streets of Fire.”  And a pasty faced musical genius he is!

  • Abaugh85

    I would have liked to see Joe Cocker on this list and perhaps CCR. I always assumed Joe was black until I saw a documentary about Woodstock.

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  • Iwcs

    In addition to Pink, I would add Kesha and Duffy.  Kesha when featured on Flo Rida’s “Right Round,” and Duffy for “Mercy.”

  • ssadram

    Note without commentary: R&B legend Johnny Otis of “Willie and the Hand Jive” fame “passed” as African American his whole adult life, but was actually of Greek decent.

  • Anon

    Totally missing Masityahu on this list

  • Troyantwill

    I hit this article because I knew you would include the likes of Sheena Easton, Taylor Dayne, Culture Club, Human League. When they crossed over, few people did not know that were already huge POP stars and thought they were black. I do not know half of these people you mention. lol…

  • LogopolisMike

    I actually thought Christina Aguilera was as well — when Genie in the Bottle was the only song of hers I knew.  Then I saw the video and only after that placed her in the “Britney box” which she has been struggling to escape from every sense.  (I’ve let her out of it personally.)

    And today I learned that Lisa Stansfield was white AND British.  Thanks.

  • Tracy Emert

    Can’t believe you forgot to list ‘Michael Jackson’! ;P

  • Guest

    There isnt a single person here who, on careful listening, would be thought to be an American black. Michael McDonald? The author of the article must have suffered ear damage when he/she was young.

  • Happybooker

    Discussion got waaaay off track so let me add my 2 cents…..guess I’m too old for this list ‘cuz I was expecting to see Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Tony Joe White on this list.

  • grandpatimbo

    The other side of the coin is that Charley Pride was often assumed to be white because of his great country vocals. I have never paid much attention to race as far as music is concerned but was really surprised when I first saw a picture of Pride.

  • Altha

    You black folks stop telling lies if you don’t know a black woman from a white woman you need help. You are very delusional and straight out lying too yourself and just crazy about white people. Someone like you i would not have for a friend nor a neighbor you are a dangous person you love you some white folks.

  • Nevah

    those of us from the day(70s) have always known caldwell was caucasion … he never presented himself along the pop spectrum as nothing but ….

  • Nevah

    those of us blacks who are familiar with the doobie brothers have never thought mcdonald was black

  • Jackiecruz83

    Taylor Dane!

  • Zencon

    Michael Bolton sang on jingles before he became famous. The client listened to his vocal and said, “Get that N*gger off my music track!” Marc Cohen used to sing on jingles as well… We can also add Joe Cocker to the list of artists we thought were Black. I’ll stop here. 

  • Jkaye97

    How is Adele not on your list?  Until I saw her pic, I totally thought she was black!

  • pretty ricky

    Without Jon B this list loses credibility … I mean he was the 1st person that came to my mind, I kept waitng to see him next, I mean “Little Dragon” but no Jon B, C’mon son!

  • Vacendik

    How is Rick Astley not at the top of this list?

  • MyGuest

    You forgot Rick Astley!

  • GwenJ

    This list should also contain Boz Scaggs, for all the older folks out there, I know they remember Boz when he sang ” Low down “.  We all thought he was black.

  • I never thought POC could be racist until I read your ‘article’.

  • this is possibly the most retarded website I have had the misfortune of visiting, the annoying a** video that plays on every page… really your site is 90% advertising, and you are gonna annoy the f*** out of your visitors with a SINGLE autoplay video as well…

    Not to mention half these songs were pretty ambiguous in regards to race, I doubt very many people were especially surprised.

    Most importantly the two most obvious entries are completely omitted. 

    Rick Astley 


    anyone? I can literally feel the retardation oozing from the screen

  • JD

    I can not believe I wasted my time reading this article. Must have been one hell of a boring day to sit and write a load of crap like this and an even slower day for MSN to have this as a featured article. 

  • Musicfan1171

    Left out Buddy Holly. Perhaps too old a name for your readers, but many people assumed from radio play that they were an African American group. They played at the Apollo Theater and toured many of the all black concert halls of the day.

  • Tweetybirdus

    I’m surprised Rick Astley wasn’t on the list.

    • brstreet9

       Thinking the same thing.

  • BJS

    Johnny Otis (RIP).
    He once gave an interview and said he preferred to live his life in and as a part of the black community.

  • justabadman

    Dan Hartman
    “I Can Dream About You” was a great song.  The video had a black group singing so most just assumed Hartman was black.  Black, White, or any other mix; Good music will always trump  race.

  • ccc

    Where are both young Joe Cocker and young Michael Bolton?

  • Dvstokes10

    All of these people are great singers, but I never thought that they were Black,  A couple of them I’ve never heard of.  There is a different sound to Black voices, I can’t explain it, but each race has a different quality in their voices.

  • AJ

    You forgot this guy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGS8re8cIVI&feature=related
    People thought he was a 30-something African-American guy when they heard his hit singles,
    but it turned out he was really a red-headed British kid!

  • Gmwsaved1

    Nobody I know thought these people were Black. We always knew they were just what they were. White people trying to SOUND Black.



  • Shibittydee


  • Roxanneaustin

    Bobby Caldwell and Teena Marie, yes. The other eight? Please.
    If you listen to music with your heart and soul and not just  your ears, then you know the other 8 are wannabees and posers.   

  • “one point and time”? that idiom you’re fishing for is “point in time” /facepalm

  • OceanGrownKush

    No Janis Joplin or Amy Winehouse? 

  • Eve L.

    I never thought any of them were black. lol I was sure that P!nk was going to be on this list, because I did think she was black for years. Even after seeing her picture. lol

  • Rich

    i definitely thought that huey lewis was black until someone told me that he wasn’t. i was really suprised htat he wasn’t listed here

  • HalJo

    I remember hearing Rick Astley for the first time and thinking, ‘man, that must be one smooth big black guy singing those hoppy-beat songs.’ Very surprised to see the scrawny little british dude belting out those vocals. 

  • WTF does sounding Black or White singers that “WE” thought once were white” mean? y’all simians feel good about that? Get a life

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  • Emily

     You forgot Rick Astley

    • TCF

      Yes, exactly. I’m old enough to remember when Rick Astley’s music was on the radio NOT as a joke, and it was at the same time the Fine Young Cannibals were having hits. Imagine my surprise when I found out their lead singer was black, and Rick Astley was white. We wondered if they had some kind of Freaky Friday body switch….

    • and Jon B.

  • Dishies

    What  ? No Taylor Dayne!|

  • danszaman

    Can’t believe you didn’t include Johnny “Hand Jive” Otis.

    • therealguyfaux

      He made out like he was Black, though– or if he didn’t, he never corrected anyone’s assumptions. (For those who don’t know him, he was of Greek descent, but very Middle-Eastern-looking– like Yemenis or Saudis, many of whom have some Black ancestry).

  • Herrweis

    I remember when Madonna first came out with “everybody”,”Holiday”,and “lucky star”.black stations played the hell out of her.with  warner not putting her picture on her 1st few singles they actually wanted the public to think she was black.

  • Charlesjvalentine

    J K of Jamoraquai should be in this list as well.  He sounds like a black woman, great voice and really dig the band.

  • I just have to say that I could have done without Christina on this list… you would have had to been living under a rock to not know that girl is white lol  What about Taylor Dayne? Love Will Lead You Back!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurie

    Billy Vera – At This Moment (the greatest breakup song of all time)

  • Sexylipboo7

    Being black is skin color smh.U dont have to be a black person to sing rnb music

  • Guest

    Someone already beat me to it, but

    My mother’s favorite song for a while was “Rolling in the Deep” (played it over and over and over and…)
    ..and thought Adele was black that whole time. 

    (..and over and over and over…)

  • irene reid, on her 1997 album million dollar secret, has a swingin’ version of this song, under the title “what i did for love.” 

  • Andrew


  • Batmarc714

    Where is Rick Astley??

  • Ichi_the_Killer

    Mike Mcd? Really?  Come on- he is whiter than salt.  I’m a goofy cracker and I knew he was white.  He’s so white they use his blood to correct typos!  PIYOWW! Oh that was good…

  • Reignrule

    How is Rick Astley not on this list?

  • Dusty Springfield should be on the list, too – and i’m a little surprised Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy aren’t on the list…

  • Dusty Springfield should be on the list, too – and i’m a little surprised Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy aren’t on the list…

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  • Johooj

    How could anybody forget the sultry r&b white boy Jon B. ??

  • RobbE33

    How could this list NOT have Marc Broussard?! When I first heard “Home” I thought it was from a six and a half foot, 350 pound Delta bluesman not the tiny white guy Marc is.

  • Is Yukimi Nagano white? You might want to correct that. 

  • Ouibjamn

    What?  No Rick Astley??

  • LoungeJumper

    Here’s a concept. How about black singers that sound white? BTW how does one sound white or black? Is there some genetic alteration/mutation (what have you)  to the larynx? Does skin color determine this? Of course not! If you ask me, making assumptions is stereotyping and racist.

  • Guest

    Where’s Taylor Dane?

  • dmarsh

    What about Adelle???? Hello she should be #1 on the list

  • ks_sd

    What about Taylor Dayne and Rick Astley?

  • Melissar51

    Where’s Jon B at. He should definitely be on this list. Also, Eminem, even though hes a rapper, he should be on this list too.

  • MCJ

    How about The Righteous Brothers? Wayne Cochran? Peter Green? 

  • Lover of Soul Music

    You’re missing Wild Cherry, Taylor Dayne, Rick Astley, Expose, Simply Red, Jon B., Jamiroquai. I like the sound of that group “Little Dragon” – I’ll have to check them out!

  • Chance

    I’m not sure if anyone on this website is old enough to remember, but when Madonna first came out in 1983, everyone assumed that it was black girl singing “Holiday”.  I agree w/ other comments on here that sounding black is not about color, it’s about soul and the delivery of the song.  Also, P!nk should be on the list as well.  WORD!

  • Oakraidersaz

    seriously?  it’s 2012 and we still have stories like this?  

  • RS

    You forgot TAYLOR DAYNE (Heart of Stone) and ANASTACIA (I’m Outta Love, Not That Kind)!

  • Dj_prayz

    please disable the videos on your pages. Annoying!!

  • Mrevb912

    Next article: 10 basketball players we thought were black.

  • KDH

    As other here have also noted, Madonna was four singles into her debut album (“Everybody”, “Physical Attraction”, “Holiday”, and I think “Lucky Star”) before I finally looked for the album at the record store and was shocked by what I found.  Not only did I not suspect she was white, but I didn’t realize that all of those songs were by the same artist. These songs got HEAVY airplay on the local urban radio station in Rochester, NY…WDKX-FM.

  • They forgot Billy Vera (Billy Vera and the Beaters) At this Moment was the 80’s song featured on Family ties. Everyone thought he was black until the video came out.  Even now I have to convince people he’s white.

  • pop junky

    I’ve heard many times over the years that MADONNA was thought to be black when she first came out back in 1982~1983. How did that legend come about? I don’t think her voice sounded black, but maybe the production of her music played in the clubs and on the radio?

  • Cherrilyn

    You forgot Phoebe Snow we all thought she was black. 

  • Disregard this, old post is old.

  • Wow, disregard this, didn’t realize how old the post was.

  • Scottyb 1988

    um were is Taylor Dayne and Rick Astley also there is Pink the lead singer from that band Go West 

  • Loner000

    Hello? Adele and Amy Winehouse anyone? Anyone?

    • Meaculpa53

      How about my favorite…………….Average White Band ? 

  • uncledrinky

    No Rick Astley? JUNK ARTICLE!!!

  • Lhrmd2

    Showing my age, but I always thought Mitch Ryder was black.  Conversely. many thought Charley Pride was white!

  • Ah, yes, another perfectly racist article by a professional media idiot!  So predictable!!

    • yourhateisshowing1

      Why do you call it racist.. you are afraid for someone to even say the word white.. or black.  It was a fact. Most black people thought he was black back in the day because white people did not sing with such feeling and harmony at the time.. It was more like the Art Linkletter show.. Now look that up and see for yourself.  You  have to be young to be so judgemental yourself… Everyone knows you are white, I wonder why.. see?

  • Pedes

    This is going back a long way, but when I first heard “If Loving You Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right”, I could have sworn that Barbra Mandrell was black. Imagine my shock to find she not only was a white singer, but a country singer!

  • guest

    Madonna should be on this list, her first album, was released without a picture, so that no one would know she was white. Very heavy rotation on black radio in the early 80’s.

  • IBeWatchinYou

    Vanella ice record sold off the charts. blacks purchased it in record numbers until they found out he was white.

  • max

    Dan Hartman, I can dream about you. Vanilla Ice, Ice ICe Baby.

  • I believe the first on this list (chronologically) should have been none other than Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley! (Otherwise known as THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS!)  I still hear people say that they are black.

  • Eltinge1

    Before there were these singers, there was Timi Yuro. She not only had to compete with another Italian-American named Connie Francis, some thought she was black and were confused over her gender. She was a woman. She was like Josephine Baker who had to go to Europe to be a star. The singer that Elvis most admired — TIMI YURO. Listen to her on youtube. You will be amazed at her. Sadly she is no longer with us.

  • roundthings

    K.C. From KC and the Sunshine Band

  • Guest

    Who in the hell thought that Michael McDonald, a member of the country rock group the Doobie Brothers, was black?

    In the doofus parlance of an NFL football commentator, “Come on, man!”

  • roundthings

    The Box Tops-Cry Like a Baby.
    Look it up on itunes and tell me you wouldn’t swear it was a black group

  • espana

    How could you leave out Mick from Simply Red ???!!!??? Not only did I think he was Black, but I thought he was a woman! Killer voice…

  • Doodah

    I would add Randy Newman….especially when he sang the theme for “Monk”….It’s a Jungle out There…I was surprised to hear it was done by Newman.  I had pictured a black singer.

  • Spiff_918


    White as hell (and the singer is a dude), awesome bass blayer

  • Denknee7

    Have you never heard the album ‘Gonna take a miracle’ by Laura Nyro and Labelle?  Laura Nyro holds her own with the trio Labelle.  

  • Cali

    Glad yall have have Teena Marie on here 

  • Cali

    As great of a voice Bobby Caldwell has, why did he only have one hit? I don’t understand

  • Jill

    I hate to recall it, but we all thought the singer on “Celebrate” was black – turned out it was Madonna.  Remember she said that racist sheeyat about “once MTV came along and people were able to see her face, they were pleasantly surprised,” (because she was white.”)  Ugh, but yeah.

  • Wow what a racist story….

    • Randy, how is this story racist?

  • Ljmathis

    I have only heard Shake Your Booby  oops, bootie, by McDonald and the Doobie Bros, and a few of their great records, The only one on your list that I have ever heard of is Christina Aggravating. I am caught when music was music by real talent, not hype.

  • Laurelgunderson

    I tried to read all the comments but I really must get on to doing something productive :-). I have read hundreds and didn’t see ANYone mention the great Scottish band from the 70″s, Average White Band. I apologize if they have been mentioned already but since I saw so many mention Adele, I figured it probably would not be a big deal to mention them again if they have been mentioned before. I absolutely LOVED (and still do) their first album of lovely soulful songs, even if some are a bit dated and sexist. What beautiful voices…..I couldn’t beleive they were white when I first heard them. Too bad they haven’t really done a lot since!

  • What about Wild Cherry when they did Play That Funky Music or is that going too far back? Now that bunch sounded black.

  • auramac

    A little Michael McDonald-heavy, don’t you think? What about Stevie Winwood?

  • Guest

    What about Taylor Dane?

  • Immurshun

    You mean Pink’s not black? Seriously, I thought she was (and I’ve seen her and everything). But anyway, why isn’t Rick Astley and that dude from Simply Red on this list?

  • Immurshun

    You mean Pink’s not black? Seriously, I thought she was (and I’ve seen her and everything). But anyway, why isn’t Rick Astley and that dude from Simply Red on this list?

  • tmc102464

    Terry Kath of Chicago (“Make Me Smile,” and dozens of others) is NOT listed?! 

  • Dont worry, Us white folks thought Darius Rucker was white  until we saw our first Hootie Video.

  • Shon

    Some of the people in this list I never thought were black I just thought had a soulful voice. Now, had they put Phoebe Snow down; I would have agreed.

  • Smith987

    This is some really stupid s**t. NONE of these people “sound black”.

  • GB

    Uh, Joe Cocker anyone?

  • Alexis Mc

    Oh my goodness. Being on the younger side, I never realized Nikka Costa, Bobby Calwell and Lisa Stansfield were white. I’ve always heard them on the R&B stations and assumed they were black. Mindblown

  • jill

    Great idea for an article. too bad i didnt get past michael mcdonald. For the sake of those of us with slow internet, PULEEEZE give us the option to see the whole thing on a single page.

  • JJ

    What about Rick Astley?!

  • MMR

    I remember when Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” was big on the radio. (Hey, I was just a kid…) It got a lot of play on the black stations because they thought he was black.

    But Schoolhouse Rock? I’m shocked!

  • J Ro

    What does ‘black skin’ sound like? This is absurd and offensive, and I’m as white as they come, for the record. WTF?

  • J Ro

    What’s up with the racial, prejudicial connotation of this crap? What a poor and tasteless suggestion of topic! As if profiling people for what sounds to be whatever color they are is relavent to music in any way? What a load of scat!

  • Only two of these fooled me, that’s Teena Marie and Bobby Caldwell.  Another one that should be listed here is Phoebe Snow.  Even after I saw her I thought she was Black.  She had an afro.

  • Ahardy13

    Taylor Dayne had a black sound – very good singer

  • Cleareye

    What a collection of losers. No one thought they were black OR white. No one thought about them at all.

  • JanieS1299

    Jon B should’ve made the list too.

  • I don’t know if I look for color when I hear music, it is more about style. Flavor and depth. I guess some people infuse color…I don’t because I have an awareness of world music… sort of transcends all of that, I mean damn, listen to Gypsy music!

  • Coraopolis412

    Christina Aguilera is Latina, not white…

  • Rebelwolf625

    Um, hello??  Rick Astley isn’t on this list?  He was the first person I thought of when I saw this one, sorry, but true.  I first saw him and I was saying, “You’re kidding, right?  He’s got THAT voice?”  Holy cow!  You missed on him!

  • What about Ali Campbell from Ub40 “Red Red Wine”

  • Ridiculous, there are SO many artists that people assumed were black or thought they sound black…Why do all of these people sound black?? because they sound good? MAYBE black people sound like them! 😉

  • Mjr3664

    where is Rick Astley on the list?

  • smash44

    What an idiotic and racist article. If the title would be “10 black singers we once thought were white” the entire PC Uber Liberals and Black Racist Nation would be wetting their pants and working themselves into a rabid lather.

  • cjeseattle

    Just a suggestion: Lydia Pense.  Do not look at her picture.  Listen to LET ME BE YOUR WOMAN

  • How about Taylor Dayne?  When I heard Tell It To My Heart, I thought she was black.  Even after I had seen her, I thought she was biracial not Jewish.  What about that voice?  How could you leave her off your list?

  • Bmvincent

    How is RICK ASTLEY not on this list?

  • Frederick

    ELVIS PRESLEY  ——  In 1954 when he started out, a majority of both Black and White Radio listeners ( TV was in its Infancy) were convinced that he was black.  That’s really what made him famous initially.  Elvis was influenced by many black singers and also copied their fashion sense which made him a really different white entertainer (and highly marketable) for that Ultra Conservative time of the 1950’s.  As a youth he spent alot of time in the Baptist Church singing gospel songs and learning his famous gyrations that were prevalent in church goers who were not shy in displaying their love for God.

  • Mlbjakey1980

    I’m surprised you haven’t included Phoebe Snow who should top the list because even after seeing her folks *still* thought she was black. But she wasn’t.

  • Until I just read this article I thought Bobby Caldwell was black. WOW I had never seen a picture of him until now….

  • I recall that Teena Marie fooled a lot of people back in the day when ‘Lovergirl’ dropped.

  • Calroscc

    play dat funky muzik white boy

  • kymholly

    OK, now Xtina is actually 1/2 Cuban, so she probably does have some dark-skinned relatives in her genetic pool.  Just cause her skin-tone is pale, doesn’t mean she’s not still a sista!

  • turnelbup

    I’m late to the party, but how about the late Phoebe Snow?  People even thought she was black after they saw her…

  • Dublin

    I thought Madonna was black when I first heard “Borderline”

  • Mika

    What about Phoebe Snow?

  • Fukoff

    what a pathetic article

  • Charles Ellis

    WHERE IS DUSTY SPRINGFIELD?????  Historically, her name should be FIRST on the list!  When she first hit it big during the British Invasion of the 60s, many people thought she was black, including Motown’s Mary Wells, who was surprised that the gal who sang “I Only Want To Be With You” was a beehived blonde from England!  And in England she was called “The White Negress”!  I kid you not.

  • M00s3

    I would add Steve Winwood to this list. When I first heard “Gimme Some Lovin” by the Spenser Davis Group I made the same mistake.

  • Just a human being

    When are we going to kill this “black/white” thing. As long as they allow stories like this and others we will always be a divide country.  Why cant we just be one race the human race?

  • Cyn

    I never thought Michael MacDonald was black. Seriously, did anyone? All I know is that his voice annoys me but I think I will just forever hate him for ruining The Doobie Brothers. One of the highlights of my childhood was when The Doobie Bros. guest starred on ‘What’s Happening”.

  • Buddahz54

    What about Taylor Dayne?

  • OMG

    Who wrote this article?  Who titled it?  How old are you really?  Only the people who did not have a T.V. in the 70’s (or didn’t buy Albums), people who didn’t have cable in the 80’s and didn’t watch MTV, were living under a shack in the 90’s and just dumb now, didn’t know these artists weren’t black!  You meant to title this 10 Artists with soulful sultry voices.  I’ll give the ‘junction junction dude’, but that’s it!  Duhh Robin Thicke, .. hmm Dad must be Alan Thicke.  Hmmm Aguilera, … sounds black huh?  I try to believe stupidity and ignorance is dying, but honey it’s grown to an all time high!   

  • DisqusWriter

    OK – “Into the Night” by Benny Mardonis. Listen to this video with your eyes closed. You’ll swear, like I did growing up, that he’s black.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMRKMf6_WY8&feature=related

  • maelstrom

    Van Morrison, folks.

  • Joanne

    What about Taylor Dayne?!

  • Lisa Johnverrell

    Add ADELE to the list now. 🙂

  • toni

    they forgot the very fine Jon B…

  • No Rick Astley?  WTH?

  • How did Christina Aguilera make the list, but not Taylor Dane, Adele, nor Pink????  Especially Taylor Dane?  It’s not that Christina isn’t soulful, but her first hits were pop songs geared towards white teens – the real singer didn’t come out until later.

  • Hall and Oates… big time. We just knew they were black. They played Sara Smile and Rich Girl on the black radio stations back in the 70s. Still love them so!

  • Gigiandlove

    This is hilarious.  The only surprise was the Little Dragon.  Even while looking at the video I kept telling myself she’s black!  I think it’s her phrasing along with her voice that sounds “black”.  Good article putting the spotlight on a lot of great artists.   Thanks.

  • What about Pink!!??

  • bkchenbo

    knew joss stone was white…obvious by the way she sings…not a fan
    you didn’t put hall n oats, which at first ppl thought was black
    knew christina was white…but has potential for black voice
    ppl thought amy winehouse was black and some thought adele was before they saw her
    dusty springfield, had a soulful voice – son of a preacher man
    steve winwood from the 60s early 70s…as pale as they come, but had a soul in his voice
    alicia bridges also – i love the nightlife
    oh and there are so many more with beautiful soulful voices…the list is very long.

  • Will the ‘blacker than thou throwbacks’ get a life and realize that everyone is human?

  • What about everyone belonging to the human race instead of black and white? It’s 2012 people, get with the program!

  • A trillion dollar business putting entertainers and performers on these obscene thrones. Whitney Houston anyone?

  • The gossip business is booming people!

  • The music and entertainment industry uses any available tool, trend or strategy to sell a product. No matter how grungy or dirty it may be. When are the masses going to wake up to this?. Don’t believe all the hype placed upon these performers and entertainers.

  • The Big Guy

    There’s a British singer, Alison Moyet, that I just knew was a sister.  Then, when I was in London, I saw her video and, well you know the rest.

  • DT

    I would add Jason Kay of Jamiroquai.  Especially on their first few releases.

  • Blueknight_atl

    Marc Broussard and Rick Astley are two who could definitely be added.

  • Newmutant2001

    This looks like it may have been an official video from Bobby Caldwell– http://youtu.be/BgoTDGu8cho

  • Robin Thicke offends all people.

  • Michael Jackson ?

  • Iggy067

    You sure have bad taste in music

  • JerrySanduskey

     Hey, don’t forget Michael Jackson! When I was younger I could have sworn he was black…

  • Cafebeltran

    taylor dayne?

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  • JE

    Meant to say, Jamiroquai – “Virtual Insanity” MTV Video of the Year in the early 1990s. Jay Kay is an Excellent dancer too. I could see him dancing every week in the Soul Train line back in the day. To me, Jay Kay from Jamiroquai is the best white male soul singer.

  • JE

    Jay Kay from Jamiroquai! Maroon 5 & Robin Thicke emulate the lead singer from Jamiroquai, but he has way more soul, like a white Stevie Wonder & he definitely is better singer. Check out “When You Gonna Learn,” “Lifeline,” & “Return of the Spacecowboy.” “Virtual Insanity” with MTV of the Year video was their peak in the US, but they’re still performing in stadiums and arenas around the world.

  • JE

    Amy Winehouse could also be on this list. She was definitely a soul singer who was influenced by Erykah Badu, Ella Fitzgerald, & Billie Holiday. Her favorite, though, was the best singer of all time, Donny Hathaway. She covered Donny’s “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother,” “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know,” “Best Friends,” and “A Song for You” (on her last cd, Lioness).

  • JE

    What about Amy Winehouse? Donny Hathaway was her favorite singer & she honored him at her concerts. Here’s Amy singing Donny Hathaway’s “I’ll Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” – http://youtu.be/kruZOfhXsjw  and “We’re Still Friends”  http://youtu.be/cyfaPmwP-sg

  • mr.g

    Back in the early 80″s I went to a club to see a female singer sing a song called Everybody,before we saw here they were playing her song on the radio like crazie,we all thought that she was black,she was singing acappella in the dark for about 2min,then the lights came on,we all went crazie because we thought she was black,it was Madonna first NY apearance and I have been a fan ever since then and a DJ as well.

  • Kenny B

    What, Bobby Caldwell is white?!  I never knew that!  LOL!!

  • PNK

    While these artists you note are cool, fine, great – your write-ups here are a**inine! Plus don’t forget George Michael, who even had Dionne Warwick in a furor when she protested that he won best R&B though he wasn’t African American. 

  • starbucksjunkie

    Great list.  What about Michael Bolton?


    Michael M. is by far one of the most gifted white guys when it come to his vocal talents. but why not get rid of those stereotypical mind sets about whites sounding like blacks there are a multitude of white singers that in my mind is better than black singers. kids on the block, n sync, Kenny logging’s to name a few. so instead of saying that a white  sound like a black when it come to singing why not just take them as what they are gifted singers.  

  • deecee0711

    what about Rick Astley “Together Forever” & “Never Gonna Give You Up” ? when i first heard him sing in the summer of 1988 i thought he was black & so did all my friends even the DJ’s were surprised that voice came out of a skinny white guy with bright red hair LOL!!!

  • Mckeani

    The Big Bopper!

  • American Public

    I’ve only heard of 3 of these people- Michael MacDonald, Christina Aguilera, and Teena Marie and I have never thought any of them were black. Aguilera is hispanic and the other two are as white as can be. Open your eyes. Are people in this country that dumb so they can’t see that?

  • calories

    so glad yukimi nagano is on there, her voice sounds like its straight out of the 70s

  • Okay, I actually knew Lisa Stansfield from her Hi-NRG hit “Jackie” with band Blue Zone UK, and (sue me) was disappointed when she started doing the more laid-back R&B, but no question she’s talented no matter what she sings.

    And I knew and loved Thicke when he sang “When I Get You Alone” over Walter Murphy’s Saturday Night Fever hit “A Fifth of Beethoven” (which was a liquor joke—get it?).

    But you’re spot-on about Nikka Costa, until I saw her video about a month after I first started grooving to “Like A Feather”, I would have sooner believed Lenny Kravitz was white (well, I know, but…).  And I was sure Teena Marie was half-black until she passed, and I DID know what she looked like all those years!  And the Japanese-Swedish girl I never heard of, but damn!

    But why I really wrote here is I have to admit that up until I clicked on them in your list, I didn’t know that Bobby Caldwell—whose name I knew as well as that song—and Jack Sheldon—whose name I did not know but whose “Schoolhouse Rock” songs were a seminal part of my musical development—were not black!

    Not on your list: Nolan Thomas “Yo Little Brother” (And his little brother: “If you don’t know you better hang with me”); Kevin Paige “Anything I Want”, “Don’t Shut Me Out”; Dino “I Like It”, and Judson Spence “Take Your Time”, “Love Dies In Slow Motion”. Rick Astley—blew me away he was a little red-headed white boy from England; Mick Hucknall of Simply Red (ditto, but a little less shock).

    When Laura Branigan’s “Gloria” first hit with Atlantic too cheap to make a decent video that would get played, I was surprised people were saying it was Donna Summer’s new hit, or that she was trying to sound like Summer, because I heard Pat Benatar and Melissa Manchester and Irene Cara and Ann Wilson of Heart in Branigan’s voice as much or more than Summer; Branigan worked with Summer’s producers, who by the way all happened to be white Germans!

    I want to agree with DFBRYANT, who said “SOUL is not a color.  It’s a feeling.”  And I would turn it inside-out, too, to say that it shouldn’t be an insult to black artists who had a pop feeling more than a soul feeling.  Music is every color, and every musician has every right to every color in their palette.

  • Woodlandsii323

    How about Susan Tedeschi or Robinella

  • lakawak

    Gee..nothing racist about THIS article! Oh…but it is OK because it is racist against white people.

    Imagine an article “10 black scientists we thought were white” because they were so good at being law abiding scientists that we figured there were no way they could be black.

  • thetiff

    The first time I heard Natasha Bedingfield (Unwritten) on the radio I could have sworn she was black.


    If you think about it, most of the singers on here were/have been influenced by black singers(especially the females) so their sound is influenced by that. Of course, we knew Christina was white, as well as Nikka Costa before we really knew what they sung. I saw Pink’s video and could see she was white and all her music has pretty much “sounded white”(i.e. “pop”) since. I knew Michael Macdonald was white from the Doobie Brothers and Robin Thicke was, due to his name. Bobby Caldwell and the guy from Schoolhouse Rock are the true surprises for me. I thought there was at least one black man singing on SHR…especially “VERB! That’s What’s Happening”(my personal favorite).

  • Pingback: RANKING: "Artyści, przez których głos myśleliśmy, że są czarnoskórzy" | FanClub Christina Aguilera Polska()

  • I was more upset to find out the family was still Canadian.  But it makes sense.  He’s about as talented as his dad Alan. (neither is talented)

  • Lisa’s duet with Barry White on “Been Around the World” was 10 times more awesome than her solo on this song.

  • Fakemail

    Hey man, you forgot Huey Lewis

  • Dnbcmt

    Dude! (or dudette!) How can you not include MOSE ALLISON in this list? His recordings of “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore,” (1958), “Do Nothing ‘Til You Hear From Me,” (1959), and “Parchment Farm” (1957), blew everybody’s minds! Or does going back that far strain your twenty-something brain? The man’s a legend and a treasure and a MONSTER compared to some of the lightweights you have on your list!

  • You forgot Gino Vannelli, the first white solo artist on Soul Train.  Don Cornelious thought he was black.  And Rickie Lee Jones.  She even sounded black when talking on the song “Woody and Dutch” from her 1981 album Pirates.

  • mscommerce

    Mick Hucknall. Amy Winehouse. Taylor Dayne. That’s about all for me. Lady T never fooled me, oddly enough.

  • KeepOnLearning

    Going back, back, back in time…don’t forget Mose Allison. 
    He had us all fooled—till we saw a couple of album covers!

  • You know, why can’t you just put the article on one page instead of whoring for clicks?

  • Walker Home4

    P.S.  Pink is a soul singer.  I love her music.

  • Walker Home4

    I found this music by accident and I enjoyed it so much I keep playing it over and over. Soul is a state of mind.

  • Eloisa Zuniga

    I would add Anastacia (“One day in your life”) to the list.

  • Aldo Drofwarc

    Who wrote this article, some white person?  Never assumed any of these singers were black just Iike I never assumed the Dalls CowGirls would make the playoffs…

  • Ocean

    Tracy Thorn should be on the list.

  • mrbluesays

    All black women hates her own hair and will hotcomb the hell out of their curl to copy a straight hair doo to be “pretty” fake

  • Shocked

    P!nk and Rick Astley should be on this list too. 

  • Marqeteer

    Wow…can’t believe you missed one of the all-time greats of this category:  Wild Cherry – Play that Funky Music

  • badtzmorrie

    Jordan Hill.. the one that sang Remember Me This Way in the Casper Movie.. She’s not so familiar but I really thought she was black….

  • M. Scott

    What about Jamiroqui? He sounded like like Stevie Wonder.

  • L_bacall

    I always thought Dusty Springfield was black. 

    • Charles Ellis

      So did Mary Wells, until she met her!

  • Sandbrn

    Someone sent me a link to  “I choose to Worship” by Wess Morgan. I listened and fell in love with the mans voice and the message of the song. Then I pulled up the video on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised to see a white man just killin’ this song.

  • Vanillalink

    Wow   I would have taken this one to the grave…I can hear the radio DJ saying “That was…What you won’t do for love by Babby Caldwell” never thinking he may not be a Black artist.

  • Barnaby Jones

    Anastacia should be on the list

  • solid

    Chris Rene! (I jest)

  • mike r

    Matth, Your comment reminds me that my mother used to tease me about thinking that Mary Tyler Moore was Black. I just thought she was lightskinned!

  • Charles1233

    Excuse me, where’s Tom Jones on this list.  When I first heard him in the 70’s I thought he was black.

    • LittleBritches

      Yep, even Elvis thought Tom was black before meeting him.

  • Matth

    Lisa Stansfield? Really?

    I watched the whole video and I still think she’s black.

    Lisa Stansfield IS A BLACK WOMAN.

    (with white skin.)

  • Kinetix947

    van morrison.

  • Mercy Wright

    What’s the point of this story? Who cares if a singer is white or black? Besides, except for Joss Stone and Christina Aguilera I wasn’t familiar with any of those singers.

  • Tam0115trina

    Dude, got a mullet?!?! DANG!!! I didn’t grow up with that song, but I did love it when I heard it as a hook in Tupac’s song and found the real song and heard the whole thing, but I am definitely stupified by this discover!!  DANG! A MULLET?!?! I just cannot get over that.

  • Tam0115trina

    Been Around the World, I knew it soon after it came out b/c I loved the song and watched BET all day to see who sang it, I was suprised too though.

  • Tam0115trina

    I knew that Robin Thicke was white, b/c I saw a video of a song from his first album “A Beautiful World” a long time ago when he had the hippie look and he sounded like a black dude then.  BUT when “Lost Without You” came out on the radio I would never hear who they said sang it, so I always thought it was either Usher or Javier.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out that it was “Thicke’s” song.

  • Becky

    I’d add Bob Seger to the list. Night Moves, Turn the Page.

  • Chen

    It just means that all people have soul. 🙂 This brings back some good memories. Especially in the seventies it kind of all blurred together but still good times to be a young teen in.

    Also glad to see ignorance and people tossing around insults is alive and well. I liked this article in the manner it was intended. Take a chill people. We could talk about white rappers next and people would still get bent.. or Asians who we thought were Hispanic. Oi.

    Great article and thanks for the memories.

  • Gek_ke_jos

    No Tony Joe White? Shame…

  • mike r

    I’ll bet no one has heard of Jess Roden. He did some singing for Japanese keyboard/composer wizard Stomu Yamashta back in the ’70’s, very soulful voice …

  • @3


    • TheColoredHand

      Are you saying Genesis sounded black? Yeah, I could see that, lol!

  • FromUR2UB

    I had to read this, just to see who all was listed.  I was only able to think of three of them…the ones from way back, but had forgotten about some of the new singers.  Had never heard of a couple of them.  Jack Sheldon, I never thought was black because he was a band member on the Merv Griffin show in the 70s, so I’d recognized his voice from that. 

  • Allison W.

    The tone of your voice and the fact that you can carry a tune does not constitute “sounding black”. It just means you have better control of your vocal cords, you can hear  note and sing it back and that you can count with the beat. That is not being black oe white. It’s just talent. People of every race and ethnic group have people who CAN sing and those who CAN’T.
    Black people…we don’t have a copyright on singing. What is considered soulful singing applys to MANY.

  • Billy

    Another example look at jennifer lopez and Tenna Marie who were they around and where did they get their soul  Its all about the people around you and what you think sounds good. Soul music you weren’t born you had experiences and sometimes were bad or good and alot of African Americans wrote of this music in the south so with their experiences was beautiful music. But now the white people want to sound like them look at Mariah Carey she isn’t black her father was from Venezuela yes he might have been dark skin but that does not make him African American he is more latino. Her mom is white. 

  • Helen

    I think soul music is where you were raised at and with the people around you. Then you start to talk and sing like others around you. Its just simple like eminium was raised with hip hop music and his friends were into the music and where he lived at . I believe its where you were raised with the group of people around them that makes someone sound like they have soul. Look at Elvis Presley,

  • straightandnarrow04

    what?!?!?!….No Amy? (winehouse)….when I first heard Stronger Than Me, I just knew she was a black woman!

  • DoinMe

    GTFOH!! I had no idea “What you won’t do for love” was by a white guy!! I have been singing this songs for years and just assumed it was some old 70s RnB/black singer. Wow! Learn something new everyday. 

  • KS

    I never thought any of these artists were black, and who cares? Dumbest articles ever, I’m so done with this website.

    • straightandnarrow04

      no, you’re the dumbest article ever!!!…jerk

  • Prinzcharmn88

     People can say what they please about Christina Aguilera, but if I just heard Aint No Other Man on the radio without introduction to Christina, I never would of guessed she was a little blond girl.  Christina is easily one of the most impressive voices of modern music.. so take that in.

  • DickTucker

    I saw the movie Wall-E when it came out a few years ago– the “old black guy” singing the closing theme–turns out to be Peter Gabriel.  Also, Terry Kath and Pete Cetera on the old Chicago records?

    • mike r

      Good point, I knew Terry back in the early days of Chicago when they started out; can you believe people thought of them as ‘underground’ back then?

  • Spamalicious

    Elvis Presley

    • Felix_the_cat

      You thought Elvis was black??? GTFOH!!!

  • S. Thomas

    How about the band/singer who did “Play That Funky Music”? How could you forget them.

    • DickTucker

      White as Orville Redenbacher.  You can do better than that.

  • 7th Son

    How about Mose Allison?  Listen to “Parchman Farm” or “The Seventh Son” and tell me he doesn”t sound black.  Of course, he confirmed his origins with the title of his 1980’s album, “Middle Class White Boy.”

  • Gazza


  • Eric Burdon? Amy Winehouse? Duffy? Steve Winwood? Chris Clark? Dusty Springfield? Jay Kay of 

  • Where is Taylor Dayne ,Rick Atsley and Jon B.? They shuld be on this list,and top 3.

  • ETK

    Elliott Yamin is often mistaken for a black man.  But he’s a funky white boy!

  • Jarvisbearcub

    Where is Alison Moyet? “Situation” and “Don’t Go” by Yaz in the States, Yazoo everywhere else. Learn it.

  • Arbys

    Hello, Joe Cocker??

  • NVAdamzz

    Definitely most surprised at number 1 and 2. I loooooveee What you won’t do for love and I would’ve never guessed that he was white. I thought that was Bill Withers singing it…!! 

  • Two more that should be on the list:

    Anastacia – Beginning of “Boom”? “I Can Feel You”? Come on… seriously? She’s white??? The only reason I suspected she might not be black was that the name sounded a little too euro-pop.

    Jay Kay of Jamiroquai – Now see, here, I thought Jamiroquai was the name of the singer, not the band, and he HAD to be black.

    And if I hadn’t already known who he was, I probably would’ve thought Tom Jones was black when I first heard “Sex Bomb” and a couple of others from that period.

  • Brendanomaidian

    Oh, shucks, I forgot:  Lou Prima (white) and Wynonie Harris (black(what a stupid reference word), sounded exactly alike.  You could look it up!

  • BrendanOMaidian

    Let’s see…there was Sinatra, Crosby, Dino, Caruso, Bennett, Dinah, Jo, and so many others who sounded “black,” and yet, there was Sammy, who sounded white!  Go figure.

    • DickTucker

      I shouldn’t call BS on you on Xmas eve, but BS on all counts.  Real solid BS.

    • Felix_the_cat

      Ahem – the article is about “10 White Singers We Once Thought Were Black”, not 10 white singers that sounded black. No one ever thought Sinatra was black.

  • Gregory Wahl

    How could you not know Robin Thicke was white?  The first thing I ever knew about him was that his dad is Alan Thicke, who is basically one of the kings of white guys.  (Caveat: I’m a white guy who grew up in the ’80s, and therefore grew up watching Alan Thicke on TV…)

    That said, I swore Adam Levine was black until I saw him in that video with Rihanna.  And now I can attest, he’s very not black.

    • DickTucker

      Hmm.. I’m a White guy from the 80s, too and I managed to avoid Alan Thicke.  He did have an amazing cameo on Tim and Eric recently (Adult Swim– you wouldn’t understand)

  • Graveyard_angel99

    Timi Yuro. Check out “I’m Movin’ On, Parts 1 & 2”.

    • mike r

      Yeah, you’re going wayyy back ,,,

  • B_W

    How about Mariah Carey? 

  • Listen to Joss sing “Jetlag”

  • Paloma Faith, Duffy ..

  • Pink’s dad is black.

  • Bellaleche

    Don’t forget Boz Scaggs “Lowdown”

  • Jessica Williams

    I am looking at the “Little Dragon” group and still can’t believe the singer is not black, lol! I guess mimicking is an artform.

  • Jessica Williams

    You’d be hard pressed to find another voice out there that could compete with Christina’s.  I also thought that Veronica Petrucci was a black woman, when I heard her sing “One Star Against the Night”, from that album “Sing Me To Sleep Mommy”.

  •  How could you leave Steve Winwood off of this list?

  • Krangsquared

    I thought Rick Astley was black. I ain’t rickrollin’, I really thought he was black!! It was the similarity to Michael McDonald’s voice.. okay, its a stretch.. but I was just 14.

  • Beezus

    Teena Marie was among the FIRST?!  Um… how about we dial it back a few years- DUSTY SPRINGFIELD anyone?!  She was definitely confusing people and raising eyebrows with songs like “Son of a Preacher Man” long before Teena Marie donned her first pair of lycra leggings.   And how about Rick Astley?  He’s got to win the prize for looking the least like his voice- I remember seeing the music video for “Cry For Help” when I was in elementary school and even THEN I was confused.

  • Acrankycanuck

    What about Peggy Lee singing “Fever”?

  • Milagrosegvillamil

    White people and some Afrikans think we are all stupid  There is a natural sound to a African singer that no euro can duplicate Pink sounds like a white singer as do all the rest esp McDonald  They are simply devoid of the soul that is deeply embed in our STORY vs thiers his..story  get real  If anyone cannot figure it out they need to sit down and stay quiet..The best and closest i evber heard was Tina marie but i knew she was a euro  We do not wobble we sing!

  • Missypooh1997

    i would for sure add taylor dayne to the list

  • Cameron Johnson

    You are blowing my mind with Lisa Stansfied — I THOUGHT SHE WAS JUST LIGHT-SKINNEDED!

  • Esbaird

    UB-40 certainly deserves an honorable mention not to mention “Never Gonna Give You Up” Rick Astley.

  • Emm

    Most of your people here must be white or other.  Tina Marie never sounded like a white girl to me, neither did Madonna.  Only Madonna’s music sounded “black.”   Michael McDonald always sounded like a white man with a cold to me. 

    • Emm

      I MEANT TO SAY both Tina Marie and Madonna always sounded like white girls to me.  They just had black musical arrangements to accompany them. 

  • No Rick Astley, your article is invalid. 

  • Michael

    Rick Astley, anybody? C’mon!

  • Topaz

    ok you missed AWB. Average White Band. Think only one brother and they were from Scotland.

  • Ameyahwashington

    Yea very surprised about Jon B, Jojo, and  Asia Cruise not being on the list 

  • Spookyfish13

    Did someone mention Rick Astley?

  • I have never heard of Little Dragon, but I like. Teena Marie …. what more can you say!

  • ML-Canada

    No Janis Joplin?? Seriously, she should be at the top of the list. This is a major oversight.

  • dam

    so no Madonna?
    I was one of many people who thought she was black because she got play on black radio – “Physical Attraction”. This is way before I even heard of MTV or any video shows.

    • dam

       oddly enough I also thought Kesha was black too, another i never saw yet.

  • Ron

    I still think the Righteous Brothers are black. ( maybe they don’t  know it )

  • Nic

    “What You Won’t Do For Love” singer is white?!?!?!?!  I was a kid when the song came out and have heard it a hundred times over the years and had no idea.  Great voice, great song.

  • Troutfitter

    Not commenting on the music, but:

    Michael Bolton?

    (he’s probably on here somewhere but I ran out of time to read all the posts…)

  • Have to say you’ve confused the song with the singer in your examples.  You seem to think because the music sounds a particular way it has to be a black singer…..not real at all.

  • Shane

    I don’t know most of the people on this list.  But how could you leave out Dusty Springfield, especially on tunes like “Son of a Preacher Man”?  I thought she was a black southerner — turns out she was white and British.

    • DickTucker

      The most apt posting on this page.  

  • Alex

    Beth Hart ( with guitarist Joe Bonamassa) singing the Brook Benton song “I’ll take care of you”.
    She sings it as well as the great Bobby “Blue” Bland. also she covers two Etta James songs on the cd

  • Alex

    check out Joan Osborne singing “What becomes of the broken hearted” in the doc film “Standing Under the shadows of Motown”. NB some of the Funk brothers musicians were white.

  • SirenofDreams

    I loved Teena Marie growing up. She is amazing. She is the first one I thought of when I saw the subject of this list.

  • Loren

    Marc Broussard not only doesn’t make the list, but hasn’t gotten mentioned in the comments either?  I’m shocked.

    Almost as shocked as I was when I learned that his song “Home” wasn’t sung by a sixty-year-old black man.

  • Trinori

    How about Anastacia?

  • Nikore

    You forgot Bradley Nowell, Rick Astley and Snow (the guy who sang Informer).

  • Nik

    No Hall and Oates?  I Can’t Go For That, had me really thinking they were black.

  • Jaymeestahrr

    Oh snap! Bobby Caldwell isn’t black. Dayum! They got me on that one.

  • Fireflymedia1

    Bruno Mars should definitely be on this list.

  • Rakuspirit

    If you go back in time, Elvis Presley and Bob Seeger would have made the list, IMO.

  • What about Michael Bolton ?  When he first came out with redux of “Dock of The Bay” plus several of his other hits.

  • peter

    how about michael jackson? 😀

  • Dang, I still thought Bobby Caldwell was Black!

  • Athena Grecian

    What about Hall and Oates?  R&B stations still play “Sarah Smile” like it just came out.  Plus I kinda thought John Oates’s hair was a little curly.  I knew they were white but I’m sure some people thought these were some Black dudes. 

  • mimi

    Jamiroquai, or is he really black LOL!

  • mimi

    JamiroJJamiroquai – Virtual Reality

  • I immediately thought of Taylor Dane when I saw this list.  I even had the audacity to assume she’d be on it.  She should have been, for sure.

  • Amylee

    Anastacia too! I thought she was black until I saw the “I’m outta love” music video

  • Beverlytsquare

    Teena Marie will  forever be  our Ivory Queen of Soul. I never thought about whether she was black or white, I just knew she could blow!! John B. Justin Timberlake,  and Robin Thicke are just three WANNABES in my opinion. I just recently found out Bobby Caldwell was white.I was flabbergasted.  Phoebe Snow IS BLACK ( RIP). Christina Ag has a good voice, but doesn’t sound black to me. Madonna tried to sound black, but I could tell she was a wannabe. I never heard a song by Josh Stone, but I heard she was black. I knew Michael McDonald was white, but he’s great! Ice,Ice, Baby Vanilla Ice, Average White Band,Boz Scaggs,and KC and the Sunshine Band are all passable. I know George Michael is white, but he sings with such soul. And Adele sounds like a country singer.

    • Phoebe Snow was white and Jewish. And her gift will be sorely missed…

  • Kittychi75

    Well, I know one thing: upon hearing Yukimi, my eyebrows shot up! I was like, ‘Wow!’

  • Captmacer

    I fully expected to find Michael Bolton on this list.  I’ll never forget the interview he did on Jay Leno’s show telling of how he had overheard two young girls watching one of his music videos and one commented that she thought he was black.  He stuck his head between them and peered at the video and said, “Doesn’t look black.” and then walked out.  As he was leaving he heard the girls squealing, “Oh my God, that’s him!”


    You forgot Dusty Springfield

  • Morgan Lamar80

    Christina is not white – she is latina.

  • Workingclassantihero

    tom jones?

  • JimB156

    What about Boz Skaggs? He had the song in the seventies I think it was called “I wonder”. I’m not sure but, if you heard it you would know what I was talking about.

  • Maya0206

    How could Adele not be on this list??

  • Jim in MS

    Anastacia has a little “Chaka Khan” going on.

  • Jim in MS

    I thought of two more examples:  Taylor Dayne and Anastacia.

  • Steveong

    This is my 1st time checking out yr site and i would consider Rick Astley as the most white that sounds like black.

  • Tata10

    Bobby Caldwell is WHITE???WTFFFF!!!!

  • Vivi

    What about Rick Astley????

  • forgot Jon B.  When I heard him first time I thought for sure he was black. Hello VIDEOS!!  Jon B still brings the love songs better than most!!

  • Ted Striker

    Steve Winwood should be at the very top. This British white boy sounded like Ray Charles…at age 17 !

  • Cathyem

    Elliott Yamin!!

  • Gawd, how could I also forget the lead singer for Looking Glass, Elliot Lurie (“Brandy”)

  • Missed some of the biggest: David Clayton Thomas (Blood Sweat and Tears) and Mike Pinera (Blues Image)

  • Mimi

    I knew most of these singers weren’t white EXCEPT Bobby Caldwell. I didn’t realize the man singing What you won’t do for love was a white man until I looked the song up on youtube. I was shocked!! This list also needs Amy Winehouse, Steve Winwood, and Jo Jo.

  • JON B from the 90’s. Has a new album, just out last month.

  • Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Michael Bolton?????????????? This list is flawed

  • MMcD? Oh hell no. Sounds very white to me.

  • and what  about Rick Astley… am I the only one???

  • newfan

    Rick Astley

  • Guest

    Go look up Foxy’s “Get Off” on Youtube.  So many people thought they were black back in the day.

  • theodora

    Christina Aguilera was a complete shock 4me…. 
    i cant eva 4get…. 🙂

  • Joeg2028

    How about Mose Allison and Eva Cassidy?

  • You know, though…the LAST thing I wonder about when I hear a song is the color of the singer. It’s inconsequential to me.  All I worry about is if it’s a good song or not!

  • Cecilaos


  • What about Tom Jones?

  • Bengerock

    Lead singer for Wild Cherry… Play that funky music.  Look that one up. I always knew it, but a lot of my friends were clueless.

  • Shannon

    Boy George 

  • Butterflyhabibi

    Robin’s dad Alan Thicke co-wrote the theme song for “Diff’rnt Strokes”…Yeah the corny Canadian guy from “Growing Pains”…same guy…

  • jgcsrdel

    What about Tom Waite ?

  • Larr

    You forgot Pink

  • Sandra Ullah

    Who is WE?  NEVER thought the following were black–Jack Sheldon (I thought it was a white man trying to sound black like Joe Cocker)  As for most white females–their voices tend to be at a higher pitch and quaver esp when they sing.  So never thought these sounded black either:  Joss, Little Dragon and Nikki–there is a certain twang that almost automatically gets in there and if you listen for it–you can hear it. I sing, so I automatically listen to tone as well as the sound and beat.  I remember arguing with people back in the day for insisting Teena Maria was white–and some told me she was not but when I told people what to listen for–they heard it.

    Not to say I do not enjoy their music–I do and think they are very talented but they did not sound black to me just people trying to sing in the black style.  Now, to be fair, you should do this the other way with so many black singers trying to sound white and from Rhianna to Beyonce to Kelly putting out songs that borrow from the white genre.  Fair is fair.  As music begins to just BE music–you will find those edges blurring even more–but ALL GOOD because in the end, a good song is a good song and race should not enter into it.    I was a Steely Dan and Doobie brother fan so he never fooled me  –but Bobby Caldwell got me.  And you forgot Hall and Oates and one of the greatest songs of all time “Sara Smile.”

    • Gigi

      I have to agree with Hall and Oates.  “Sara Smile” and “She’s Gone” were songs that people thought were sung by black artists.  Daryl Hall is an awesome singer!

  • kech

    um, what about Jon B.? Heeelllllllloooooo!

  • Elaine

    You TOTALLY left out Rick Astley “Never gonna give you up”…..when I first heard this song I was SURE that this was a black singer….imagine my surprise when I first saw the video for this song and there was a young guy who looked more like Archie Andrews and NOTHING like Barry White.

  • SheriffPablo

    what about the reverse? I never once suspected that Darius Rucker was Black the first time i heard Hootie and the Blowfish.

  • Nickrisch

    Michael Jackson…

  • Zuri

    Seeriously?? You failed to mention the late Great Amy Winehouse.  No matter what issues she had in her personal life the girl could sing! She has way more soul than half of the others listed here.  And Jon B?? What about him..poorly written article 

    • Charles Ellis

      But not much soul as Dusty Springfield……

  • Marie

    hall and oates???

    • therealguyfaux

      I’m not convinced Oates isn’t possibly part-Black, from way up the chain.

    • therealguyfaux

      I’m not convinced Oates isn’t possibly part-Black, from way up the chain.

  • Lol

    if MJ was in the Lists, I would like 😮  :0  :O

  • I’m Just Sayin’

    You left Michael Jackson off the list.

  • bgolfguy

    Okay, one name from the late 80’s that I thought for sure would be on this list is Rick Astley.  I was sure he was a black singer, imagine my surprise when I see this skinny Irish looking kid.  He sings the song “never gonna give you up.”

  • 1400vtwin

    Could you please make one called “10 Black singers we once thought were white” so all the blacks can cry racism?

    • Sandra Ullah

      I really wish whites would stop playing the race card. They seem to deal AND play it more than any other race…LOL

  • Christina Aguilera and Teena Marie are not “white” There are other races involved. 

  • Not all white people are cornballs. 

  • I knew all of these people were white and I love most of them. 

  • SeeItAll

    Dusty Springfiled is not on the list.  Please….

  • Nota1us

    What about Barry White?  I’m pretty sure he’s black.

    • Barry White was White, you can tell by his name. 

  • Mystic True

    Mr. Joe Cocker should be numero Uno on the list,that man has black vocal chords on him.

  • Lady G

    Yes!!  Situation was my JAM!!!  I also thought she was a man, but a brother, none the less!!

  • Nora Morse

    You could also write about black singers whom you didn’t know were black.
    I’d nominate Joyce Kennedy from Mother’s Finest, the best black rock band ever.

    • Sandra Ullah

      Uhm  “Thank you for the lovin” and “love changes” were very very very BLACK.  Sorry.

  • Hippiegoddess146

    I honestly thought Christina Aguilera was black when I heard Genie In The Bottle, because they played it on the local hip-hop/R&B station all the time. So I assumed she was a black woman. Plus, the girl could SANG!

  • Lenny Pincus

    Felix Cavaliere of the Young Rascals. C’mon.

  • Liv

    Taylor Dayne most definitely should be on the list….I listened to her music when I was like 13 for the first time with a neighbor and I loved it. My neighbor gave me some of her CDs for my birthday and when I looked at the insert I almost swallowed my tongue.

  • ProgressiveMike

    Mose Allison. Been recording for decades, 80 years old, could not believe it when I found out he was not a black man. He sure sounds like one when he sings. Very cool.

    • Sandra Ullah

       Boz Scaggs  ‘ “dirty lowdown”

  • amy

    Randy Newman!  “You’ve got a friend in me,” from Toy Story, just listen to it!

    • Sandra Ullah

      I don’t think that sounds black at all, He sounds like a white guy trying to sing black.  He could easily have sang “Conjunction junction” instead of Sheldon–same style–could call it the style of a white guy when he wants to sound black”  LOL

  • Amyywoman84

    Randy Newman!!! Hello!!!

  • suzy

    How does anyone manage to not remember Alison Moyet?

    • Vivienne

      I was just looking of a comment space to mention her name,thanks!

  • Mrscippio

    While we may have thought some of them did good impersonations of Black singers, most of us who grew up listening to “soul” music knew they were not. 

    • Sandra Ullah

      thank you.   Of the people listed, the ones who really threw me were Bobby Caldwell and  Lisa Stansfield. I also got it wrong with “Sara Smile”  Later, I realized they did not sing it as black as I thought-  (that one line “If you feel like leavin…you know you can goooooooo–where he does this little flip with go that is totally a white trying to sound black thing and definitely a giveaway”  But the first time I  heard it, I did not listen closely–the melody and the beat had me—but I still love the song and love Hall and Oates

  • LT

    Taylor Dane and Simply Red! Sitting here in shock over the Caldwell guy…..

  • Msmykimoto2u

    And how about the 2 white guys from All 4 One?

  • Msmykimoto2u

    Man when I found out that Lisa Stansfield was white I was too through! Lol, she had me fooled. And that Little Dragon band is HOT! I would definately put them in the Neo-soul/new wave genre like Sade. (Btw, just downloaded Constant Surprises to phone) But what about PINK? When she first came out with Most Girls and You Make Me Sick, I could have sworn she was black. Even when I saw her video and she was rocking the short hot pink cut, I thought she was just light skinned. Her leading male was black too after all and that usually goes hand in hand in videos

    • Sandra Ullah

      Sade has been around since the early 80s–how is she neo soul or new wave–Sade is just Sade–she defies categorizing.

      • Msmykimoto2u

        What I meant by neo soul or new wave is just the genre that I feel she fits best. I know how long Sade has been around and know she is not “new” but I dont know what other genre to place her in because she is more than just regular soul or R&B and all artists have categories. Little Dragon sounds more on the Sade side to me which I like and its justmy opinion

  • Flying Falcons

    David Pack, from Ambrosia is another.

  • Kevin Hagan


    • Sandra Ullah

      I remember finding out Caldwell was not black in 1979. I was pretty upset, but then –I just accepted that no matter what I could not tell (I usually can tell) but not with bobby not on “what you won’t do for love”

  • No joke–I came in thinking I knew them all.  Bobby Caldwell just threw me for TWO loops.

  • “Square Biz” came on the radio this morning and I kept thinking to myself, “Man, Lady Tee could blow!” LOL!

    • Sandra Ullah

      But she sounded white and I always thought “Fire and Desire” was so overdone and she tried too  hard–not to mention went off key several times–but by then, you could not criticize her–probably the ONLY white girl to ever make it to total acceptance as “one of us”  by the black “community”  LOL

  • Thomas

    Lisa Stansfield but no Rick Astley?

  • I just knew when I heard Amy Winehouse sing “YOOUU MADE ME MISS THE SLICK RICK GIG” she was black. 

    • Steven

      Shocked that Dan Hartman didn’t make this list. That’s the ultimate one right there, because a black person lip synched to his song in the video, making it so that people REALLY thought he was black. I’m talking about “I Can Dream About You”, of course.

      Also, stunned that Amy Winehouse wasn’t on the list.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      I know right?!

    • Sandra Ullah

      She sounded white to me on that one–but on Back to black at the beginning of the song when she does that open–Lawd–the girl had skills.  That and “unholy war”  she sounded black to me.  I think British singers have an easier time sounding black because they do not have hundreds of years of denial behind them when they pretended to hate everything about blacks but still were secretly liking our music and dancing (can’t say they liked us in sports because they would not let us play them back in the day)  When you have so much hate–it takes a long time to do a turn around–even now–you will find young whites buying anything, but among their parents and grandparents–only certain musicians were acceptable—the rest (like the Isley brothers or Cameo, Parliament,  Isaac Hayes–etc) sounded “too black.”

  • Johmmy11

    Michael Jackson

  • Mary

    I sitll don’t get why anyone would want to pretend to sound like another race. I’m all for being influenced by different genres, but make it your own don’t straight up imitate. NO matter what Smokey Robinson said, and I have much respect for him, Teena Marie is not a black girl in a white  body. She was your average white girl who while hanging out with some black friends decided to start talking, acting  and walking her versino of a black girl and we stupid enough to be flattered by that.

    What makes you a part of a people is the shared worldview, and you can pretend to be another race [gender[] but the truth shows when you can’t understand the emotional worldview of that people; when the things that are most important to them don’t move you or you don’t’ understand them. An example:
    A white woman “became” black, lived in the hood with black folks (’cause you’re only truly black if you live in the hood, right?) had a black boyfriend, talked black, had black girlfriends the whole nine. When Nelson Mandela was freed the blacks were jumping up and down and were so happy and emotional aobut it and she didn’t get it at all. That’s when she realized that she had wasted years trying to “be” black and that she would never be black. Never. (Not to mention she had no idea what the whole skin color thing was about or what it was like, or the jokes and preferences for behind, thick lips, wide nose.

    That’s why I always respected Eminem for deciding to be a rapper but not trying to be Black, you hear him and he sounds like the Detroit working class white boy that he is.

    • Sandra Ullah

      If you don’t get why people want to sound like “other races” then you miss two of the key elements of being a music star–fame and fortune.    Fame–being recognized and adored and followed by lots of fans. When musicians have crossover appeal, they capture more of an audience which then leads to FORTUNE.  They make more money.

      The sad truth is back in the day, groups like the Supremes, and Temptations, and Isley Brothers and Commodores may have seemed like superstars to us–but the money they generated was more like the money of many no name white bands (no named to most blacks) that travel from state to state.  Because when a white musician has maybe 2 million or more  followers who actually buy their music and show up at concerts–that will always trump 5 million people who love your music but maybe only 1 in 10 actually pay retail for.

      so the fact is–the more crossover appeal the better which is why Rhianna is so popular as is Sade and MJ and now all the hip hop.  It is about why they are in the business not racial purity or any other stuff like that.  They live in a different world than most and so musicians often have far less prejudices than the people who are their fans.  They sleep with each other, date each other, have babies and travel together. Many white rock groups had black musicians and roadies and many black ones do too.

      “Black music” is a cultural thing but our present black artists are changing that. With the changing in how we dance and sing, whites are able to youtube and copy the stuff and so identify with it more and BUY the music and love the artist so the artist is successful.    You may not know this due to the hype but most artists only get about .03 cents for every dollar spent on records back in the day or even less than that.  They often were fronted about 100K for image but that was held against the record/CD sales.  Their real money was made at the concerts.

      YOU do the math–10K concert goers or maybe 250K nation wide vs 65K concert goers and maybe 7 million fans nationwide.  SEE?  Music is a BUSINESS. Identify how you like–but megaartists are about fanbase and appeal and the more the better.

      Whites have always wanted to sing and dance like blacks.  The easier blacks make it to do that–the more legitimacy in certain genres the whites have and the more fans the blacks get. As they improve, the whites also gain more fans from the black base. It is about credibility too.

      The only problem is that with the present crop of black singers and the homogeneity of music pretty soon we will have as much trouble telling genres apart as we do identifying different makes of cars.  Something will be lost–but as we identify maybe something much more important will be gained?

  • Shamp

    No Mose Allison?!? Shame!

  • Meme

    Adele need to be on this list

    • Msmykimoto2u

      I could tell Adele was white but its something about those UK people and those soulful, raspy, sounding voices. Adele, Amy Whinehouse, Joss Stone, Corrine Bailey Rae, The Noisettes. Wierd

    • Sandra Ullah

      I LOVE Adele–but she sounded like a good, strong back hills Appalachian singer and she sings in that back country style. if she sounds black to YOU –then you have been listening to too much watered down black music for waaaay to long.  (watered down as in many of the present artists currently out there like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Rhianna, Alicia Keys and MJ Blige) 

      • Kai

        Please take Mary off this list 🙂

    • Charles Ellis

      Yes, but only AFTER Dusty Springfield, the FIRST English soul diva!

  • Ulrik_linder

    Tony Joe White, was and probably still is a terrific blues/soul singer who made some amazing songs in the late 60’s. His voice is so damn deep and his growls are fantastic. They have a little country-influence in them, but compared to old-style black blues artist i dont think youll hear much difference. By the way he made som fabulous songs, like “Polk-salad annie”, “Rainy Night in Georgia” and “Willie and Laura Mae Jones” ….if you havnt heard the man…give it a listen…its worth it

  • I used to think the Righteous Brothers were black. I was surprised to see their faces for the first time on YouTube a while back.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      No offense, but how on earth did you think the Righteous Brothers were black? Lol

      • 🙂 I guess because I am a little ol’ lady who lives in a shoe … no offense taken lol

    • Sandra Ullah

      They never sounded black.  NEVER.  Lord please help this new generation of kids–they are truly confused.  LOL

      • therealguyfaux

        Maybe YOU don’t think so, but supposedly, their name came from the fact that they sang in Black clubs in the Los Angeles area (they were from Orange County) and whenever they appeared to audition for the owners, and said they were going to do R&B, they were told, “Yeah, OK, but you better do it righteous, or you won’t last very long.” Apparently they did do it righteous, because the owners allowed them to bill themselves as the Righteous Brothers, even though they weren’t brothers in any sense of the term.

  • Judithwhite

    Where is Mirah Carey?

    • Msmykimoto2u

      LMBO! Stooooooop it!

    • Sandra Ullah

      Mariah Carey IS black  remember the 1 drop rule?  Well Mariah’s daddy was a black man.  She’s as black as Prince and Obama and Halle Barry and Maxwell, and Sade, and…

  • Oakland John

    Have we finally realized that musical feeling is culture-based rather than race based? It has been a long time since anyone was surprised to hear African-Americans singing European opera among the best. It is a matter of loving and listening to a musical form then having the talent to express its emotional content. 

    • Sandra Ullah

      Very well said.  Thank you.

  • Evie31086

    Definitly Taylor Dayne and Tara Kemp. Oh, Dino too! That’s some old school late 80’s- early 90’s for ya!

    • Evie31086

      Christina A. =Taylor Dayne & Justin T.=Dino and can’t forget 80’s freestyle singer George Lamond, even though he was PR. Bruno Mars=George Lamond

  • deloresfromwarren

    You forgot Steve Winwood.

  • Dveshn

    As a fifty year old white man, had I written this article I would have been dragged off to prison by a mob screaming racism………………where, oh where is Dr King’s dream of equality for all?

    • Mrscippio

      The “dream” is in your freedom to make a comment such as yours.

    • Sandra Ullah

      There never was equality for all and probably never will be. When a minority of  ANY  people are besieged they try to hold onto what made them have some level of identity and pride. This is true for black dancing and singing and sports–and in the world at large, this is true for white policies in the US and elsewhere.  It is the need to protect and maintain a certain status.   That is, whites keep and enact policies to ensure white privilege, they also keep polls going to monitor black progression or reassure themselves (polls almost weekly about every issue) then they enact laws and practice covert racism. Blacks do not do this because they are the minority AND the scapegoat for most of the country’s problems regardless of truth.  Whites are a minority in racial population world wide. As the West continues to brown you will find more and more draconian methods enacted as whites attempt to maintain and hold onto power and worry about the ramifications and repercussions of so many centuries of maltreatment to other races.

      The fear is legitimate.  After centuries of mistreating and putting laws into place to minimize or discourage the success of other races, it is quite likely that there will be a type of payback by the former disenfranchised group–but it is also highly likely that as this time becomes ever more definite–whites will whine more and more about inequality and fairness and want things to  have a different bent–NOT because they finally have become more tolerant but because the handwriting on the wall will indicate that turnabout is about to occur and they fear that.

      Still, you reap what you sow. Want to know what happened to Dr. King’s dream?  It is still a dream–because many whites have NO INTENTION of ever letting blacks be equal to them for fear that like in music, sports and dancing–to do so might mean someday the blacks would surpass them.

       But I think this writer should also post the present and past black singers who we thought were white like Charley Pride and like Rhianna and many others right now.

      • ME.

        Thanks for taking an enjoyable article and comments and turning it into an opportunity to express your personal bitterness and hate.

  • Not only is this article racist, it is extremely stupid.  Crawl back under your rock and quit writing as a career please.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      What is racist about this article? Or are you just trying  to start up drama with your multiple aliases

    • Sandra Ullah

      Talking about race does not make an article racist.  Understand racism is the institutionalized promotion and safeguarding of the privileges of one race above all others.  This article does not do this.  The author can and SHOULD write another on blacks  or black songs we thought were white–same difference.  Talking about race or identity is not racist–disparaging another race as you do it (that means putting them down) or promoting one race as better or superior (that means comparison and putting one of them down) would be racist.  Try to learn the difference so you do not appear ignorant in future discourse.  🙂

  • When I first heard Celine Dion, Taylor Dane and Michael Bolton, I sure thought that they were black.

  • SB

    I have never read such a racist article in my life.

    • Sandra Ullah

      ….don’t read much?

  • Fed_Up18

    You forgot Rick Astley. When I saw a video of him for the first time, I assumed it was a joke dub! I remember Sinbad specifically saying on a talk show how he was sure, too – SURpRISE!

  • Skin color determines the kind of music you can make?

    • Kim

      Don’t play dumb…culture (and by association race) is very much associated with music styles. No one is saying race dictates the type of music people can make. But when you hear music, based on the genre, the vocal styling, etc your going to associate it with the culture that type of music originated from in the first place.

      • Msmykimoto2u


      • Sandra Ullah

        That is until it is appropriated long enough and some pretend that never came from a certain culture.   Few whites know that mathematics, astronomy, pharmacology and glass originated in Persia. They do not know that Asia and Mesopotamia had sewers and practiced hygiene when Europeans were still throwing their feces and urine into the streets for the roaming pigs to eat (as late as the 1890s) That many cultures knew to bathe when Americans thought it was a one time winter and one time Spring thing.

        Few people know that China invented the fork as well as porcelain, paper and dynamite and gunpowder ….and that blacks are the origin of every race (rendering every other accomplishment by any race AFTER that–moot) specifically, the Black African female is the origin. 

        The invention of Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Soul by blacks has been usurped when appropriated with often whites reinventing history to support it being their own invention.  They keep doing this.  Most races know this about white people.

        The failure of many to give credit to the enrichment of existence by each race is the reason we have so much racial dissonance to this day. As for playing the “race card” because blacks acknowledge thinking certain sounds were by black artists–that is disingenous.  Personally, it has been my experience that no one plays the race card more than whites and they play it almost every day.  Anyone seen that latest poll/survey on blacks and HIV?  EVERY DAY.  Talk about insecurity.

    • Mrscippio

      Skin color has throughout our history determined a lot of things, including who would be more easily/more likely to be oppressed. Imitators of the “Blues” could never quite get it because they never “lived” it! 

    • Penny Pretty

      ((Just want to say I love your name))
      Where are we going?
      Planet 10!
      When are we going?
      Real soon!

  • You can probably do ten more of these lists and whenever you do, Eli “the Paperboy” Reed should be in there somewhere.  Not only does he sound like he’s black, he sounds like it’s 1965.  But brilliantly.

  • Alexander

    Add Taylor Dane to the list.

  • oi


  • alldawg

    hall and oats

  • Lady G

    What about Jane Child’s Don’t Want to Fall in Love.

    • Sandra Ullah

      Phoebe Snow

      • therealguyfaux

        My goodness, she even had the ‘Fro– you’d have been excused for thinking she MIGHT have been part Black.

  • Guest

     Adele should be on this list oo

    • Sandra Ullah

      no–great singer but does not sound black at all.

  • great list but, what  about Jon B.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      ooooo, I loved me some Jon B. Oh, annd Frankie J too!

    • Sandra Ullah


  • muzakjunke45

    Ok…so what happened to Dusty Springfield “Son Of A Preacher Man” not making the list also check out Esthero (Canada) and Jamie Lidell (UK), his 2nd CD, JIM is AWESOME!. I’ve seen him 3x’s in concert it’s a SHAME he’s not bigger than what he is right now. And sorry, I don’t get the appeal of Robin Thicke.

    • Charles Ellis

      Dusty could blow all those others away with the possible exception of Teena Marie.

  • Queen S

    Oh snap i would swear that Bobby Caldwell and Lisa Stansfield were black. But Michael McDonald he got some black in him somewhere, if not he’s an honorary black.

  • guest

    jon b and amy winehouse

  • Natural Sistah

    Some people on this list should be moved to the “People who tried so hard to sound Black I just KNEW they had To be White”.

  • How could you forget Jon B…without him Robin Thicke wouldn’t get credit, he’s the original blue-eyed r&b brotha lol

    • Msmykimoto2u

      And both of em married sistas!

  • I am surprised Dusty Springfield did not warrant a mention on this list. Perhaps her music is now considered irrelevant. Admittedly, I discovered her music long after her star had faded- I’m 22 now and began to listen to her music in my late teens. Yet, I was absolutely flabbergasted to learn that she was white. To those who remember her music, did any of you assume that she was a black woman until you saw a video or photograph of her?

    • Genuis of Love Tom Tom Club? I thought they were black when I was a kid.

      • Beauty-Queen


    • Charles Ellis

      I said the same thing!  Check out my post on this!

  • MizzusG

    How is Rick Astley not on this list? Lol

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    You forgot George Michael

    • Whitraye83


    • Aa74kai


    • Sandra Ullah


  • Pcmillions

    When I first heard Mariah Carey singing, I was nodding off listening to the tv. It was her first video. Because I liked the song, I woke up and my mouth dropped when I saw this white girl singing.

    • Beauty-Queen

      MARIAH CAREY ISN’T WHITE! Just like Nicole Richie she simply took on the looks of her mother. Her mother is white & her father [who I think died many years ago,] is BLACK.She didn’t grow up with him. She also had a sister.  [I remember hearing in the 90’s that she also died]Her sister looked more mixed than she does , sorta like Alicia Keys’ complexion with a 90’s Halle haircut.

  • Whitraye83

    This list is flawed becuz ur missing Any Winehouse! COSIGN on Bobby 4 sure I STILL cant believe he’s not black. Just like Amy and Michael Mcdonald. These whites have effortless soul.
    Other white folks try too hard and it’s forced (joss stone)

    • Charles Ellis

      Oh really?  Amy Winehouse owed EVERYTHING to Dusty Springfield, who should’ve been on the list!!!!

  • Coleynl

    The Bee Gees,Duffy, Robyn, of course Adele, although Art Of Noise arent necessarily “artists” but Moments of Love has been a good song in R&B game, George Micheal

    • Coleynl

      Janis Joplin 

    • Sandra Ullah

      When people say Adele sounds black they lose all credibility and the Bee Gees never sounded black–but they did (like Adele) have a great sound–hell–you might as well add Kenny Loggins (this is it) and what about Average White band and “Only a school boy crush” or Boz Scaggs and “dirty lowdown”?  LOL

    • justabadman

      Art Of Noise:  EVERY DJ played all or part of Beatbox in the early days of rap.

  • Steelcitychick

    You guys forgot Taylor Dayne from back in the day!

    • Flabbergasted

      cosign! i jammed to her barry white remake ‘can’t get enough of your love” for years….then i saw the video on youtube about a year ago. I still cant equate the vocals to the woman. she must be biracial like Mariah, her voice got SOUL!

  • reese

    Nikki Costa reminds her of Leela? Really?

  • britchick91

    I used to think that Anastasia was black 

    • Mar

      Me too, until I saw her dancing then I thought that from the way she was dancing she must have hung around black people for a long time or she had a black boyfriend. Boy, was i right on the boyfriend part when I found out much later.(they were separating!!)

  • dove56

    I am still recovering from the shock that “Jump Around” is not sung by black people.  

    • Queeg

      That’s a good one!

    • Coleynl


    • Mystic Noir

      what??? Youre kidding? This is the first I;ve heard of this.

  • Rude_dude20

    joss stone is the white version of beyonce!

  • Rude_dude20

    lol yea i hear the anita baker in lisa’s voice

  • Smith Smittyt Tracy2

    I never thought anyone of them was black,i always knew everyone of them was white.You have to be completely tone deaf not to know it.

    • Sandra Ullah

      Seriously?  You thought Bobby Caldwell was white?  That is one argument I LOST.  Because I insisted he was black.  Sort of singing in the Al Jarreau style.  Black sound is not just a Style it has to do with how blacks voices and cadence naturally goes. It is the reason when at work black females learn to speak in a slight falsetto and enunciate sharply so that over a phone, they sound “white”  all marketing. LOL


    what about gino vinnelli, jon b dr john?

  • LA

    When Vision of Love first started playing on the radio back in the day you couldn’t have paid me to believe that Mariah Carey was anything other than Black. When the video dropped so did my my jaw. I was truly surprised. 

    • LA

      And Yes, I know she’s biracial. I’m just saying. Her look initially surprised me.

      • therealguyfaux

        And if you go to, say, Brazil, you find many women who look like her, as well as in some Spanish-speaking nations in Latin American. If you had put a gun to my head and asked me what ethnic background she was, before I had read anything about her and all I could have gone by was her picture, I’d have said Latina.

  • Ewells6325

    No to Madonna and Tom Jones

  • Oshea11

    This article is missleading. Teana Marie (on of my all time favs) Bobby C, and maybe a few of the others you named…But Christina A? Joss? Robin Thicke? Everybody new these people weren’t Black. We see them on these blogs on tv…Christna vs Brittney on mtv. Nobody thought that heffa was Black…This is BS. Basically you listed a few non Black people who you think have soulfoul voices. To say people thought they were Black O_O

    When Color Me Bad’s song I wanna sex you up played in New Jack City people thought they were Black until the video dropped (this is a good example of what you were trying to say). John B is the original Robin Thicke with a better voice, but we all knew he was a White Boy. Might as well add Justin Timberlake to ur
    list.lol. It’s a joke. Anyway Teena will always be the baddest to ever do blue eyed soul…

    • Sandra Ullah

      I never really liked her singing and she never sounded black to me–but over time, reading about her–I came to respect her as an artist and a person.

  • Hmmm, what are you guys talking about?

  • Gina

    I thought Norah Jones was black…so did BET but as soon as they found out she wasn’t, they stopped playing her ish, go figure.

    • therealguyfaux

      Norah Jones is (Hindu) Indian. And as Denzel Washington tells the Indian father of his girlfriend in the film Mississippi Masala, “You ain’t but two shades lighter than me.” But of course, in places like Trinidad and Guyana, and places like NYC, London or Toronto where T&T’s and Guyanese live, there’s not a lot of love lost between light brown (Indo-Caribbean) and dark brown (Afro-Caribbean), and this may have something to do with Norah Jones being “boycotted,” as possibly stemming from BET not wanting potentially to offend any Caribbean viewers.



    • Sandra Ullah

      Which SHOULD be considered flattery but whites also have a tendency to disparage and denigrate the people they copy and pretend they are the most horrible thing, all the while wishing they had what the group they dog out has. Witness hating on black females yet trying to sing, dress, talk like us, walk like us, have large lips and booties like us, tan like us, want the men we make in our bodies…but still HATE on sistahs–they ought to be kissing the ground we walk on because without black females there would be NO black males.  But that is what a HATER does–either just criticize what they are jealous about or copy it and pretend the original is not original and not what they are copying.

      • Can you name any decent white female singer who hates on black women?  Where the hell is that coming from?  I mean, you have to go back to what, Anita Bryant kinds of second-rate ’50s evangelical singers.  Sounds a bit like the pot calling the kettle a race hater.

  • Mia Elder

    Umm Jon B definitely should be on that list!

  • motown

    Check out Joe Cocker he was big in the 1960’s and sounded a lot like Ray Charles. 

  • saquarius

    FEATURE – blacks we thought were white.

    • Queeg

      Yes! I would like to see that list.

      • Sandra Ullah

        Rhianna at the top of that list and for certain songs–Beyonce, Kelly Rowland….  better topic–white girls who we thought  look black or biracial

  • motown

    Adam Levine? Just kidding he only thinks he is R and B. Justin Timberlake cannot sing he only thinks he can. What about old school Righteous Bros?

    • Kai

      Lol, I beg to differ about Adam Levine. On Maroon 5’s first few albums, their sound was definitely R&B and so is Adam’s voice (“Sunday Morning” anyone?).

  • motown

    I can’t believe you omitted Adele that girl is good. Amy (RIP) was an amazing jazz singer and Phobe Snow from back in the day was amazing as well.

    • Sandra Ullah

      Adele sounds white.  That type of singing is found often in the hills of Tennessee. If you think she sounds black–you really need to listen to Aretha and other black singers (not the present singers) then go back to Adele and really listen.

  • Maria Gomez

    Tina Marie will always be the Ivory Queen Of Soul. Christina Aguilera tries too hard with her screeching and wailing and that is not singing. She is pseudo R&B who thinks she is the real thing. You should add the singer Anastacia to the list cause that woman can sing!

    • Reason to Swear

      I remembered her Anastacia,and does anyone remember the singer Alisha in the 80’s with her hit ‘Too turned On’. okay maybe with Alisha one can tell she wasnt black but those beats were popping! Boom! 

    • Live

      Yes Anastacia made my draw drop. Never imagined her that way hehehe. I love being surprised

  • Lilth5

    Wat bout Jon B

  • Xtina

    Black culture rules! Imitation is the highest form of flattery and Black American culture is flattered throughout the world amongst many various nationalities 

  • Stacy L

    How about David Bowie? I thought he was black until this past weekend when BET/Centric showed the ‘Roc Docs’ episode featuring Soul Train.. He did that funk song “Fame”. I could of swore that was a black man.

    • Queeg

      You must be either very young or very sheltered.

    • Sandra Ullah

      NO way.  go listen to some old Bowie like Ziggy Stardust then get back to us. We’ll wait.  (he was fierce on Serious moonlight and Modern Love

  • LisaLuvless

    I hate MadameNoire and her stupid topics. I could care less if you guys don’t approve this message, at least you read it and know that you’re not liked.

    • Tina

      Lol!! That’s why you come here to post right? HA!

    • Sandra Ullah

      Unlike some groups –blacks have learned a very long time ago to NOT CARE when they are not liked.  Unless someone touches us–there is no concern.  For a person to care whether you like them or not–they have to care what you think of them and give you that power–you have not been given that power hon–and you must be really young to think “not being liked” by a person –MATTERS. LMBO

  • guest

    Bruno mars

    • E.C. from D.C.

      Bruno Mars is half asian and half hispanic

      • Fat Joe

        That’s right just look at Bruno he is no where near white…short, bug-eyed cross between a frog and Curious George. Like most PuertoRicans he doesn’t like his own culture.

        • E.C. from D.C.

          Maybe it’s most of the PR’s you meet because most of the PR’s I meet and know love to remind me how PR they are and proud of it…esp the ones that were born in/just came from PR

        • annie


        • Sandra Ullah

          Another white person with ISSUES.  Your poor race…really…your poor, poor race.  Insecurity is a terrible thing and it just never stops does it. Puerto Ricans are gorgeous and love their heritage (ALL of it) from the African in them to the native to the european even J Lo admitted proudly that her grandmother was of African descent.

      • MariaMendez

        Oh really ? I assumed he was hawaiian or something like that.

        • E.C. from D.C.

          Filipino and Puerto Rican to be exact.

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      Isn’t his father a black puerto rican?

      • E.C. from D.C.

        He looks like that sounds about right. When I heard he was half PR I thought his dad must be black PR.

        • Sandra Ullah

          Puerto ricans have black blood in many of them

          • E.C. from D.C.

            Uhhhh thanks for telling me what I obviously already know.

            Fully aware many don’t just have black blood in them… many ARE black….wesley snipes/taye diggs black.

      • Sandra Ullah

        Bruno is Filipino and Puerto Rican both cultures of African descent (Filipino is African, Polynesian and spanish descent) and Puerto Rico is African, Indigenous native and European descent–so with that one drop rule–they earned their blackness. LOL


    I forgot:

    Jon B

  • Miket


    That list was terrible

    • muzakjunke45

      JOJO yeeeeees! She did an a cappella cover of “Whenever You’re Around” by Jill Scott on her website AND KILLED IT!  You can also pull it up on YouTube. (She’s also a HUGE Jill fan.) and Jay Kay from Jamiroquai is SO DOPE!

    • Cherry Coke

      The lead singer of Jamiroquai is mixed, his mom is black

      What about Jamie Liddell? He sings that song “Another Day” from a few years ago. Also Mayer Hawthorne. Very soulful.

      • DaleinBmore

        Jay Kay’s mother is a very famous entertainer; Karen Kay…and she is NOT Black.  His father’s name is Luís Silveira, and he is Portuguese.

        • Sandra Ullah

          Actually, if you know your history, then you know the black African moors invaded Spain, Sicily and Portugal and settled there and intermingled–this is why there are dark haired, swarthy skinned sicilians and spanish and portugese AND light , blonde ones–guess which ones would have relatively recent African DNA if a genealogical trace was done?

    • Sandra Ullah

      Sorry–Elvis was smooth and a cutey pie –(before he gained so much) but he did not sound black–he did however, allow whites to accept and buy music that THEY thought sounded black and with that opened the door for some whites to begin to buy and OPENLY appreciate black artists.

      • Ahardy13

        everything that made Elvis Elvis is black influenced, not to mention he has black and indian blood as well


    II also like to add that Teenage was also one of the first artist to combine singing & Rapping in a song. Used her music in one of my dance classes and the students loved it… dare I say this rihanna…WHO???

  • Cherie

    You forgot Boz Scaggs.

    • Queeg

      I never thought Boz was black, but I didn’t know him about him in his early career. I did see him in concert with Michael McDonald over the summer–Boz was fantastic! Michael sounded like he was losing his voice. He was very hoarse, even for him. But still had a great time.

      • Mrscippio

        Michael always sounds hoarse. Notice how he’s always very, very close to the microphone when singing.

  • Babydoll7179


  • Omar_Comin

    Robyn. She’s Swedish. Check out her song “call your girlfriend”. And how did Jon b not make the list! I smell a part 2 to this list 🙂

    • Queen S

      I was actually thinking about her. She is awesome.

  • Bhfkjhfjhwjhsa

    Nobody thought Christina was black. WTF is wrong with your ears?!!!

  • BuggNY

    Taylor Dayne anyone?!

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      Yeah. Look at her coloring. I still think she’s got some black in her somewhere.

  • Bobby Caldwell is a shocker…..I thought he was a black singer UP UNTIL THIS VERY MOMENT!! I love that song!

    • Stacy L

      me too!!! my mouth is still open on this one.. I listen to that song like every day too!!

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      I think someone needs to check his DNA.

  • IllyPhilly

    Teena so true! when I discovered her (age ten) I didn’t believe it! GTFOH! that Buddy guy sings that song!? OMG, news 2 me.

    • N~ T

      I don’t care what NO ONE says…Far as I am concern Teena Marie is black….LOL I think she’s lying about being white. I don’t know of any white woman who has a voice like hers. INCREDIBLE! May she rest in Peace!

      • Binayall

        I agree about Ms.Teena Marie, not only did she sound black, she respected and loved the black culture. Singing in heaven with Rick James that baby making music.

    • Shawandabrown

      i never like teena marie and you can tell that she was a white woman who wanted to be black

      • Ahardy13

        white people  with soul have been touched by the finger of GOD in my opinion – teena was  teena – period. you need to listen a little deeper to her – feel her

  • Lola21

    What about Jon B, now I just thought he was black cause he got that soul in his voice, hmmmp could’ve
    fooled me.

    • Ladylum2

      Yes Jon B should have been on this list too!

    • Beauty-Queen

      All I can say is Wow! I Forgot about Jon B. Check out this song THEY DON’T KNOW by Jon B – copy & paste on YouTube:       /watch?v=y5pD4nBabMk
      [They really don’t make love songs like they used to…]

    • DoinMe

      Yes ma’am!! Before there was Robin Thicke there was Jon B with his fine azz!!

  • Live_in_LDN

    Robin Thicke is not cute to me, i don’t see it.

    • reese

      He seems gay to me.

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      He’s very good looking. But his features are so perfect, it gives you feeling that something is “off”.

    • dam

      he looked good in his “When I get you Alone” video.
      Now I don’t care for his look

  • Big Ryde

    Rick Astley is the only one that ever made my mouth drop!!!!!! My Step-bother still don’t believe it and we found out together in 87!!!

    • IllyPhilly

      OMG, yes. just looked it up. can’t believe it!

    • Queeg

      Not having him on this list was a HUGE omission! And he should be #1! He was so young when he first came out too, but sounded like a grown-ass man. He’s still singing, and sounds just as great as he did back then.

    • Caydence J

      “never gonna give you uppppp”…Uhm…I knew he was white the instant I heard him. Now Bobby Caldwell on the other hand…..I have him on my play list and I NEVER knew he was white! That one was downright creepy!!!

      • raymond

        i didnt merely think bobby caldwell was black , i specifically thought stevie wonder had come out with a new song when bobby dropped what u won’t do for love

  • Big Ryde

    Ya’ll forgot the #1 “Thought he was Black” and that being Rick Ashley!!! Youtube him!

  • Madonna!

    • ghetto names are the worst

       what the F are u smoking that you even think Madonna can sing????

      • IllyPhilly


      • Butterflyhabibi

        Thanks for making me spit my tea allover my laptop! I haven’t laughed that hard in a while! You are the most! 😀

    • Manski

      I agree Kathy and was wanted to see her name on the list. What many people forget or maybe to young to know is that Madonna first song to be played on the radio was “Holiday”. There was never an offical video for the song and MANY people thougnt she was black. I remember my uncle did know that she was a white lady until “Lucky Star” came out and was only because I told him.

    • Manski

      I agree Kathy and was wanted to see her name on the list. What many people forget or maybe to young to know is that Madonna first song to be played on the radio was “Holiday”. There was never an offical video for the song and MANY people thougnt she was black. I remember my uncle did know that she was a white lady until “Lucky Star” came out and was only because I told him.

      • Sandra Ullah

        I never thought Madonna was black–voice was too reedy or thin –typical white girl sound.

      • dam

         the first song I heard from her on black radio was “Physical Attraction”, and I also thought she was black.

    • Beauty-Queen

      No waaay! Madonna’s voice & the way she says the words in HOLIDAY didn’t sound Black. Like Cindy Lauper they had the MUSIC right but you can hear the ‘white’ in their voices. THE PRONUNCIATION, THE HIGH PITCH…  copy & paste to YouTube you’ll see what I mean:

      • Sandra Ullah

        You can always hear the “white” in Teena Marie’s voice too but that does not take away from the fact the lady could blow and was an amazing singer.

      • Sabby

        You can’t compare Cyndi Lauper with Madonna.  Cyndi has a FOUR octave voice where as Madonna really can’t sing and is all about dancing and “the show”.  Cyndi’s voice is more like those of an opera singer.  I guess you can call that “white”, but it’s certainly nothing like Madonna.

        • Rafael Camargo

          I agree Madonna is not an excellent vocalist like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, or, even Cyndi Lauper, etc. But she could sing once (especially in her “Evita” movie and in the eras of her albums: “I’m Breathless”, “Something To Remember” and “Ray Of Light”. Also, it’s false that she is “all about the dancing and ‘ the show’, cause Madonna has really excellent lyrics and albums, like the ones from her “Ray Of Light” album, which is an splendid album.

      • lemonaioli

        Exactly! When Holiday came out back in the 80s, I thought Madonna was black. One quick look at MTV proved me wrong.

      • Piquarius

        You guys soooo forgot to add Jason Kay of Jamiroquai on this list!  Very jazzy soulful british vocalist!

    • raymond

      when i heard the song holiday on the radio from madonna with the nile rodgers production, i thought she was black.

  • Ariesnurse2

    I lost a bet that Bryan Abrams(Color Me Badd) was black! Who didn’t hear “I Wanna Sex You Up” and swore he was black until they saw the video…maybe it was just me?

    • N~ T


  • Elegance

    That Little Dragon song was freaky! I would have never believed it was her singing. I would also add Taylor Dayne and Rick Astley 🙂

  • Rhonda

    What about Amy Whinehouse. Although she had her issues she was a hell of a singer…

    • IllyPhilly

      Was thinking of her too, thought she was Lauryn Hill when I first heard her voice. there’s another guy named Adrian Hood from Daddy’s Girl Soundtrack.  I swore he was a brother!! 

    • Oakland John

      Yes, I thought Amy Winehouse should have been on the list. Maybe Taylor Dane as well. 

      • Jacquelyn311

        Taylor Dane for sure!  I’m STILL not convinced LOL

        • Squirrlyloco

          Don’t forget Anastasia, listen to “Not that kind of girl”, sounds like TIna Turner
          to me…

          • Squirrlyloco

    • Zuri

      Ditto Rhonda..girl had some chops and even from the grave can sing circles around many of the girls out today.

      • Nngit

        Zuri, that’s exactly what I said after she died… Amy’s voice was unique and powerful.  Even in death, you listen to her voice and she blows some of these so-called singers out the water.  Damn shame she didn’t get enough props while she was alive. Too many people slept on her.

    • Nngit

      yesssss Amy’s voice was incredible!! a great example of her vocal abilities was on the Mr. Jones song.  The girl could blow.  She definitely had a voice for jazz, you hear that jazz influence alot on her first album- Frank.  I’m still so upset she passed away, because she was so talented. I was soooo looking forward to her next album; which by the way, was going to be strictly jazz.  “Never judge a book by its cover”…Amy was my girl. RIP Amy

      • Oswaldo

        Conversation has devolved into racial ranting. As to the piece itself, the writer must be 14 years old as are most of the commentors. Have none of you ever heard of Tom Jones? The term blue eyed soul was coined in a reference to Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers. Society is so shallow and narcissictic that the greatest at anything must be performing in the last fifteen years or in “their” time  Outside of Arod or Pujols, no one ever heard of Mantle, Williams, Mays or Musial?. No, the best of all time are always the latest. Go back to your video games in your moms basement.

  • Adele. Why she is not on the list, idk, but I was convinced she was black. Now I know better.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      Another case for me of seeing on tv before ever hearing her on the radio….some of her songs I see why some would think that if they heard her before they saw her.

    • Sandra Ullah

      If Adele had been black singing that song Rolling in the Deep–I would have said she was trying to sound like deep white country because that is how they sing–when I saw she was indeed white–I was not surprised, when I found out she was not American–I WAS surprised.

    • guest

      I thought she was black for about two months, then i bought her cd and saw she was not.

    • Mols

      I thought she was black too when I heard “Crazy for you”.

    • Dawjohnson1

      My theory on this is that a lot of British singers who try to sing “American” model their voices after black female performers.

      Even one or two of the white girls in acts like The Saturdays, which is hardly a soulful group, can “sound black” at times.

  • Sugar_Spice

    How snap, Jack Sheldon wasn’t black?! Wow you learn something new everyday.

    • Kelli

      Not only that, he was part of the band for Johnny Carson, and I wanna say he played the sax in the band.  Loved those songs and learned a lot from them.  Kept singing them in my head during tests to get the answers.

      • MusMark

        He is an incredible west coast bebop trumpet player.  Also appeared as a character actors in several TV series (e.g., Dragnet).

    • Bleh

      He and Bob Dorough were some of the most slept on yet most famous musicians ever.  Bob created and wrote almost all of schoolhouse rock and has been sampled on a zillion hiphop albums.  Glad to see they are getting some shine.

    • William Hintze

      Jack Sheldon played trumpet in Merv Grifiin’s band.

    • I’d hear Schoolhouse Rock, then see Jack Sheldon on Merv, and wish for absolute confirmation that he was the same guy. Since the Bill video was removed, I was off to YouTube to find some songs by him. Good singer, good showman.

  • Prissy

    Buddy who sings the original version of “Holding Back The Years” -Simply Red !!! OMG!! His voice is amazing and so is Michael McDonald from the Doobie Brothers… “I Keep Forgetting” and “On My Own” his duet with Patti LaBelle is simply amazing. Hall & Oats (“One on One” / “Sara Smile”)… Amy Winehouse, Adele, Pink, Christina Aguilera, N’SYNC (especially Justin Timberlake and JC Chazes)… Heck MOST people from England….. The list can go on and on… The only person whom I really don’t LIKE is Teena Marie…. She’s ok compared to some others.. Her songs were fun though…

    • Sandra Ullah

      I love that song–gorgeous voice  (Holding back the years)  not necessarily “black” per se–but so wonderful–who cares what he was?

    • MamaMelo

      Right?! And what about Rick Astley???

      • Doodah

        Rick Astley was a very big surprise. After listening to his strong, powerful voice in his debut song, then seeing the video, it was hard to believe that “big” voice came from that guy on the screen!

    • Spice

      i agree that guy from Simply Red was AWESOME! I wasn’t a Teena Marie fan either… she had an annoying voice like Mary J Blidge has… although, I don’t think Christina Aguilera sound black…she has a strong voice but I could tell she wasn’t black.

    • Zenileon

      Simply Red did not do the original version of ‘Holding Back the Years.’

      • Drobe

         Frontman of the group, Simply Red,  Mick Hucknall,
        wrote the song (‘Holding Back the Years’) when he was seventeen, while living at his father’s
        house. The chorus did not come to him until many years later.[1] His mother left the family when he was three; the upheaval caused by this event inspired him to write the song.[2] The song was co-written by Neil Moss, who was also a member of the Frantic Elevators.[citation needed]

        He recorded a version of the song with his first group the Frantic Elevators in 1982 but the real success came when the Simply Red version was released in 1985. In 2005, a brand-new stripped down acoustic version of the song was released on the album Simplified, and this version received heavy airplay on smooth jazz radio stations.

        • Ladyv1988

          I admit at point in time I thought he was black until I purchased a Smooth Groove CD…We must remember a lot of white babies were sang to by their black house keepers so they got it naturally. 

    • Markbeckford

      you dont like teena marie what are you nuts out of all the singers on here she was the best..(R.I.P miss lady T) and pink doesn’t sound black no more than christiana does..by the way the people that are listed just have a deep pasion for music doesnt have nothing to do with been white or black, its just like some people are saying that gospel and christian music are not the same..the are the same the only difference is that black folks sign gospel and white folks sign christian music..

  • Rachel

    I would add Pink to the list. When “There You Go” first came out it only got play on the r&b stations. I loved it. Even after seeing the music video I just thought she was a light skinned black woman with pink hair. 

    • Redchynaworks

      My friends and I just knew that P!nk was black, “There You Go” was THE breakup song back in high school.

      • Sandra Ullah

        Pink IS black. Black is more a way of thinking and being–NOT a skin color.  There is a way of looking at and reacting to the world a connectedness as well as a F–you attitude and a “presence”  Whites genetically  have African DNA–people like Pink and Fergie and Teena and Robin Thicke, and Eminem, and and maybe Christina tap into that and what we hear and see is the “blackness” in their genes–it is a force that transcends the ultimate color of skin and is much deeper–SOUL….lots of races have it–and when they don’t …well.. you know THAT is pretty clear too.  

        • Rodrickperkins

          Christ on bike, really??? (eye roll)  Its so annoying when African-American Studies majors start philosophizing about “blackness”

          • mrsdavis

             Eyes roll, neck jerk and finger waggin. Learn something why don’t  you.  Oh It is philosophy to you and not history and heritage and science ? Jesus Christ is black and you just disrespected him also.  I never thought any of these singer were black, good soulful voice yes, but no ReeRee, Al or any original Temp.  At one time I thought  Diana Ross was white. (I hope she don’t think that a compliment lol) Love me some Michael Macdonald and that “Love after War” his moma is soulful too.

            • DEE

              WTF does Jesus Christ have to do with this post?  Jesus Christ!

            • jesuswasblack?

              Jesus was Hebrew.  

            • Susan Bailey

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            • Paul Mariani

              Lol…Jesus Christ is a Jew…and his hometown is in Nazareth (In Israel, NOT africa).

        • Dfbryant

          SOUL is not a color. It is a feeling

          • myDOScents

            Except when it comes to Marketing. Then the “Beyonce” factor comes into play.

        • Msmykimoto2u

          Um….no. Just becase a white person sings with a voice that is big with a strong vibrato, does not mean they they have black genes. It means they have a God given gift and were probably trained vocally. Hell, most of the mainstream black artists right now wish they sounded like Christina. Now it seems like “light and airy voices” are whats in now

          • Besides the “God” part, I agree. It’s just what you’re born with.

            • DrBob


            • Denece

              Well Maria, it sounds as if you don’t believe that there is a creator/God who created everyone with various talents/gifts and that’s your prerogative. However, I’d hate to be you when the time come for you that you’re starring death in the eyes and you need someone to assist you, but mama, papa, husband/boyfriend, child, sibling, nor friends can do anything for you. Who’re ya gonna call on? Do you truly think that everything that you can do is b/c of what your parents or some teacher/professor taught you. It’s not, but then you might not have tapped into your gifts yet b/c of your lack of faith. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want to be you b/c I’ve known ppl like you who don’t want to beleive until their faced w/death. If that’s the way you feel, enjoy!!

              • sharikaj

                Wow,so self-righteous! You had to mention not once but TWICE that you wouldn’t want to be Maria (Because you’re better than her and you do so ENJOY being better than your lessers don’t you?) And that little “enjoy!!” at the end. Wasn’t that just the smug icing on the self righteous cake?

                But if you really believed in God, would you act the way you do, knowing that He is watching you?

              • Yikes, there’s a difference between offering your opinion and jumping on your soap box and finger wagging.  No wonder why people are so anti-Christian.  Because so many “believers” can’t seem to get past their own self-satisfied attitude in order to love those who haven’t found him yet, LIKE THE BIBLE TELLS US TO.

              • So, calling on God assists dying people?  I’d ask folks in NOLA, Haiti and Japan how that’s working out for them.

              • Anthonyrj

                 What in the world are you talking about? Everybody is going to die and
                there is no amount of pleading, praying or asking for God’s help that’s
                going to change that. If that mythology helps you to sleep at night,
                fine, but don’t denigrate others who don’t share your beliefs.

              • DEE

                Denece, grow up.  God don’t like ugly and your being very ugly right now!  lol

                • GodIsASpaghettiMonster

                  You guys are crazy, everybody knows god is a spaghetti monster.

                • Dirkdiggler

                  God isn’t real. He’s a figment of ur uneducated and disgraceful puny fucked up imagination. He’s just as real as aliens haha

              • Jasmine LuckyDragon Tirado

                You snide b***h, she said nothing rude. and you take this oppurtunity to say she’s goin to hell. F*** you! Seems like you’re the one with the problem. I’m a proud atheist and I have more class than you.

              • twoperrin

                Why does everyone throw religion in the mix? TBH if europeans hadn’t forced it on Africans and slaves most black people wouldn’t be Christians…ijs

            • Tobbit

               God bless you, Maria!

              • She already pointed out that she does not want or need any blessings.  Again…this is what makes people annoyed with christians — other religions don’t get in everyone’s face all the time trying to “bless” us.  If you want YOUR faith to be respected you need to respect OTHER people’s faiths as well. Just because we don’t go to the same church doesn’t mean we have no spirituality. It’s really pretty racist to expect the whole world to believe as you do.

                • Paul Mariani

                  “It’s really pretty racist to expect the whole world to believe as you do.” LOL, ROFLMAO

            • vinnydictive

              Angst is bitter, and very unattractive, whether you believe in “God” or not…nobody cares.

              • CForChristeternally

                “Angst”  tee hee some white to  me. 

              • sharikaj

                 Didn’t sound like Maria was bitter at all.

                And if you didn’t care you wouldn’t be so vicious.

              • Your attitude is pretty bitter and unattractive.  Funny how hypocrisy works, isn’t it?

          • Luckymackdaddy

             yeh right!!

          • Panamanian Miguel

            You cant have a powerful voice,singing the songs Rihana sings.

          • Amelia

            Christina, as great as her voice is, was trained and taught to sing like that. Shes mentioned several times that from a young age she trained to sing like Etta James and other Black singers.

        • Tswain92

          Finally…somebody with some sense. Thankyou

        • guest

          Load of crap

          • DrBob


        • Judith Rosa

          Pardon me  while I laugh my butt off.

          • Redavis

            So that’s what happen to you butt! 

        • Teila

          That is one of the absolute dumbest things I’ve ever read.  Pink is not more black than Tracy Chapman is white.  Black is a skin color.  You can act, sing, and attend C.I.T. for a PhD in Astonomy… but if your SKIN is black, then you are B L A C K.   But don’t have to tell you that because even dull minded people on the planet know that.

          • Luv2knitt

             You need a basic lesson in pigmentation. All people, repeat ALL! people on this planet earth have “Brown” pigmentation. Black is a color, which does not define a culture. Hence, humans were created from dirt. what dirt are you aware of, that is black, idiot!

            • Solo7532000

               Explain an “Albino” person to me then…o.0?

              • Denece

                Ignorance is a bliss! ‘Albino’, ‘Black’, or ‘White’, the fact remains that black and white are colors not cultures. Needless to say, in ‘black’ ppl there are so many different shades of brown pigmentation, w/o exposing ourselves to possible skin cancer by burning in the sun or an infection in a tanning salon, that one can kinda understand why they started calling us colored ppl. We naturally come in an array of brown tones, but not one that equate to the ‘color’ black, deep brown, but not ‘black’!  Albino is the result of a heriditary inability to produce the pigment melanin which provides for the even skintone rather than the pale blotchy skin, lighter hair, eye colors, & other visual abnormalties. It’s just like ‘N****r’ has nothing to do w/a ‘Black’ person, it could be a person of any race, culture or creed that is contemptible, inferior, or ignorant. Three of the worse ‘n*****s’ I know of are Rush Lumbaugh, Newt Gingrich, & Williard Mitt Romney, of course they don’t realize that they are. My beloved, deceased father explained that definition to me when I was just a child after I heard him use it on a white/caucasian man that got out of line w/him. I once had a caucasian co-worker tell me that she had more soul in one finger than I had in my whole body  b/c she could dance like a ‘black’ person. I politely told her that she probably did being that  she hung out at the clubs dancing w/the black guys every week, but that wasn’t my forte anymore. If I’d still been into that arena she would’ve had to bring it, but I’d been out of that for over fifteen years, so she didn’t intimidate me by saying that at all b/c I know who I am and whose I am and so it is…

                • mimi

                  love, love, love this comment

            • Bhousemlm

              You’ve said  a mouth full of nothing. You didn’t prove a point at all. LoL, and to undercut your foolishness you end your reply with “idiot”; how ironic. Teila was connecting the historic use of the word black to the culture. You knew that, but instead of intellectually challenging her point you tried to brow-beat her with mindless drivel.

            • It also depends on what part of the county you are in cause there is some black dirt out there, there is also red now what I don’t know of is some pink dirt out there idiot!

          • Smlevan2

            I was wondering why, except for Tiger Woods, pros in the sports, music, etc, industry when are half black and half white, asian, etc…..consider themselves black….like Pres. Obama, is half white, but considers himself black, are they disowning their white heritage?…and we all have some other heritage in our family line, black, etc. etc…..we should embrace all of our line!….just wondering!

            • Tinaworksathome

               I am a bi-racial individual and its not that we disown our heritage from the other races but the WHITE people who made the rules said from day one, that if you have one drop of black blood then you are black!  Its all in the history books…

              • Merry1951

                Just because a couple of stupid people say something doesn’t mean it’s true.  I was offended when the President listed his race as black.  His MOTHER was white, his WHITE grandparents raised him, and now his has disrespected his mothers race. 

                • Cdavis

                  You are being silly, His mother’s race dispected her and him. His mother’s race defined “one precious drop of black blood”  Barack as  walk down  the street in some towns and   you will see his mother’s race  cross the street. God forbid he wear hoodies. Walk down the street in some communities and it  will be “wadup” not “hi Barry” But God Bless America, please!

                  • MimiReed1234

                    How many white kids today do you think have even heard of the “one drop rule” that you’re so obsessed about? If they think this, they would have at least heard of it. Buuuuuuut…ask around. Almost none have.

                • Thebottomline1935


              • Jason Kinnebrew

                 Calm down Tina, you freaking drama queen – if you allow anybody, including “the white people who made the rules from day one” to tell you who/what you are, in any degree, that’s YOUR fault.


                Don’t start claiming some old mindset from the 60’s about “one drop of black blood’ to justify your decision to tell people “oh, I’m black”

                • cforChristeternally

                  Learn something. Goes back further than “1960s” 1620 0r 1540 “blackamoor”  Tee, hee one drop but Black is more.

                • lizarde

                  By that logic, I could be black and not know it. As far as everyone is concerned, I’m white, but if I suddenly found out that one of my family members in the south had some black blood, I’d be intrigued but that’s about it. I’ve had white skin and privelege all my life.

              • MimiReed1234

                No, honey. Sorry. I had a roommate who was half-white, half-black. She had more white friends than black friends because a lot of blacks (most of the blacks at college were from the Chicago area) would lose their minds and start screaming at her about how she can’t be “half-white” because all those “racist whites” won’t let her. I actually witness one girl do this to her. And I said, “No, sorry, none of her WHITE friends have a problem with honoring her white father as well as her black father.”

            • Chuck

              I hear you.  Whenever  I see a mulatto, it never fails that that he/she ALWAYS talks black, dresses gangster/hip-hop, listens to (c)rap “music”, and otherwise acts black.  See Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Shemar Moore, Blake Griffin, Grant Hill (Hell, probably half the NBA), Drake, Maya Rudolph, Eminem (oops, sorry, he’s full black ;>) ), countless others.  It seems as though they ignore their white heritage, like it’s un-cool and un-hip to give the slightest inclination to acknowledge their white blood.

              • Guest

                 Both of Grant Hill’s parents are black.

              • Kiandra Pinkston

                It’s not uncool to acknowledge your other half if your bi-racial for a long time whites instituted the “one drop” rule which stated that if you had a drop of black blood in your lineage then you were considered full black. Halle actually stated that’s why she considers herself black. OH and by the way hip hop music isn’t crap music. It’s music with a powerful past and a hopeful future what you see and dislike is mainstream music.

                • MimiReed1234

                  Soooo, because of 19th century laws that were long overturned, that only existed in a few states, and that most people today DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT, you are going to self-oppress yourself forever?

                  Hey, once women weren’t allowed to vote! That’s why I’ll never vote!

                  Yup, that’s about how smart that is.

              • Justsayin960

                Hold up SMLEVAN2 and CHUCK, historically it’s not these ppl who call themselves black, it’s the ‘white man’ who says that if a person has one (1) drop of ‘black’ blood in them, then they are considered black. Legally, to my knowledge, that’s what is placed on their birth certificate. Tiger Woods won’t call himself black b/c he thought that would hurt his career, but it wouldn’t have hurt as much as his alledged adulterous infidelities w/those numerous ‘white’ women. As you all notice, the GOP and media rarely mention the fact that Pres. Obama’s mother is a full-blood ‘white’ woman, but they constantly harp on the fact that is father is not only ‘black’, but foreign which is their eyes makes him foreign as well. Not only is he black and foreign, but he’s a theif who stole someone’s SSN and fabricated a birth certificate. So I guess that means that if he wasn’t born in HI, his mother was too stupid to apply for citizenship for him as a child which would have given him a legal SSN and B/C. That’s the implication that the racist GOP/KKKs make when talking about him and took him to court in Atlanta for that reason to keep him off the 2012 ballot. There’s something worse than those ppl whom yall refer to and that’s those who are definitely ‘black’ (both parents) and they work endlessly to make themselves look white and they try to act it. My beloved distant deceased cousin and you all’s beloved pop rock  star MJ wasn’t comfortable being black. If he would have allowed his hair to grow longer & colored it brown instead of black, him and Steven Tyler could  passed for bros…i’m just saying…

                • These are good points I agree with!!!

              • Mwm1165

                Chuckie, your white forebears did not allow folk with one drop of African blood to call themselves anything other than a black person.  Don’t you know your history?  You have Jim Crow to thank for that.  Many white people are now complaining about that situation nowadays like it is something new.  There are millions of ppl like Obama in this country and the world.  White ppl made the rules that Blacks had to live by or they would kill them.

                Chuck if you just check a little bit here on the Net about racism in this country you will be able to answer your own questions.  Black people have always been a terrorized people in this country.  Don’t you know about Slavery in this country and its aftermath?  Just look what is going on now concerning the coming election for president.  Don’t you know why so many are calling for anyone but Obama?  He has that proverbial drop of “Black” blood, so they have to hate him.  Do you get it now?

                • Jason Kinnebrew

                  Seriously – Go f*** yourself and stop acting like you’re the only person who knows about slavery in America

                • nccoast53

                  I may be wrong, but I’m sensing that most of the people posting here are young.  Young to me, means less than sixty years old.  Back in the day, we as black people all knew that we had folks in our families that were mixed.  I imagine the mixing started when the first slave ship set sail from Africa.  What do you think account for the different hues in skin color among African Americans that descended from slavery?  I’ll tell you. Most of it comes from white men that had their way with black women. 
                  Hell, they owned them.  They could do whatever they wanted.  Even after slavery, in order to make ends meet/survive, this trend continued.  Most of us as black folks have always accepted our own.  

                  • DEE

                    NCCOAST53 Sounds like you got your education from Roots Pt 1 and 2.  Let me school ya.  Race mixing happened long before the slave trade.  Race mixing wasn’t just slave masters “raping” slave women.  Black males were allowed to marry and procreate with poor white women.  Quit blaming everything on the white man.  When the slaves were freed, the black man couldn’t wait to get his hands on some white woman, just like today.  Quit being a pawn for the black man.

                    • MimiReed1234

                      And black field slaves had affairs with poor white farmers, too. And freed people mixed heavily with their own social classes. People mixed. They always have. The people who want to make you “all black” now want to control you no less than the failed miscegenation and segregation laws. Get in line! Cast your vote with your people! Reject middleclassness! As long as your primary identification has to do with race and that informs all your decisions, you will never be free. You will be enslaved to the masters of your race who tell you what you can and can’t be, what you can and can’t do, whatever their skin color is. It doesn’t matter if they point their fingers and claim that “others” out there are making you be and do this. Those “others” don’t exist. It’s just them. And you. And your choice about whether or not you will free yourself from their tyranny.

                    • D.Zill

                      I cant believe this only got one thumbs up…. of all the comments here this is the most relevant and true.It’s nice to know we are not alone in free thinking!
                      Thank you!

                • MimiReed1234

                  The “one drop rule” as a national policy is fictitious. Different states had different laws and plenty had none at all, all of which were put into place AFTER the Civil War following segregation…which began in the North as a reaction against the Black Diaspora.

              • rachybaby

                I’m pretty sure Grant Hill’s parents are both black.

            • xxTresxx

              It goes way back in history. If you follow history clearly you will understand that whites were treating anyone black as long as they had 1% black in them. Thus mixed races (black and white) identify themselves with black heritage.

            • Cbrnbee

               When a person is born from two different races that person has the option to call themselves which ever they want. President Obama and Tiger Woods are a perfect example of this.

              • They can classify themselves whatever they want,,but that truly doesn’t matter in the eyes of mainstream or governmental controlled media. It is our morally defunct American culture that labels anyone with a little bit, I mean even like a 32th of black or brown in them to be considered Black, Hispanic or Native American even if your more white then anything. The one exception is that if you look like a well to do or straight-up wealthy U.S. citizen that speaks proper english and are not darker then the President, you can get away with “caucasian” on most legal forms. Money changes EVERYTHING, except diapers!!!

              • Mwm1165

                There seems to be a lot of dumb White people when it comes to American History and the Negro.  Obama and Tiger aren’t the first people mixed with white (in Tiger’s case Asian).  Why are you white ppl trying to play crazy now?

                Plenty of mixed Black people wanted to escape from the scorn, but  they were not allowed to acknowledge all of their heritage.  I recall years ago, a mixed female in New Orleans,  went to court to be declared White (b/c she looked White).  Of course she was denied.  According to traditional White American law/opinion, “no person with a drop of African blood had any rights that a white person had to honor or respect.”

            • Eprice 457

              African Americans did not make up the one percent rule that stated during the 1800’s if you had one drop of black blood you are black. Thus depending of geography you got mulattos, octaroons, etc. way before biracial (politically correct said) became a word. Whatever your dad is… you are!

            • Mwm1165

              You obviously are a young person who knows nothing of this country and its racism.  Traditionally in these United States the White power structure or ruling class deemed a person with one drop of so-called black blood was considered a Negro even if they did not look black at all.  Black people were not even allowed to acknowledge other bloodlines.  Some White people did not, and some still don’t, like to acknowledge that race mixing between blacks and whites exists and always have.  It is some kind of mental illness.  Any other race mixture is OK, but not with Blacks.  Many White people do not want to acknowledge anything positive about people with African blood.

              • Jason Kinnebrew

                 Please stop plastering your distaste for white people all over this board – I’m pretty sick of it

                • I don’t think it’s about distaste, it’s about stating plain and simple facts. White people throughout history, and still many today, think and act in these ways. I deplore that behavior but I know, and obviously so does MWM, that this is not true of ALL white people.  If you can’t acknowledge that this stuff is going on then you’re a part of it too.

              • 99outlaws

                African Blood?
                …99% of the Blacks in this country no  Zero about any thing African! Except how to seperate themselves by adding the famous “dash”  for african -American…

                • Panamanian Miguel

                  Look loser im a black panamanian,i know about my African roots.You put every black person this side of the Atlantic in the same category.

              • MimiReed1234

                You’re embracing an mythology used to get you to oppress and tribalize yourself. YOU are the one who doesn’t know history. If you have to educate people about how oppressed they “really” are…maybe no one’s oppressing them but YOU.

              • Bob Papadazzio

                It’s rather ironic you’re talking about white people not wanting to acknowledge anything positing about people with African blood when all you yourself are doing is slurring white people.

            • Cadavis

              Read some American history.  “Black” defined by white law makers embraced by proud people of Black African heritage.

            • MimiReed1234

              Actually, yes, he has, very explicitly in Dreams from My Father disavowed his white heritage and rejected integration. He has embraced the “one drop rule” not only for himself but has imposed it on everyone else, or else they are race- and class-traitors. Read the section where he blisteringly attacks suburban black kids for sitting at mixed-race tables. He hates the idea of race-neutrality.

        • Mimismiley155

          If you are white and want to be like a black woman/man …you are what is commonly called a  ‘@CRACKER:disqus’….  However hard you try you will never be black…!!!!

          • Toodles5

            Oh my god. Do yourself a favor and look up “cracker” and its original derogatory meaning. You really have no idea do you?

          • Justsayin960

            Sorry MIMISMILEY155, but your definition of a ‘cracker’ is incorrect. A ‘cracker’ is historically referred to in the South as any poor white person. Then they came up w/’white trailer park trash’!  However, I agree w/your last statement, it is what it is…whatever race you’re born into that’s what you’ll die out of…one can tan or bleach all they want to, but it just won’t work. Furthermore, unless you find some intelligent people of the opposite race that see u for your heart and intellect and not the color of your skin, it won’t matter. They do have a more disparaging name for  a ‘wanna be’!

            • Tobbit

              Cracker: Many meanings. Two most popular historically: poor, white rural Americans with little formal education; name given by black slaves to the white men who whipped them (the sound of the bullwhip). Love, y’all!

              • Bob Papadazzio

                Actually, it comes from the name of the end of the whip, not the sound of it.

        • Ivan Frank

          What you’re saying is really racist against anyone who actually is racially black.  You’re saying that black genes give you a “F— you attitude”? 

          But I guess you don’t mind being racist since you’re saying those without these genes don’t have a “presence”. 

          • Exactly! Well said. I was going to address that, glad you did. This urban black thing is only in America, NOT anywhere else.

            • Bhousemlm

              Wrong, way wrong.

          • Doodah

            I am 62 years old and still can’t comprehend racism. How does skin pigmintation differ from hair color, eye color, height, etc.?  I just don’t understand it at all…..

            • DrBob


            • Mwm1165

              I am 79 and black and never understood it either, except it is HATE.  It is what I was forced to live by in these United States of America.  Doodah,  it is the terrorism that Black folk have lived under all of our lives.  I am old enough to have experienced extreme racism in my native Texas and other states.  All racial hatred is not down South.  I could write a book about my personal experiences.  The stress of being Black skinned is a killer and probably why so many black people have high-blood pressure and other stress related illinesses.

              • my2sense

                Though, I can’t remember if I ever thought any of them were Black, they were soulful.  I think Michael Bolton–How Am I Supposed to Live Without You, was pretty soulful in his day, too.

          • Bhousemlm

            Do you read American history?

        • That’s a pathetically racist comment, Sandra Ullah. First off, a F you attitude is a cultural value in “resistance” communities, but that has nothing to do with skin color. Second…most Africans have “white” DNA too…should we be calling Colin Powell and Obama “embracers of their white selves”? Third…Eminem learned his “blackness” from growing up in a 98% black neighborhood, but his voice surely doesn’t “sound black.” Fourth…the stereotype that “soul” is associated with “blackness” in one’s genes is not a scientifically valid conclusion. It is, instead, a rationalization. Finally…many Africans are “white” (including albinos). So, being “black” and being “African” are not necessarily the same thing.

        • You should travel, if you haven’t.

          •  F U!  I have traveled and met many cultures.  “African-Americans” are ignorant trash compared to West African immigrants to this country who have families that VALUED education.  Go peddle your racist nonsense elsewhere.  Get a DNA test, you are probably 40% white and don’t even know/want to admit it, dipshi!

            • Kiandra Pinkston

              God doesn’t like ugly and you calling A.A. trash is uncalled for, I am an african american woman and am far from trash. If youre looking for some trash I can kindly show you a garbage can and  your mouth for talking that way.

            • key word: West African IMMIGRANTS. You can’t really compare the two groups being that African immigrants tend to be the “creme of the crop”.  Now I can talk all day about the violence that goes on all over Africa. Don’t even go there

            • Mem1165

              Gerald, I reverse your FU back to you where it belongs.  You forebears did not want the slaves and ex-slaves to be educated.  They did all they could to prevent it.  Blacks had to fight for education.  Blacks in this country always valued education and had to fight to get it.

              What’s up with you people trying to play crazy about racism in this country.

        • Bhousemlm

          Being Black has a historically political connection to America’s past. It is foolish , even STUPID to suggest that someone like Pink would be Black simply because she can successfully emulate a “cultural” inflection in song- especially sense that cultural inflection was put there due to the mistreatment of a people because of their color.

        • So sorry but you are wrong, this is what the problem is, everyone think they know what it is to be black.  The color does have a lot to do with it, yes and some feelings you have to have experienced the things that we go through on an everyday bases to understand soul.  When we sing we don’t try and sound like someone else it just automatically come.  A lot of these singers have to rehearse it over and over until they get then it is still missing something.  If you were not born black or with soul it is not something that you aquire or grow into it just is.  Society has set up this false understand about what black is and if you follow it then you and others began to think you black when your not…!

        • Sexylipboo7


        • The Professor

          You don’t know what you’re talking about. And your a racist as well.

        •  How unbelievably self-absorbed. The whole world, the essence of life, the knobs o my bed posts…all relate to, evolved from, concern themselves with blackness. oh lord.

        • vinnydictive

           “Black is more a way of thinking and being–NOT a skin color.”…that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read, get real.

        • Johnsonngray

          Fergie should NOT be on that list. Trust me. She does not “identify”.

        • DEE

          If Pink is so black, how come she said herself she didn’t want to be stereotyped as a “black” singer?  Haven’t you noticed her only “black” sounding song was There you Go?  All the rest of her songs have been considerably white washed. Get it right son!

        •  Are you high ?

        • vv

           Uh Nooooooo.  Black is Black.   Ask anyone who has had people react to them because of their Black skin.  Black people are not just one big homogenous group of cool people.

        • SusieQ666

          There is a way of looking at and reacting to the world a connectedness as well as a F–you attitude and a “presence”
          Guess what, Sandra? You just described nearly every one of my friends [white/black/asian] from when I lived in P.S. Brooklyn! If being black is a way of “thinking” and a way of “reacting to the world”, then I and my friends are all “mixed-race”! Way to go! Too bad I have a high-pitched soprano voice, but I suppose that doing a “mean rendition” at college parties of “My Guy”, by Mary Wells (and I dating myself here???), and even, (when in particularly good voice) a respectible singing of the late Minnie Ripperton’s “Loving You” (is easy ’cause your beautiful…), even hitting those glass-breaking high notes of hers. Well, it was fun, but my dog’s ears were hurting pretty badly!

        • knobodi

          Here’s something interesting: there is a hallucinogen taken by tribes in South America that makes people see the same things: snakes, leopards (to be expected, given the surroundings)…and black people! And people from all over the world report the same thing when they take it (they don’t see them every time, but it is a common vision).

          Strange, right? Maybe not so strange after all. What if this hallucinogen puts you in contact with the spirits of our ancestors? Well, that’s one theory, anyway…

        • Black isn’t an attitude, it’s a racial reality. When they tap into actually being oppressed, let me know. Until then, you should get no benefit of being considered Black w/o enduring the pain or accepting the responsibility of the struggle.

        • Paul Mariani

          Maybe this is just a way to take credit for all the positive things that sound “black”. Ooooh, this girl sound good…she must be black.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      I didn’t think she was white when I saw the video (saw the video before hearing it on the radio)….I thought she was mixed until i find out what both her parents looked like. I had a few white-looking mixed friends at the time to back my assumption.

      • Me

        Especially with a name like Alecia Moore.

        • E.C. from D.C.

          Lol okaaaayyy.

          • Ti

             I thought Pink was mixed too.  Still think she should shake that family tree a little.

    • Glamorazi

      I thought the same thing!

    • Tam0115trina


    • Muffy

      I knew Pink was not black and I knew Christina was not black because I have been a fan since day one. Robin Thicke’s father is famous, so I also knew he wasn’t black. I seen pictures of him and his parents before he was famous. My mother has always had a crush on his father and he use to host “Miracle Pets” years after GPs aka “Growing Pains.”

    • Panamanian Miguel

      Pink never sounded black,she acted that way

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