Tamar Braxton Performs at Soul Train Awards, Jill Scott Named Best Female R&B Artist

November 28, 2011  |  


Tamar Braxton’s ego is probably overthetop.com right now after performing on the Soul Train Awards last night. The baby sister of the Braxton’s family was the opening performer honoring Gladys Knight with the legend award, and while the overall tribute left much to be desired, Tamar’s voice was pretty on point. If only we could do something about that sashay on stage.

Jill Scott was also named Best Female R&B and Soul Artist, repping hard for the 2-1-5, her hometown of Philly. Marsha Ambrosius took home the award for Record of the Year, Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” earned her Song of the Year, and Nicki Minaj’s “Moment for Life” was named Best Hip-Hop Song. Best Caribbean Performance went to Rihanna for “Man Down,” Mary Mary earned the Best Gospel Performance for “Walking,” and Beyonce’s “Run the World” was named Best Dance Performance.

Check out the Gladys Knight Tribute below and tell us what you think about Tamar’s performance. What were your favorite (or least favorite) moments from the show?

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  • Weeoz

    Poor Vince, his wife is a hot mess, and her performance should have embarrassed her and him since he must have called in a favor. I hope that Tamar watches her bughetto performance dot com. All that blah blah blah putting down of her sisters, Traci should be allowed to slap her while the other girls hold her down. If nothing else, we all understand now that Tamar was LUCKY to DO WOP WOP for Toni. She’d be best to keep her a DO WOP WOP DOT COM account open.  Say what? Thats right, from now on when I see Tamar on TV, it’ll be about the POWER OFF BUTTON DOT COM. Ya heard me, Tamar, you embarrassed yourself, and your family.

  • Prittyklg

    NO BODY DOES IT LIKE NATALIE COLE. On her WORST day, she tears is up better than each of the other performers. God is working on her!

  • i love tamar braxton! 🙂 she tells it like it is and doesn’t sugar-coat anything lol and i can honestly say her voice is great. i hope the braxtons make an album. i would even look forward to tamar’s album xD

  • CC

    Tamar did really good – voice sounded good and strong.  Proud of her.

  • Gerrard_roberts

    GO TAMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • anonovya

      I dont think that Tamar was all that bad. I know she can sing because I have heard her do it. I would like to see Tamar get her chance, and there will always be haters, and she should just shake them off. Can any of the people who seem to think they have the right to judge her sing? Probably not. Seems that some people these days just live to judge when they cant. Go TAMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yolandaj65

    Tamar did not doing anything special, she wants to compare herself to her big sister Toni, vocally there is no comparison.  Babyface and LA selected the Braxton with the best vocal ability to make a star, there was a reason for that, Toni clearly has the best voice by far out of the Braxton sisters.  Tamar was nothing special, she danced and sashayed around that stage, and really didn’t sing good at all.  She is not an up and coming superstar, and everyone knows why she married Vince, who I know personally, and is a great guy.  Tamar married Vince for a reason.

  • Nik4Real

    Tamar, keep your day job. We’d much rather you make us laugh on the show than on stage in front of an audience of thousands. 

  • Nik4Real

    All Tamar EVER talks about on the show is how hot she is, and how she belongs out front and not singing “doo-wop-bop-bop” in the background for anyone.Welllll she FINALLY got her 5 minutes, and let’s all be honest…… it was not the “BOMB.COM”!  I’m sorry………I know Gladys probably wanted to say “First of all, WHO ARE YOU?”!!! LOL

  • Ldbrown2000

    Whoa! Isn’t Tamar too old to be trying dress like Lady Gaga and Rihanna?  I would think she would be dressed more elegant to honor Gladys Knight.

    • BlueMorpho

      Yea. I think Tamar wants to be the next Rih Rih, Gaga, or Beyonce and that can’t happen because she’s not that young anymore.

    • Fey

      Lady Gaga is her idol, everytime she opens her mouth, Lady Gaga this, Lady Gaga that, she needs to realize that what works for Lady Gaga does not necessarily work on her

  • Tommiethorn

    Tamar was as usual”over the top”. Com her vocals were fine, but the hair and dress wasn’t flattering at all. She wants to be the next Beyonce, but just dosent have it like that. She’s talented but needs a additude and glam makover.

  • Mariana

    Yay to them pips Kenny Latimore, Dave Hollister  and Freddy Jackson.Tamar looked a mess but sounded okay. Chrisette as always was on point. Marsha Ambrosius raped that poor song. Mary Mary were excellent. Ms. Cole looked great tho she had some rough patches. LOL at Eric Benet behind Ms. Gladys.

    • opaque_snh

      lol you are right about marsh ambrosius..

  • Guest

    Tamar did great.  People are talking but let’s be honest the quality of her voice is unmatched to many of today’s artists.  And yes she was extra… That’s Tamar! 

  • Student21jrh

    Tamar was alright…nothing special….it was just alright….

    • Student21jrh

      Even Eric Benet…seemed ummmm a bit surprised by her performance…

  • work in progress

    It’s hurts me to say this, but Tamar did not sound, or look like an up and coming star artist. Way too much going on with the hair, and dress, it’s distracting. The dress was cute, but not not stage slaying. It would have been perfect for a LA brunch or a tea party. But more importantly, the song was too low for her, and therefore the vocals were weak. But we all know Tamar can blow. It was just not the right song, or performance for a Gladys Knight Tribute. Tamar also needs an edgy ATL or NYC Stylist! The current look is aging her.

    • opaque_snh

      you are totally right, took the words out of my mouth! 

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Love Tamar.  But the wig was ugly and that outfit was not cute.  Is she wearing the things Vince now wants her to wear?  If so, there needs to be an intervention.

  • Pamweezie

    I didn’t watch the awards, but I got one word for Tamar….EXTRA!!!  She was doing AND wearing to much.  You mentioned the sashay, but what about that outfit?!?!  Oh and let us NOT forget about that weave.  Why LAWD!  Tamar just makes me shake my head.  While her vocals weren’t to bad, she was doing to much to make me even pay attention to her singing.  It didn’t look like Ms. Gladys was that into it.  Somebody said on another blog post….”Who did Tamar have to beg to get that spot?”  Everyone else did nice. 

    • Fey

      Vince  probably had to pull every string and call up all the favourshe could to make that happen