8 Reasons to Date a Caribbean Man

November 23, 2011  |  

You had to know it was coming. Now that we’ve highlighted the attributes of white men, African men and other men, it’s time to take it to the islands and see what these West Indian rude boys…or not so rude boys have to offer. Check it…

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  • trini

    As long as you a black man you an African
    And we on here pointing fingers!!!! You see why everyone else act this way with us we are the most hated people. Anyway one love always people!!!!

  • trini


  • justme

    Lol right? I know some white chicks who only date black men and their wet dream would be to wake up as a black woman. Not sure why they can’t just embrace who they are…they gotta emulate other women. They watch mostly BET and are obsessed with Tyler Perry. They know very little about real African culture. It’s ridiculous. I’m white..I’ve dated both black (one American whose parents came from Jamaica as adults, and one man who was born and raised in Barbados and came here as an adult) and white (both American) men. I don’t hold any preference…the women who do are stupid…they would turn their nose up at their own race? Get a clue.

  • Lolli

    I’m from the Caribbean and I don’t recommend them highly. A lot of these points are flawed. Most of them can’t cook. This is a new generation. Maybe those of the past could. If you have no problem eating rice and tuna fish for the rest of your life then go for it.Don’t get me wrong, there are a few gems here and there but the majority are rotten. I make no apology for saying this.

  • nigerian and jamaican dater.

    Jamaican and Nigerian men are just as bad as each other! I have dated both! Jamaican men tend to be more broke that’s all but they have the same attitudes and both are highly sexual AND cheaters. Nigerian men use their money and flashy cars to attract women.. usually younger women and all this time they probably have a Nigerian wife at home with children.

    Call me ignorant but I will never date either of them again because I have seen it happen WAY TOO many times.

    p.s I’m half Jamaican.

  • Aww I love this article!!!! I’m in a relationship with a Caribbean man for the 1st time of my life since last year, and I must say he’s the most mature and respectful man I’ve ever dated !!! And everything in this article just describes him. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that he’s from the Islands but I have to admit: I love Caribbean men (and I’m African) !!

  • Jada

    They can’t spell Loss so they said Lose lol

  • Ted

    I totally agree with this aticle,
    The caraibbean men are good!

  • Jahmyking

       This has been a very interesting read. Especially the conversations. “Caribbean in the house” I like your defense of our people but in a way your comments can be a little extreme even to another Jamaican man.
        Ladies the truth is men are just men, we are simple creatures. Yes Caribbean men are a little different because we are culturally sound so it gives us a base, but so are some of my friends from New Orleans. A tree without roots won’t grow too far. Our culture are the roots from which we came and gives us a sense of direction. In America black folks got lost from themselves so now they are having an identity crises but they should just recognize that they are as much a part of America as Jamaicans are a part of Jamaica we all started at the same time. We just found our identity earlier.    Anyway there are good black men out there who want to be the guy for you ladies but you just have to let him. A Jamaican man is bred to be a king by his mother therefore in a relationship he will not accept any less. that’s why we love our mothers on the flip side our sons should and will grow with that same pride. Guys cheat regardless of where they are from ( It wasn’t me) but not all guys cheat.The single most important thing you can do or give a man in a relationship is peace. That’s the right coveted by all men. Let the man be at peace with you and allow him to build a home around your heart. Get drama out your life because he can get drama by watching TNT !!!!!! 

  • @DwayneElite Great Article…….. 

  • Lolaallen

    I’m Caribbean and I would never marry a Caribbean man.  #thatisall

    • Joy Lavern

      hey carribean in the house…you have said alot of interesting things, and you are very opinionated which doesnt bother me at all. I just want to say not all AFRO-Americans girls are the way you depicted them. I was raised by my mother and father. My father an educated man who raised us to be independent thinkers. He was really tough on us. My mother an educated woman who also did her role as a woman and could also hold down her own. She didnt need my father to take care of her or us but they loved each other. In our household we were not taught to be gold diggers, get a man to take care of you…we were taught to do it on our own to respect ourselves, Respect goes far in our family and goes a long way. I didnt grow up watching BET that much nor does my own daughter. I dislike what image my daughter may get from wacthing BET or anything on TV that I dont approve of. My father and mother came from nothing but they worked hard to get where they are at and they expect more from us. We also travel, through out the U.S. and I have been to Africa, Paris, Austrailia, and next im going to Brazil. I love different cultures and views. I think it is important to learn about other cultures and their views because  with understanding comes some form of respect. My family…we are big on family and traditions. We also keep are family tree updated…we can go far back on our family tree and i know where the hell we came from, i am not ashame and we are not no uncle toms. Also….not all afro american girls stink, cant clean or cook…that is just pure laziness and i think you can find that any where…there are girls out there that can throw down…i dont know who you have met but im sorry that is the only type that was avialble to represent us all….To tell the truth it doesnt matter what race or culture you are from…ignorance runs across all borders. Also cheating doesnt just belong to one race or culture ….most men cheat regardless of race or culture..and women are not that much better. cheating is an individual choice and it will always be that way. 

  • Karbvi

    so long as the women dont mind him sleeping with numerous other women and having children with each one and most of the caribbean men have no money and sponge of the women they will be fine

    • guest


  • southerncomfort

    Very nice list. I am married to a Jamaican man and it has been a very good life. He is a great provider for me and our children and I haven’t had any problems with infidelity (knock on wood :). His mother was not too keen about me – until she found out both my parents had advanced degrees that they worked hard for – and I came from a two-parent home. The only thing I beg to differ with on this list is that my husband is not much of a cook. I learned how to cook all the West Indian food he liked though.  Learning about and from each other has also been very fun. I’m sorry to hear that others have had problems with Caribbean men, but you can have those same problems with men from all over. I love my Southern men (I’m a Southerner also), but a lot of times, they are almost on par with Caribbean men in terms of cheating. I hate to generalize (but I’m about to), but it seems as if these – in my case, Jamaican – men with all the drama and babymamas are from the city i.e. Kingston. Still love this list though.

  • djphoenix

    You actually prove my point.

    • Caribbean in the house.

      who cares what women think nowadays cause men don’t listen to females anyway or else they would be vagina whipped so proving a point don’t phase us. it is you females who are too sensitive not man. man retaliate in anger. oh by the way females already proved a point that they are nothing but b!tches & ho’s so there.

      • guest

        Why is someone as ignorant as you even allowed to comment?  You are disturbed on so many levels.

  • Fed_Up18

    My daughter’s reading this, & her remark is “Half of these are reasons to date a GAY man!” Kids today…

    • Caribbean in the house

      then tell your daughter to catch full blowen aids & die by them dumb mother of the broad.

  • truestory

    I think that they forgot:
    -Will lend you his gun
    -Will allow you to be initiated into his gang
    -Will impregnate you and leave

    • Caribbean in the house

      thats why i don’t feel sorry for them & i will never take care of stupid girls with kids or different kids all because they want money & car by guys who they only date.

      • Caribbean in the house

        oh & the stupid black/american chicks fail to realize when its that time of the month for them, we gonna cheat. if they’re pregnant we still gonna cheat because one vagina can’t hold us down. sooooo many girls in this world, why stick with one.

  • I’m a french caribbean from Martinique your article is so fun HAHAHA! I love it

    • Caribbean in the house

      but of course this article is funny because we caribbean/westindies are here to embarrass the silly stereo type black/american.

  • DevilsAdvocate11

    I dated a Jamaican man.He gave me drama for six months.He just seemed a little too obsessed with white Jesus.All the time. He was on this celibacy kick, but decided to abandon it one day. After his incessant need to watch Sanford and Sons after not seeing me for a month and a half, i kicked him outta my bedroom and gave him his walking papers the day before my birthday almost four years ago. I met my boyfriend the next day and next March will be our four year anniversary:) 

    Never again. But i do think that many Jamaican may be undercover homosexual men. When you factor in the constant, obsessive way they talk about White Jesus, it makes me wonder…..

    • guest

      Agreed.  I dated one also who cheated with a Jamaican jump off that his entire family knew about, but no one seemed to think I needed to know.  He also liked Sanford and Sons and was obsessessed with Sabbath as was the entire family, but their ways didn’t demonstrate what they should have been learning in church.  Hell will freeze over before I date another cheating Jamaican.

      • Caribbean in the house

        your infected also stupid broad and i been seeing you black/american hanging with the homosexual in new york city and on the d, e, f, and every subway train. so sad. thats why i always ask you black/american females if you ever tried anual sex before i talk to you & if you say yes. then thats when i REJECT you.

        • guest

          Actually the Jamaican I dated was the one who wanted to try anual sex as you call it.  Is that even a word?  Now what? 

    • Caribbean in the house

      if you slept with a homosexual and put it in your anus stupid broad then you should’ve known from the get go. enjoyed the anual sex huh and now your gonna infect your new boyfriend. thats why i don’t date black/american because they sleep with homosexual guys.

      • DevilsAdvocate11

        You don’t get out much, do you? My suggestion to you is to step away from the computer, get a passport and travel. 

        Your ignorance is showing. And it looks horrible.

        You might also want to take up some yoga or pilates to help you calm down. I didn’t have a good experience, and i expressed that. I never even had an STD, let alone have AIDS/HIV. 

        They should BAN the internet from simple minded, combative creatives like yourself. 

        You have the emotional intelligence of an angst ridden teenager.

        But i’m almost certain that you are middle-aged woman picking fights online.

        I truly pity you.

        • Caribbean in the house

          hey stupid, i do travel & have a passport & an alien card because i wasn’t born  in the united states of american. pay attention dummy, i wasn’t born here. second, just because i said they were treating us since the early 80’s doesn’t mean you know my exact age for me to date a middle age woman. third……i hear afro-american complain about 400 years of slavey so does that mean they should have a 400 year old girlfriend. i never stated my age so don’t try to add things up. dumb female asual no wonder men are smarter than girls when they dumb azz get pregnant by different men & the men run out on them. & NO! i shouldn’t get banned from the internet it is you female should ban your VAGINA from sleeping around with so plenty of men in your lives, i mean you girls are nothing but a bunch of cars getting pumped & fill up her up at the gas station split. at least you can’t take the gas station to court huh. i truly pitty your fatherless child also.

        • Caribbean in the house.

          hey stupid, i do travel, have a passport & an alien card. i wasn’t born in the united states of american so pay close attention dummy, i wasn’t born here. second, just because i said they were treating us bad since the early 80’s doesn’t mean you know my exact age for me to date a middle age woman which older man leave the dusty old vagina & go for the younger fresh vagina. third……i hear afro-american complain about 400 years of slavey so does that mean they should have a 400 year old girlfriend. i never stated my age so don’t try to add things up. dumb female asual no wonder men are smarter than girls when they dumb azz get pregnant by many men & the men happen to run out on them. & NO! i shouldn’t get banned from the internet it is you females should ban your VAGINA from sleeping around with so many different men in your lives, i mean you girls are nothing but a bunch of cars getting pumped & fill her up at the gas station & split. at least you can’t take the gas station to court huh. i truly pitty your fatherless child also………..[just changed some of my words around.]

  • Hellkitt


  • Senise B.

    Hawt damn number 10!
     My island boy can’t cook worth a damn, but he’s definitely all the other numbers! Lol

  • djphoenix

    Does every discussion about culture have to break down into “We are better than them?” There is plenty of blame on both sides. Coming from both Caribbean and American cultures, I have seen negativity, loudness and inappropriateness from women on both sides. I have also seen kindness, love, and generosity in both groups of women. There are plenty of high culture and low cultured people in both groups. My Jamaican relatives seem to be more focused on looking down on my African American relatives, and seem to always have something negative to say about them. I don’t know why because they are good people. My African American relatives have been more open to connecting with my other side, and have more higher educated people in their group, although both groups greatly value education. Both groups are also hard-working, one no more than the other. When I look at my family’s collective histories, both have similarities in terms of their consistent strugggle for uplift. This started out being an enjoyable article that quickly descended into stereo-typing. Let’s get it together. We both need to unify if we are all going to do better. Our futures believe it or not, are intertwined.

    • Caribbean in the house

      excuse me but its the stupid uncle tom sellout stupid afro-american negro is the problem o.k. not us.

      • djphoenix

        What ever? Everyone and no one is the problem.

        • Caribbean in the house

          thats not true, i’m telling you its them. you know, the one they call “house negro” the sellout one.

      • Blacklolita

        You are no better with all this hatred,thats how the enemies want us to be”conquer and divide”
        Instead,why dont you try educating the ones you believe are not upto your standard.The hate you are spewing is disgusting for a Caribbean person!
        Grow up!

        • Caribbean in the house

          i don’t HATE the good black/americans who likes the caribbean/westindies, its the majority of the sellout uncle tom who i don’t LIKE. the house n*egro is the hatred ok & they will stop at nothing to put down their own black/american kind & the caribbean/westindies [no realation]. thats why i’m hear to protect my people only [not your black/americans] & no other cultures [except for the real africans from africa, i love you guys]. don’t you people have your own protection known as the naacp, the civil rights leader & the loud mouth one they called al sharpton. the uncle toms sellout negros started hating my people since the 80’s when we started to spread in america. i have a VENDETTA against your people & i intend to let the war go on until the day i die. i love you my caribbean/westindies people so don’t get mad at me cause i’m here to “PROTECT & DEFEND THE CARIBBEAN/WESTINDIES”. any dumb negro think they could take me on by words, bring it & i hope you add more stuff to the fire to raise hell such as flamable alcohol, gasoline, jet fuel & 5,000 propane pile together with c4s. throw in 15 nuclear bomb also.

    • Mary

      This is why I don’t trust Carribean and Africans generally; the superiority issue always surfaces in some way at some point in the relationship and I don’t have time for that. Black Americans (African American was a term created for political purposes by Jesse Jackson) have flaws and shortcomings like all people, but  we’re also a pretty remarkable people. We’re probably the most misunderstood people on the planet though.

      Some of it comes from people judging us according to their own cultural standards, and that never works. To understand a people you have to look a variety (not just middle classes, just mixed, just northerners, just educated,or just ghetto) and learn how they see the world and what is on their heart as a people, search for their commanalities in worldview that go beyond their differences, then you get at the essence of a people. You also must understand their history, influences, situations,  and as well as their options. You’ll find that they’re unique for each people and varied in each subset. The same way all Carribean people have common worldview but each country has a unique take on it.

      • djphoenix

        I could not have said this better.



    That STAY HOME and COOK talk is BS. no we don’t expect woman to stay home n cook, tell ah trini gal that she might beat your azz…… WEST INDIAN WOMEN ARE STRONG AND INDEPENDENT, HARDWORKING…LIST GOES ON, YOU CAN’T TELL NO WEST INDIAN WOMAN THAT RUBBISH AND AIN’T GET CURSED OUT OR DUMPED ON THE SPOT.
    LOVE YOUR MOM YES.. what i can tell you though, that sh*t where kids curse out their mothers on US TV and all that…….bet you won’t see that sh*t not only in Trinidad but the whole Caribbean. Talk bout my family i could care less even though i love them, talk bout my mom we got a serious problem.You already know we love to dance, from Machel to Sean Paul to Tony Matterhorn (dutty wine). You already know what it is.Highly sexual but again, as with anywhere u go, some men is all talk an nothing else.Education is like 50/50, some ambitious some deliquent. Some can cook some can’t. Same as anywhere else.Smooth talk u learn that in primary school, late bloomers secondary school i.e before 15 years old.We dont all look like Beckford again, same as everywhere else though.



  • GovermentChecks

    I hate to generalized but all the Caribbean men I have meant that have not been influenced by this hip hop culture are always Humble and everything on this list but most important they do not have that AWFUL ARROGANT ATTITUDE a lot of american black men have now. And the ACCENT is to die for…. faints.

  • Meanchick

    I second that emotion!

  • OpMystik

    I am West Indian soo….. I however ended up marrying an African American man though but he has all the good qualities of West Indian men so I’m set for life 🙂

  • NEVER date a Dominican! I’m not talking about from Dominica, I’m talking about from the Dominican Republic. This is coming from a Dominican.

  • ch

    @ Jas mine- It’s women who teach men to respect or disrespect them. If a woman demeans herself to be slavish and desperate behind a man, how does she expect to be treated?
    I find that Caribbean men, like all men, highly value and respect women who have a healthy self-esteem and develop their own lives. They respond to positive, caring women not insecure,needy little girls.
    And women  also look for and expect the same in their men and do not settle for less.
    So we all choose who we are and who we choose to be with.

  • Ci

    For the turmoil I endured from a W.I. man, I should have simply stayed with an African-American. He may love for his mother, but the mothers (grandmother & mother) obviously either do not like, care for, or want their grandson/son to date, let alone marry an African-American woman.  Note: the grandmother herself is of mixed ethnicity.  He is a nice looking man, but a far cry from Tyson Beckford.  If he knows how to cook it is another secret of his.  I love to cook and was taught by my grandmother (maternal), mother and father, mostly by my mother. He told me he can’t dance…weight has nothing to do with it, maybe that was a lie too.  As for special moments….NEXT.  In closing, I do have some W.I. relatives by marriage to include their children (my cousins) and I have noticed that the sons mothers are controlling.

  • Mzbeans24

    This Post irriattes me and is very corny  because  as someone who has family memebers and dated Caribbean men this list well good lord ! Its media ppl if you think after you read this list your gonna hop on a plane to Jamaica a la Stella got her groove back well we all know what happened. Date any man you please regardless of nationality , caribbean , african ,african american  black men are black men ! Just be careful and get to know the person throughly .  Good luck

  • Laurie

    No No NO! I’m Jamaican and I’m sorry but Jamaican/Caribbean men are the biggest Mama’s boys, so go ahead if you’re willing to do everything and get very little in return.

    • guest


  • Laurie

    No No NO! I’m Jamaican and I’m sorry but Jamaican/Caribbean men are the biggest Mama’s boys, so go ahead if you’re willing to do everything and get very little in return.

  • Lillianhowellbell


  • Natae

    Just like every other black man…dont be fooled. I dated a Jamaican for five years. I thought he was different…something special, but he turned out to be a walking lie.

    • caribbean in the house

      caribbean in the house……..WOW, you said just like every other black men you dated & you went for a jamaican. how many men you slept with to get to a jamaican man & get burned in the end. who’s next…..indian, russian, spanish, japan, china, italy, trinidad, bahamas & more. oh i forgot, you females body are built to not get tired out for hours & hours like a prostitute huh.

      • guest

        Why do you start off everything, caribbean in the house?  You don’t represent all Caribbeans.  It’s none of your business how many men she slept with.  You are a judgemental and twisted individual.  Why are you even commenting on blogs meant for black women since you seem to have such a problem with the ones from American anyway?

  • im not going to sit here and split hairs.. were all black 

    • caribbean in the house

      caribbean in the house……..different culure different nationalities, don’t let the skin color confuse you.

      • guest

        You are the confused one.  Looks like you need to Sociology 101.  There is a difference between race and nationalities.  Jamaicans, Haitians, etc.  are nationalities, as in ‘of a nation or country’,  The race is black…period end of story.  Whether you come from Japan, China, or Vietnam, you are Asian which is the race.  Enough said.

        • guest

          Stop taking the bible as an authoritative document.  It was written by men.  For all you know, none of it is true anyway.  People just take its content on faith.  Come again.

          • Caribbean in the house

            so you say & god just recorded what you just said so when your time come i hope you beg forgiveness by then.

            • guest

              eek, I’m scared.

              • Caribbean in the house

                you will be saying alot more than eek when death come get you first & then you wii face god.

                • guest

                  You know anyone who actually died and came back?  We all know the answer to that!

        • Blacklolita

          Oh the bible,go put down the white man bible for a second.No wonder you are so divisive!

          • Caribbean in the house

            me divisive, who said anything about the white man/black man bible. this is me having a VENDETTA against the racial black/americans. how many populations in america do you think afro-americans made up of huh. 13% rite, now let me subtract that. only 1% of them is cool & the rest is a**hole. no wonder their culture will never grow past 13% like a black woman hair. so don’t bring no talking bout i’m serving a white god bible cause that don’t have anything to do with me having a VENDETTA against these r*acial black/american. what…..you don’t think they could be r*acial too you naive jacka**.

          • Mary

            did you know that some of the the early church fathers and desert fathers were African such as Saint Moses the Black, and Saint Athanasius.  if you ask for his prayers he’ll show you the truth about Christianity. It isn’t a white man’s bible, it was misused by a certain group of white men.

  • Jamaican picknee

    I’ve dated all colors and I prefer men that were raised up by a good mother or father. I’m dating a Jamaican man and he’s been the best to me…. The way a man treats his sister and mother and woman in public is the same way he will treat you. ~From dating experiences 

    • caribbean in the house

      caribbean in the house……you make no sense at all calling yourself “JAMAICAN PICKNEE” but your stating you dated a jamaican man. does that make sense, aren’t you jamaican also or just an american.

      • Jamaican picknee

        I’m not going to entertain you… I was born in America from Jamaican parents. I have the right to make sense or not.

  • Caribbean man vs African-American man….. Caribbean man is kind & will support u 100%, Afro-American man 50-50%, Caribbean man loves a woman who is domesticated & motherly,but you will have to accept cheating from them as it is their nature, they will spoil the hell out of you though…this article is true..

    • caribbean in the house

      caribbean in the house……..caribbean/westindies women vs. afro-american girls not woman. lets see, caribbean women are clean, smell nice. appearances in public 100%, speak right, education perfect, hardworking, career minded, raise their kids right, fun to be with, caring, loving, pretty, and so on. and now for afro-american girls not women. o.k. they are loud & ghetto in public, their appearances is skanky & trashy, hair not done 98% of the time & if it gets done its always the same ghetto jet black long hair 99% of the time every girls wear & it look exactly like the planet of the apes [on the female apes] old school movie. they don’t act right in public embarrissing there black american men, they don’t like to wear dresses or skirts but where too much man pants especially tighter than their own vagina, can’t talk right with their ebonic language, shaved eyebrows & put majic marker on them to make it look real but look like a tranvestite like wendy williams, weed lips, & so on. now i see why black american men go for pretty white girls.

      • wahgwan

        caribe4lyfe:   when we go to da club fi dance, here in u.s. why do we see jamaican men – some fine jamaican men – choose white women who huge fat ugly with garish looking make up, sticky stringy hair, gross looking clothing to dance with?  what up with dat?  jus asking.

        • caribbean in the house

          caribbean in the house……i don’t know & can’t speak for them but maybe it’s because those women come to the club & have a good time & leave happy for the night not being pickey who they want to dance with unlike your black ameircan club where afro-american females only dance with you when you buy them a drink at the bar then they disappear right in front of your eyes & you’ll be lucky if you could get a dance out of them. its not all afro-american i dislike, its just 96% of females are no good & don’t like. who cares hoe the white girl look, we are there to have a good time. oh & i am attacking black american females only, not my caribbean/westindies people unless they sides with them nor the beatiful real african females from africa that i like. not the fake ones who call themselves african american from the southern places in the u.s.a.

        • alldawg

          because black men who date fat white girls, date fat black girls..and a fat white girl without an attitude is a whole lot better than a fat black girl with an attitude..

      • SOULjah Gyrl

        With comments like this, who needs white people to keep us down? We segregate and typecast each other all the time. Afro-American vs. Caribbean vs. African and so on. Like another commenter said, judge the individuals and not the group. I am an Afro-American woman who exhibits the very positive qualities you claim we lack. I have friends from all over the world, including Haitian, Jamaican, Colombian…the list goes on. I’ve learned from being around the different nationalities that SOME Caribbean girls can be “ghetto” and rude, as well as Americans, but many Black women (not matter what country they are from) go far against the stereotype and thrive in a world pitched against us. I’m definitely going to pray for you, sister. Your hatred of your own race, Caribbean or not, is pretty disturbing.

        • caribbean in the house

          caribbean in the house…….first of all i am a man not a female so don’t call me sista. second, it’s you afro-american not all but the racist ones who i have a vendatta against. when we first came to the u.s.a. in the early 80’s, you guys treated us bad. not the good one like you but the other assholes. til this day they continue [known as your people] to treat us as if they concour america from the white man & take it over & saying get the hell out you don’t belong. i have nothing against the real africans from africa, we caribbeans love them but its your people who don’t want any other foreinger in this country. i have some good afro-american friends myself & they also don’t like their own kind. we don’t stereo type you guys, it is you who stereo type yourselves on t.v. like B.E.T.V., tyler perry movies & sitcoms , the boondocks cartoon, soulplane the movie, jerry springer or any talk show & many more. so don’t blame us blame your people for shaming america. so who’s disturbing now. 

        • guest

          I am a West Indian and I know what you mean about some black Americans making fun of West Indians, but honestly you went overboard.  It sounds like you need psychological help in getting over some deep rooted issues.  Anyone who is still angry more than 30 years later is in fact disturbed.

      • alldawg

        take it easy, that was overkill…lol

  • Maria CurvyCurlyTrini

    I am sorry but this post should have been called * reasons to date a jamaican man.* 

  • Zee

    i am a Caribbean woman who has lived on university dorms with men and women from every island in the caribbean, and as a therapist i have unique insight into male/female relationships and this article is absolute rubbish! caribbean men are highly sexist and mysoginistic…domestic violence, rapes, sexual harassment and other types of hatred against women are alarming in EVERY caribbean island especially the Jamaica you love to talk about in your silly stereotypes…trinidadian men are the absolute worst…our rate of violence against women and sexual harassment beats back countries with higher populations than ours and the rate of infedelity is also extremely high. please do your research and stay away from these stupid nonsensical articles!!

    • Hurt

       You must be from Haiti.

  • Ifuaskme2

    One more thing…….I was raised by ONE man and ONE woman. No half sisters or brothers out there. You have some damn nerve.

  • Ifuaskme2

    I’ve read stupid articles before but this takes the cake. It is obvious that the stereotypes for Caribbean men still exist. I am also willing to bet that this author did not actually spend most of her growing years (I even doubt if she was born there) in the Caribbean. I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and every single point made above  can be disputed. Most Caribbean men cook?….LOL. Education?…..All Caribbean High Schools are based solely on academic excellence which, sad to say, had a lot to do with financial stability. As for the rest…..I find that it can be applied to any group of men. I know Southern men with all these qualities. So what u sayin?

  • vincy

    it depends on what part of the caribbean this article is referring to. jamaican men have underlying issues in regard to race and beauty is based on skin color, hair texture w.e. i’m west indian- american and i love trinidadian men. they’re very impulsive which can be a good or bad thing but i like it. they say whats on their mind. the only thing is that yes they are serial cheaters. its because west indian women sometimes put up with it not all but alot. like older women because they believe that marriage is forever.i commend madamenoire for acknowledge west indians. we need more articles about them <3 

  • JC

    Yeaa I don’t know you forgot the part about if you want to be cheated on THEY ARE YOUR MEN

  • Millionario

    Not boasting, but I’m a Caribbean man and this list describes me to a “T”!

  • Geegee

    I think some of ya’ll are missing the point of these articles… There are so many bad stereotypes out there about men (black, white, west Indian, etc.) it nice to see an article that highlights the positive things that men of different cultures and background have to offer. Yes some men cheat and are possessive etc. but not all men are like that and we as woman need appreciate the men that do right by woman. 

  • Caribbean = dancehall…the bootiest clappin’, heart attackin’, sex-on-the-dance-floor happenin’, and most extreme dance out there!
    I can’t dance that well/compete with the real Jamaican maidens. I’m sure I’d just be a side dish served/left cold when it comes to the Carib men… wait…I know how to skank! There’s hope.

  • Crys

    it’s funny, because I am from the Caribbean and have no idea where exactly people in these comments experience these things. It’s really different in my island from what I have seen. Everywhere, you’ll find the cheaters, controlling, regardless of nationality, but geez… there are a lot of good men everywhere. Just because some ladies date the same type of men and get the same results, doesn’t mean that all men from there are a certain way… chances are, it means you choose poorly. And the men who are cheaters probably wouldn’t be if they had no one to cheat with and on. Some men need to not have a woman because they don’t know how to treat her and some women need to have integrity and know what they’re worth. If you take crap from men then you have no one to blame but yourself. And men, if you treat women like crap, then you’re just pathetic.

  • Xandra

    My boyfriend is Haitian and he is wonderful, I hope we will marry. One thing from his culture that I dislike is that  homophobia is much more prevalent and I do worry what would happen if we had a gay child. Also since he grew up here he is very liberated in terms of not applying double standards to women but his parents’ generation has very different standards, women expected to be virgins until marriage while men are permitted – expected! – to go after anything they can get, sometimes even if married =(

    • Mary

      I went to a Haitian wedding and when the priest said to the groom” forsaking all others” the men in the audience were trying hard not to laugh; sitting nest to their women with eyes all innocent like. They all knew that him and 99.9% of the men in that room had mistresses.

  • Deee

    LMAO! What a lame a** list! I was actually hoping to be exposed to something that I had not seen somewhere else before. None of these reasons have anything to do with being Caribbean or being a man (except for number 10 which doesn’t even count. There are female bodybuilders who look more ripped). My point is, enough with silly generalizations. You guys are all grown a** adults for heaven’s sake!

  • Not all of them look like Tyson nuh…lol *smh*

    • Caribee

      caribbean in the house……..and i guess not all afro-american look like jj from “good times” huh. how about samuel l. jackson, richard pryor, red foxx from samford & son along with his dummy son, don cornelius the ”host of soul train” from the 70’s, wesley snipes, forest whitaker & more. lol lol lol lol. and don’t forget martin luther king ha and paul winfield who plays him.

  • tchrrr

    they are 54 countries in africa , so if yall think every africans are the same , please think again.. and than yall need to go back to school and be educated and this time dont smoke any weed.

  • Lulu24

    Though the list was not bad, the title is misleading…Jamaica is not the entire Caribbean. It may be better to entitle it “Jamaican Men”, as no mention was made of the other wonderful men in West Indian islands like Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent. Just an observation 🙂

    • Geminigirl_6

      Say it again my sistah!!   I find that too many people esp. in ‘the race’ have no concept about anything ‘West Indian’ outside of Jamaica, WI.  ALL West Indian food is Jamaican food, EVERY accent is a Jamaican accent, and so forth.  It all doesn’t make sense to me as we all here in Amerika took some sort of History class in the schoolhouse.  It annoys me to no end.  Perhaps b/c my mother/her side of the family hail from St. Kitts, WI and my father/his side hail from Charleston, SC and I have traveled extensively throughout the West Indies.  Each island has its own unique beauty, culture, tradition and speech so how come no-one can tell the difference?  We can tell a French accent from a British accent, a German accent, a Italian accent, etc.  But between the different people in ‘the race’ – we are so ignorant.

  • So-lodown314

    I met my son’s father while on vacation in Jamaica……I consider myself very classy lady, I did not go on vacation intending to meet a “Jamaican” to date! However I did, that was three years, 50 other women(yeah that’s one for every state in the US) and a baby ago. These MF’s will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Someone said they keep a local chick in the side…trust me they do! If you meet one expect for them to cheat and lie everytime they open their Fuccing mouths!!! A family man? Please…that MF ain’t bought a shirt for my son, but he has a 100% jamaican daughter he make sure she taken care of. Watch out….they lower than dogs!!!

    • Caribee

      caribbean in the house………of course we gonna lie & cheat. because we don’t love you, & your stupid for opening your legs like a flower during spring ready for the summer. plus we don’t take care of afro-american n*egros from the u.s.a. thats the white men job. don’t they take care of your welfare being anyway since you n*egros like to be on it alot. of course he’s not gonna buy a shirt for your n*egro kid since he’s not gonna live past 17 according to the u.s.a. status records. we take care of our own caribbean/west indians people. so go date the white man because they miss raping you nappyheaded ho’s anyway.

    • damn, u got a bad 1, my husband is nothing like that, but hes been in the states since he was 3, if that makes any difference.

  • They left the most important reason you should date a man from the Caribbean; they are usually HHHUUUGGGGEEE!!!!!


      Yeah….And they don’t get checked out for STDs either……

      • Caribee

        caribbean in the house…….unlike afro-american males rite or the american men.

    • So-lodown314

      Yeah they are…Big ol’ Huge diseased infested and uncircumcised Di%ks!!

      • Caribee

        caribbean in the house…….just like the afro-american n*egros. thats why the white people only sees them as the leading cause of AIDS in the afro/american community [the hoods] in america rite.

  • Cora

    And I’d like to thank you for introducing me to Dustin Brown, my new husband in my head! Lol!

  • Cora

    Thumbs up to this article!

  • Tasha

    West Indian men are no different from any other man when it comes to cheating. They are the BEST! If you come across one.. Hold on to him tight. I dated every nationality — nothing like a west indian man! Believe that.. Family first all the time

    • Caribee

      caribbean in the house…….yeah yeah, thank you. love you too.

    • i agree

    • Mary

      You better hope the family is functional and normal otherwise you in for a real rough ride.

  • pashunfruit

    I wouldn’t say this list is false….I think it applies to a lot of west indians…but it also doesn’t apply to a lot of them either. This list mostly describes west indians of a different age group….not too many of the younger & or Americanized ones are like this. It was all in positive good fun…so I like it.

    Haitians stand up

  • DA Truth

    I love my Jamaican men, but as in every culture and race there’s good and bad, not every Jamaican/carribean man has the qualities listed above and I am sure there are Afro-American men that also contain these qualities, anyone who believes these articles to the T is a fool.  Consider it pleasure reading and not the truth

    • Caribee

      caribbean in the house…….don’t ever get the yankee boys mix up with us. (doan git di yankee bwoy mix hup mix hup wid wi).

  • Miss K

    This whole series needs to stop.  These lists are all based on stereotypes.  As an example of a stereotype, I can just imagine some hood woman patting her weave, snapping her gum and saying: “I need to get me a Caribbean man.” (The phrase CARIBBEAN MAN alone is ignorant). 

  • Live_in_LDN

    Every group of people has its good, bad and its ugly.

    Even though this article was only meant to be a bit of fun you know there are going to be some thirsty women, after rading this, booking their one way ticket to Trinidad only to be dissapointed as Caribbean men are only mortals like every other man. 

  • Lawd. This list is something else. I guess most of the things on this list can be true. Although not all Caribbean men look like Tyson Beckford (but honestly, my dad who is Caribbean comes close).

    Anyway, yeah, dating a Caribbean man can be interesting. I like them. My dad is Caribbean although my mom isn’t. From experience, Caribbean men can be romantic, gentleman, VERY hardworking (ugh).Growing up my dad was pretty strict but in recent times he’s lightened up.

    The guy I’m seeing now is Haitian. So respectful, especially to elders. Romantic, very smart. I guess it just depends on what and who you like. We’re all African in the end, just raised differently. Although I am sure of some Caribbean men who are not so nice. Yeah, I’ve met them.

    • Caribee

      caribbean in the house……yes we are all african but you have the black americans known as southern n*egros who don’t like to be african claiming i’m an american, i’m an american. bunch of sellout uncle toms.

  • this list is very true, since I’m married to a Jamaican man , yes yes yes

    • Caribee

      caribbean in the house……..yes, yes too baby. jamaican/caribean mon are the best.

  • my Jamaican Husband treats me like the Queen I am

    • Caribee

      caribbean in the house…….of course bicaz yuh treat im good sweetie. doan falla falla fashion dese bad minded ooman dem. fan dem off if dem ah discourage yu. jamaica, jamaica, jamaica lan mi luuuuv.

  • To each is own. Im African American and I tend to like guys from the Carribean for some reason. its probably because blk american men (that I come across, not all) dont seem to have it to me (unless im missing something). But I like Bajan men….I had an experience with Jamaicans and Haitians and they weren’t good at all. But this one Bajan guy that Im good friends with have these qualites….good job (only 1 job), master’s, extremely close to his mom, great lover (we are just friends like i said) and etc.  

    • Caribee

      caribbean in the house……..& out of 13% afro-american, i only like 1% good ones like you. the rest of them are b!tches who think they are all that.

  • Bubble

    Wow, I’m not even Caribbean but rolling my eyes at the cliches, thank God I missed the article on African men I know I would’ve been p*ssed.  Have to say I disagree with the comment on education, I haven’t met one Caribbean man who valued education – which is pretty much why I don’t date them.  Sorry, but I have found them to be promiscuous and not very aspirational.

    • 305MovesLikeDagger

      Yeah you have not met one Caribbean man who valued education, haha this must be a huge joke.

      • StrongCaribMan

        Exactly. West Indians are educated people who value education, what is the beyii taliking about???

    • All my male friends in college were highly intelligent West Indians….who were the men you were meeting?

    • They weren’t real west indian men..trust me.

  • Caribbean girl

    How about them having numerous kids by different Baby Mommas. 

  • Islandlocs

    Ladies don’t do it.  Nothing but heartache will follow.

  • Ihmotep88

    Are all the Caribbean men Jamaicans?

    • Ryon75

      No they are not look on a map, there are countless other countries that lay in the caribbean

  • PRprincess

    the ones born in America aren’t like this too much, trust me my man is born here and he’s west indian. half of this is false…

  • Caribbean en can be good or bad, just like men from anywhere. Taking that from my own family here. My own grandfather has all of these traits…and uses them to get women less than half his age (he’s 84 and married!). So don’t love him just because he’s from the Caribbean, love him because he’s him.

  • Aminus91

    Being from the West Indies myself, everything here is SO true

  • Trinigyal

    Umm… this list is full of ____. I’m from the Caribbean and I nearly choked laughin so hard at how untrue

  • YeahRight2011

    You were more than willing to stereotype over half the black population in the US but cried like a hit dog when the same was said about men in the Caribbean. What a hypocrite.

  • YeahRight2011

    Haitians only please. They’re the only black population and culture on the planet that doesn’t have an inferiority complex.

  • Ryon75

    Sigh, ignorance is really bliss. There are more than twenty countries in the Caribbean and yet all you have to talk about is Jamaica. Please get a Map and a plane!!!!

    • Hater

      LOL – so true!

  • Redbonelicious

    Nope never noooooo I would never date a Caribbean man! They be crazy and are alpha male type.

    • westindian4lyfee

      we are but thats because Caribbean women are very dominant, and they only like men who can make them submit.  Otherwise, they say he is a loser.  Product of our environment and culture.  The carib women aint tellin that side of it though

      • Blacklolita

        Submit,what part of the world are you in?
        How about respect and equal treatment in a relation.

        • Caribbean in the house

          he’s refering to the bible unruly woman. we are the head of the house hold & you must & willing to listen & obey. thats your female role in life just as much as a man suppose to provide & take care of his responsibilities no matter what as god command. its you dumb females who happens to find the wrong men like always with no guidence. stop dissing the good men & dating the wrong one.

  • OnlySpeakDatruth

    This is the most stereotype article I have this week…

  • Living in the Caribbean…

    LOL LOL, this list is sooo funny. This author living in the 1960s when these men USED TO exist. This modern day crop of Caribbean men, highly laughable like this list.

    But anyways, We, the Caribbean People, THANK YOU, for the influx of tourism from all the women rushing into our beautiful little region looking for men who look like Tyson Beckford with these unbelievable qualities. Cause lawd knows, we living here so long and cant find one!

    • westindian4lyfee

      BS, in this life you get what you focus on the most. 
      Either you are just as lazy and cant cook and are out of shape or your just a sack of negativity following the crowd and talkin more isht in the market, or both.  Lots of men from the island have many qualities from this list, i can relate to many.  Your just selling sh!t for kicks, stop polluting ppls minds, troll.

  • I really dislike articles like these that tend to lump people into one stereotype. Caribbean men, like most men, come in many shapes and forms. While there are some good men, most Jamaican men whom I’ve encountered had issues. Some were lazy, couldn’t cook, had no respect for their mother, couldn’t hammer a nail if the nail and hammer could do it themselves, and couldn’t dance a lick! One thing they all had in common though was that they like sex. A lot…


      Shaka Zulu in the house… me agree completely (snap, snap, snap in me indigenous language)!!!!

    • Cutiieepie

      I definitely agree with you, I’m seeing this guy and we’re both in high-school and he’s from the west Indies and he likes sex a lot. He keeps asking me if we can just do it, but I don’t think I want to cause he’s always kicking it with other girls. And when I hang with other guys he gets mad, and he’s controlling too. I really like him though but I know that we won’t last.

      • Summusicus

        trust me….don’t do it!!

  • Theresam Avila

    NOOOOO way!! What a BS list. Caribbean men are so controlling. I am a West Indian woman and it was my fathers dying wish for me NOT to marry a West Indian man and he didn’t have to say a word because I experienced all of their BS enough! I’m good! It doesn’t matter what nationalityem are they all have the same tendencies anyway :/

    • WestIndian4lyfee

      hahaha, animals 4th? lolol  ahhhhhh, agree with somewhat, afterall women do the same. but they hate to hear men talking that way.

    • Westindian4lyfee

      No offense but either your island is effed up or your dad was self hating old man, nooooo west indain or caribbean man would EVER advise their daughter to marry outside of their culture, they may not directly say not to and may accept it if u decide on your own but to advise it??! thats BS, whatever u experienced u wanted, plain and simple and the fact that u generalize and say all of us from every island are all the same, that just makes u sound unbelievable.  no one is on your team with this one, just how u can abandon and talk ish about alllllllll the island men from everyyyyyyy island in the caribbean and west indies, u could probably do the same for you race.  you have your own deep issues, and island men probably make up about 0.025% of them.

  • (the real) isaidit

    I love Carribean men! I am African American and 95% of my boyfriends have had Carribean roots..They are very traditional, take care of home and have pride in their culture. What’s not to love!!

    • Caribe1

      caribbean in the house…….well thank you my dear, compliment is soo unique huh. i love you one percent of you afro-american females & the rest are stank b!tches who wake up in the morning with a screw face & no smile while listening to their stupid R&B slow jams manipulating their mind first thing in the morning. wear make-up, hair done & nails, nice skirts, dresses or spandex [which look better on them] not jeans nor dress pants, i mean just looking good but you wanna have screw faces when a man see how well you dress & approches you to say hello & you give him that dirty looks. b!tches is all i can say. 

      • Eleonoracruiz

        oh, boo hoo, someone got rejected by a woman. Did she break your heart bad? Poor lil’ tink tink.
        Or may be you missed a few hugs or weren’t breast fed as a child, eh?
        You are pathetic!

        • WestIndian4Lyfee

          the truth is Caribe1 is somewhat right, sure everyman gets rejected times in his life, a lot of african american women have so much damn attitude, like their clothes are their personalities, all their value is in what they have one, how they are dressed, hardly any with something substantial on the inside.  And they feel as though what they have on justifies their attitudes, well if u only value whats on the outside u will always get cheated on because u wont be able to find a real man. Being a man starts on the in, not with the type of car i drive, if u dont have anything inside u, then u wont be able to recognize whats on the inside of a man, so u will always be guessing.  Real talk, thats it.

      • Perhaps if you would stop calling women b!tches it would go a long way in how they respond to you….just a thought….

    • WestIndian4lyfee


  • Dc8n1equals9

    I am half Jamaican and have been with a Hatian man for 10 months…he is VERY possessive (but he is a Scorpio so that is to be expected), is all that is listed in the article and more…though he has his quirks he really is a great man. I love him even if he can be a bit much at times…but one thing to add Caribbean men are very selfish…they were raised to believe that women are subservient, mothers, sisters and all other women are here to give them what they want and sometimes what they have is NEVER enough even when they have everything. Suffice to say my man THOUGHT that way before but he knows better now. I dont play that sh*t.

    • detroitgirl

      You better tell it girl-My daughters father is from Guyana and everything you said you hit on the nail-They also are very clannish-Not really wanting to be around anyone else who is not Caribbean-I am from Detroit and now live in Cali so needless to say that did not work out but we are good friends and parents to our daughters with no problems!!!

      • Belle-Sexie Canuck

        I think the reason a lot of West Indians in general like to be around other West Indian folks, it’s because West Indians are very cultural, meaning they tend to be very traditional, they party a certain way, hang out a certain way, lime etc. the West Indian vibe is crazy when they get together, I do not know of any other culture who can get down like us. So it just seem more fitting and understanding to hang out with minds alike and have a good ole time, no disrespect, but I think West Indians are less judged or misunderstood hanging with their kind. We party till the sun comes up and we love our food at the end of our partying :-)!!!

        • Mary

          Bu, Belle-sexie, that’s no surprise, most people are far more comfortable with their own people than someone not from their culture, unless they’re one of the rare ones who are culturally disconnected because they think differently from their people.
          As people get older they usually yearn for the comfort of their original cultural base, which is why though I’ve dated men of many races and nations, I want to marry one that shares the same cultural background as mine.

          Sometimes you meet that rare person of another culture or race that gets you like no one else, but you still have to deal with their family and culture. No one marries an individual, they marry into a family and culture; especially women.

    • Caribe1

      caribbean in the house…….yeah and when he start to kick your azz around then what. who are you gonna run to for help? other men right and not a bunch of females who’s a black belt to come and beat him up rite. respect men and they will some what respect you if your a real woman and not a school girl.

      • Suzywong

        this is the most moronic thing I’ve heard… if your man kicks you around you turn to other men. What kind of logic would that be? If that piece of sh*t respected his woman in the first place there wouldn’t be any argument. So please crawl back under the rock you came from and leave with your sh*t “respect a man and he SOME WHAT (priceless ignorance on your part) will respect you”.

      • Sk

        kickk who azz?? A REAL westindian woman doe take no azz kickk, she have foot too. Jah!!

        • caribbean in the house

          CARIBBEAN IN THE HOUSE……and yeah, which country your from? america. jamaicans don’t play.

        • Mary

          two of them, if I remember correctly! Ha!

    • Belle-Sexie Canuck

      African and Haitian men I find are controlling and possessive. I have never dated either, but I have been around them and know people who date them. But generally speaking, West Indian men are sweet and great lovers.

      • Brr

        ahha then stick to african american who doesnt like african american women and who have 6 baby mothers 

  • Peoplesay

    9. You want to star in “How Stella Got Her Back Grooved”

  • Hunybunz

    I just started dating a jamaican. He seems soooo sweet. Hopefully he’s different. I’m a southern girl and he’s a New Yorker. We’ll see how things turn out.

    • Caribe1

      caribbean in the house…….if he’s a jamaican he’s not a new yorker. just a yardie [jamaican] living in new york.

      • YeahRight2011

        Here is another cultural reminder for the dark people from abroad. Possession is 9/10 of the law. That means that the black majority here in the states dictates what you are, at least until we get bored. So he is a NEW YORKER, just because the young lady said so.

        • What do you mean dark people from abroad? Caribbean people are mixed..and many are even lighter than african american? For instance rihanna? sean paul? to name a few…anyway..the lady is right..the guy is a ‘yardie’ living in new york, he’s not a new yorker.

    • Good look luv, but here’s a note: I’m a New York City girl. Born and raised. 21 years. I’ve been with Caribbean men, particularly Jamaican…the sex was great…but don’t expect him to be too faithful. He had so many girls upset w/ him because of his antics + he was sleeping around with many many girls. Not to be jaded, but men in NYC in general are a**Holes race aside. I dunno what it is. Men here have too many options so I guess they do not feel the need to commit. Good luck with that.

      • curt angle

        that was a great statement you made most men in new york are a holes wow


        So how did that last AIDS test turn out??? If you were willingly having sex with a man that you knew wasn’t exactly faithful, I would hope you at least had the good sense to get checked out…….

    • Usually Southerners and Northerners get along well…go figure…

      • Mary

        Black southerners and Black northerners don’t get one another, but carribean folks do better with Black southerners because they share a  similar innocence. Northern Blacks are way to cynical for Black southerners.


    I would like to know why do these men date WW then and act like black women dont exist if they are so close to their culture and their women, WW dont cook, most eat out , hire nannies and any other lazy way of life they do.. hitting the sack is not all it is to life…i love my black culture and wouldnt have it any other way  and i love my black men and carribbean men also.. which i see all these other non black women do too..???

    • Tamikah

      I think so too. As a woman I have to say I enjoy a d*ck or two, because I also only live once. But I refrain from Caribbean d*ck because they just don’t bring it… all talk and no action. No thank you.


      Probably because WW know how to SHUT UP, They know that if a man can’t perform well at his job, the MONEY stops rolling in, and they also realize that maintaining a proper weight keeps a man attracted to them, whereas BLACK WOMEN do none of the above……

      • I bet you are single….and if not I feel sorry for your girl…you better make a lot of money…..

    • First of all..what are you talking about? Caribbean men love caribbean women! Caribbean women don’t have the same issues as african-american women, where our men date white women. Proud to be Caribbean!

  • Tamar

    As a Jamaican woman, I will give you one reason I don’t date my brothers anymore. They all cheat. My dad, my brothers, my uncles, my cousins, my co-workers, the married one at the gas station. All married Jamaican men cheat. Sorry. I got two married men right now trying to make a misses out of me. I don’t play that, they foul as hell. Including my babydady! Nuff Said

    • detroitigirl

      I totally believe you-What the hell is that about? 

    • Caribe1

      caribbean in the house…….chru but who cheated fuss, su goh an blame yuh female or ooman gendas bicaz mon doin dis hout of reataliation an vengence. wi ongle luv wan time an dats it. kno more trustin ooman bicaz oonu tuu ginal an liad.

    • Caribe1

      caribbean in the house…….listen & listen again. vagina is like the ganja, we must smoke different kinds & not just one kind. meaning………men is not gonna live long on this earth any so why not have fun & then perish.

      • An inconvenient truth

        I love idiots like you who turn to the bible to keep the woman in the house and then go on cheating because you just live once!!! Where is your bible study here? According to the Bible you should keep your d*ck to ONE p*ssy. Your wife’s. Oh, and I hope you don’t eat any pork and don’t drink: sorry, my overzealous bible student…. also not allowed. Allowed and wanted however is respect for other people, and gues what, that also includes women. Who would have thought…

    • WestIndian4lyfee

      on the islands it is somewhat of a culture to “sweetheart” which is cheating.  But thats a culture of the older generation of men, our fathers.  Anyone from the island who in there 20’s right now probably have a ton of halfbrothers/sisters.  Butttttttt, that isnt the mentality of MOST the young island dudes now.  Whats happening now is that the bitter old women are teaching their daughters to be heartless because of their hurt and the islands are overrun by cold bishes who straight f*ckin a bunch of dudes and out for money in the long term, no love.  They out for popularity and fresh rides, and they are going for the few guys who r cool cheaters because that is the only way to justify their lifestyles, so they can be cheated on and prove their mothers right and continue in their bullisht.  And with books like “think like a man, act like a woman” perpetuating this mentality, its over, they have celebrity support and recognition now.  That attitude turns most good guys bad on island, cause we want to f*ck too, so f*ck it, i’ll be a cheater too so i can get the girl i want. 

    • Tasha

      Coming from another Jamaican woman- you sound STUUUPID! It has nothing to do with a nationality! Don’t be ignorant.. A man is a man — no matter the creed, color. There are tons of GREAT JAMAICAN MEN– like my father, uncles & cousins


      They are considered cheaters, yet YOU have a BABYDADDY….This almost writes itself, doesn’t it????

    • ScoutF

      I am J-can too and  agree.

    • Thumper

      Good girl! You keep on setting a good example!  🙂

    • Foxxy

      Married men cheat irregardless of their nationalies and race,some are just better at hiding it..stop with the ignorance!

    • BADROC646

      The difference is a Caribbean man will still support his child raise his child and that child will who his father is even if he’s not paying his presence will be felt !

  • Guest

    Caribbean woman here. I agree that all of this is true but they will also cheat on you left, right and center. And expect you to understand. 

    • Caribe1

      caribbean in the house……well if your stuff really was good like a chicken then he would’nt have to switch to a stake dinner. [not talking about eating vagina]. if your vagina wasn’t good enough to keep a man, then its you. so have a three some as a back up plan.

      • who cares

        haha, you make no sense… no relevance in conversation analogies to chicken dinners… lmao

      • Thumper

        Stake?……Let’s start with spelling..that’s STEAK
        next …I can’t even waste time on you man…………..good luck in life

      • what the hell did you just say?

      • Foxxyladynj

        No type of vagina will keep a man,men will cheat because of opportunity to do so,whether he is Caribbean,America,African,European,Asian,Latin.
        This is some silliness

        • Caribbean in the house

          & no type of broke man can’t keep or get a female who is materialistic cause her mind is set on the dollar sign only. they will cheat for money depends on the price of the value you know like females. man thats silly

    • Missy

      Most of em will but some of em won’t. Caribbean women are too permissive with it so that’s why it’s so rampant. 

      • WestIndian4Lyfee

        bullshti, carib women on the same run, so it is what it is. Besides, islands are small, and women socialize/network way more than men on the island so girls know who they dealing with before they get in a “relationship”, and just how they know who the “players” are, they know who the good guys are.  Small islands, everything goes through the grape vine

      • Too permissive? Don’t come to Queens talking like that!

      • BADROC646

        Caribbean women just understand that a man is just that a man. Where as in america women grow in this dream thinking that once your msrried it’s ” HAPPILY EVER AFTER !” Caribbean women remember that he did somethings right like: provide shelter, protect, lift the heavy stuff ,made her feel like a Queen, pay the bills ( even if they’re sharing the responsibility) and so on. American women negate everything once a man is unfaithful. Like living with a woman was ohh so perfect and you never did anything wrong like: being bossy , knowing it all, refusing to see your own flaws, holding out on the coochie, being lazy in bed cuz ya got the ring so you dont have to put in the work any more, not listening to the man, trying to be the boss, putting him on blast in public just so you look the boss and most importantly not letting him be the man.A man is supposed to lead and you are to follow, BE HIS NAVIGATOR ! When you dont agree with his choice or direction USE YOUR WOMAN VOICE (not shout him out like your a man) you’d be suprised how much more you can get from a REAL MAN when you act like a woman and not challenge him like your the man or can go toe to toe with him. We do hear nyou but sometimes yall go so far over board we’d rather stick too our guns than change our choice because all your gonna do is take joy in showing how wrong we were and just how ” right you ALWAYS ARE ! ”

        • Caribbean in the house

          who ever you are, I LOVE YOU.

    • WestIndian4Lyfee

      Caribbean women are just as “BAD” as caribbean men, every one of us know that from every island, so dont front, stop complaining cause u doin the sammmeee thing.

  • IllyPhilly

    each experience is different because I haven’t met a Caribbean man with any of these qualities.

    • BADROC646

      ILLYPHILLY I dont think you have met a real caribbean man then, Even with my father not being in the home I still have these qualities ( and I’m saying we are better or worse ) but it is apparent to me that as caribbean people go we tend to hold on to the family unit much more. We also LOVE our people and culture we have a country. So for example, when riding on a train if I look a black man in his eyes without anger a caribbean man or otherblack man ( not from america) he will acknowledge me without anger look me in my eyes and there is no animosity and he will greet me. However if I do the same with an afro-american chances are he will want to challenge me ( unless he’s a college educated man ). So there is one example of the difference between afro-american men ( I am generalizing here) and a caribbean man. We were’nt raised with that self hate or feling of being ” less than ” and that is why when we are stopped by police ( like YEAHOKAY2011 said in their post) we tend to be surprised at the racial issues. Mind you I’ve been in the US forover 30 years but it still is dis-heartening. So in closing I’m not saying we are better just different.

      • IllyPhilly

        Alright. understandable.

      • Caribbean in the house.

        i couldn’t have said it better myself. let me explain it to you this way. when you see black/american male act like that its the stupid rap music their listening to at the same time in the morning when you see them bopping their head looking tough at the same time. an incident like that happen to me when some not all but some of them when they stare at you ready to fight, so i let them know bring the war on suckas & they back down. & as for their women its them all the time i mean all 95% of them not some but 95% of them looking mean when they only could stare at you but you can’t stare back at them all because the stupid R&B music they listen to first thing in the morning man when some of them going to work or the ghetto ones not going nowhere but to the welfare office. i had to curse out some of them by letting them know wrong culture to bring that to, don’t get me mixed up with your black/american male just because i’m black. bring that mess to them not to caribbean/westindies. this is why i’m down on them my people because they don’t know how to communicate with each other & always putting one another down. thats why i segragate myself from them when some of them say whats up to me & i ignore them. its their war over here in america so don’t unite with them & get into there business when the white man attack them. love you my caribbean/westindies people, its you who i will protect cause i have haittians, trinidad, guyanese & the rest of the 3rd world as friends even my lovable real africans from africa & black/americans not included except for the very little few who likes us. one love.

  • F3ral Anarchy

    and they are different from any other culture of men how?

    • Caribe1

      caribbean in the house…….well duh, afro-american & westindies/caribbean men are not the same as you southern n*egros who was brought up in the sought. different culture different nationalities dummy. what, just because we have the same skin color doesn’t mean we are the same culture. remember the majority of your culture been rape by the white men so you’re a white person trap in a black people body.

      • WestIndian4Lyfee

        Im a man from the west indies as well and yes caribbeans/west indians (our cultures are really similar) are very different from black americans, we DO NOT think like them and a lot of the times we dont understand why they act the way they act.  We do see ourselves as seperate from black americans.  we have our own culture and beliefs and our societies are mostly black and run by blacks, i never felt any racial tension or profiling in my life until i went on vacation to Florida.

        • YeahOkay2011

           That was your N**** wake up call. It tickles me to see the look on your faces when get that little reminder from our police forces in the states. LOL.

          • millionario

            Hey Yeahokay2011,
                                         Don’t get it wrong, black West Indians are aware of the situation in the US. It’s just that we don’t suffer from the neuroses brought on by being part of a minority so it can be a bit unnerving if racist attitudes are directed towards us. 

      • Thumper

        “a white person trapped in a white person’s body”……..you guys just keep amazing me with your timeless intelligence……..NOT!!

        • caribbean in the house

          caribbean in the house…….yes a white person trap in a black culture body [afro-american], remember your racist fore father rape the black women since day one when they where aboard the ship & it went on on to a land which you european stole from the indians & named the land yourselves THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. rite stupid. so when the babies came out white out of the black woman [thats when light skinned first invented] whom your fore fathers raped the light skinned revert back to there dark skined color but they fail to realize they came from the white man seed so yes he/she is a white boy/girl traped in a black people body looking black. haven’t you noticed how in america they are starting to strip of they blackness by seeing huge white spot transforming. & if you do a family tree background ancestry check, you know the majority of the afro-american came from the white man. which mean they are not african-american nor afro-american but european/negros.

          • F3ral Anarchy

            what does any of what you have to say have to do with a man being hard working, loving their mother, working with their hands etc?

            • caribbean in the house

              caribbean in the house………these other no good females are not saying what you’re saying. they are no good “triffling” if i’m spelling it right.

          • Blacklolita

            Light skin Blacks didn’t just started in America,plus the same rape you speak of did occur in the Caribbean countries too…seriously stop the nonsense!

            • Caribbean in the house

              me stop the nonsense, what……because i’m telling the truth what they really don’t want to hear cause they like to be in denial like all the time. they started the racial tension between the afro/american vs the caribbean/westindies war not us. so if they are gonna speak down on my people then i’m gonna speak down on their people. you forget one thing about america that it was built on racisms not love for other cultures. so if one can’t beat racisms in ameica, JOIN IT.

      • F3ral Anarchy

        speak English much?

        • F3ral Anarchy

          what language are you typing in because obviously…..you have opened a book or 2 on english grammar.  i never made fun of anything…i asked a simple question

          • caribbean in the house

            caribbean in the house………then check your statement when your asking me if i “SPEAK ENGLISH MUCH”, am i not supposed to take it the wrong way. english is not my original language. its the british then white america & i believe its not apart of your language also if you happen to be an afro-american [european/negro].

            • F3ral Anarchy

              then please sir inform me as to what black americans should speak in 2011…..

  • GINA

    STAY AWAY FROM JAMAICAN MEN! This is coming from a Jamaican woman.

    • caribbean in the house

      caribbean in the house…….shut yuh rass mout. guh wash yuh punnie an seckle dung wid wan mon, nat plenty pass yu age. who di hell want a dibby dibby gyal yuh jancro yu. yuh look like di type ah ooman who gi mon jacket. nuh mon wants tu bi a sapps

      • detroitgirl


        • guest

          lmao he said shut your mouth.  go and bathe your vagina and settle down with a man.

          • Thumper

            your a real class act…… NOT!

      • Thumper

        ………and in grammatically correct (educated) english that means what…?

      • Senise B.


      • HabibtiKhalisa


    • detroitgirl

      What the hell did that dude below say?

  • L-Boogie

    I have met men from Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands (American and British) and they all were so FINE!  And many super educated.  Oh, plus their skin was absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  • Jasmine

    I born and live in a Caribbean island and so sad to say most of them have no respect for women..they still think that a woman place is in the home and all she should do is wash, cook, put their food on table etc..

    • caribbean in the house

      caribbean in the house….yes according to the bible its a women role in life & not a job because a job you get paid for & a role is you do it for free. it’s lazy women who change the law, not men or the bible. no man wants a strong black woman nor any cultured female who think she’s over the men with her fussy self stirring up arguments all the time for no appearent reason cause its that time of the month everyday to them. thats why they become babymothers instead cause the guy can’t take it no more. what real men wants to be with an argumental chick. & no rich man definetly wants a lazy women who in his heart wants to take care of his woman in a loving way but all she wants in return is gimme gimme all the time & only think of herself. rich men, watch out for women like these.

      • Tiredofrhebs

        U shld change ur name as dumb4life

      • Foxxy

        Ignorance is bliss!

  • LOVE IT!! Wish I could find me a rude boy 😉

  • mzindie

    Serial Cheaters MOST are and expect their women to put up with it…Too much of a cultural dvide for me…NOPE!!!

    • KeepinReal

      I dated a Jamaican, lawd he was so selfish! HELL TO DA NO!  My Jamaican girlfriend told me to be very careful dating Jamaicans or Caribbeans in general. They always have a Caribbean chick on the side, because of the cultural connection.She was so right!  It’s the same problem with dating Nigerians. They’ll date any black chick and end up marrying a Nigerian. Again, it’s that culture connection. Many African American/Black Americans ,unfortunately, don’t understand this cultural connection within Caribbeans and Africans and other groups of people.
      Haitian men are so possessive. Hell! even my Haitian girlfriends complain about them. 
      They are not all bad, cause my Jamaican girlfriend is married to a good Jamaican man, but be careful when you date a Caribbean man! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

      • Tiredofthebs

        Ur an idiot. N i like how u xall out Black women, but whose on the arms of these men when they get money, most of the time, it’s not the Black women who were with them when they didnt have shxx, but since ur comment is so dumb, i’m sure my cment will be lost on u.

        • Ki

          i think that person was being facetious in response to the other comment about how all carribbean men were cheaters. See they said a statement that cast a wide net over all AA women to prove…

      • Beth

        THANK YOU !

      • Naphisa0333


        • deesse

          girl you are crazy nigerian men are even bigger cheaters than aribbean men and i thought that was impossible lol

          • Ciara

            I have many white friends who has boyfriends or friends with benefits who are Nigerians, they all have other women at home sitting with their children while they just work, sleep with other women etc. of course they still take care of their child mother and their children, but if you are married can you really accept the fact that man cheats on you?

      • Deedee_404

        Well I married my Caribbean Man. It might help that I have Caribbean roots myself. Peopel are people no matter where they come from. i will say from growing up in a Caribbean household, there is some truth to this list. My parents have been married 43 years, and every saturday morning, they still turn on a slasa record ( yes the LP) and dance with one another. I love that my husband not only dances with me, but he always makes me feel like the first time he asked me to dance.  There is something to be said about swaying to the sounds of soca music wrapped in a island man’s arms

      • Ci

        I dated one (1) Jamaican brother during my pre/college years, he was truly a jewel and a gentleman.  He was then, and even to this day is a God-fearing Christian man.  This may have been the difference.  Besides him, NOT ALL, but a lot of the Jamaican men I know are “players’ and “womanizers”. On a personal note, I have experienced the “secret lover”, which for him was probably me. He was with a married Carribean woman.  WORST, his grandmother and mother knew. Culture has nothing to do with what is “right” or “wrong”.

      • Ci

        All girls and women are not after finances.  I am a single African-American woman with my own place, credit (never had a co-signer), re-enrolling in college to obtain a degree, decent paying full-time job. I will be the first to say that I am single because I won’t settle for nonsense (i.e. – NO, we cannot shack, or live together, NO, loving without the marriage certificate, NO other women or even man on the side, NO man who lives at home in his mother’s or some other relative’s house in a “basement bachelor pad”, and etc.  A lot of MEN and WOMEN have passed up Mr. or Mrs. Right for less than the best.  I have never heard any man say that he wants a woman with bad credit, living at home with her parent(s), uneducated, a high-school dropout, a mother with different children by different men, and so forth.  Many women easily accept one or more of the above from men. Sadly, statistically, many of the men who complain and make negative statements about WOMEN in general were raised by single women.  You would think they would have more respect for the imperfect parent who stuck it out and tried to be a good parent. 

        • Senise B.

          Damn right girl! You get that degree. I don’t know u but I’m happy for and proud of you!

        • Solemei 683

          Bravo! Well said!

      • deesse

        the caribbean is soooo vast hard to generalize. in my opinion west caribbeans are soooo very different from east or southern caribbean men. yes ill take a dominican, st lucian any day. all the things listed above but also humble. probably has something to do with coming from a small island. 

  • This is ridiculous because the same way they have bad men they have good men and it has nothing to do with his color or ethnicity. Whatever happened to actually getting to know someone actually for them and then moving on from there?

    • Anna Gno Muss

      The list doesn’t say that they are PERFECT. It’s just a list of things to appreciate.


        Well, by that logic, TED BUNDY and CHARLES MANSON can be “APPRECIATED”, because TED BUNDY was SUPPOSEDLY handsome, and CHARLES MANSON was an exceptional musician for his time….Perhaps they should do and article on reasons to date and appreciate them as well???

        • Xandra

          I think you need a refresher course on the meaning of the word “logic” – your reply is completely nonsensical.

      • Millionario

        Not boasting, but I’m a Caribbean man and this list describes me to a “T”!

  • Aguest

    Why don’t black women just date each other and see how that goes.I’m very serious.

    • IllyPhilly



      Better yet, why don’t all black men give each other cream for dinner because most of them are in jail or on the DL. Yes, this is indeed an ignorant comment, now you see how it feels to generalize. Not all black women are bitter and unhappy. Not all of us have negative attitudes toward men. Judge the person, not the stereotype. People love making black women the “worlds” negativity pit. Really, life is not this serious; love, peace and soul.


        They might not” ALL” be bitter and unhappy, but judging from the stance of your post, there is a majority that are, yet fail to accept ANY criticism whether positive OR negative and attempt to deflect, dodge and disavow any wrongdoing on their part….And you may want people to “JUDGE the PERSON”, but in reality BLACK womens’ REPUTATIONS precede them and more often than not, they suffer from “BAD PRESS” as a result of the actions of a few, just as BLACK MEN do as well…. And I’d agree that people wouldn’t view BLACK WOMEN as a “NEGATIVITY PIT” without evidence and examples to back it up… HOWEVER, they do little to prove the stereotypes and stigmatas that follow BLACK WOMEN FALSE…In short, QUIT MAKING EXCUSES FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR AND ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS….

        • B

          Do you know what stigmata are fool?They are marks on a person’s body like those left on Jesus when He was crucified.

          • Senise B.

            DEAD @ stigmata…

      • Vee

        So true I cannot stand generalizations. We all have faults. Rather, women, men, white, black, west Indian Yellow, green, Asian and etc


      They already do…..They call themselves lesbians, and oddly enough, they have the same complaints as a lot of the men do…..

      • HARDMIKE


  • Guess


  • Good list!!

  • kim

    everything you stated is soo rite 

    • Beth


      • HOT DAMN!

      • Thumper

        Big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Darkman

        Check the HIV here, for black americans. You’ll be surprised…

        • Helpppful

          Black Americans have a high HIV rate. Washington, DC has the highest HIV rate in the whole world. I don’t know why those who live in glass houses throw stones.

          • Caribbean in the house

            yep because the black/american male like to go down alot because they don’t know how to dagger their women. you see thats why caribbean/westindies don’t go down.

            • djphoenix

              Not true. They don’t like to admit, but they do it and quite well I might add.

          • djphoenix

            Funny, as a researcher, I know this first hand. When data/statisticss are generally communicated for Black Americans, they usually include Blacks in American, including those from the Caribbean and Afro-Latino communities. Example, not so research oriented, however, it makes the case. Remember the rape “wilding” incident in New York City’s Central Park?. All perpetrators were identified as Black, meaning Black American.  The perpetrators, guys who attended the school where I taught, were Afro-Latino and Caribbean. Not one was technically African American. Finally, I am married to a man from Barbados. He has lost two brothers to HIV Aids. I am African American, not one of my family members have ever been infected. Your reasoning, just does not add up to logic. Like it or not, we are all connected under American pigmentation rules.  Let’s stop this stupid tribalism.

        • Caribbean in the house

          yep & thats why they always advertise thier h.i.v. commercial on B.E.T.V. alot & you will see their posters plasterd all on the city transit buses in new york.

          • djphoenix

            You seem to watch BET, so technically, those ads are targeted at you too. Hum.

      • Munthir2002

        Ohhh Niomi, I am so sorry HIV was the price you paid to get your grove back, now you are bitter

      • Pissed_off_Caribbean_National

        I had no Idea that people could be so damn ignorant……I must say I am appalled by your stupidity…..I am a Caribbean man and yes there is a prevalence of the HIV virus but for the past 10 yrs Caribbean governments have managed to keep it under control and look at the rates for the United states.

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