Shocking! Bronx Groom Commits Suicide Hours After Wedding

November 22, 2011  |  

This may sound unreal but according to the New York Post, 28-year-old Bronx resident Fernando Brazier leaped to his death the morning after his wedding. Brazier left his hotel suite around 9am on Sunday morning, leaving a note with the front desk at the Raddison hotel for his new wife. The note said that “he couldn’t take it anymore, and to take care of the kids,” according to his sister Shawna Weeks. He also left his ring in the evelope.

Brazier is said to have jumped into the Harlem River. His body was found by the FDNY Marine unit in the waters near a state park.

When we first heard of this story in the Madame Noire office, we were shocked. But as we thought about it some more, we thought: “could he have possibly been killed?” We’ve seen enough Law & Order episodes to know that this may be a much more complicated matter. One piece of information that seemed a little shady is that Brazier supposedly told his wife in the note where his body could be found. According to the NY Post exclusive: “Police sources said Brazier’s note told [his wife] Hay  that he could be found at the bottom of the river, not far from a Pathamark supermarket and Dyckman Street on the Manhattan side.”

Brazier and his wife had been dating since they were teenagers and have two young daughters, ages 5 and 2. It’s sad that his wife and family have to experience such a traumatic turn of events but hopefully they’ll find some closure in the truth.

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  • Foolishness abounds

    I would guess money problems or some other deep secrets he was trying to hide from them and he felt like he would be worth more to them dead.

  • Ifuaskme2

    Maybe he saw the bill

  • Wow this couldn’t be qa dumber article. He LEFT A NOTE AT THE DESK. If someone killed him, someone ELSE would have left the note at the desk …. Draaaaaaaaaaaamadramadramadramadramadrama. Shame on you for adding upset to this family’s tragedy. Tsk.

  • I just think this man was selfish. If you calculate the cost of getting married, decor, dresses, suits, food, location, rings, etc. and his two children I dont seem to understand why he did this. Then again, I dont know this man so I cannot judge. It’s just very sad because now these little girls must grow up without their father and the women who looks blissfully happy in the picture must be mother, father, and therapist. If he wanted to kill himself, he could have atleast save this women the embarassment and wedding costs! God be with the girls

    • Melly

      You’re right. You do NOT know this man nor, does it seem, what it is like to be truly depressed. You never know what someone is going through in their lives (all we have to judge him on is a 4 paragraph article). Though its devastating for the wife and the kids, we only know one fraction of the entire story. Very sad.


      It sounds a little suspect to be suicide. How can you possibly know where the current would carry you?Think before criticizing the dead. IJS!

  • Wow. This is awful. Especially since he just gotten married…

  • Darling…

    I think he just wanted to fulfill his promise to marry her and did. Then it was time to go.  I’m just glad he didn’t take the kids.

  • Fsam

    If you do the proper research,  you will find there is a higher suicide rate among men than women. Women are more open to speaking about their feelings and seeking help. Men were brought up not to speak about how they feel, because they worry about what other people would say. Sometimes you won’t know till they do something drastic, like this case.

  • Gosh people… read the article!

  • Veneshiaj

    Well he doesnt look very happy in the pic

  • sounds to me like it was suicide. having worked in psych I’ve seen my share of suicide notes.  the person usually wants to be found, this is not uncommon.  suicide notes also usually contain requests, example – “please give all belongings to ___________.” does not seem fishy to me, but sad.  I agree with Elaine.

  • Jimmy Swaggered

    Good lord man!!! 

    The solution to getting through your wedding day is Jack Daniels, not suicide!

  • currvalicious

    There had to be issues leading up to this tragedy that was ignored.  Maybe he didn’t want to get married and felt pressured.

    • After being together since they were teenagers? I think something else was up.

  • Guest

    Wow…very sad…my prayers go out to his family.