Tasha Smith Dismisses “Angry Black Woman” Criticisms

November 23, 2011  |  

In less than a week, Tasha Smith will bring her “Why Did I Get Married” character Angela to the small screen in the new sitcom “For Better or Worse.”  The loud, argumentative, and perpetually tipsy persona of the character has been criticized as yet another representation of the “angry black woman” stereotype, which has turned some fans off. But in a recent interview, the newlywed actress says she’s not buying it. The stunning actress told Black Enterprise:

C’mon let’s be real: Any woman who has been in a relationship and has experienced anything close to what Angela and Marcus have knows things happen. People want to say Black women are loud, but everyone knows it was a white woman who cut off her man’s penis. You never heard a Black woman doing that! A Black woman might put a hoe in check; but she ain’t cutting off no penis. (Laughs) Angela’s passionate, and if people give [the show] a chance, they will see how she matures as we all do.

I have to agree with Tasha. Sometimes we get so caught up in image and how we’ll be perceived that we don’t even allow ourselves to see the humor in certain things, like the obviously over-the-top nature of Angela and Marcus’ relationship. Perhaps it’s the fact that Tyler Perry is behind the production that makes some automatically squeamish, which is another issue in and of itself. But Angela’s character was obviously created to invoke humor, and that she does. Plus, it shouldn’t be ignored that she is a successful businesswoman, and in the movie was one of four upscale black women with far more toned down personalities.

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  • Lakishaldavis

    Its fiction get a life people the majority of everything on tv is degrading. The world is not perfect and everyone even man get loud so what.

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    Instead of focusing on Tasha Smith’s character, we need to focus on this label of an “angry Black woman”. Where did this label come from and why/how have we allowed ourselves to internalize it? I don’t care how composed of a woman you are or claim yourself to be, if you get mad enough, you will become Tasha Smith’s character. This woman lives within all of us and can emerge in even the best of us. 

  • Tasha Smith should be proud. We can soon add the name “Angela” to the list of black women tropes like Sapphire and Mammy! :-/

  • Anonymous

    I noticed Tyler Perry change after he started making movies…I have always preferred the plays.

  • Guest

    I’ll check it out.

    I’m a little tired of this defensiveness about any Black woman on TV. As a Black woman who is rather soft spoken I don’t see her character as a representation of me but rather something that anyone can watch and enjoy and relate to on some level. If anything, in the movie they delved deeper in to the why she behaved the way she did and it was because of insecurities she had in her marriage. I see this show as taking a stereotypical character that I think we’re all familiar with and looking a little deeper into why she does the things she does.  

  • Carliss276

    I absolutely love Tasha character, but I do think the show show should implicate a new and improve Tasha. Seriously, I do believe that Mr. Perry will produce any type of character that will make him a lot of money. He’s changed a lot from being HUMBLE, but I still love him. I do think that the money is changing his beliefs and morals.

    • Girliusmaximus

      Good point. Prime example of that would be Kim Kardashian.

  • Bhyhy

    Lorena Bobbitt is Ecuadorian

    • reese

      I think she was referring to the recent one who put the man’s penis in the garbage disposer.  It happened a few months back.

  • AfricanQueen

    Unfortunately that loudness is being associated with African American woman is impacting their dating lives, and  even affecting those sistas who are not loud.I dated a Black American doctor, who told me  he  refuses to date  Black  Americans( mind you he is one) because he says they are loud, obnoxious, and have messed up values. I had to defend the Black American  women ,who i know, that are good women who are not loud. But he said that his experience and he is not changing his mind. 

  • Liz

    entirely agreed with this article

  • IllyPhilly

    IDK, if I have to spend that much time cussing, fussing, and burning the car up, It’s time to go. This show just seems like that’s all it’s going to be about.

  • Wait! Did Ms. Smith justify her character’s “angry black demeanor” with a comparison towards other races  castrating men out of rage!? SMH, I know it was done/said in jest but, women all over the world are crazy, haha.
    Hide your spoons, hide your knives…

    • Darlene

      She’s a comedian.

  • you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig…………you can come up with any response you want, at the end of the day her character is loud. 

  • SoOverTP

    I will not support or watch anything by Tyler Perry.  No maam.

    • Blossom25

      That’s an awful thing to say.

      • reese

        If she doesn’t like his work or like other people who have been offended by the way black people are represented in his work.  She don’t have to watch it or support it.  I won’t support little wayne or Nikki M sue me.

  • Nekoj47

    Great response.  See myself in this one.

  • Love_Sexy

    Thank you Tasha Smith!