New Survey Says: More Black Women Find Themselves Hot!

November 10, 2011  |  

Black Girls Rock. And we know it. In a new survey by Allure magazine, 2,000 men and women were asked to rate their personal attractiveness and African-American women were three times as likely as Caucasian women to rate themselves at the hot end of the spectrum.  Go us!

Results like these and those from the Dove study showing we love our hair fly right in the face of other reports like Satoshi Kanazawa’s Psychology Today study suggesting black women are the least attractive. Say what you want about black women. We know we’re hot and we won’t let society make us think otherwise. Even though attacks on the larger women among us are growing in the media and in our own community.

Where would you rate your looks on a scale from hot to pretty easy on the eyes? Is there a lot you would change about yourself?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • mmmm Black wimenz

     Dear black women

    God damn you lot are nice to look at. No, I’m not trying to creep you out. It’s always fun to hang out with a nice, self confident woman once and a while.

    Sincerely: A White Man.

    PS: u mad Tyrone?


  • nothin 

  • reese

    Less than 1% of bw have blond hair.  

  • Darkesthourglass

    Nothing wrong for a (black) woman to find themselves hot even when they’re not. Who wants to go around thinking that they’re ugly? Plus a lot of us are told by our parents that we’re beautiful at a very young age and not to let anyone tell you differently so I guess that helps with the ego as well.

  • RahTruth

    In our culture, curves are welcome. And, we are encouraged to be creative with our style. It only makes sense! lol

  • Ms. Got her own

    So what about white women that wear weaves?? Oh I forgot, they call it extensions. Lol you’re just a bitter loser. So pathetic.

    • Remember; if white women do it, it’s cool. If black women do it; it’s ghetto. 

      This is coming from a dread locked girl. I don’t wear weaves, but I don’t think it’s fair to have a double standard. White women get away with everything. 

  • Tia

    Hot black woman here-5’10” 140 lbs. natural hair but will rock a weave when I want to. Hubby thinks so but more importantly I know so 😀


    So now you don’t want people to post up objective points of view on here??? Whatever could the reason be for that???


      Could it be that you don’t want BLACK MEN to state their opinions of what some of these women actually look like in the media??? Or is it that you just want them to have their “FEEL GOOD” moment????

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  • Kelly

    But you forgot to add that the allure magazine survey also said people view mixed race women the best looking. 

    • MsDdre

      …and so what’s your point?…black women don’t need validation from others to know that we are indeed more confident and that we have higher self esteem…


    • True beautiful, Black, African women are not like the others. We’re raised to treat ourselves proper (although so get a little murky), be confident, have fun, treat others with respect and ourselves. Of course, we know how white mothers teach their daughters to act. No additional info needed. Maybe mixed race women (light) need that validation because they realize that neither side accepts them fully. Sadness.

    • reese

      Two different things.   One is how we percieve ourselves.  The other is how others percieve who is attractive.   Real confidence doesn’t rely on how others deem attractive.   You will be up and down if you rely on what others think of you because anywhere you go people are going to think you are ugly and someone thinks you are hot and everything else in between. 

  • Jessica

    I LOVE to read stuff like this!  I would rate myself as pretty fine lol 🙂