Hairstyle Dos and Don’ts for Round Faces: Ashanti

November 2, 2011  |  
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If you’re a round-faced gal, the perfect hairstyle for you will increase height and decrease width.  Hair can only do so much in regards to the depth of your face, which has the tendency to appear flat. Round faces are known for their soft and less angular bone structure, so if your concern is depth related; you should look into contouring with makeup.

Ashanti is one celebrity with a round face and judging from many of the pictures I came across of her, I think her stylist knows it! A lot of her hairstyles aim to give her face some height and that’s a good thing. I did however come across some no no’s that I will be sharing with you.


Long hair is great for adding length to your face but you have to style it correctly. Styling it flat with a middle part is not going to do much for you but emphasize the roundness of your face.














Both work! The side part on the left will cut into the width of your face while the slightly elevated layer of hair on the right adds height.


Pulling your hair back just puts everything out there. If you don’t want any hair on your face, you can still pull it off. Just tweak the style a little…




Add some volume on top! This generally always works for you. How high you want it is your choice, but it will naturally give your face some height. The over-the-shoulder hair also works to complement this illusion.



Short bobs = no. If you want a bob, get a longer one and make sure it stops at least two inches below your chin. A little Rihanna-esque, if you will. Oh, try a side swept bang with that and you’ll be set.


Layers+long hair+side part+hump are all working together to frame, elongate and slim down her face a little. The uneven not-so-perfect look makes it perfect.


Too much volume around your temple and cheek area will make your face look wider. Plus the hair stops at her chin—not a good length for round faces.


Again, if you don’t want too much hair hanging or flying around, convert the style into a funky a updo. Notice how less wide her face looks.


I ALMOST love this look. The hair is slightly elevated again and the length is perfect, but curls are a problem for round faces. They give you what you already have–a rounder and wider face. Stay away from them! Looser waves generally work better.

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  • Roundfacegal

    I know I’m late but I found this via google…and I just have to say…a lot of the hairstyles you didn’t like that much,  I actually found the most striking. Particularly #10 and the one where she had the long braid. Most of the ones with her wearing hairstyles generally considered best suited for round faces, I didn’t like. It’s hard out here for a round face gal…especially one with natural hair!

  • Karmen

    Thanks for the tips i really needed them now i know how to do my hair (:

  • Seriously?

    What if you have naturally curly hair, and you can’t afford to straighten or curl your hair every day because it’s extremely damaging to your hair? Way to help people feel more confident with the face AND hair they were born with…

  • Anotheropinion

    This woman has an OVAL shaped face and she looks stunning in any ‘do she does. Leave her alone and pick on a fat girl instead, and stop mistaking young beauty for fat. 

  • I just tried making these tonight, and it was a big mess! Granted, I didn’t have a tortilla press, but I wanted to try it out to see how it would go. I did learn something, though I have to get the consistency right. My “dough” started out too wet and was impossible to get it off the cutting board once I patted it down flat. I added more flour, but then it crumbled really easily. I have ordered a tortilla press and it’s been shipped, but I still have to get the consistency right in order to get it off the press! So instead of pork tacos, we’re having pork with a side of tortilla pieces…

  • Frani

    thnx MD, i totally agree witth this article. i have a round/fat face. and i have made these hair mistakes in the past. i will never forget the time an old hair stylist cut my hair into a short bob, i sat in the bathroom and cried…

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  • Guest

    Oh wow. I didn’t realize I had to do extra work to make my round face so appealing…

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  • L-Boogie

    Thank you, MN.

  • L-Boogie

    Thank you, MN.

  • Jmaicanbadgyal

    hater..are u serious?//… telling the truth is being a hater?…its called constructive criticism.. wow..u ppl r silly beyond belief

    • mw

      It’s because as stans, everything she does is perfect. She can wear jolly ranchers in her hair and a Stan who hated that look would instantly embrace it. The bias is beyond belief. Dont get me wrong, i Love Ashanti, but everyone, even me, will make choices that deserve a little constructive criticism. It’s not hating, in fact it’s helping. Ignorance nowadays, smh.

  • RoundnRocking it!

    Why criticize one beautiful black womans every look? She looks GREAT in every shot. Her ROUND face is gorgeous in every shot. Madame Noir is a HATER! #fail

    • Peace Joy21

      They are not haters she does look nice but there is a way to style your hair that make your face look better so what is so damn wrong with an expert teaching you  something extra ! damn people, anyway thank you Madame Niore for posting this article as  I do have a round face and I agree 100%.

  • Guest

    Man I wish I did not have to toggle pages to read articles on this site. Please put the entire article on one page. I love the site but rarely visit because the paging over sucks!

  • lifeandstylesoftheyoungandrestless

    Exactly what is wrong with having a round face? God gave it to you, flaunt it!
    And Ashanti looked great in almost every hair style. Why hide the beautiful face you were born with?

  • JAY Bird

    Thankssss So Much!!! I have a round face too nd I actually follow some of these rules naturally but there are certain styles I’ll wear despite what I heard like the Bun look.

  • msknowitall

    Thanks for this MN, I have a round face too. Gotta becareful what styles to rock, I hate the fact that most hairstylists down south don’t style your hair based on your face shape. Some of them have this one-style-fit all attitude. I had to learn to style my own hair because of this. Some styles look awful on round face regardless of how cute they look on other face shapes.