Black Nurses Sue Over Not Being Allowed to Care for White Patients

November 1, 2011  |  

Four women in Cobb County, GA, are filing a civil rights lawsuit against nursing company Accord Services for not sending black nurses to take care of white patients.

Tracee Goodman, a former Accord Services Human Resources employee, said before she placed someone in a position she was blatantly asked what color she was and her age.

Another former employee, Erika Arnold, who was terminated by the company, told a local news station, “You could hear something from ‘We can’t use a nurse because they were too ghetto’ [to] ‘This client doesn’t prefer foreigners’ and ‘Black women are not professional.’”

Accord’s administrator says the claims are completely false, but the four women plan to go forward in their quest for monetary damages due to the company’s practices.


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  • And it's annoying that Black people expect you to just agree with their opinions soley on the grounds that you are Black too. I'm one of the first to admit that sometimes, the biggest hinderance to Black people is OTHER BLACK PEOPLE. Open your minds.

    • Almondkiss32

      Its true…I worked as HR there and I warned Freddy Allen, the administrator (who is African American) that it is the responsibility of the agency to abide employment laws. They defended it by saying its in the patient bill of rights. Obviously they can’t read.
      I they learn a very valuable lesson. They only cared about the bottom line to keep the patient happy.
      Oh well….

  • I am Black, and though I don't agree with judging people before you have even witnessed their attitude and work ethic, I have to admit that I have seen this kind of unprofessionalism on the part of other Black people. Try going to Walmart. Usually it is on the part of Black females unfortunately. I had one girl say absolutely NOTHING to me as she was checking me out. I nearly asked her if she was okay, but decided that neither she nor the situation was worth my time. I could understand someone who has had bad experiences with people of color and already not feeling 100% wanting to avoid dealing with that at such a harrowing time. It may not be right, but try being on your sickbed and being given a nurse who's attitude and lack of professional appearance or demeanor makes you afraid to press your call button. Just saying.

  • ray man

    once upon a time you were forced to take care of them now you sue to take care of them go figure

  • Shanni1luv

    To the BLACK person that commented above that agrees with this story, SHAME ON YOU. Just for making such generalization about ANY race. All races have proven to be all things unpleasant at one time or another. Shame, shame, shame. You are feeding a wild fire here that needs now extra fuel.

  • zephyr

    I believe this. I had 4 patients request their nurses be caucasian only. older patients from a different era what else can be expected

  • Shanni1luv

    What horse sh*t. I'd like to see someone on their death bed have to choose between letting someone black save their lives or JUST DYING.

  • Iknow

    I have read the comments of many followers of this story on several sites. As a former employee of this company, I know what they are talking about. In most cases, the manager would not meet the people that they label as "ghetto" He limits the working opportunities of well qualified people simply because they are black. Oh and might I add I am white, the comments made in the office (by a black man) calling larger black women "Aunt Jemima" and telling educated, professional black women that they "better be happy, they don’t have many other options"(for employment) is despicable and I commend these women (one of which I have actually met-and is nothing like ghetto).

  • MadameH

    Well I guess if I was being racist the BLACK nurse who sat with me morning, noon, and night when my lungs collapsed should never have been in my room right? There’s ignorance and “ghettoness” in every race. I’ve had more rude white nurses in my life than black or any other color.

  • MadameH

    Well I guess if I was bring racist the BLACK nurse who sat with me morning, noon, and night when my lungs collapsed should never been in my room right? There’s ignorance and “ghettoness” in every race. I’ve had more rude white nurses in my life than black or any other color.

  • sotrue

    They are not lying black people are not professional and I am a black person, I go to other races in the check out line and i cringe when I have to deal with them at the bank, school or doctor's office. They always look pissed off , never greet you with pleasantries and always mad at the world. Instead of complaining change your stank attitudes.

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  • Kristen

    Maybe people need to stop blaming racism and start looking at their own behavior. My grandmother had a Jamaican nurse in the hospital who was absolutely horrible. She couldn't insert IV's properly, resulting in my poor Grandma being stuck twenty times and I don't know where the hell she got her alleged training from. Maybe there were client complaints against these nurses that were warranted. A lot of times black women don't realize that what they see as "normal" behavior is interpreted as ghetto by mainstream society. Personally i don't want some nurse showing up at my door with two inch acrylic nails and rainbow brite weave.

    • Iknow

      There are rude people of every race every and nationality, however, blatant racism in what is suppose to be a professional workplace is not only intolerable but it is illegal. I actually worked there for a short while in 2007. I know full well what these ladies speak of. I am not a black employee and I took offence to many of the things that were said. No one should be subjected to hostile work environment.

    • Guest

      So all Jamaican nurses are horrible? And you sat and watched your grandma get stuck twenty times?! yea ok.

    • does it matter

      i know white ppl with two inch acrylic nails and rainbow brite weaves…i also know white ppl in the medical field that are non-black and are what they consider "professional and educated" that couldn't insert iv's properly,give the wrong meds, hell my sister was given intstructions from her white dr that had her given pt the wrong meds and shes telling the dr that the meds are wrong, but instructed her to do so anyway and then guess what my sis got fired bc of it, hell i don't know where they got their alleged training from either..gofigure

  • msknowitall

    Sue the hell out of them. You got my support! the racism in the south is ridiculous. Someone please call Herman Cain and tell him racism is still alive and well

    • I agree 100%.

    • Ionlyluvheels

      uh sorry, herman cain is white. well he claims himself white since he’s a republican.