Reasons Pursuing The Perfect Body Is Just Dumb

September 12, 2017  |  
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Everybody thinks they’d be happy if they had the perfect body. Many people believe that life would be so much easier if they were in perfect physical condition—that somehow they’d get better jobs, have better romantic partners, have a more exciting social life and just find the minutia of everyday life easier. Of course, if you were to speak to someone who you believe has the perfect body, you’d find that she—like you—experiences sadness, anger, frustration and even rejection (yes, rejection) on a regular basis. People with perfect bodies still get flat tires, still have health scares, still have dating struggles and still find life challenging at times. But on top of that, they have to be at the gym three hours a day. Ugh. Perhaps we put too much importance on the perfect body. Here is why aspiring to have the perfect body is just dumb.


You’ll fight an uphill battle with age

Maybe in yours 20s and 30s you can pop up at 6 in the morning and hit the gym two hours before work. Maybe when you’re young you can starve yourself and run on pure adrenaline and excitement to keep you going. But beyond that age, you’ll have to work immeasurably harder to keep that body. In fact, you’ll probably let it go at that point. So what was the point of being miserable in your 20s and 30s? Everybody was going to see your flaws eventually!


Everyone’s idea of the perfect body is different

If you want the perfect body in order to please somebody besides yourself, then that’s a fruitless pursuit. Everybody’s idea of the perfect body is different! You may become a mean, lean athletic machine and fall in love with a man who honestly prefers a little more curves.



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You’ll measure your worth based on your body

If you truly aspire for the perfect body—if it’s a priority for you—then any time you do the smallest thing that doesn’t help you achieve that body, you’ll be hard on yourself. You’ll tell yourself that that day, you failed as a human. You won’t even notice all your other wonderful accomplishments.


You’re mortal

You know you’re going to die, right? Not today, but some day. It’s really quite silly that we try to perfect our bodies, as if we’re some sort of gods, when these bodies are all headed to the same place—the ground. You’re really just leasing your body. Do you really want to put that much work into it? Would you improve a car that you were leasing?





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There are much better things to do

Go back to school, start that business, learn that second language, travel, volunteer, write a book…there are so many more honorable ways to spend your time than perfecting your physical body. It’s almost irresponsible to be a human with a mind capable of wonderful things, and to waste it so you can go to the gym.



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Your body won’t leave a mark on this world

Your body will not be your legacy. The things you do in this world and the way you interact with other humans will be your legacy. Do you honesty think that at your funeral people will be saying, “Ah. She had such a great body. Such a shame she’s gone?”


Because screw societal expectations

We don’t need one more person in this world who is feeding into the societal expectations and beauty standards. Screw them. They don’t deserve your devotion. They don’t deserve your life. They don’t care about you so why should you care about them?


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You can be a role model instead of the problem

There are so many people, men and women, of all ages, who could really use a role model in the body love department. If you’re angry with yourself over eating a cookie or ashamed to go outside because your abs aren’t perfect that day, you are not one of those role models. Wouldn’t you like to be one, though?


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Your body is more than its appearance

Your body isn’t just an aesthetic object meant to be marveled at. Your body is the vessel through which you experience this world. Your body lets you listen to music, taste food, speak your truth, climb mountains and dance. To prioritize aesthetic perfection is to ignore all the other merits of the body.




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You can fall out of rhythm with your body

If you’re going to have the perfect body, you’re probably going to have to go against your body’s needs every day. You’re going to get up to exercise when you should be sleeping. You’re going to avoid carbohydrates when your brain could actually really use them. You’re going to push yourself too hard at the gym when your body is begging for a break.



If you want kids, it’s just silly

There are two changes in life that make pursuing the perfect body silly: age, and parenthood. You can kiss that perfect body goodbye if you want to not only have children but also be a good mom! Being a good mom means spending time with your kids, rather than leaving them with a babysitter three hours a day so you can work out. Being a good mom means loving your body, resting and feeding yourself so you can be in a good mood for your kids. None of that is conducive to the perfect body.

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If this is based on clothes, forget it

No one body looks good in every style of clothing. So if your desire for the perfect body stems from a love of clothes, you’ll be pretty disappointed when you’ve spent thousands of hours in the gym and dollars on exercise supplements only to find that you’ll never look good in every type of clothing.




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It distances you from loved ones

Having the perfect body and having a full social life doesn’t go hand in hand. You’ll always have to skip engagements so you can work out, or not attend dinner with your family because they don’t make food that’s part of your diet. Having the perfect body is lonely.




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It attracts the wrong people

If you believe your body is your best attribute and you put that out into the world then you are going to attract romantic partners who also believe your body is your best attribute. Not your mind? Not your heart? Not your sense of humor? Just, your physical body? That’s sad.




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You’ll regret it later

When you’re old and can barely walk around the block, you’re going to regret wasting so much time on the perfect body. You’ll wish you’d eaten the foods you wanted to try, had more cocktails with friends and had more fun. You won’t be reminiscing about the good old days of having abs.

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