She Tried It! Hot Head Conditioning Cap And New Jane Carter Co Wash, Weightless Leave-In And Curl Elixir

September 6, 2017  |  

Confession: I’ve never tried Jane Carter Solution before. I know. What kind of natural am I? Before I’d even stopped relaxing my hair I remember my co-workers raving about how much they loved products from the brand, but for some reason in the midst of trying a million other lines once I did the big chop I somehow never got around to Jane Carter — until now.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent a deep conditioning package and when I shared the image on Instastories, one of my boys responded to the pic, saying it was one of the best conditioners he ever used. I figured if a brand had a man (with an impeccable beard) gushing over their products I needed to get on it pronto. And so, I declared Saturday morning Jane Carter day.

Step 1: I woke up and decided to wash my hair with Jane Carter’s New Curl Drench Cleansing Co Wash. The sulfate-free cleanser is as gentle and non-stripping as promised. I’ll admit I dipped my fingers into the jar and applied the product to my hair without reading the package at all so when I felt the light, creamy consistency of the cleanser I thought, there must be oils in here. Sure enough, Jojoba Oil is to thank for the milky texture which, for me, was perfectly balanced. I’m not a fan of super thick co washes and I also don’t like creams that are so thin I feel like I’m going to use all the product up in a few washes. I loved how easy this cleanser was to spread throughout my hair.

Step 2: My hair felt totally clean and nice and soft after my co wash. If this was a normal day, I would’ve applied a leave-in and gone on about my business, but I was due for a deep condition and I wanted to see what Jane Carter’s hair masque and oil were all about.

The Complex 4 Replenish & Repair Oil is designed to nourish dry, depleted hair which pretty much describes my strands to a T. I don’t spend nearly enough time moisturizing my ends, and after a few days of neglect I can definitely feel it.

I decided to follow the suggestion on the back of the bottle, which is to use the oil in conjunction with the Revive & Repair Hair Masque, so I squeezed a few drops of the complex, which consists of Maracuja, Sunflower, and Coconut Oil, into my hands, rubbed it together, and then spread it out over my head.

Step 3: Immediately after applying the oil, I followed up with the Revive & Repair Hair Masque which also contains Maracuja and Coconut Oil but in a cream formulation.

My hair began to soak up the masque, which, like the co wash, had a perfectly balanced texture, immediately as I combed it through my strands with a detangling brush.

After spreading all over my head from root to tip, I applied additional oil and masque to my dry ends before putting a plastic cap on my head. Note: The masque can be used with or without heat but since I had a new conditioning cap to try, I went for the heat option.

Step 4: My next step was to prep my Hot Head, a “flaxseed filled microwavable deep conditioning heat cap that allows you to perform salon quality treatments in the comfort of your home.” I’d never heard of Hot Head before but I was totally on board with the product’s promise. On the rare occasion I get my hair done at a salon, I never have the patience to sit under the dryer for a deep conditioning treatment, no matter how much my ends need it. So the possibility of getting the same results while doing other things around the house — and not burning my face, ears, and neck off — sounded good to me.

To activate the Hot Head, you place it on a ceramic plate, elastic band side up, and heat it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds, depending on your oven wattage. Turning it inside out, still with the elastic band side up, you heat for another 30-45 seconds, and then return the cap to its original position and heat for another 30-45 seconds. If the product still isn’t hot enough, you can warm again, being sure not to heat for longer than 3 minutes total.

When I placed the cap on my head, I immediately felt a soothing sensation, kind of like when you’re at the spa and they give you a nice warm towel for your face. The warm sensation certainly felt better than the blast of heat coming from an overhead dryer and I loved that I didn’t have to be stationary during the conditioning process. I brushed my teeth, applied a face mask, washed a dish or two, and answered emails in the 20 minutes I let my conditioning cap do its thing. In fact, I forgot it was even on and time for me to rinse nearly a half hour later.

Step 5: Because I went over my time, I didn’t wait the suggested 5 minutes to let my hair cool before rinsing. But if your hair is still warm, let it cool down before washing out your treatment with cool water. The best way to describe my hair after the oil and masque treatment is to say it felt coated — not weighed down with product but coated. I literally thought, this is what people mean when they talk about sealing in moisture. Truthfully, I rinsed my hair quite a bit just to be certain I wasn’t leaving product on my strands. After a while, I realized this is probably how my hair is supposed to feel when it gets the proper moisture it needs.

Once done, I applied the new Un-Tangle Me Weightless Leave-in. I don’t typically use detanglers, but because I knew I was following this step with a gel I wanted to make sure my hair would have enough hydration, which this product provides via Mango Butter, Slippery Elm, and Marshmallow Root. So I went ahead and applied a mildly generous amount and combed it through my hair with a wide-tooth comb — another thing I normally don’t do for fear of losing my curl shape, but I decided to follow the package instructions verbatim this go ’round.

Step 6: Next I hit my hair with the Coiling All Curls Elongating Gel which I had a feeling I was going to love simply because the directions say to “apply to super wet hair.” My hair has to be drenched for any product to work on my curls so I felt like this gel had to be for me.

Immediately, I saw the curls which I’d detangled earlier regain shape so I felt confident that I wouldn’t be disappointed once my strands air-dried. As I went on about my business working and cleaning up the house, I touched my hair every now and again and was surprised at how soft and fluffy my curls felt. It actually felt like I’d applied a cream product rather than a gel which, again, was a good sign that my finished product would be pleasing.

Step 7: A few hours later, my curls were dry and ready for their outdoor debut so I applied a little edge control to my perimeter and misted the Shine On Curl Elixir over my whole head. Enriched with Argan, Aloe Vera Gel, and Macadamia Oil, the serum works to seal in moisture — and shine — and eliminate breakage and frizz which I consider critical needs if I’m ever going to retain my hair growth. Note: The elixir can also be used as a pre-poo treatment for extra dry or damaged hair.

After a few fluffs and tugs, I was ready to go and feeling really good about my wash day (and the definition and shine of my curls) and really bad about sleeping on Jane Carter all this time. I don’t know who I should apologize too first — Jane or my hair for denying it of this luscious goodness for all this time.

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