7 Reasons Women Stay in Unhealthy Relationships

November 6, 2011 ‐ By Kschlicher

Whether it’s your relationship, or a friends’ relationship that seems to be unhealthy, it’s important to know why the union has serious issues. Take a look at these 7 common reasons women tend to allow themselves to stay attached to a relationship, especially when it could be a lost cause to begin with.

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  • CherryLake

    Also remember that a lot of behaviour stems from years of practice. Women were told to stay in relationships regardless of what the man did because he had power and money and she had no independence. So even now some women still feel like they should be living only to serve another. So in those days when the men cheated she had no property or money or rights to do anything and so the cycle repeated. It is not as simple as it seems because even now men still have more power in society and family.

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  • Girliusmaximus

    Except for #8, the other reason have to be the worst reasons on EARTH to stay in a miserable arrangement. Money, low self esteem, fear of loneliness, bad timing…. No such things!!  And that #5!!!! Stop trying to fix a man ladies please don’t shorten your life span by wasting it on trying to fix a man. You want a fixer-upper go and repair a house you’ll get a better return on your investment!

    As for #8 – actually fearing for your safety or well being that is something that I’ve been witness to from the outside looking in. My sister is married to this lowdown man that I can’t even call a snake because that would be insulting to that life form – He beat her, and my nieces, threatened to take the kids from her when they were little, put her out, left her stranded, cheated on her, and on top of that got another woman pregnant and uses my sister to take care of the baby!!!! Why won’t she leave him?? Because she is controlled by fear. Even after being offered help from her family, still won’t leave. But this is a good article sorry I got off on a tangent MN.

  • Sexya504

    U know the Truth by the way it feel…. If he ain’t treating You Right, learn 2 treat urself right! & leave him!!! U will hate urself in the long run if u don’t!!!!…

    • Chill

      I’m in love with your comment and the India Arie reference.


  • L-Boogie

    Run, and never turn back!

  • Misslady303

    I say no. Just know your limits and let it be known what is and is not acceptable to your partner. Also, if they are doing something wrong or not fast enough, do not, I repeat, do not nag him. Use “I” statements. For example, I feel unimportant when you are texting when we are trying to talk. It would make me feel better if I could have your undivided attention for a moment.

  • LilDove

    I would say no as well. Even though this is a site targeted towards African American Women, I would say some of the reasons mentioned here are applicable across the board.
    Especially 8#
    Had a friend who ended up in a horrible relationship for about 8 months. Even the Bf( Now-ex)’s Ex-GF helped her out as best as she could to get her out of the abusive situation. My friend even lost her bf’s (Now-ex) kid from the BF beating her. However I am glad she rose above fear and got outta of that as soon as she could.