“You Are Black” Estranged Wife Of Jermichael Finley Speaks Against His Stance That Athletes Shouldn’t Get Involved In Politics

August 17, 2017  |  

In the wake of Colin Kaepernick trying to find a team to hire him and Marshawn Lynch joining the players who have kneeled or completely sat out of the national anthem, the media is hard pressed to hear what people think of it. And you know what they’re particularly interested to know? Which Black men think these football players are mistaken in their stances. Well, they found one in former Green Bay Packer, Jermichael Finley.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Finley said:

“It’s all up to them guys what they want to do with their career, their livelihood. I think it’s more marketing. It’s not really in their heart that they really want to do that. I think it’s a selfish reason. I really do. Just because it is the NFL and guys do have a platform for positive reasons. As you see Kaepernick can’t find a job for that reason. So, I think go out and play football, do what you’re supposed to do and don’t worry about the worldly things that are going on.

TMZ: You really think he’s doing that for attention?

I do. He’s wearing an afro puff. Come on man? Cut that off your head or braid it up or something. But I just think being in the game man, all of the things I did. It really wasn’t…it was a marketing tool. I was on this platform where i could use my name or my face to get out there. It’s going to keep you relevant, it’s going to keep you hot.

TMZ: What should they be doing?

I think they should go talk to the political people. Not put it out there because you’re an athlete, for one, you’re a Black athlete in this world. I think you should get with a guy that’s really powerful in the real world. Like Obama. Some how contact Obama and get with him and do some worldly things but not go out on your own and attack it.

Booooooy, bye.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that I was very kind in my transcription because homeboy spoke something like Donald Trump. Like he didn’t know he was going to be asked questions. From the interview, it seemed he only thought to insert key phrases like “marketing tool.”

Anyway, after his comments went viral, mostly for their ridiculousness, Jermichael was given Donkey of the Day by Charlamagne tha God, and most interestingly, his wife—likely his estranged wife, Courtney Finley took to Twitter to speak out against his stance.

Y’all, Courtney was so serious about publicly checking Jermichael that she came out of Twitter retirement. Before yesterday, her last tweet was dated August 31, 2014.

But yesterday, she wrote this.

The message from the TwitLonger link reads as follows:

This serves as a reminder @jermichaelf88 in case you have forgotten; you are black. The athletes (foremost people) you are telling to sit down (or stand) and shut up are the very men that are protesting for your safety and equality in a country that has nearly revoked that right based on your skin color. As a biracial mother of 4 black boys, that have been left to be raised by a single mother, I have deep and desperate gratitude for those that use their platform to fight for our community’s justice, safety, & equality. Your social media comments are absurd & offensive not only to me but to a nation that is crippled with hate. Don’t attempt to silence men that are brave enough to be a voice to those that have had their cries muffled. Don’t be so pathetically thirsty for attention that you choose to devalue another man’s motives. Don’t choose to be so insulting and imply professional athletes have no place in changing the world. Most importantly, don’t forget to look in the mirror and see that you too are black and have an obligation to derail racism as best you can for yourself and others. If you don’t want to be part of the resolution to the racial inequalities in this country that’s on you, but for the sake of our 4 sons, don’t be part of the problem. I pray you will reevaluate your stance.

Yes, sis! Get him together. And God bless their sons. Thankfully, they have their momma to advocate for them.

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