Don’t Have Dimples But Want Some? Dimpleplasty Is The New Cosmetic Surgery Trend

July 27, 2017  |  

As cute as dimples are, you probably wouldn’t guess that they’re actually a “defect” in the cheek muscle. Still, they’re a very popular look, so popular in fact, that there’s a procedure to give those without such indentations the chance to have their own dimples.



It’s called a dimpleplasty. And while it’s just two little cheek indentations, the prices for the procedure, depending on the difficulty of it, range from $800 to $2,500 according to Allure.

Dimple creation usually takes about 30 minutes and requires the use of local anesthesia in the cheek. After choosing and marking the preferred placement, an incision is made inside the cheek muscle. Sutures, which are absorbable, are put in place after the procedure. You can return to your responsibilities immediately after the dimpleplasty is completed (though intense exercise isn’t recommended for a few days), as it’s reportedly a painless procedure. As far as the recovery period, there is a chance of mild soreness at the incision site and possibly some swelling, but nothing similar to the side effects and pain associated with more extensive cosmetic surgery.

Soon after, the dimples will appear semi-permanent for reportedly one or two months. What that means is even when you’re not smiling, the dimples will show. However, as they fully heal, they will be less apparent and should only be present when grinning.

But there are risks, specifically with how the dimple could look after having the procedure. YouTuber Pammie Kyle of MTV’s True Life fame, shared in a video last year that she regretted getting a dimpeplasty because one dimple is faint while the other is very deep and can be seen even when not smiling many months after the procedure. There are other risks as well.

“Dimples could be overly dramatic, appear underwhelming, look unnatural, disappear with time, or even be located in the wrong place,” said Atlanta-based certified plastic surgeon Wright Jones in an interview with Allure. 

But despite all of that, many women, including quite a few Black ones, have jumped at the chance to have the surgery done. They’ve been sharing the results (along with their surgeons) on social media:

Bruh! I'm going to ATL! I'm getting my #dimples #dimpleplasty

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What do you think about the procedure and results?


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