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I had been seeing clothing from Grass Fields all over the internet for years, literally years. At one point, my cousin even sent me a link to a top from them that she thought would look good on me. The clothes were always fly. But I must have been going through a struggle season in my life because every time I saw the clothes, I wasn’t in the position to purchase. And eventually, they slowly faded away from my radar.

Then I read Gabby Sidibe’s autobiography, which I highly, highly recommend. That girl has some stories. After I finished it, I really didn’t want it to be over so I read the acknowledgments, read the jacket cover information, I went to her Instagram etc. And that’s where I found that her dress was from Grass Fields.

I immediately clicked the tag and discovered that I knew and had been admiring the company for years. I like to think that I’m not influenced by celebrities but Gabby rocking that dress made me look that company again.

Right around the time I finished Gabby’s book, my sister, her friends and I were preparing for our trip to Cuba. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be buying any new outfits for the trip but after looking at the site, I knew I had lied to myself. They just had a little bit of everything. I’m particularly into the off-the-shoulder look and their site had plenty of clothes that met that trend. My trip was basically sponsored by the company. I went on the site and went “ham” and despite doing more than I usually do, I still spent $200.

I’ll show you what I bought, and some other extremely admirable qualities about the company on the following pages.

Numa Top

I wore this top after coming back from the beach and showering. We were suppoosed to go the club but they were to capacity that night so we went to a more chilled out salsa music spot. Since I only wore it for a hot second and didn’t break a sweat, I wore it the week I got back to New York. I asked a Black woman for directions somewhere. After she told me where to go, she asked about the top. I told her where to get and that it wasn’t too expensive either.

It’s no longer available on the site but it was less than $40.00.

And, I should not that the fabric is strong but really soft against my skin.

Dawit Top

My sister planned a very busy trip to Cuba and a lot of the days didn’t require me doing the most attire wise, like riding horses through sporadic rain and constant mud. So I let her wear one of the tops. Plus, yellow is her favorite color and it looks amazing on darker skin. This one is also sold out but I just want to give you a sample of what they have going on over there.

This one was $32.72

Sunny days ☀️🌈

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African Print Tchoudi Playsuit, $46.00

Haven’t gotten a chance to wear this one but I can’t wait. As you can see, it’s pretty fun.

@officialterrel looking stunning in the Reta Top 😍😍😍😍

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Reta Top

Ima stop torturing y’all with things that are sold out. But let this be a warning that if you see something you want, move quick.

I always feel like a princess in their dresses @grass_fields 💫✨ MUA- @jaysprestige

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Zola Maxi Dress, $85.00

Gotta love a figure flattering maxi dress.

Today would like to share not so good news. We closed our workshop in Cameroon😭😭😭. After four years working with this man here Ahmed , it has been a very very hard decision. The reason being that the cost of getting stuffs from Cameroon keep increasing and our margins are taken away as the transportation cost have increased so much ( the pound £ keep dropping as well doesn’t help ). Last 3 months we made huge losses on the Cameroonian items. We haven’t completely given up though. We are currently working on giving them more training, getting more machines so that we can export greater quantities from Cameroon and hopefully lower our cost. We didn’t want to leave them unemployed so we have been able to secure them a contract to produce uniforms for the Cameroonian army. They wouldn’t earn as much as they earn making Grass-fields clothes but it is better than being unemployed😔. We promise to re open our workshop again and with time get all our production made in Cameroon and other African countries. It is a very huge challenge but we are confident we can make it 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾.

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Now that we’ve spoken about the clothes, I want to draw your attention to the ethics of this company. Not only are their clothes top quality, they employ the people of Cameroon where their family is from. And even though some things changed recently, they did the best they could to do right by the people there.

Let me tell you guys a little story. When we started, we were shipping from Cameroon. I can’t express well enough how Michele and I were frustrated over the 2-3 weeks shipping time. We were literally crying and praying one day we can offer next day delivery to the US. Fast forward to 2015 when we reopened Grass-fields and started shipping with UK Mail which will deliver the packages to the US via USPS. Shipping rate was about 20£/ about 28$ . Not only was it expensive but it wasn’t reliable. Some packages were getting missing and we couldn’t even get our money back. During that time we lost many customers. Lets not even talk about the insults😩😩😩 One faithful day in March of 2015 after reading an email from a lady saying we were scammers because her package wasn’t delivered, We decided to find a solution asap and researched for the biggest transportation company in the US and we discovered Fedex. When we called them , they said their current rate with the number of parcels we send is 50£(about 60$) for next day delivery .Impossible, we couldn’t afford that! So we had no choice but to use UPS. Being the stubborn girls we are, every morning before starting work, either Michele or me will call FedEx asking them to review their rates as we really wanted to work with them. Every single morning we will send them a report of the number of orders we send to the US. We did that till April 2017!!!!😳😳😳 nearly 2 years non stop. I know you might think we are crazy 😜 The customer service representative working for FedEx already knew our names lol.. every morning he will be like ‘what can I do for you Miss Christelle or it is Michele today ? ‘ If you are calling for a review of your rate, we are sorry but your orders need to increase again. April of this year, we got a call saying they are willing to reduce their rate to 12£ for next day delivery to the US and we have the same rate they offer much bigger companies . We couldn’t believe it until our account manager showed us the rate they were offering companies with hundred of thousands of orders per month! Now we call to discuss how we can offer weekend delivery 😅😅😅 guess we are never satisfied 😑😑😑

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While it may seem unlikely that they would make it back to Cameroon to do business, their determination is no joke.

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