“Discount Code In The Description Box!” 10 Things About Natural Hair Gurus That Annoy Us All

July 14, 2017  |  
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to YouTube’s natural hair stratosphere. Women are flippin’ and whippin’ their twisted out fros and wash n’ gos – pow! Ladies yank their TWAs saying “shrinkage is real!” while they inform us about a cheap product steal – wow!

But the Tube’s natural hair realm isn’t all unicorns and Eco Styler gels. While we all love logging on for some gorgeous hair porn, there’s also a lot of content that we are absolutely tired of seeing. From “Sorry I haven’t been around” apologies to BS “extreme hair growth” videos, we’re totally over it!

With a bit of humor, here are some annoying recurrences on YouTube’s natural hair space that have us all rolling our eyes.

1. Applying Too Many Damn Oils

2.Those Damn Scalp Massagers

“This scalp massager is $39.99! But girl! I’m gon’ hook you up with a 50% discount code! Check the link in the description box and use code IMGETTINPAIDFORTHIS.”

For damn sure, y’all have seen this ridiculous plastic spikey thing in countless natural hair videos – and it’s not even worth half of $40. Don’t fall for the hype! Think about it – would you splurge on this silly product for “scalp massages” when you can use the pads of your fingers for free?

3. Product Review But No Demo



These natural hair gurus have the nerve to sit up there on camera – weave sown in and all – talkin’ about how some leave-in conditioner made their natural hair “soft,” “manageable,” and “shiny.”

Um, where are the hell are the receipts with your hair all braided up under that lace front?

4. The Lighting Ain’t Never Right

“Blah blah, no windows in here, blah blah, no natural light.” Please carry on – your excessively long tale about how much your video lighting sucks is so fascinating. It’s not like we clicked this video to listen to your hair growth tips or anything.

5. Hair Growth “Secrets” That Ain’t All That Secretive




6. “Fail” Videos Are a Big Fail

“Guys, I’m human. I get bad hair days just like you guys!” What delusions of grandeur do these “gurus” have that they would assume that we think that they are so much above human error?

Granted, there are some nerds who truly think natural hair gurus are flawless, melanin-infused goddesses who live in the YouTube world, and to a certain extent, “fail” videos do help to “humanize” their image. But once you get to the end of a “Wash and Go FAIL” video – trust me – you’ll be wishing you didn’t spend six of your precious life minutes watching that poppycock.

7. Apologizing For Not Wearing Make-Up

Natural Hair Guru: “Oh my gosh! Guys, ugh, I look like such a potato today, but I need to do this quick little video.”

Translation: “I’m roasting myself before y’all try me, so don’t come for me in the comments!”

8. Refusing to Show the Back of Their Hairstyle



9. Suspicious, Drastic Texture Changes



No one cares if you used a little texturizer. Just be honest about it.

10. There’s Always a Phone Dinging

“I could have edited this out, but … I want y’all to see I have friends.”

Kimberly Gedeon, founder of The Melody of Melanin, is a content creator with nearly 2,000 professional articles published online about everything from beauty and business to politics and pop culture. You can say hello to her on Instagram or Twitter – she doesn’t bite!

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