Dr. Drew Show Pimps Black Relationships With YouTube Crazies

October 28, 2011  |  

I guess all of the black relationships experts were busy when Dr. Drew’s producers were putting the guest list together for their black men who refuse to date black women episode that aired today on “Life Changers.” Instead of featuring people qualified to speak about black relationships, or even normal women and men, Dr. Drew and his staff apparently chose to use the most over-the-top black YouTube stars they could find.

Thanks to a fabulous reader who alerted us over email, we cracked the case on a few of the guests who appeared on the show. The “rejected” woman in red on “Life Changers” today was Deena Jacobs, a semi well-known YouTube ranter who appeared on the reality TV show “H8R” after sending in a video explaining why she hates Kim Kardashian for “stealing our shine” via her big booty and black boyfriends. From her appearance on “H8R,” it’s clear she has an issue with interracial dating, but it’s because of her own self-admitted jealousy that Kim Kardashian capitalized on an asset that’s not exactly novel among black women. I can name about 1,200 other ladies who feel the same way. Does that mean they should be on Dr. Drew too? No, being jealous of Kim K.’s huge behind does not qualify one for anything.

When I looked at the longer clip of the show (below) along with this new knowledge, Deena seems more like an actress than a woman truly hurt or concerned by black men dating non-black women. Plus she rants to entertain. She says funny things to make people laugh. She’s not trying to solve an issue that is touchy and serious to a lot of black men and women. This chick just wants to be popular for having the same figure as Kimmy Kakes. Her follow-up “Plantation Mentality” video shows you just how serious she takes her cameo on Dr. Drew’s show.

And the man who got in her face about her attitude in the “Life Changers” trailer for the show? He’s a YouTube “star” (for lack of a better word) as well who appropriately calls himself Crazy brah and has multiple videos describing how much he hates black women.  The only thing that brings me peace about Crazy brah is the fact that his videos have captured a relatively small number of views. What I can’t understand is why the people behind the show would even take a chance on having a man who says he needs to smoke a blunt as he discusses black women who “talk white,” and n****s who don’t know how to play spades, all the while calling black women b*****s and h*s. As a result of his hatred for black women he proudly states he can see why “Chris Brown beat that b*****s a**.” And surprise, dude’s got mommy issues too.

I recognized yet another woman from the first clip we posted about “Life Changers,” too: Shanel Cooper-Sykes. The “Stilettos in the Kitchen” author and life coach has more credibility than either of these two people combined, but she’s no relationship expert. I imagine it’s her “All Men are Dogs” video that landed her a spot on the show—and at least she’s coming from more of a positive place to some degree—but again, it’s YouTube.

Why, why, why would the producers of “Life Changers” select THESE black people to talk about black love? Why?

We already knew it was a bit suspect for a white man to be so concerned with interracial dating in the black community, but did the producers of Dr. Drew’s show even do their homework? YouTube searches for crazy black people does not count. I just lost whatever ounce of respect I had for Drew Pinksy, who I’m convinced at this point just plays a doctor on TV.

Initially I wanted to watch this show just to see how things played out, but now I’m boycotting. It’s irresponsible, and quite frankly, lazy for the “Life Changers” producers to provide a platform for such foolishness. I’m not surprised the set got a little testy. I’m sure if I closed my eyes and went eeny meeny miny mo on YouTube to find someone to talk about interracial dating among black men and women, I’d come up with a bunch of foolishness too. It’s also disappointing that for at least two of these guests, they are selling themselves and the black community out for a few moments of shine.

Dr. Drew didn’t want experts on this topic, he wanted entertainment. Thus, he joins the long list of carpet baggers selling out the relationship issues of black women to make a quick buck. We see you Dr. Drew.

I know from yesterday’s comments, most of you weren’t too keen on the show in the first place, but how do you feel about it now? Is Dr. Drew dead wrong for bringing YouTube stars on his show to discuss issues between black women and black men?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Guest

    This article mentions Shanel Cooper – Sykes. This woman was not only disqualifed to appear on the show, but she has since taken thousands of dollars from women for a retreat and still has yet to pay them. She also so

  • Jaylamarie25

    yes and no… yes, he displayed how ignorant blacks can be lie the topic nd situation of blacks relationships isn’t enough. No, maybe that was exactly what he wanted.
    The guy who felt on the youngwoman’s bottom was terrible and her saying ” I’m sorry for what black women has done you” maybe he was a good man who has been hurt now he don’t know what women want or need. I don’t feel she mad herself look bad but she was definately misunderstood by what her point was.. now the light chick statement was understandable but do not apply to all single moms of men who decided not take part in his responsibilities…there was a goal to reach concerning black men not being able or wanting to love, understand and overcome the challenges (black) rhelationships. All I saw was bashing and finger pointing along with change your neck rolling…hu? For who? That’s not the deal breaker for black men, is it really? Was the show to help black men and women, showing the beauty and worth or bring each other down…hm sounds like that’s the major problem of the black community. S.M.W

  • kjw

    I dated a white man for ten years who was wealthy. I have many family members who married white and a few other races. It's how he treats you and his abilty to provide. Alot of white men approach me still. I left my ex i think b/c I felt guilty to some extent. I used to feel obligated to help brothers out b/c they complain about oppression and feeling rejected. I realize that its silly to even look at race in dating b/c black men are just like any other man. Morevoer, I don't see why I should be a sacrficial lamb to these guys who don't apprceiate my trying to uplift them. Now maybe its b/c I'm not born here so I'm a bit out of the issues, but I have had marriage proposals from both races. I was not ready b/c I guess since I never had issues attracting men I was like whatever. I never felt rejected by black men. I have stolen many from white women. As far as white men they got thier own set of issues. I can't relate to feeling rejected by black men b/c its not really my experience. What I do notice is black men who have color issue pick up trash from other races and disgrace themselves with women seen as less than by thier own races.


    Oh yeah….Always with the "FEEL GOOD" message at the end, huh??? Well, I hate to bresk it to you, but THERE IS NO HAPPY ENDING IN "REAL LIFE"….And I can promise you that their "EXPERT" crunched the numbers to be biased in the favor of the statistic that he wanted put out, because if he didn't, I'd LOVE to see the empirical data and long term collection of DATA that would prove his point, but as always, We don't get to see the man behind the curtain pulling the strings at the "MARIONETTE SHOW", now do we, KIDDIES???

  • Also- I'm over sticking to just black men. As of right now, Im open to love from other ethnicities. I think black men are dating other races, we should too. Looking for me an Indian 😉

  • What "other black producers" were you expecting to bring this problem to the light. And why haven't they already because this has clearly been going on FOREVER!!!! And we know why. It takes alot for a black woman (who has felt overlooked) to be open and honest about this. And she spoke out and she did it with her chin up. I applaud her AND Dr. Drew for talking about something the community has tried to sweep under the rug. Find the good in things and not the bad.

    • kjw

      alot of women feel over looked at some point, its a part of being a woman. one time this white one almost had a heart attck b/c i was out at a club a her white guy was all in my face. i honestly can't relate to bing overlooked. i think some black women give too much credit to men and white people you can validate yourself f them.

  • I respect your opinion on this matter however I still disagree with the fact that the whole aim of the show was for entertainment, shock value, and to continue to keep black people in a negative image There intentions were not good and that is the core of the whole story. To be fair I am not familiar with Deena Jacobs or any other person who took part in the discussion.

    The bottom line is that the media need to stir up emotions because high ratings equal more money. Honestly, I do not feel the subject should have been address through the media because they love to focus on people's misery, hardships and foolishness (this is no matter what race you are from). Never do you see shows like Dr Drew showing stories about the good black men and women, strong black families, or successful black relationships. Why? because of the ratings it does not equal more money.

  • dtnfgnbfgd

    shes an actress just like the other people were actors and actress.

  • rgjhhyhtghtryhte

    Are you stupid troll it was for entertainment controversy creates cash duh.

  • carmelbutterfly

    I watched the show and found it interesting. The subject matter is a discussion that we need to talk about openly and honestly. There is a disconnect for sure between the sexes and we need to bring voice to it instead of pretending that this problem doesn't exist. As I watched I wondered how Dr. Drew felt in a room full of people spewing such
    vitriolic rhetoric and was he scared, embarrassed or just in it for the ratings? I'd never heard of the people on the panel so I watched it completely with an unbiased view. I will say however that the title of the segment was misleading because they never got to the heart of the topic as labeled, "why black men don't date black women". The idiot
    they brought on the show couldn't even articulate his views and his hatred for women in general was palpable. His blatant disrespect of the sister was an absolute disgrace and by that move alone, he summed up what he was made of and I'll add that it had nothing to do with woman being black. He simply cannot compete with the women he comes in contact with on a mental level so he reduces them down to nothing more than objects to satisfy his sexual needs. Deena tried to communicate her understanding of his pain and on national tv in the first 10 minutes he showed and confirmed to America those old stereotypical traits of the uneducated, lustful, angry black man. That had to have set us back at least 30 years! All in all the segment said nothing. The audience made for a better opinionated panel than the people they had on stage. So, perhaps this will serve to get the subject out in the open no matter how awfully they chose to cover it. Maybe this show will be the catalyst to begin the dialogue on a subject we need to finally bring
    out the closet. BTW, I've dated across the entire rainbow and married outside my race. AND, I've dated and would've married a woman too, if that's what I needed to make ME happy. Black women stop waiting for the crumbs from the table and go after and anticipate the slice of life that you deserve.

    • dtnfgnbfgd

      Thats what they want you to do its all hype dont fall for it race is and will always matter

  • Yeah girl, I have a You Tube channel and 20 years of experience in black male/female relationships, interracial relationships, dating, family dramas; have written a book, thousands of advice columns and hundreds of articles in two decades – and they SHOLE didn't call me. LOLOL!

    You are so right, they apparently only wanted entertainment value, not a serious discussion where solutions were provided. Oh well, I sent a note to the producers to alert them to me. The guy with the dreads that disrespected the woman on the show is gross and disgusting. He seems to feel that he deserves a woman just because he has a job and doesn't hit a woman or cheat on her. Huh? That is what you are SUPPOSED to do, you don't get a Scooby Snack for that homey. The clip I saw was full of rants, yelling, people out of their seats looking like they were about to throw down (very Jerry Springerish).

    All in all, it was shocking and poorly done. I was not impressed.

    • Not an Uncle Tom

      But did you see the entire show? If you only saw clips then you saw nothing. The clips are simply there to spark interest to get folk to tune in so of course they are going to show tense moments. Their were some very loving moments as well I am sorry you guys were not there to see it spark and grow. Also BTW – They would not hire another expert when Paul Brunson is most likely their resident Relationship expert, although, I am sure your work is maybe equally as good they will not hire someone else until his contract is over. Something very special happened there although Paul Brunson was the only so called relationship expert. I will agree there were no major solutions handed out, but by the end of the show everyone was hugging and smiling and the show ended on a very positive note all brought to you by way of Deena Jacobs and Paul Brunson!

  • Mj0

    Deena sounded like an actress because she is one, or at least wants to be seeing as she's been on Ru Paul's Drag U and Dr.Phil's Bad Girls episode. The only positive people on the show was Paul C. Brunson and a few of the audience members; the rest was tomfoolery.

  • Leticia

    I happen to be a married black woman, but I have not always been married. I understand that there are issues facing our community that keeps some black women single. However, I also believe there are black woman who keep themselves single like Deena. I believe that God put us all here to be original and love who you want. So if a black man is happy and in love with a white woman it makes me happy to see anyone happy. I think Deena and Johnathan needs to put some joy in their bitter lifes. I understand that you guys Feel that the life coaches on the show Shanell and Paul are youtube celebrities, but everyone has to start somewhere. These coaches have put in work if not more work just like any celebrity on tv and have been a blessing to many. So instead of bashing the coaches on the show you should support. I'm sure if Dr. Drew's producers ran across your blog and invited you to the show you wouldn't want shanell to bash you on youtube, but she wouldn't because she would probably be too busy building her brand, publishing her books, or entertaining her thousands of viewers on her youtube channel. prob more than Dr. Drew has seen.

  • raine

    Im so sick and tired of the same ole sensitive issues that seem to rear their ugly head every now and then be it: angry black women, angry black men, angry black people, eyes rolling, head rolling, piting against each other etc.. Its getting so tiring!!! Im black, a women, not rich, struggling, but not angry and refuse to degrade myself with the negative atttitudes, or negative motions, towards another black person. Dr. Drews show was …well, interesting and sad to say the least.

  • Exasperated

    Oh Lordy, this ish makes my teeth chip.

  • Ebony

    I agree with Not An Uncle Tom, good for you I couldn’t have said those words better. I guess they see a panel of blacks and assume ignorance. You guys should be ashame!!! And Jane what the hell are you talking about it makes no sense.

    • dgtfdhmngdhmf

      the lady is a damn actress matter of fact all of them are controversy creates cash


      Sut the hell up already!!! DEENA was a paid "ACTRESS" who PURPOSEFULLY was showing her azz and tyts on that promo for Mario Lopez's wack azzed show "H8ter", and guess what?? She looked like a damn fool on there too….

  • jane

    watch the show it was a mess iam tired of this single black woman attack on tv as a married black woman don't like when someone does that to my single sisters

  • faebae

    I watched this today and it was just so EMBARASSING!!! BUNCH OF FOOLS ON THE STAGE. Except for the love guru.

  • Keep it Real

    They should do a show about white and nonblack men who REFUSE to date black women but date every other race of women. Those black men are not alone. lol

    Secondly BLACK MEN HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF FOR DATING INTERRACIALLY. British Black men and Black men in EVERY industrialized country in the world are dating white and non black women 3x the the rate of Black American men. Non black American men are dating white and interracially at 2x the rate of American black men. I will say it again. There is not as much resentment and hostility from British black women and black women around the world because white and non black men are open to dating and marrying those black women (30% of British black women marry interracially). Intermarriage rates are much higher with men in this country than American black men. Nearly, (46%) of married, U.S.-born Asians, and over half (39%) of U.S.-born Latinos men are inter-racially married, and most often, the intermarriage is with a white partner. Yet, there are no daily blogs and TV shows complaining from these non black women, why? This gender conflict in the U.S. from is about American black women dating and marriage options, not the choices of black men. Let's find out why these men of other races won't date and marry American Black women at the same rate they date and marry BLACK WOMEN in Britain and other industrialized countries. IMO that's the root of the problem.

    • keepin it realer

      and also ask why African and Caribbean women (the unAmericanised ones) don't have a problem getting men (black or otherwise) to marry them…

      • MsknowItall

        lol i have to say, i agree with you. It would be interesting to have show highlighting the successful rates of African and Caribbean women finding a black man. As much as i complain about finding a black man, I've consistently dated nothing but professional ( Finance, lawyer, IT, Accountant, Retail Manager, healthcare etc) black men( African, Caribbean, African American ) every year in the past 10 years, but it just didn't workout because of compatibility problems .

      • mrs dupree

        That would be a great topic

    • kjw

      I'm not amercain and have been proposed to by white men and black jamaicains and even africains, but, never a black Amercain. Black amercains seem confused more than most blacks. I blame that on living with the Oppressor. Other black women don't think so much about race; until you come to the us. Also in other countries women are taught to marry the most succesful man they can attract not dumb it down b/c he is black and oppressed. Hence, black women here are confused about things b/c they are told to dumb in down for black men, then when they do the men cant deal with being around them b/c they have nothing in common. To me lots of black amercian women did themselves a diservice by feeling obligated to take care of black men and limt themselves. Thus, make themselves unapproachable to other races of men. Women from other cultures are more open. They talk more to other races of men so I think the men might feel more accepted. I recall this black Amercain shunning me for dating white. He said jamicain women date white guys like its no big deal. its not a big deal.

    • Keep it Real

      Let's not only look at black male interracial divorce. Let's look at all male interracial divorce.

      Black husband/white wife marriages are twice as likely to divorce as white/white marriages, and Asian husband/white wife marriages are about 60% more likely to divorce as white/white marriages. Hispanic white/white couples showed a higher likelihood of divorce (not
      surprising). Likewise, Asian/white couples were more likely to divorce
      than Asian/Asian couples. However, black/white couples only show a
      higher rate of divorce compared to black/black couples if the white
      person in the relationship is a woman. Also, the interracial divorce rate for EDUCATED black men is no different than white men.

      So, yes black women have a lower rate of divorce but the sample amount is EXTREMELY low. More interracial marriages marriages by black women probably would lead to higher divorce rates. JMO

  • WonderingDreamer

    He's helping to promote media destruction of the black nuclear family… what's left of it anyway. One of the best ways to attack someone is psychologically, mentally and spiritually

    • @WonderingDreamer……You pretty much summed it all up. Clearly these black people on Dr. Drew could not see they were being used for ratings which equal money. Nope all they could see is alittle fame and fortune coming there way. At the same time it was another strike at continuing to destroy the black community.

  • dvine

    i said he may need ratings but you pretty much summed up this nonsense..