How Life Changes When You Exude Confidence

May 24, 2017  |  
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You probably had a family member or role model tell you, when you were growing up, that confidence goes a long way. As an adult, you realized that you need a few other things to go a long way, like connections, persistence, possibly a formal education and tools that are a bit more complicated than simply exuding confidence. So maybe you gave up on that (hey, you’re tired from working hard and tolerating your passive aggressive coworker). But that role model you had as a child was onto something. While confidence cannot compensate for a lack of skills, knowledge, an education and pure hard work, it can help you take all of those commodities a bit further. You may even notice the only difference between successful and unsuccessful people, who otherwise are equally qualified for success, is their level of confidence. Here’s how life changes when you exude confidence.

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People don’t ask petty favors

People won’t ask you to stir the soup they have on the office stove every ten minutes so they can get their hair cut on their break or ask you to run money to their parking meter so they can let their manicure dry.






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People listen when you speak

You won’t have to repeat yourself as often. People will actually listen when you speak, and they’ll take your ideas into consideration. When you open your mouth, the room will be yours.








And you will get to speak more

You won’t have to fight to speak as much as you used to. Your days of standing on the outside of a lively discussion, trying to make a little sound here and interject there, are over.








People will do what you ask

When you ask someone to do something for you, they will usually say yes. They may move things around and find a way to help you, even if it isn’t convenient. People will do less hedging and make fewer excuses when you ask for a favor.







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You’ll spend less time on problems

You won’t spend nights awake, debating whether or not you should even bring up a problem or discuss an issue you’re having with a coworker, friend or family member. When you notice the problem, you’ll bring it up so you can move past it.






People will be drawn to you

You’ll find yourself surrounded by more people at cocktail parties and bars. Strangers will want to talk to and compliment you more. You’ll feel as if there is some energy field around you, bringing people to you.







You’ll have more fun

Confidence is attractive and contagious. You’ll be invited to more fun activities because you exude confidence. And, you’ll enjoy yourself more because you won’t be stuck in your head wondering if you deserve to have fun.







You won’t waste time doubting yourself

Confidence is a funny thing; it can work its way from the outside, in. If you act confident, the way people treat you in response may cause you to feel more confident. Then you’ll spend less time doubting yourself. If you have something to say, you’ll say it.





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Rejection won’t get you down (as much)

First off, people may not reject you as often. They may not reject your request to speak to them, or have something, or get them to do something. Second off, when they do have to turn you down, it won’t get you down as much because they’ll do it with the utmost respect.


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You’ll take constructive criticism better

When people have a critique to give you, they will form it in the most positive, constructive manner in response to the confidence you put out there. They will be less dismissive in their critiques.






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You’ll waste less time on fear

If something scares you, you won’t waste any time on that. Fear is a useless emotion, and it has no place in someone’s life who exudes confidence. If you want to or need to do something, you’ll see the fear, push it aside, and move right past it.








You won’t question your desires

You’ll stop asking yourself if you’re allowed to want something, or if somebody else deserves it more than you do. When you exude confidence, if you state your desires, people tend to reply with respect, and will even go out of their way to help you get what you want. This helps you trust in what you want, more.






You’ll care less what people think

First off, people will give you their petty opinions less frequently. When you exude confidence, only other truly confident people will approach you with their input. And beyond that, you just won’t care what people think as much.



You’ll inspire others

You’ll inspire others around you to exude confidence. When people see how your life changes when you exude confidence, you make them want to give it a try.







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People will be more honest with you

Something about a confident person brings out the truth in others. When you exude confidence, it seems like you can see right through people. As a result, people will be more upfront and honest with you.







You’ll get the good table/bumped to coach class

You may find life gets a little more luxurious. You may get the nicer table at the restaurant, you may get bumped to coach on a flight, and you may get dessert, compliments of the chef.






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People will feel calm around you

You’ve probably experienced this; you feel calm around confident people. They have an “I got this” vibe that puts you at ease. If you exude confidence, you may find that people around you stutter less, fidget less and are overall calmer.






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People will ask for your advice

That “I got this vibe” we mentioned can make you seem like a guru on everything. So don’t be surprised if people start asking you for advice on their careers, love life, finances—you name it.







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You’ll be given bigger responsibilities

People trust confident people. Make sure you’re ready for larger responsibilities if you’re going to exude confidence because you’re likely going to get them.







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You’ll make progress, quicker

When you exude confidence, you’ll be amazed at how you progress towards your goals quicker. Confidence may have been the one thing standing in your way of your goals; the skills and knowledge were already there.

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