Serious Question: What Weird Phobia Do You Have?

May 17, 2017  |  

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The other day my co-worker asked me for ibuprofen to soothe her period cramps. I opened my pill container and she took one orange gel cap from me and went back to work. A while later she told me she could feel the pill starting to work. I told her, “You would’ve felt it a lot sooner if you took two.” She told me she was good with one, adding, “I have this weird fear of overdosing on pain medication.”

I laughed, both at her phobia and the timing of her comment. Just the night before I was having a conversation with a friend about travel and we got on the subject of ziplining. He was all down for it, me, being the generally scary and non-adventurous person that I am, said I was good. “I heard if you grab the rope while ziplining you can chop your own hands off,” I told him. Unsurprisingly, my remark was met with a fury of laughter but that didn’t stop me from going on. “I have this weird fear of dying in some stupid, accidental way. It’ll be just my luck I’m the one on the rollercoaster that goes off track and I plunge to my death. I can’t have that.”

I felt much better about my irrational train of thought when I brought the conversation up again after my co-worker revealed her overdose fear and another chimed in that she walks around with this fear that she’s going to see a dead body. I’m guessing that has something to do with the fact that we live in New York City which isn’t necessarily that far outside the realm of possibility.

Regardless, I was reminded that everybody has something. Something they fear for no likely or logical reason, but that doesn’t stop the fear from being quite real. My mom has a random fear of drowning, though she’s never been anywhere near water outside of the bathtub (which is probably a good thing considering she can’t swim). But since we’re exposing ourselves here, I figured I’d pose the question to you. What weird, irrational phobia do you have and why?


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