The 6 People You Should Never Talk To About Your Relationship

November 5, 2011 ‐ By Julia Austin

"Girlfriends talking"

In case you hadn’t noticed, women love to talk, particularly about dating and relationships. We like to share our relationships from every angle and get opinions from our mothers, our best friends, our hairdressers, and even our neighbor on an airplane. But, there are a few people who, after talking to them, will leave you feeling confused; or even worse, with bad advice.

These are the folks who you should not solicit relationship counsel from….

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  • JustMe

    Moron writer.  It is “cannot care less” (or couldn’t care less), not “can care less”.  You’re pathetic.

  • Vic

    How about not taking anyone’s advice and living life like an independent logical and responsible adult? Or is that asking too much?

    • GoldenTopaz36

      You hit the nail right on the head Vic. Thank you. I’ve always been a private person and very discerning when it comes to who and what I discuss with respect to my relationship. Unless, I am being abused and dogged out and need some sort of help because of fear or whatever, then a relationship should remain pretty private. I for sure don’t want to know about other people’s intimate details or those seeking advice. Somethings we just have to figure out for ourselves.

  • P-I-N-K

    Moral of the story is… don’t talk to anyone about your relationship..

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  • Onwthang2

    Don’t forget to add the grown kids my lady talks to her kids about our relationship so sicking

    • GoldenTopaz36

      @onwthang2 Yes, I can imagine how annoying that is. That’s ridiculous.

  • MeMe

    What about the “mutual friend”?  They swear they don’t wanna get in the middle.. but bring up your relationship any chance they get.  Then, they hit you with, ” I hate discussing this cuz I feel I’m in the middle”.  Chile please…

  • Girliusmaximus

    That was a good one. Especially about that “Yes Friend”. That’s the friend that won’t tell you that there’s some spinach stuck in your teeth or that you have toilet paper stuck in your skirt either. You’ll just walk around all day a-flapping about and he/she won’t be the wiser. What kind of friend is that? Certainly not one I’d want advice from.

  • Fox

    They forgot to add friends at work. Sometimes you think they are your friends and the next thing you know your business is around the whole office.

    • Love_Sexy

      Thank you!

      • BA

        Yep my boss is always talking about her drama. Ugh

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  • Bella

    Your in-laws! I love my sister in law. But i can’t give an objective opinion when you’re asking about my idiot brother! I REALLY don’t want to hear about your sex life. I’m glad he married a woman that i can be good friends with, but i never want to go in Fredrick’s of Hollywood with her again. Truly disturbing.

  • wildflower

    I love this article!!! I am the lonely single bitter friend i’m not ashamed of it either folks!! My friends always try to ask me for relationship advice and i always have to remind them how i don’t have a man. I listen to them as they vent  which always helps most of the time. At least i know i’m not ready or a relationship instead of being unhappy with someone i do not really like anymore. Please leave us single ladies alone

    • Love_Sexy

      But aleast you are being honest with yourself and aware that your mind is at a certain stage. I think most of the people who are seen as the “bitter” friend are the ones that are not honest with themselves and want others to be miserable with them. Atleast those are the ones I have experienced myself.


    I like the article. Lately i’ve been paying close attention to who i disclose my relationship problems to.I generally have friends that wish for my happiness and vice versa and that’s intentional.  But I’ve decided to seek advice from male friends/relatives rather than my female friends about men. I figure they know more about how men think than women=). It’s interesting the differences in opinions for the same relationship question from a friend who is a guy vs a guy, single( happy or unhappy) vs in a relationship ( happy or unhappy) or a  married friend. 

  • Marid14721

    How about your parents!!??!!!

    • Cora

      Leave them out of it too! Unless the guy is dangerous.

      • GoldenTopaz36

        Totally agree Cora.

  • Kevinknox20

    How about taking asvise from ya self..alot ppl have that voice in there head..answering the question for listen to it…

    • Love_Sexy

      Again amen to that too!

  • reese

    You should always consider the source when getting advice.  What about the friend who jumps from men to men not to be alone.  When your friends give you advice you might want to ask them if they have all the answers how come they are single.  And also you might want to let them know that you are just venting and not really looking for help or advice.  If they are not in a relationship that you would like to duplicate I wouldn’t ask them for advice about mine. 

  • L-Boogie

    Honestly, these articles are informative yet depressing.  Yet, I continue to comment.  However, some of this is just common sense.  I have not always practiced it but I am fully versed in shutting the eff up.  Thank you, MN.

  • College kidd

    Lol interesting article

  • Sugar/Spice

    You forgot to add your thirsty ass single friends who are ready to pounce at the first sign of trouble between you and your man

    • Champions

      “Silence cannot be misquoted.”

      • Love_Sexy

        Amen to that!

    • Love_Sexy

      Oh boy you are so right @e89344a791ca63d9a9c6a4ddb4622534:disqus ……Its like they lurk around like voltures…..I had this one friend that was always waiting for a mutual married friend of ours to fail at her marriage. Well don’t you know the marriage fail apart and they divorced. This woman was always telling her all her personal business about the marriage. I mean even after the separation. She just talked about the woman like a DOG!…..It was unbelievable.

      My mom always told me to keep your relationship private from people because most people don’t want to really truly be happy for you………However everybody need somebody to talk to when there is a problem….If you are going to share with a friend make sure its someone that is going to be in your best interest……Of course this is when a true friend come in to play and you know that is rare to find these days.

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