So Much For Customer Service: 10 Signs A Business Doesn’t Deserve Another Red Cent From You

March 20, 2017  |  
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Have you ever gone out of your way to support a business only to regret it? In this day and age, the chances are high. There are more businesses out there than ever: online, pop-up and actual retail stores, and despite all of that, much less customer service. Everybody has a business now, but not everyone is interested in offering their best. With that being said, whether it’s Black businesses, White businesses, brown, green, whatever, not everyone is deserving of your dollar. When they make that clear the first time, take your business elsewhere.

You’re Doing All of the Work

Poor communication is a big no-no. If you order something from a business and the only information you receive is a confirmation email, that doesn’t mean much. They have your money, but when is the product coming? If you have to run down people to get shipping information, they don’t keep in touch with you to let you know when an order is ready, and you’re calling and emailing at all times of the day and night just to ensure you haven’t been hoodwinked, that business doesn’t deserve your dime — they deserve a scolding.

They Do Business in a Seedy Way

A business should have a contact number, some real info, a website. Something! Telling someone to contact you over direct message to conduct business matters makes a prospective customer feel like they’re about to get their identity stolen. In my own experience, I once commissioned a tailor to make a dress for me and gave him a month to make it. Just a few days before the event that I needed to wear it to, he text me (with the worst spelling) asking if I could send him my design ideas again. He would go on to make the dress in less than 24 hours. Trust me, it looked like it.

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They Don’t Right Their Wrongs

When they do something really shady, they don’t try to appease you. No discounts, no real changes put in place. Instead, all that happens is you get a “Sorry about that.” A friend of mine was burned by wax while getting her eyebrows done at a popular beauty spot. When she reached out to the business to let them know what happened, they didn’t get back to her. And when I received less than welcoming service from a yoga studio, only to be contacted later to ask if I would come back, I got crickets when I called out management’s poor treatment. In both cases, we decided not to return to the businesses in question.

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Hours Are Whenever They Feel Like Showing Up

The door might say 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., but really, it’s whenever people feel like showing up to do their job. If you find yourself looking to support a business that often has a “We’ll be back in…” sign on their door, they’re not serious enough to deserve your coins.

They Make You Wait…and Wait…and Wait

More than 30 minutes for your food at a restaurant; to get your hair done despite the fact that you made an appointment and have somewhere to be in a few hours; for whatever the hell you bought. Businesses that make you look like a sitting duck and don’t deem it necessary to explain themselves in the meantime should only get to fool you once.

They Don’t Treat You the Same As Other Customers

Maybe it’s because you are a consistent customer, or maybe it’s because you don’t look like other customers (if you know what I mean). Whatever the deal is, you notice that you’re often put on the back burner at establishments you support. In total contrast, those who are assumed to have more money or are newer customers that owners need to make a good impression on have the red carpet rolled out for them.

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You Give Away Money but Don’t Feel Appreciated

If you dole out dollars (and not just a few measly coins) to a business but walk away feeling like they could care less about your contributions (you honestly don’t even feel good when you leave), why keep going back?

You Get More Attitude Than Customer Service

Anytime you feel like you’re treated as more of a bother than a benefit (Lord help you if you ask what’s considered one question too many), you’re giving your money away to the wrong people.


You Feel Like You’re Supporting for the Wrong Reasons

You want to support because you’re a woman and their business is owned by women. You’re Black and they’re Black. You went to school together. You know the business owner through your sister and you want to encourage them. Despite all of that, they can’t get it together, and you can’t keep wasting your time and money trying to help them do so.

The Quality of What They Offer Is Poor

Remember that tailor I told you about? Well, the dress he made for me wasn’t worth more than $35 and could have been bought at a store. Unfortunately though, it cost my husband $125. We gave the guy a chance, but we’re not giving him a second chance. Same goes for the restaurant that keeps burning certain dishes I order, the bike shop that left me standing in the heat for 45 minutes, the lingerie store whose bras loose their support time and again but cost a grip, and any other businesses that can and should do better.


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