Tamar And Vince Talk “The Real,” Weight Loss & Their Marriage

March 14, 2017  |  

Vince and Tamar have had quite the year. With her termination from “The Real” and rumors of domestic issues between the two and Tamar addressing an alleged love child, their names have been in the news a time or two. The couple stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” and kept things light and easy, discussing Vince’s weight loss, the rumors and what she would say to the women of “The Real.”
Vince’s Weight Loss

90 something pounds.

Are you used to your new body?

I’m getting there.

Tamar: I’m a hater because it’s not fair. I work out everyday and I’m like the thick one these days. He’s turned into like the male Kim Kardashian. He takes selfies all day. And every mirror he stops by, she’s like “yes!”
Vince: I feel great. I’m not taking 13 pills anymore. I changed my diet completely.


Are you eating meat?

A lot less because of your husband.

…Nobody told me I was that big. And when I realized that I was 315 something pounds and now I’m 230 pounds. And I can go into Neimen Marcus and buy a pair of jeans…

As you see that they’re still married? Every other month you all are divorcing, someone’s fighting. What’s good?

Tamar: Everything is good.

Vince: We are.

Tamar: And God is good. Let me tell you something, we’ve been through a lot in this past year but it did nothing but bring our relationship closer. I’m not even going to sit here and act like we don’t argue, we don’t fight. We work together, it’s a lot of things to disagree about. But I think we’ve come to the point where we know that this is where we are supposed to be.

What about the love child?

There is a woman who said that she had sex with Vince the night before Vince and Tamar got married. And she got pregnant and Vince was giving her hush money for years and all of a sudden stopped the hush money and now she’s not hushing.

Tamar: I felt like my character was tried, as if if Vince had a love child, I would be the type of woman who would just accept him and not his child. Well then that’s not love because you just can’t love part of a person. You have to love the whole person and everything that comes with that person. That’s that.

Let me tell you something Wendy, first of all, I have infertility issues. I would love to have a bunch of kids. It would be a blessing for me–I mean, not the way it happened. But if it happened. I’d still punch him in the face…

Do you talk to the girls from “The Real,” it’s been a year.
I saw Tia yesterday at the airport.

What do you say?

I said hi!

Did you flip your hair?

No! Well Tia. It was Tia who I saw. That’s not shade. Come on. I ain’t the shadiest person on the planet. I saw her sister. I ain’t plan it.

What do you say when you see Adrienne?
I haven’t seen Adrienne.

If you do?

God is good. Hallelujah. Won’t He do it.

What about Loni?

Anybody! The only person I’m beefing with is the devil. That’s it. I am not beefing with anybody in my life.

Big sister Toni

Is Toni dating Birdman?

I had to wet my whistle when you asked me about Toni and Birdman. I ‘ve been knowing him for a long time. But she’s never actually admitted to me that they was together. She was like, ‘Oh no, we’re friends who occasionally go out together.’ He did come to dinner– you’ll see this on “Braxtons.” The whole was there and he had his shirt all the way down here open, like he was going on a date. He looked like Eddie Levert. But that’s ok. But they look like they was on a date though. I ain’t never seen them kiss. I kind want to see them kiss, if they’re together.

Her mom and dad

Your mom and dad were married for..?

35 years

And have a beautiful family of all those children and now your dad though has moved on with his life and has a new wife. And it’s hard for everybody to everybody to accept.

Yes. Well only because of– Ooo I’m not trying to be disrespectful– but of how they got together. I’m not gon call her no sidechick but I’ll say girlfriend on the side. [They’ve been divorced] for 16-17 years. All I know is that they were together since I was 11. Him and his new wife.

So there might be an overlappation in the situation?

That is what I’m trying to say. It’s not that he got remarried. It’s how it came about and that’s our mom.

Is mom dating?

No! And I’m upset about that. I’ve been looking for a stepdaddy for about ten years, like where is your man momma?!

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