Fitness Guru Massy Arias Proves What Clean Eating, Consistent Workouts Can Do In 9-Day Postpartum Pic

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Back in October, we shared the intense workout regimen of fitness guru Massy Arias with you. At the time, she was four months pregnant and honestly didn’t look like she was carrying anything other than a light bloat. Her abs were still pretty pronounced, muscles still strong, and she was not slowing down when it came to finding the time and energy to exercise. But as the months went on, a bump did get bigger, and as it did, she nevertheless continued to be active:

And here we are, almost there! This has been such a learning experience. Five more weeks to go, 20lbs up, stretch marks, lots of darkened areas…part of the process and I know there's a lot more to come. Amazed at how selfless I have become. I am more healthy now than I've ever been and it has taken every ounce of determination. I am tired, and very uncomfortable at this point. Baby is projecting to be 6.5-7lbs. I have very little water retention, and no signs of symptoms that usually appear around this time and I owe it to my nutrition and keeping active, but also giving my body the rest it really needs. Let's see how these next few weeks go. This is going to be life altering, but truly awesome. Thank you for being part of this journey with us @willy_beamen ! @mawarriors Right here with you living this lifestyle! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #35weekspregnant #healthypregnancy #fitmom _____________________________________________________________ Y aquí estamos, casi allí! Esta ha sido una experiencia de aprendizaje. Cinco semanas más, 20 libras ganadas, estrías, un montón de áreas oscuras … parte del proceso y sé que hay mucho más por venir. Estoy siendo más sana ahora de lo que era en el pasado y ha tomado mucha determinación. Estoy cansada, y muy incómoda a este punto. El bebé está proyectando ser 6.5-7lbs. Tengo muy poca retención de agua, y no hay signos de síntomas que suelen aparecer alrededor de este tiempo y se lo debo a mi nutrición y mantenerme activa pero tomando en cuenta que necesito también mucho descanso. Veamos cómo van las próximas semanas. Se que mi vide será alterada, pero verdaderamente espero con ansias y seguir aprendiendo. Gracias por formar parte de este viaje con nosotros @willy_beamen! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM

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Arias continued to eat healthy and train in ways that were safe for her body. What worked for her and the intensity at which it did probably wouldn’t work for most of us. Arias’s body was quite conditioned before pregnancy. We’re talking years of being physically fit after putting in consistent work:

MONDAY CHALLENGE, BACK AT IT 😜💪🏽 Total body cable WOD. #38weekspregnant @djkhaled @beyonce WE SHINING 🙏🏽. Train smart to build coordination, balance, core strength, and overall dopeness. Your body can move in so many ways. Looks easy, but give it a try and you'll feel every muscle in your body working. #djkhaled #beyonce #shining #mondaymotivation #childofGod _____________________________________________________________ RETO DEL LUNES, DALE 😜💪🏽 Entrenamiento de cuerpo completo usando máquina de cables. [Menciona a un amigo] Tu cuerpo se puede mover de tantas maneras y entrenar inteligentemente te darán más balance, coordinación, fuerza abdominal, y claro, te verás como un ninja. Así que ponle atención a esta rutina, la hago ver un poco fácil, pero sentirás todos tus músculos trabajando para realizar cada movimiento que te muestro. 11 días para las 40 semanas, esta niña ya está mostrando su persistencia 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣 WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo

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Safe Ab routine for any trimester during pregnancy. Even if not pregnant this is a basic routine to build true core strength. Tag a friend and read below @mawarriors These three exercises will build strength, stability, coordination, balance, and flexibility. 1. The bird dog: strengthens back extensors helping you carry that baby with less pain. Make sure hips are neutral and glutes are engaged. 2. Side plank (💕modified on your third trimester. Check how I put my leg in front of me to relieve weight being lifted): works your entire abdominal wall. Make sure your hips don't sag to the floor. 3. Cat Cow: is so great during your 3rd trimester to increase flexibility of the spine and releasing lower back pain. Perfect finisher of this awesome routine. Inhale as you pull your abs towards your spine, and slowly exhale stretching your abs. Video is sped up. Try to focus on engaging your muscles and connecting with each breath. Repeat 3-4 times holding the exercises for three full long breaths. WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #ma30day #mawarrior #childofgod #pregnancyworkout #37weekspregnant _____________________________________________________________ Una rutina de abdominales segura para todos los trimestres de embarazo. Crea fuerza, estabilidad, flexibilidad, coordinación, y balance hasta si no estás embarazada/o lol!

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On February 28, Arias finally gave birth to her daughter, her first child, named Indira Sarai. She was able to bring the little one into the world through a natural water birth at home with fiancé Stefan Williams:

Like a breath of fresh air 👼🏽 who do you think she looks like? Update: been really in a limbo trying to figure this out. Waking up every two hrs to breastfeed or may I say, syringe feed until I can recover from the bad latching. They don't prepare you for how hard it is to breastfeed but I'm getting the hang of it. I though a natural water birth was going to be a challenge, but this is the most emotionally and physical "workout" I've ever done thus far… I had a back labor and managed to push her out in 20 mins. I will not lie if I said it didn't hurt but I would do it again. I had an awesome doula and midwife team. I must say @willy_beamen was a big part of coping with labor (I am so blessed to have such a great husband, he's so awesome). I will post a postpartum pic to show you guys. Anyway, I just need a few more days…oh yes I do! HAPPY SUNDAY MY LOVES 💕 ____________________________________________________________ Como un soplo de aire fresco 👼🏽 ¿a quién crees que se parece? : He estado realmente en un limbo tratando de navegar este nuevo cambio en mi vida. Despertar cada dos horas para amamantar y usando una jeringa hasta recuperarme de dar el seno. No te preparan para lo difícil que es amamantar, pero estoy aprendiendo y mejorando cada día. Pensaba que dar a luz natural iba a ser un reto, pero este "entrenamiento" ha sido el más emocional y físico que he hecho hasta el momento … llegue a mi partera con 8cm dilatada y logre empujarla en 20 minutos. No voy a mentir si les digo que no dolió, pero yo lo haría de nuevo. Tuve un equipo impresionante de parteras y Doula. Debo decir @willy_beamen fue una gran parte de hacer frente al dolor de parto ( soy muy dichosa de tener un gran marido, él es tan impresionante). Voy a publicar una foto postparto para mostrarles que tal va todo. De todos modos, sólo necesito unos días más … oh sí…unos días donde pueda dormir! Feliz domingo mis amores ________________________________________

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Nine days after giving birth, Arias shared her first postpartum picture on social media, and the snapback is quite insane. As you can see, the hard work she put in before baby and during pregnancy, as well as eating quite clean, paid off royally. But Arias wasn’t trying to show off, but rather, continue to share her health and fitness journey with followers, as she’s done for years. She put it best when saying, “This post isn’t intended to set any expectations or to be negative. We have all different journeys”:

Okay so here it is, 9 days #postpartum. Recovering and eating as best as I can with enough caloric surplus for milk supply. I've been counting my macros and using my 8-week macro friendly program which is available on my website (click link in my bio). You saw how active I was during my pregnancy and how well I ate. I had a natura labor with no complications (thank God and to this lifestyle). I am still practicing what I believe in : food is medicine and I don't deprive myself from any food groups. I just EAT WHOLE AND EAT WELL. Mantain my protein intake high to support muscle (thank you @trusupplements for that amazing plant based protein. That was my life savior and still is). I drink about a gallon of fluids (mostly water). With the macro calculator on my program I've hit "mantain" with no exercise (of course). And apply 600-800 extra calories to support my milk supply. It's amazing what you can do when you know specifically what to eat. I do miss movement but first, I have to heal properly. THIS POST ISN'T INTENDED TO SET ANY EXPECTATIONS OR TO BE NEGATIVE. WE HAVE ALL DIFFERENT JOURNEYS. I LOVE YOU GUYS WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM _____________________________________________________________ 9 días #postparto Recuperandome y comiendo lo mejor que pueda con surplus calórico para el suministro de leche. He estado contando mis macronutrientes y usando mi programa de 8 semanas que calcula tus macros que está disponible en mi paguina (haga clic en el enlace en mi bio no aún en español ). Todos ustedes vieron mi actividad y mi nutrición durante mi embarazo. Practico lo que creo: la comida es medicina y no me privo de cualquier grupo de alimentos. Mantengo mi % de proteína alto para mantener mi masa muscular lo más que pueda (gracias @trusupplements por esa increíble proteína a base de plantas, que fue mi salvación antes y durante mi embarazo. Bebo alrededor de un galón de líquidos (principalmente agua). CADA MUJER ES DIFERENTE ! ESTA PUBLICACIÓN NO ESTÁ DESTINADA A ESTABLECER EXPECTATIVAS PARA NINGUNA MUJER, NI SER NEGATIVA. TENEMOS DIFERENTES JORNADAS Y COMIENZOS. NO SE LES OLVIDE. LAS AMO!

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She did note in that before and after picture that she isn’t rushing to get back in the gym, as she needs to heal and take care of little Indira. Then again, she clearly doesn’t need to rush. She put in enough work leading up to this major moment that she can just sit back and enjoy motherhood — abs on fleek. But for fitness fiends, time off from the gym can only last but so long. Talk about inspiring!

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