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If you have ever gone through a divorce, then it was likely such an all-consuming event that you weren’t able to think about the patterns and statistics that may have been at play leading up to your split. There is, however, a lot of research on divorce; what causes it, who tends to get it, how it can be prevented, how it affects your life and much more. Ultimately, if you’re just not right for somebody you’re just not right for them, but it’s good to go into marriage aware of these statistics. Here are some interesting facts about divorce.

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A big wedding could equal a big divorce

Some studies suggest that people who have lavish weddings are more likely to divorce. Perhaps the enormous display of public love was simply compensating for a lack of real, personal love.

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This is when first divorces happen

Most first-time divorces (in other words, it is the first divorce for those involved) happen after eight years of marriage. So there is something to the seven-year itch…people just give it an extra year to see if it will go away.


Your education affects it

Dropping out of high school increases your risk of getting divorced. Meanwhile, completing college decreases your risk of divorce, only emphasizing the concept that discovering who you are is an important part of finding a happy relationship.

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Having more children than planned can lead to divorce

Couples who have twins or triplets are more likely to get divorced than those who have children one at a time. Since twins and triplets cannot be planned for, they usually take a surprising financial toll on a couple.


Second marriages have a good success rate

This may come as no surprise but, second marriages have a good chance of lasting because the people involved learned so much about relationships from their divorces.

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Divorce is illegal here

The Philippines is the only remaining country where getting a divorce is illegal. That could be why and how one man there has 76 children through 16 women, only one of whom is is wife.

less accepting of divorce

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There is a divorce museum

Japan’s Mantokuji temple once served as a refuge for women seeking divorce in the country, who needed a safe haven while separating from their husbands. It became a tradition there to write down negative things in your life, including a bad relationship, and flushing the piece of paper down the toilet. Today the temple is a museum.


Women do better than men after divorce

Men are more likely to become depressed and even suicidal after divorce than women are. Women report feeling more relieved and happy after divorce.


But men remarry quicker

Perhaps since men take divorce so hard, they seek a new partner quickly to fill the void. Men tend to marry several years soon after their divorce than women do.


This profession has the most divorces

Are you more likely to get a divorce if you’re hot and all your coworkers are hot? That’s hard to say. But there is something to be said for the fact that dancers and choreographers get the most divorces.


Followed by this one

Bartenders are the second most likely group to get divorces, possibly because they spend much of their time in highly social environments where people’s inhibitions go out the window with every shot of whiskey.

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It could be better to marry an older man

While it may seem like women marrying older men is a societal expectation or something we simply created in our culture. That being said, research finds heterosexual marriages in which the woman is a few years younger than her partner are more likely to succeed than marriages in which the woman is a few years older than her partner.

Women file for divorce more than men do

Things are beginning to add up; men tend to be less happy after divorce than women perhaps because they didn’t want the divorce in the first place. Research finds that women file for divorce more than men do.

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Smoking can lead to divorce

If just one person in a pair smokes they can be up to 75 percent more likely to get a divorce than if nobody smoked. If you both smoke, that risk is 53%.



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And divorce can lead to smoking

Children with divorced parents are much more likely to smoke than children of parents who stay together.


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