J Hud & Hubby Split: The Cost of Her Weight Loss?

October 25, 2011  |  

I will say there’s a big difference between me losing weight and getting a little more holla on the block, and Jennifer Hudson losing 80 pounds, becoming a national Weight Watchers spokesperson, writing a book, covering magazines, and being featured on talk shows. Suddenly everyone is vying for her attention and she may not have as much time for the reality star/professional wrestler. But didn’t he know Jennifer was a celebrity when he met her?

Perhaps David comes from the Ne-Yo school of thinking and thought Jennifer could only achieve a “Jill Scott level of success” at a size 16, but now that the size 8 (or is it zero?) singer is creeping more toward Beyonce fame, he can’t handle the shine.

Or who’s to say J Hud isn’t feeling herself a little more these days. It would be hard not to. Plus a source told Star magazine that the couple was “clashing over Jennifer’s career obsession, commitment issues, and reluctance to have more children.” Translation: This is my time, there’s a whole new pool of men out there for me, and I’m not messing up this body. I’m sure asking him to sign a pre-nup didn’t help matters either.

Undoubtedly blame can be placed on both parties for their pre-marital friction, but I would be willing to bet that if Jennifer had to do it all over again she wouldn’t change a thing about her weight loss journey. There’s a whole lot more to losing weight than pounds and it looks like J Hud may be experiencing one of the more sobering side effects of a body transformation like hers. The good news, though, is that she’s in a healthier place and her career is on the rise — so a new man won’t be too far behind. Hopefully he’ll be one that can handle her new, improved lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on J Hud and David Otunga’s reported split? Do you think her weight loss doomed the couple’s happily ever after? Even if they patch things up and remain together, things will never be the same.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • SVW 0819

    You go girl…He was just hustling you anyway.

  • Sofi

    Big congrats to j-hud…but not all men are comfortable with change. He fell in love with her… curves & all. Even when she was a thick madame, she was still famous. But grabbing lumps of lard one day & sticks and bones the next…is a terrible experience for some men!

    She had his child and he was still there AND still willing to marry her and eventually build a bigger family. How many black women in this day & age can say the same thing?? Give the man a break.

  • The comments in here are silly. If the fellow like a more full figured woman that’s his right, if she fells better at the weight she is and doesn’t want to go back, that is her right also. I personally do not like really skinny woman so for the sake of my marriages sex life I wouldn’t marry one, unless she had to lose the weight for health reasons. And any woman I date has a right to dislike my weight gain or lose. Personal preference.

  • It may have been the weight, but I’m going with his refusal to sign a prenup.

  • Chelle

    His claim to fame is being a contestant on the I Love New York, dating/"reality" show. She's seeing the world and all it has to offer. I'm sure she is seeing there are better prospects out there and he's afraid of losing his meal ticket.

  • kIm

    I agree she has always had a stank a dank attitude i cant stand her… but she does look really good now!!! he probably cant stand her pesonality either!!!!

  • Reese

    He is a professional wrestler for the WWE. He makes good money.

  • Tay210

    When Jen first came from American Idol my opinion was that Hollywood would screw her up! Yup its true, every lady with weight on them is ridiculed heavily in Hollywood.. Not every woman is meant to be skinny, and skinny does not mean you're healthy. JHud was trying to fit it? True, but this could also have happen because of stress, she did loose family member all at once.

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  • gval

    lose 1 to 2 pounds a day the healthy way call 877-339-0543 press 1

  • Reese

    It was all speculation as to why they would of called off the wedding. The article has been updated and the wedding isn't off. It was a rumor that was reported without facts backing it up.

  • Ravenda

    First of all Jennifer has always had that stank attitude despite actually having talent that could take her places. I can't say without the words coming out of her and her man's mouth what the reason for the break up is, since there could be many reasons and not assumed by public majority. In regards to weight loss, I'm perturbed that folks go straight to that fact as the reason for them breaking up. Why is it an easy target just because she lost weight? Maybe somebody cheated, maybe somebody changed their mind, maybe they just didn't get along anymore. If he loved her when he met her he loved her after losing weight because she was still the same person. Now any new actions either may have taken over the last 3 years would be the reasons for a break up. I'm not going to assume what the majority thinks.

  • Jennifer Hudson should have never left her security guard boyfriend. She will never be happy because of this. http://pnoy.me/de

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  • Peter griffy Jr.

    no these people don’t no Jennifer Hudson period but they don’t know David otunga personally either but hmmmmm look at all the negative comments about him smh…… double standard was designed for black women

    • crystallineentity

      Typical….it's clear from what Jen said -he said about her weight loss- that he was feeling insecure because she was getting so much attention. she's the star and she has the real money-making prospects. now that she is thin and fabulous too his ego cant handle it. i find it interesting that ever since jhud started gaining fame people talked about her weight especially so-called men and you were probably one of them…"fat black women this.. sloppy unfit non exercising black women that….." She had the discipline to change herself and looks amazing- leave her alone. you only wish you could be with someone half as exceptional…

  • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou


  • Brande Victorian

    The point of the article was that often when you lose weight you lose more than that, you sometimes lose friends who can't handle your new found confidence or your man who can't handle the increased attention that comes with your new look.

    In no way did I say that the cost wasn't worth it. It's not even necessarily a loss if you're eliminating negative people from your life. But I'm sure Jennifer Hudson didn't expect her weight loss to come between her and her fiance–and the fact that it seems like it did appears to be more a reflection on him than her, unless you agree with other people who think she's acting brand new these days.

    And I didn't hint that asking David to sign a pre-nup was a bad move, I said that doing so likely didn't do much to help his ego which was obviously already fragile.

  • Peter griffy jr.

    its funny how when a black man leaves a woman for any reason yall go on a witch hunt but when a black woman leaves a black man yall throw a ticker tape parade but the truth is her attitude has become so stank since she lost the weight and plus she act like she have never been chubby and stop blasting David Otunga he is not a attention seeking money hungry dude because for the last year and a half he has been one of WWE top superstars and even attain the tag team championship numerous of times so stop it

  • Tasha

    I agree with a few others. Yes her weight lost was an improvement for her health but I do believe it got to a point where it became more about acceptance in show business. She has became full of herself and thats most likely more of his issue than anything. The weight change probably wasn’t a issue for him rather than the attitude change that came with it. And fyi he has a degree from yale and I believe he was a lawyer so it’s not like he was just some reality chump who got lucky. When her career has subsided that degree of his eil b paying bills so dont bash that man because of a bad decision to go on a show.

  • Thank you!

  • jjac401

    Jennifer looks good and is now free to do so much better in terms of a mate. It's a good thing that he is gone! I don't believe he had good intentions to begin with. Insecure men are dangerous men!

  • Kelly

    Damn…. well her interview here told me the same thing: http://fallmassive.com/tix/5p

  • Style4Curves

    I am happy for Jennifer and if they broke up b/c of her weight he wanted to use her. A lot of chubby chasing men like big women b/c they know a lot of them have self esteem issues and are glad to just "have a man". A REAL man will support decisions u make especially ones to better your health.

    • Allyce

      Yeah. I see ladies like that at my local mall. They are obese and are "buying" relationships with skinny men by showering them with sneakers or whatever they want. I was in Lane Bryant and saw a sista buying lingerie. As she left the store, she met up with her man – a guy who looked like a skinny hood. My husband said," I bet she's going to buy him something." I said "No way. He was not there when purchased her lacy bras and undies." I was wrong. He talked her into going to Footlocker. She bought him a pair of sneakers. That's pimping in 2011.

  • anonymous

    A size 0 doesn't neccesarily equates to one being in good health. Losing weight is fine, but once a person becomes number obsessed as to trying to fit into a certain size, then there's a problem.


    I don't think it had anything to do with her weight loss. Her attitude is stink now that she's had a tremendous weight loss. I think her comment about him on the clothes was even from her, she was over spending on clothes just because…..she even said that. But she thinks being small makes her a better person and I disagree with that. Be who you are and not who you think you should be. I use to love her but this," I've lost all this weight and now I'm beautiful" attitude(stuck up) is like whatever….The people who loved her loved her before she was small and will love her while she is small…surgery or not. Just my opinion.

  • kyss


  • cleojones

    This is not a surprise at all. He was with her due to the fact that she was overweight and now that she is doing her thing, he cannot handle that, kick rocks brother, there are more fish in the sea!!

  • JAY Bird

    Sad but I kinda seen this coming too since I heard about him not being too happy about the weight loss but Jennifer do better!

  • Miss Charlie

    That's sad. They look like they could have been a great couple! But, seems like he's the one with the issue.

  • Freddy

    No. she felt pressure to lose weight in a Beyonce world. so she changed. It'd be one thing if she was morbidly obese and unhealthy. But she wasn't. I mean not all men like stick skinny girls. He fell in love with her with all her curves, and she threw it away to fit in. Granted that's not a reason to divorce someone because it seems types shallow to dump someone because they lost weight.