Boys Behind Amber Cole Scandal Arrested

October 21, 2011  |  


It appears justice has been served, as much as it possibly can be, in the unfortunate Amber Cole scandal that broke earlier this week. The teen boys who are allegedly responsible for posting the video of her engaging in a sexual act have been arrested.

Amber tweeted on Tuesday, “I will be pressing charges on the 3 boys who were there,” regarding the video showing her Performing ‘Brain Surgery’ on a boy who is reportedly her ex-boyfriend. The clip quickly spread throughout YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, with additional rumors of Amber committing suicide—something she said she would never put her family through.

Still addressing the drama that sparked a great deal of discussion on cyberbullying, the 14-year-old who now has more than 36,000 followers, said later that day:

“I thank everyone for the support. I’ll try my best to ignore the negative people.”

From her Twitter feed, it appears she’s changed schools as a result of the incident. Hopefully the arrests will give her some peace of mind.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Vee

    Have any of you looked at her Twitter? I am not following her but it's public, and unless this is a fake account, Amber Cole comes off as an iiiignorant little girl.

    This is the Twitter account linking from the story above:

  • aqquippless

    The boys are minors.That`s why they`re identities are shielded.Not excusing the fact they commited a crime.F.Y.I.

  • unless she willingly posed for the camera, she can't be guilty production/distribution.

  • And you assume that you're the only mentor?

    • KNB1

      I never assumed; you did. You obviously did not read how I worded that sentence or the ones after it.

  • I challenge you to a find a post that says this girl was forced to give this boy head. I need to see that. Clearly these boys HAVE been protected. You know Amber Cole's name? Do you know theirs?

    • r u serious

      "Everyone is jumping on the hang them bandwagon like the young lady was forced to do what she did and did not know what was happening" Can you read and comprehend. I am saying she was NOT forced to give these boys head so why are people trying to hang them.

  • SoWhat?!

    ummm so tf what?! why is this still relevant? this happens in every school in every state no matter race or type of school. in all girls schools its girls doing girls and in all boys its vice versa. this ish is nothing new and nothing to really be shocked about cause we ALL know that one or two people from middle and high school that was known around school for doing that ish and was proud of it! the only difference is the boys was dumb enough to post it online. stop blaming that girl parents cause its not like she was 8 she was what 14? old enough to know what she was doing and old enough to take the responsibility! get off that girl clit. she did what half the girls in high schools these days do. no it aint right but if you aint going to demonize half the middle and high schoolers in the US stfu about it! and dont say its not half cause i just graduated 2 yrs ago and im lessening the number. and dont say it aint your kids or theyre friends you dont know. maybe you just trained youre kids not to get caught a hell of alot better and raised them well enough to know not to do they ish on camera. im just saying *shrugs*

  • College kidd

    I went on her twitter and the girl needs guidance and love. She didn’t even know if being called “the new super head” was a good or bad thing. I’m not here to judge her, so I’ll keep her in my prayers.

  • Kayla

    that's what i was saying. but when i spoke my opinion everyone wanna thumbs me down

  • Brenda55

    To all of the blowhards that are calling for Amber to be arrested. Giving a BJ is not illegal. Filming an under age girl doing it and posting it on line is. The boys took it there and now the have to answer for it.

    • Jade

      @Brenda, smh. Reread your post, and tell me you can't be serious. Is she not at fault to you ma'am? It's just the boys fault bc they showed their homies and the whole world? What she was doing in public wasn't illegal?

      And please think before you respond ma'am.

      • Jade,
        it's obvious that the girl should face consequences,but this wouldn't have gone national had those boys refrained from posting it online.They really went TOO far.Her life is basically over.
        Those boys need to experience some backlash as well.

  • Ashley

    I agree that there were some elements of poor parenting but it's less about policing your children and more about building up their self esteem which society is steadily trying to destroy. Black girls are seen as sex objects, there's so much emphasis on their bodies and virtually none on their minds.

    Her parents can't be with her at school to watch her but they can try to teach her to love and respect herself. Trust me, it's no easy task.

  • nikkicute

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  • kelly

    Where are her parents? Her Twitter page is out of control.

    • Josh

      Pretty sure that's not really her twitter page. The facebook account connected to it is definitely not hers and actually reposted the original video a couple times. Plus, there are a bunch of other negative facebook accounts about her, and they all have that same 1 or 2 pictures. The girl is probably off somewhere hiding in a hole while everyone (negative and positive) is stressing over this.

    • guest2

      If that is her page, all those boys need to do is to show the judge to let it be known what an unstable,crazy individual that she is. Everybody that's defending her really need to check it out because she's on some mad nonsense. Gotta laugh at the people tell her to 'keep her head up'………bit too late for that, no?

  • I don’t know why this little girl still has a twitter account either–and she was on that account cursing up a storm in the wake of all this madness. Her father came out and made a statement, but why hasn’t he shut down her twitter account? Why is she still accepting followers and telling people about changing schools. This entire situation just makes everyone involved look very bad, including AC the more she talks.

    • Because the twitter account, like so many others, wasn't hers.

  • Equal Rights

    TYPO******** Some of us men are **** NOT*** barbaric or ruthless towards females. YES we have some male’s species that are very cruel toward females. But, some women do the same. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL…..

  • Equal Rights

    YES, the boys are wrong for posting the video. Their IDIOTS and I would expect that from young IDIOTS. But, if these boys are going to be charged, then so should she. That girl knew she was being recorded and continued the sexual act. These kids need counseling not jail. These boys/men don't stand a chance with these fast azz girls/women. Who are protecting the males from lying azz, manipulating females? Females have all types of support groups and politicians that are funding safe houses for women. What about us men? It's this type of unfair sh*t that pisses me off. They just released another innocent man after serving a 30yr rape sentence for crime he never committed (… ). I'm so tired of people over looking males, when females have molested, raped, and put men in uncomfortable situations to take advantage of us. I see why men are turning gay and hate females! Listen up females, WOMEN ARE NO BETTER THAN MALES. FEMALES ARE CAPABLE OF SEXUAL ASSUALT, ABUSE, AND RAPE TOWARDS LITTLE BOYS, TEENAGE BOYS, AND MEN. THESE WOMEN COME IN ALL COLORS, SHAPES, SIZES, RICH, POOR, AND UGLY, BEAUTIFUL. THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR LITTLE BOYS AND IN THE LONG RUN, IT WILL LONG TERM EFFECTS WHEN THEY'RE GROWN MEN. TEACH YOUR BOYS TO SPEAK UP! I don’t hate females I just want fair treatment and the protection for males that a woman has. Some of us men are barbaric or ruthless towards females. YES we have some male’s species that are very cruel toward females. But, some women do the same. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL…..

  • Yanna

    I jus wanna say to Amber that you are a strong woman and jus because people are being negative doesn’t mean they haven’t done anything as bad for or jus wasn’t put on the web…you are a young woman who are allowed a few mistakes and thats how you grow to learn from them…keep your head up and dont give up on life..jus stay away from “bad boys”, “bad behaviors” and “baby bashers” because you are still a baby whom needs to be taught not bashed.

    • AMEN! I agree Yanna. I can't stand seeing ADULTS calling this CHILD out of her name. It's sick.

  • Big Bad Black Men & Women of all colors are victims…

  • Justsaying

    A 14 year-old individual… you cannot hold parents responsible for everything a child does/does not do… Children no matter how young are individuals… Believe it or not sometimes children don't listen to thier parents… Did you do EVERYTHING your parents told you to/or not to do??? Really???

  • Madeline

    Okay, I am all for justice but WHERE THE EFF ARE HER PARENTS?! WHY does this child still have a twitter acct, let alone regular access to the internet after all that's happened to her?!?!?! *KANYE SCREAM*

  • Princess Grace

    let us hope she does not have to testify and relive this