What’s All The Hype Around Ingested Collagen And Your Health?

March 9, 2017  |  
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For a long time collagen was associated with plastic surgery and the “non-medical” side of medicine. People would whisper collagen because they were usually talking about having it injected into their forehead to cover up unsightly wrinkles and lines. But first of all, there’s no shame in having a little bit of the stuff put in your face to shave off a few years and second off, collagen comes in many forms other than a needle. Don’t forget that collagen naturally exists in all of us, so it isn’t some foreign, unnatural substance. As a matter of fact, thirty percent of the protein in your body is collagen, so it must not be that bad. Now people are ingesting in via beverages, supplements and more. Here’s what all the hype’s about with ingested collagen.


It prevent osteoporosis

Your body has special cells that build bones; collagen boosts the production of those cells. People who take a collagen supplement have a lower risk of developing osteoporosis than those who don’t.


It naturally fight crows feet

If the idea of having a needle stuck in your face terrifies you, you could simply take a collagen supplement in the form of hydrolyzed powder. Taking a little every day for a couple of months could greatly reduce the lines around your eyes.


It improves joint health

Part of the reason many people develop joint problems as they get older is that their body produces less collagen, which can lead to inflammation. Taking a regular collagen supplement can boost the cartilage tissue around certain joints and make it easier to move without pain.


It can regulate your hormones

Collagen can maintain a healthy balance of several important hormones related to our longevity and happiness, like testosterone, insulin, the human growth hormone and estrogen. If you are reaching menopause, talk to your doctor about taking a supplement to keep your hormones from getting out of whack.


It can reduce cellulite

Collagen’s job, when it comes to fat, is to essentially hold fat cells in place, creating that smooth outer surface we admire on people who don’t have cellulite. When one doesn’t have enough collagen, they can develop cellulite.

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it might improve sleep

The amino acid glycine, found in collagen, can improve the quality of your sleep and prevent you from feeling tired throughout the day. It could be a good alternative if you’re tired of taking sleeping pills.

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It can boost your metabolism

Glycine, an amino acid in collagen, delivers blood sugar to your muscle tissue, helping you feel more energized and, in turn, do more! Taking this supplement could help you in your weight loss efforts.

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And improve your smile

Collagen is not only paramount in forming healthy, strong teeth but also in developing healthy gums and jaws.


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And maintain healthy arteries

Many people do not know that your arteries are composed mostly of collagen. Not having enough of it could be a cause of hardened arteries.

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It prevents sun damage

One study found that taking collagen supplements can protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet B and ultraviolet A exposure.

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it flushes out your liver

If you can’t stand one more juice cleanse then try a collagen-based broth cleanse. The glycine in collagen can detox your liver; plus collagen soup is delicious.

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It fights leaky gut

Leaky gut syndrome is what it sounds like; toxins make it out of your intestinal wall and into your bloodstream, which can be quite dangerous. This occurs when there is a lack of collagen in our intestinal walls; taking the supplement can prevent this.


It makes for stronger hair

People usually talk about keratin when they discuss strong, healthy hair, but collagen also plays a role. In fact, collagen contains an amino acid that can prevent baldness.


And tougher nails

If your nails are constantly breaking, cracking and developing those little white lines, maybe it isn’t calcium that you’re missing in your diet; maybe it’s collagen. Collagen is a part of the makeup of those claws.


Eating it prevents waste

You can usually get cow bones from your butcher for very little money. These are loaded with collagen! But most of us don’t ask for them, and the butcher just throws them away.

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