Signs You’re Chemically Bonded To Your Partner

February 17, 2017  |  
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Countless studies have shown that when two people are in love, their body releases certain chemicals when they’re near each other. Dogs also emit many of those same chemicals when they look into the eyes of their owners. Don’t be offended that we’ve compared the relationship between dog and owner to that of the one between romantic partners; it’s actually a compliment. When a dog has a great owner, he feels a total feeling of calmness, and completeness—like he’s always in the exact right place so long as he’s with his owner. That’s how people feel when they’re really deeply physically bonded. And it’s an intense and wonderful feeling. Here are signs you and your partner are deeply chemically bonded.

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You get a chemical rush when you snuggle

When you snuggle, it feels like there is electricity running through your skin—in a good way. You’d swear you were glowing, and you feel a sensation that is both like tingling and complete stillness at once. In fact, your heart rate slows a little.


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If he can’t sleep, neither can you

You both have restless nights on the same nights. It’s not even necessarily that your partner woke you up by making noise; you just both sensed that the other was restless, and it kept you awake.


You feel his stress

If he is under stress, you are under stress. You cannot just watch a show on your laptop, oblivious to the fact that he is panicking across the room. His emotions infiltrate you.





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You’re extremely protective of him

The thought of him getting in a car accident or suffering a severe illness gives you a feeling almost as if somebody had kidnapped your own child—and you don’t even have a child. But that’s what it feels like when you think of someone you’re chemically bonded to being hurt




He feels like family

You feel the exact same way around your partner as you do when you get home to see your family—completely accepted, at ease, not at all judged and safe. Getting home to your partner feels like getting into your favorite cozy robe.




You feel calmer than ever after sex

Having sex with your partner makes you feel some of the similar sensations you feel after an incredibly deep and long sleep. When you’re chemically bonded to somebody, being physically close to them sends very relaxing hormones through your body.


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And anxious if you haven’t had sex in a while

Your body becomes accustomed to the feel-good chemicals you’ve been giving it through regular sex with somebody you feel bonded to. When you take that away, your body can go into withdrawals. This transition can feel like anxiety.



You picture your children a lot

You can’t help but imagine what your children would look like. You don’t even necessarily know if you want children, but these adorable images of kids with his hair and smile keep popping up in your mind…You can’t help it when you’re chemically bonded because your body believes your partner is family now.

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You feel physically ill when you fight

After getting into a fight with your partner, you feel physically ill. You lose your appetite, feel dizzy and weak and just generally feel under the weather. That’s because getting along with him feels like the most natural thing in the world, and not getting along feels like the most unnatural thing in the world.


You can’t enjoy things that make him unhappy

If you want to do something, but you know doing that thing would make your partner worry (for example, going skydiving) then you just can’t enjoy the activity. You’re so connected to your partner that you can’t possibly take pleasure in something that causes your partner pain.


You feel terrible when he gets sick

For some reason, you get really blue when your partner simply has the flu. Seeing him weak and incapable of doing the things he usually enjoys, like exercising and going outdoors, makes you terribly depressed.

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You get hungry at the same times

When you’re deeply bonded, you often end up on the same sleep and eat schedule (if your calendars allow that). The same hormones and chemicals that drive hunger and fatigue flow through your bodies around the same time each day.




Breaking a promise makes you nauseous

The mere idea of breaking a promise to your partner is like the concept of defying gravity—you just can’t do it. You’d rather pull your own teeth out. Your entire body resists it.

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You cannot sleep at all when he’s out of town

You get a burst of the calming chemicals that make a person fall asleep when you sleep next to your partner. When he travels, you just can’t doze off the same way.



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You can sense something’s wrong when he’s totally silent

You can sense a shift in your partner’s emotions, even before he has said or done anything to indicate it. Certain hormones and chemicals fluctuate during times of anger or sadness, and your body detects those in your partner.

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