McDonald’s Worker Viciously Beats Two Unruly Female Customers: Was He Justified?

October 17, 2011  |  

So on Friday night, while relaxing at home, glancing at the news on television, I saw one of the craziest YouTube videos I’ve seen in a long time. People fighting and having amateur videographers capture it on their cellular phones is nothing out of the ordinary, but this fight at McDonald’s last Wednesday was something that was way too extreme for me.

According to CNN, and as you can see on the video, while ringing up two women at the cash register in a McDonald’s franchise in Greenwich Village, 31-year-old Rayon McIntosh questions a $50 bill the women try to give him for their purchase. It’s not really clear why or how things escalate, but as obscenities are hurled his way, one of the two women reaches across the counter and slaps McIntosh in the face. After that, things go really left.

He must have said or done something to defend himself in a manner that the women didn’t appreciate, because one of the women jumps the counter (I’m not kidding, check the video), threatens him and then follows him into the kitchen area. The other woman finds her way around the counter to help her friend confront the man, and all hell breaks loose. McIntosh is seen picking up what looks like a metal rod and starts swinging fast and viciously at both women until they both fell on the ground. It doesn’t stop there though. When they try to get up, he hits them harder. Not only can you hear people in the restaurant screaming for the man to stop, but you can also hear the sound of the rod making contact–really hard contact–with the women’s bodies. The women, Denise Darbeau and Rachael Edwards, both 24, were taken to the hospital with cuts on their head and face. One of the individuals’ head was fractured, and her arm was broken in the attack. As last reported by CNN, they remain in the hospital in serious condition. Both Darbeau and Edwards were charged with menacing, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

It has come out that McIntosh was previously in imprisoned on manslaughter charges. I think my first reaction after hearing that and watching this video was, “Wow, this brother just messed things up for a lot of rehabilitated individuals trying to get employment out here…” For his role in the attack, McIntosh was charged with felony assault and is being held on $40,000 bond.

I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s incidents like this, and many others that I’ve seen, which cause me not to mess with or talk crazy to people I don’t know. There are too many people out here having out-of-body experiences and losing it for anyone to get too comfortable trying to play Mr. or Mrs. Get Bad.

There have been a lot of people commenting on blogs and on news sites like CNN and The Wall Street Journal who are saying that McIntosh was justified in defending himself in the manner that he did. Do you agree? Also, the father of one of the victims appeared on television the other night and said a man with a record like McIntosh shouldn’t have been able to work that close with people as a cashier at all. What do you think about that statement? Do share!

To see the video of the attack, continue to CNN. We do warn you though, it is disturbing.

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  • Helookalikaman79

    Ah they were NOT victims, they were the aggressors and picked the wrong guy to screw with. He was TOTALLY in the right to defend himself… The alleged “Ladies” got a lesson, you attack a man, he will fight back. The cop that arrested him should be fired. Self Defense…. and for those that do not agree, flip the genders… Female Cashier gets attacked and jumped, she does the exact same thing, she wouldn’t have been arrested, record or no record

  • heshouldhaveneverstopped

    he should have just finished them off, so they can’t do that again.

  • He could have handled it better but still, he didn’t have time to call the cops before they attacked him. The customers stood there and did nothing the workers did nothing to help him or stop them. He was in a situation where it was be beat or beat. I think he was justified and the workers should have been fired for allowing this mess to happen and the women should have been imprisoned. He may have had a record and for that he should not have worked with people like that but this time was not his fault.

  • 1wine69

    The women ATTACKED HIM!!!! Why do women think they have a free pass to attack a man? He maybe went a little too far in his response and should have gotten arestted. The charges were/are too harsh.

    They went behind the counter to attack him, that is the central point.

  • Irenereyesirenereyes

    betcha they will think twice b4 opening their mouths up at ANY mcdonalds…lol

  • Irenereyesirenereyes


  • Paxtonrhodes

    That video is disturbing…

    ly hilarious.

  • People with prior felonies do not all fall under the typical stereotypes. Do realize that some innocent people have been previously charge & convicted, thus we should not discriminate upon decision to hire. This man had a right to defend himself; however, he did not have to beat the breaks off of these rowdy women. He simply should have stopped after they were on the ground, guard himself in case they attacked again, and shouted for someone to call 911.

  • Attila X

     This is what you have to say about this incident? How about calling attention to the fact that this is the kind of reaction one brings upon oneself when acting “ghetto”, and you damn well know what I’m talking about: people who think they’re acting “real”, by dispensing with social graces and ettiquette that serve as a sort of buffer between one’s inner neanderthal and society as a whole. Kids–and shockingly, some adults–are increasingly thinking this is the way to behave in society, that this somehow shows you are “keeping it real”, when actually this is nothing more than a lack of manners, a lack of discipline, and a painfully clear indicator that a person that behaves in this manner has no place in society, as such behavior reveals you to be nothing but a cancerous lesion on the corpus of civilization. Clearly, if this is how you need to act, then you need to be in an insititution or behind bars–the majority of people are decent, working class folk who don’t need to deal with this kind of classless barbarism–and take a wild guess as to whom I’m referring to in this instance? –It’s not the guy who wailed on these hood rats!!! IT’S THE WOMEN THEMSELVES!!! Yes, what he did was unacceptable, but they clearly brought it upon themselves. He was doing his job, they hounded him when he inspected the legal tender–something most of us are familiar with in customer service, either from the customer end or the worker end–they FOLLOWED him BEHIND the counter! They SLAPPED HIM! He walked away, he tried to deal the best way he knew how! This guy TRIED, until he just couldn’t take it anymore, since they persisted in harassing the guy. It’s unfortunate it developed the way it did, but these rats inarguably provoked him. I’ve grow up with this behavior, seen it for fricking decades, and have witnessed it across the nation–I’m fed up with it! It is in no way acceptable, and don’t think for a second that people who conduct themselves this way will ever find themselves perfectly accepted into general society! Adapt or perish–it’s just as applicable to society’s norms as it is to the wilds of nature. THAT is “keeping it real”, telling it like it TRULY is. And before anyone goes into a tirade about how I must be “white” and don’t know hjow things “really are”, let me stop you right there–I’m not, and I know very well just how it is. I just made the choice to make something better of myself, and not behave this way. I’m one of you. We need to be the change we want to see in the world, instead of expecting the rest of the world to change before we make an effort, and stop using excuses. But I suspect this post will be too “real”, and won’t get posted by the moderators. All I’m saying is, it’s up to us to better ourselves and not, for instance, behave like THIS.

  • Caramelcocolove

    When I go to work, Im hoping to be safe. This man was fighting TWO women who were definitely acting out of character, then when they get their faces busted, NOW they crying victim.   WTF r they crazy…..   He should DEFINITELY SUE MCDONALDS FOR NOT KEEPING EMPLOYEES SAFE

  • RM

    He was justified in defending himself. Those girls, for a lack of a better word, were the aggressors. When incidents happen to other people,we sit back and always say what we would have done. No one knows what they would do,unless they were in that situation. Also, the reason this young man had served time in the past because of a accidental shooting of his friend when he was a teenager. What a miscarriage of justice if he gets time for this. I pray he will one day be able to live his life without judgements. On another note, that girls father who spoke about his daughter knows that he raised a hoodlum. I guarantee they won’t get in no one else’s face again. Sorry Served Them Right!

  • Ngoziemereonye

    “but it’s incidents like this, and many others that I’ve seen, which cause me not to mess with or talk crazy to people I don’t know”.   Thats just it, the 2 ladies had no business slapping the guy and then jumping over the counter to pursue and chase after the guy and I do not support what he had done but looking at what happened the young man really had no choice but to defend himself in that way a lesson was learned, the women are lucky they weren’t killed.

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  • Barbaralee1146

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  • hrbrnz

    He had all the right in the world to defend himself.  Those were not small petite women they were big enough to put a hurting on him.  The father says he shouldn’t be working as a cashier, whiy? he shouldn’t have to defend himself from being assaulted while working, trying to make a lliving.  The only ones that should have been charged with battery is the two hood rats, they hit him and went after him behind the cash register where they should not have been.

  • E. Easel

    If someone jumped the counter like they about to do something and the other one is coming around, I’d fight back, too. I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman. That’s another thing, if a woman gets in a man’s face like she’s ready to throw down, then he needs to fight her like she a man. I’m getting sick and tired of these women (I’m a woman too, by the way) playing with these men like they’re not supposed to do anything and are just supposed to stand there and take the abude. Sure, a man shouldn’t hit a woman, but if she’s aggressive and trying to fight him then he needs to fight back.

  • I think its bull that this man is in jail. As a female my mother said never hit a man unless u want to get hit back, but she taught my brother to always walk away from any female drama. How did this guy know, they wasnt following him because they had a weapon! I bet they wont climb any more counters again!!!! FOr the father of the victim to say, he shouldnt have been working as a cashier, thats BS, Prison is a punishment and a form of rehab. Rehab helps people change and do better. How can anyone do better if they are being pushed….Sorry if he was a women and he beat them with a metal rod….he wouldnt be in jail..PERIOD

  • angryersmell

    Don’t start none, won’t be none.

    • angryersmell

      Slighted Patron #1: “Excuse me, sir, but that is indeed an authentic $50 bill. Please advise your manager that we wish to discuss this matter with him or her to resolve this obvious misunderstanding.”

      Slighted Patron #2: “Quite so. Though I am offended at the accusation that we would pass off a counterfeit bill as true currency, I accept that we may have inadvertently picked one up, and look forward to bringing in a seasoned professional who more than likely has resolved similar situations in the past.”

      Mr. McIntosh: “My apologies, but as part of my job, I am instructed to immediately identify any bills which I find suspect, no matter how trustworthy the customer attempting to pay with said bill might appear. I will call my manager immediately in the hopes we can resolve this situation to our mutual satisfaction.”

  • Obviously this psycho has anger issues hello he was locked up already before for manslaughter. It is ok to defend yourself but he took it way too far, I hope he gets locked back up. Mc Donalds and those type of jobs always hire the worst people.

  • ray man

    dee dee let me come and slap the hell out of you and see how you react matter of fact let me slap you over and over until you discover were your self control ends you maybe able to get slapped ten times before your upset but the next person don't have to wait that long everybody has a breaking point including you

  • Caunter that he eas just simplified!

  • valhallaarwen

    Sorry not only was he justified, it is called self defense. He walked away after being cursed out and slapped. They had no right to go after him. They deserved everything they got.

  • valhallaarwen

    I agree. They had no business touching him or following him. They deserved what they got. I hope he gets off with self defense. I bet this may be a Mcdonald's that don't take anything larger than a $20 and they got mad. I know a lot of places that don't take big bills and say so.

  • DoUntoOthers

    While I feel sorry that it turned that ugly…what the heck did they expect him to do when she jumped the counter and slapped him. I agree…Hit a man…and you should expect to be "hit like a man". He was working a job and you disrespected him. Next time you'll think twice. He should not lose his job for this. He needs counseling for anger management…but those two chicks need some time too.

  • Kimmy

    Soon as they jumped that counter he was justified

  • dee de dee

    Obviously he was not justified. Its called anger management. Just because someone else doesn't restrain themselves does not mean you dont have to. I would have used the rod if a threat didn't work and only once. That guy absolutely should not be working as a cashier at McDonalds. For some reason, people get crazy when it comes to a big mac and fries. I worked at mcdonalds intermittently for a total of two years. The things I have seen, the people I have wanted to beat down, its just called self control and obviously he didn't have it considering his record. He wouldve been better off in the grill

    • Aluminum

      Everyone can not afford anger management. He worked at Mcs**tties does it look like he can afford good mental health benefits? Keep your hands to yourself because you do not know their current mind frame and it takes a long time to recover if they ever do. Working in fast food is the easiest job to get out there, it is either that or hustle.
      At least he had him a job and was not selling dope or something. You just do not mess with people, PERIOD.
      You do not know certian peoples emotional states.

    • Cora

      Were you ever in his exact situation? Not too many people gonna just stand there and be attacked like that without fighting.

    • Kim

      PUUUULLLEEEAAAASSSEEEEE….. as soon as they jumped that counter he was JUSTIFIED!!!

    • Miss A

      Girl stop!  It was bad enough they were rude and slapped ole boy, then them big heffas had the nerve to follow him to the back of the store still talking noise??  He should’ve beat the hell out of them….I bet they won’t go around thinking they bad anymore. 

  • shar

    Totally agree this man was justified for defending himself. Who do these women think they are that they can come into a restaurant and do whatever they please. They got exactly what they deserve a good old fashioned beat down. This man was trying to make an honest living and these two ignorant women came in to test him. Well he passed the test and took them to school good for him. He taught them lesson I hope they will never forget.

  • Courtney

    It was very extreme and disturbing to watch, but when you try to assault someone, they have every right to defend themselves. Those two "women" had no right to put their hands on him. Especially when he was trying to walk away, and those two thugs followed after him. I think it is unfair that he has lost his job, and is now back in jail. This is why no one wants to work in the service industry. Customers are nuts. If some fool decided to attack me, I will definitely defend myself.

  • No disrespect

    Let's be honest. It was a bit much. He could have simply threatened to hit them with the metal rod and called the police. The dude snapped. Defending yourself doesn't mean you beat someone to a pulp. It means you use similar force. The ladies didn't have a weapon. Yeah, she shouldn't have climbed over the counter. Yeah, she shouldn't have smacked him in the face, but he went overboard. He would have been justified in smacking her back in the face. He is not justified in what he did. Plus, he should have walked away way before things escalated to the point it did. As a past fast food employee, you just give the unruly customers the food and have the manager override the purchase. It's not a big deal. Plus, there are other employees there that could have attested to the women's behavior. Dude went overboard and showed how they handle business in the prison yard. That's not how it is supposed to be done. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    • Teflon Mom

      That man was in jail for 10 years. I have no doubt that he has some form of post traumatic stress disorder. "Yeah, she shouldn't have xyz" doesn't cut it. Someone crazy enough to slap you out of the blue and jump over a counter to assault you – with an accomplice – is capable of just about anything. If they had been armed and he "just threatened to beat them" he would be dead. And personally, I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by ten.

    • Jenita


    • Lin

      You are an idiot

    • hrbrnz

      he tried to walk away and was pursued, seriously, are you for real they got served, like they were trying to serve him.  Your reap what you sow.

  • applepie

    They picked the right person to try and bully, assault, harrass, and verbally abuse. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson. I don’t condone violence but I do believe in self-defense. HAVING A BULLY MENTALITY WILL COST YOU, YOUR FREEDOM OR DEATH. It doesn’t pay to be stuck on stupid. Prayers for all parties involved.

  • ImAtPeace

    Im impressed that he was working. At his age and with a prison record he still chose to work at a minimum wage job. That's impressive.
    He went into overdrive, but he should not go back to prison simple b/c it was self defense. I hope they recover well, but this no home training mentality is getting old, mothers fighting in front of their children, parents fighting parents and kids events. It's crazy.

  • The All Diva

    Justified and Justified and Justified Again!!!!

    These 2 females came on the other side of the counter. There is no telling what they had! To be bold enough to curse him and slap him and chase him behind the counter …..????? I'm a FEMALE and I would have grabbed sometning and started swinging too. And to everyone who stated he should have stopped…… for what??? to be killed!!!! When someone ( in this case 2 someones) comes after you…. there is NO time to second guess.

    His past has nothing to do with this mess. The Man was at work; following the rules ( go to McDonalds with a fifty dollar bill and the bill will get checked) and now he's fired and in jail.

    All those co-workers around and they nor the supervisor came to his aid until he had to fight for his life???!!!

    This MAN was on his own and in danger with no help in sight!!!!

    He should SUE McDonalds for not protecting HIM!!!!!

    Where can I send a donation for his bail?

  • Rastaman

    Hit a man expect to be hit like a man.

    This is keeping it real going real bad. Look like a pair of “Billy Bad Asses” ended up a pair of “Billy Whupped Asses”.

  • Jennie

    Old boy definitely got carried away in the moment, but those women provoked and chased after him. They attacked him first and got the worst of the deal.
    If 2 emotional, irrational, violent people are coming around barriers after me, I'm grabbing the closest weapon and beating the brakes off their behind.
    That man worked at the McD's without incident until these women walked in the spot. He should be able to get an honest job. Now he's in the system all over again.

    P.S. Usually McDonald's won't break a bill larger than a $20. They were doing good to even have their request considered.

  • I agree with the majority of the posters in that this man did have the right to defend himself. They had no right to follow that man into the back, if I were him I would have lost it also. He probably spaced out when he was beating those women and forgot they were women. As for one of the father's stating that he shouldn't haven't been able to work that closely around people, I disagree. If the father was in that situation he probably would have handled it in the same manner. People in general need to stop thinking they can run up in anybody's face these days because one day you will run into the wrong person. On a side note, it irritates me when the media bring up a person's past. SMH!

  • JustAshley

    I just saw the video on a another site. That was insane. SMH
    Sidenote: Why does it seem like McDonalds is the new hotspot for drama? Is there something in the food or what?

    • ray man

      it's that damn sweet tea

  • marissa

    I think those women should not have followed him into the back. If they did that in a back they would probably be shot. I'm sure the man did snap but I would have felt threatened as well it two people followed me in a retricted area at my place of work.

  • Chek

    He had a right to defend himself. He definitely got carried away once that adrenalin got to flowing (he was still hitting them when they were on the ground), but he had every right to defend himself initially. Those women attacked him. Chicks need to stop thinking they can put hands on men with no consequences. Mama always said, "if you think you're big enough to hit a man, you're big enough to get hit back."

    • JustAshley

      True true. These chicks out here can whoop a mans a$$ pretty badly and he had every right to defend himself because they were obviously gonna jump him and possibly inflict serious bodily injury. ****But what went wrong was when he continued to beat them while they were on the ground. At that point, I was screaming with the white woman, "Stop! Stop!!"
      They are saying he's an ex-con. If he has a smart lawyer she'd argue that he was also a victim while in prison, and the women pursuing him put him in fear of his life and caused him to re-experience a traumatic event he experienced while incarcerated.

  • somethingdifferent

    they had to black…

    • KK

      IKR?!? Were you crossing your fingers that they werent? I know I was… dang.

      • Ookami597

        I was let down as hell when I found out he was black. No offense to the sisters out there but as soon as I found out she reached over the counter I knew at least one of em was black