Judge Rules Acquitted Officers In The Freddie Gray Case Can Sue Marilyn Mosby

January 11, 2017  |  

In a very twisted set of circumstances, Baltimore’s State attorney Marilyn Mosby is at the center of a legal battle connected to the Freddie Gray case.

After all six of the officers were acquitted of all charges in the death of Freddie Gray, five of them turned their focus to the woman who brought Gray and his severed spine to the forefront of the national stage, by filing a lawsuit against Mosby.

Marilyn Mosby Baltimore State's Attorney

Recently, a federal judge ruled that the key parts of the lawsuit against her are in fact legal and can move forward.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Judge Marvin J. Garbis ruled that “claims including malicious prosecution, defamation, and invasion of privacy can move forward against Mosby and Assistant Sheriff Samuel Cogen, who wrote the statement of probable cause.”

Mosby’s attorneys argued that as the state’s attorney, she has immunity from prosecution for the actions she takes in this role. But Judge Garbis argued, “Plaintiffs’ malicious prosecution claims relate to her actions when functioning as an investigator, not as a prosecutor” and that her office said the conducted an independent investigation.

Claims of false arrest, false imprisonment and abuse of process were dismissed as they were claims against the state.

Mosby is being represented by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office.

Mosby charged the six officers involved in Gray’s arrest and transport with criminal counts including manslaughter and second-degree murder, claiming that the officers had no legal right to detain Gray and that other officers ignored Baltimore Police Department rules requiring that Gray be secured with a seat belt in the police van or that he be granted prompt medical attention when he complained of pain.

The officers claim that Mosby knowingly brought false charges against them.

There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.

Veronica Wells is the culture editor at MadameNoire.com. She is also the author of “Bettah Days.” You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter @VDubShrug.

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  • ed kitchener

    This nutty monkey author said, “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”

    Aside from the obvious, that each of these six were ACQUITTED, the evidence and testimony made quite clear that the majority of them could not possibly have been “responsible for the loss of a life”.
    Then, the crazy babboon said, “hold someone accountable for it”. “SOMEONE”? Like, we just need to find SOMEONE to blame it on? Regardless of the facts?

  • Karen Clementine

    I am a Baltimore resident. My city was looted, raided, pillaged and burned by evil people. (please note, the evil wasnt those protesting, but those who destroyed) People who burned the hose of firemen who attempted to put out a fire, ignited by these evil people, in a senior citizens home. All in support of a boy who repeatedly sold poison to citizens of my city. In support of a boy who had injured himself before in attempts to get money in lawsuits from the city. A boy who was not loved in life enough by the same people who protested and rioted and destroyed in his death.
    Instead the police of Baltimore City were vilified. Unable to perform their duty in fear from city hall that they’d actually do their job and protect the citizens of Baltimore from evil. Drugs run rampant in my city, peddled by evil people who are not loved enough by their community to drive them from the city, from poisoning their communities.
    I once lived in a neighborhood in Baltimore, plagued by drugs and violence. Gangs often met in the alleys. Gunshots rang out almost every night. Every morning the yellow tape of a crime scene was on another alleyway. Every night the sounds of sirens were my lullaby. I saw poison pass from one shrouded hand into another that shakily clasped cash. By poison I do not mean marijuana, but harder drugs, crack and heroin. I saw these things daily. I saw the vials and the needles on the ground. The police were accustomed to these crimes. They knew the children peddling poison by name. These were the same police who likely knew who Freddy Grey was. They had likely arrested him before. They had likely seen the poison in the boy’s hand as it passed into the hands of another. They knew why he ran that fateful day.
    I have been in the hospital alongside those taken there by police when they claim they have chest pain, or difficulty breathing, or any other myriad of emergency illnesses that seem to only surface when they’re arrested. They lounged in the hospital bed, requesting another meal, another drink, watching television while the police stood outside of their room. They were tested for hours as ailment after ailment were complained about. More chest pain, more weakness in the limbs, more difficulty breathing. And then another meal tray, another television show enjoyed. You could hear the laughter as they lounged with their friends, chatting as if they were at home. But when the doctors came, the act was again put on. They hoped to be “monitored” in the hospital. 24 hours where they werent guarded by the police, but more time to avoid going to jail. The police know these tricks
    What is a city to do about criminals who fake illness to avoid being in jail just for another day? Who go limp in the police arms so they are carried into the police van. The criminals who run. What are the police to do. What viable solution is there for these problems? Let the criminals run free? Let the poison be spread even farther? Let the gang violence rage out of control? Should we have no police? Should we have police unarmed who politely ask the criminals to kindly stop all of their criminal activities?
    The end of this author’s article truly shows her bias, and her blindness to the plight of the people of Baltimore. Obviously she’s an outsider, looking in. Who doesnt know about the open air drug market that Freddy Grey was in at the time before he ran. Who doesnt know about the crime in Baltimore and how the police constantly risk their lives to protect people who despise them. But that doesnt seem to matter when you have an agenda to subscribe to.

  • Gail Martin

    How much crime has been spawned by this woman? How many COPS SHOT since this incident, that were motivated by this FALSE PROSECUTION.
    I would hate to tell you what I think should happen to this individual, but that is the province of GOD.

  • Anthony

    Ms. Wells,
    Your last lines regarding evil completely expose your bias. You are not a solution to the current media issue, you too are seemingly the problem.
    The officers were acquitted. Meaning they were not evil. The evil is prosecuting someone in the media without knowing all the facts. I guarentee if you were the person acquitted, you too would seek reparations. So by your standards, you too are evil. And so am I.
    Try to be more of a journalist. We need that in this country.
    Best wishes and happy new year.

  • Donald McIntosh

    Twisted set of circumstances ? Because they are Police Officers? Apparently the author of this article feels that Police Officers are not afforded the same rights afforded the citizens of Baltimore. These people should be held accountable (the court has spoken on that count) and now the District Attorney should also be held accountable for her outspoken, divisive rhetoric. Marilyn Mosby has an absolute right as a citizen of this country to say whatever she wants. Marilyn Mosby must have forgotten that there may be consequences for what she says. I hope the courts hold her accountable for those actions and these officers win big.

  • Big John

    From what I have seen she may have a problem. If the cases are allowed to move forward as described, there are a number of well documented statements and actions she took that have witnesses to the contrary. Not only that, there is written and dated documentation that does not help her case at all

  • This is what happens when you put uneducated and racist thugs in charge of anything, total incompetence, total failure and lives of good people’s lives ruined. Keep them in the ghetto, better yet ship them out.

    • Angel Gonzalez

      She is a racist incompetent hack, just like Obama, loves to talk and all they do is divide the country even more. I sure hope all of these innocent police officers sue her personally and they clean out her bank account, she needs to pay for her big racist mouth!!!

  • Ivan P Willowstomper

    The judge is correct, mostly because Marilyn Mosby took the initiative to destroy the careers and personal lives of the good officers involved. She made it a racial issue of which helped to fuel the destruction form the riots, even though the allegedly most culpable officer was black. She deserves to be censored at the least and the officers should litigate Detroit out the wazzoo for such irresponsible and racist behavior all for political gain.

  • George Helm

    The saga goes on and the taxpayer pays!

    • I don’t mind my tax dollars nail that bitch!! Go For It!!!!!

  • Olwzone

    nail the Bitch…These black people in power all od a sudden thionk they can do anything…especially to whites!! Nail the Bitch

  • patrick a.

    What a world,but people who spent Decades behind bars on FALSE allegations get no justice,the Prosecutors,judges,PIGS all get to roam free.

  • Aminah

    I truly hope that these rogue cops fail at their attempt to sue Ms. Mosby who was brave enough to come forward and press charges based on credible investigations and well documented history of police terrorism in certain neighborhoods.

  • rd

    The author needs to learn how to make an argument. If Mosby knowingly brought false (or even excessive) charges to placate the lynch mob, she deserves this lawsuit. There’s nothing evil about it.

    Justice would have been 1) fair reporting of the whole truth and 2) the right charges, if any, being brought against the police.

  • Mikey

    A Justice system hyper-politicized by this administration, and #fakenews like this trying to justify it.

  • Stoney

    She rushed to judgement, which brought about riots and property damage. She was wrong. I hope the officers sue her and her license to practice law is revoked. Let her think about that for awhile.

  • Ms Toni

    It seems this article has caught the attention of a certain demographic. That would be the magical thinkers- those that think Freddie Gray broke his own self in half. Of course the police did it. Of course they should beheld accountable. Mrs. Mosby did her job. Yes, blue lives matter, but so do all lives and that thin blue line gets smeared by bad cops!

  • Bruce Gotta

    Just another lie that the black community bases much of it’s actions on.

  • Freddie Gray Killed Himself Jumpin Around In The Back Of The Paddy Wagon Like A Baboon On Heat! He Broke His Own Neck So He Wouldn’t Have To Go To Jail For The 50th Time!

  • Nickolas J

    “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it”

    Guess the writer can’t read her own article… they were acquitted…

    • Ms Toni

      Those of you saying Baltimoreans thought prosecuting the officers was a sham are partially correct- those of us from Baltimore knew they would never be found guilty and it has nothing to do with innocence. We knew the judge, the court system would find a way to vilify Freddie Gray. I don’t care if he was a crackhead breaking in houses, he didn’t deserve to be beaten to death. I applaud Ms. Mosby for allowing those of us who felt the pain of his death, to feel at least for a little while, that justice might be served. To then sue her for doing her job is shameful. Shame on the judge who decided this.

  • James Arthur

    As a nor-cal ‘west-coaster’ with friends and family ties in Baltimore, I can ASSURE you that, for the most part, MOST people in the city thought this was all a bunch of baloney brought about by a coniveing and power hungry young woman with future political aspirations for her AND her husband. If the average reader would just do a little bit of research and reading to find out what was REALLY going on behind the scenes of the Baltimore ‘Black political’ world they would be absolutely shocked! That entire political world is built upon the ‘play to pay’ scheme of political wheeling and dealing. If you want ‘to get a little’ you got to ‘give a lot’ and in Baltimore, this perverted way of political life has been elevated to a fine art.

    Politicians in Baltimore don’t give a second thought to graft and corruption – it is SO endemic in their culture, they consider it second nature to act this way. For a REALLY great way to learn ‘how things are done in Baltimore’, check out an older television show called ‘The Wire’, ESPECIALLY the last few seasons. This EXCELLENT series details and highlights HOW political ‘business’ is done in Baltimore and WHY things are the way they are in ‘Charm City’.

    For those who have never been there, Baltimore is actually a wonderful place to go to and visit. Like anywhere else, most people who live there just want to raise their families and have a fairly safe environment to live in. However, there are ‘certain elements’ to that city who seem bent on making that a difficult thing to achieve and to make life as hard as possible for the average citizen. Until there is a VERY radical change to the political make-up of Baltimore and ‘how things are done’ there, I fear NOTHING will change.

  • one malolo

    Mosby belongs in jail for her aggressive and politically motivated attacks on the police officers in this case. At the very least, she should face trial.
    Veronica Wells is obviously not a reporter, rather she is a leftist hack posing as a reporter. She should be fired from any objective and honest news organization.

  • Alan Cressman

    Seems most of the readers of this article disagree with Ms Wells’ possibly libelous statement which concludes her article: “There’s something so evil… ” etc etc

    Ms Mosby’s attempts at a “legal lynching” of the officers failed, but in the process she was successful at further polarizing the population of Baltimore, as well as indirectly enabling the renovation of a CVS store.

  • MegaMouseGW

    I am glad that she is getting sued by the officers that she attempted and failed at trying to railroad them into jail. I hope they win their suit and she loses her job and all her money.

  • As the war on drugs have driven many of high moral standards out of the criminal justice system, political abuse of power by extreme liberals runs rampant. Rioters are allowed to block highways, taking ordinary citizens as hostages, and to destroy private property, while liberal filth claims that these attacks on ordinary citizens are simply an expression of free speech.

    If you block my car expect to be buried with tire marks on your crushed body. I will fight to the death to preserve my freedom or die in honorable combat. If you kill me, you will go to hell, where you belong, and I will go to heaven, where filth is not allowed.

    Financial ruin and a long prison sentence for Mosby would do nothing to right the political prosecution of these innocent, but poorly trained, officers, though complete financial reimbursement of all financial losses is our public responsibility. Mosby simply needs to be barred from any appointed or elected office for life, until she stands judgment before God and proceeds to her long term incarceration in hell, along with Eric Holder, Janet Reno, and other cruel savages.

  • John

    “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”
    No, Veronica Wells, you are missing the point: Mosby is the evil one for indicting people before they were even given a fair trial.
    THAT is evil and so wrong.
    Veronica, are you THAT blind that you have no idea how real justice works?

  • lol Marilyn Mosby Is Going To Be Tried An Convicted By The Court She Represented!

    Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold! Yea Boi!

  • MP

    – This is the perfect example of why Equal Opportunity has failed America.
    – People lacking skills get an education on a minority set-aside quota, get put in positions that they’re not qualified for, again to fill the minority quota; and then she panders to the majority black population of Baltimore City.
    – Don’t worry, she is being defended by the very competent team of MD State Attorneys Office (who lost the other cases that she filed against the arresting officers)
    – Now take this image and view this in light of all the other high profile minority leaders and start praying that the Swamp does get drained sooner than later.
    – And yes, I am a tax paying citizen of MD who is bankrolling Mosby and her incompetence and the $6.5M paid out to Eddie Gray’s family

  • Robert Anders

    It;s about time she has to face the music for her insane rush to throw the book at those police officers so that she could jump on the cop bashing bandwagon that Obama encouraged and supported for the last 8 years, that only has resulted in cities being burned, looted and destroyed, police officers being assassinated while patrolling, lots of thugs families being paid millions of dollars because they were shot while committing a crime and setting back race relations 50 years or more.
    It is about time to put a stop to the madness.

    • Anthony Bates

      Prosecutors Have absolute Immunity from being suied. Otherwise if these cops win, then anyone can sue a prosecutor if that person is malitiously prosecuted.

  • Matt Jones

    WOW.. Does the article actually say “In a very twisted set of circumstances”???? What is twisted, is how this woman prosecuted 5 Police Officers with ZZEERROO evidence. Now THAT is twisted. She is a racist and wanted to make “whitey” pay. Well hopefully now she has to start her life over like these Officers did.

  • Highgamma

    “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”

    I guess the author should inform the owner of this site that she just committed libel, giving these officers more people to sue.

  • Jim

    She opened the door, now she can see what comes inside.

    A lesson to others who place themselves above others due to their own self-righteousness .

  • Ka

    Karma is a bitch!

  • robert dagner

    when she got on stage at black concert and sang along with preformer i believe prince –no justice no peace -she should loose her law liecence .now add all the inflamitory statements and actions she took against officers at he daily press confrences.yes should be sued and disbared.


    Burn that bank account down. Now she also starts her life over!

  • Brian

    I sincerely hope that she loses everything she owns to include her pay for the next 20 years. She also needs to be disbarred. It is time that she gets what she deserves. She wanted to throw these officers to the wolves, it is time she get the same treatment.

  • Bill

    She deserves to lose everything including her pension and her Social Security to these officers.. First she pays the family off with millions of tax dollars ten she tells the rioters have a ball so the loot riot rape burn down the place.. Then she goes after them with a vengeance.. She had NOTHING everyone told her that BUT the blacks there wanted blood and she tried to give it to them no matter the cost to the community.. She is no better than al sharpton, jesse jackson or barry obama at this point.. She deserves what she gets..

  • Ron

    This is f/n unbelievable

  • ed

    I hope they sue her for every thing the Stupid State of Demoncrap Maryland and her have and will ever have in the next fifty years

  • Martin Zima

    The author of this ‘article’ has a nut loose and should be dropped as a contributing writer.

    Her closing comment that (and I quote):

    “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”

    That is at the heart of this issue. Those ‘people’ have been exonerated through the legal process. The judge in the cases was black so don’t even attempt to say that race had anything to do with their being cleared.

    This ‘journalist’ is just another ‘fake news’ perpetuating idiot whose name should be added to the suit for defamation as her summary judgement against these officers is not supported by ANY fact.s

  • Mr. Parlay

    She went to trial with zero evidence simply to appease a mob. I fail to see what the issue is.

  • john jerrygagl77@

    mosley had better learn quick,mistakes have dire consequences.she should be disbarred from further service and have her license revoked,,,,then dragged behind a horse,tied to a rope.

  • RY

    Her ass is grass….

  • Chuck

    Now the poor taxpayers of Maryland have to pay for her defence.

  • Sinking In The Rain

    It’s about time the wretched excesses of the “Progressives” were brought to account. This was nothing more than McCarthyism, updated to the 21st century. In the post-truth era, the fact that the woes of the young male of African descent are virtually entirely inflicted on him by others of his group is lost in the recitation of the Progressive Manifesto. And their best insulation against the consequences is an active and engaged police service.

    Opportunistic politicians like this woman need to be punished, publicly, to discourage imitators.


    twisted? im glad they can sue. she maliciously tried to persecute them and prosecute them with no evidence of wrong doing. i surly hope they do sue and win a shit loan of money. i hope they get more than freddies family got.

  • Rick hicks

    Her best course of action would be to waive a trial, plead guilty, and have Obama pardon her, But she better hurry up, he’ll be gone soon!!!

  • William Manners

    Finally, some justice for Law enforcement! These men and women do a job that is hazardous to their lives every day to protect and serve the people of their communities! They try not to hurt people but most criminals try not to be taken, while most honest people cooperate.

  • Keith

    “”There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.””

    Well, little Miss Reporter, How about the fact that those people are not responsible for what you state they are?

    Hey, little Miss Reporter, This is an irresponsible racist that needs to be sued and spend time locked up for her part in setting back racial relations in this country. She’s a trashy little hate filled dumba** that needs a severe beating for being part of that good ol Obama, Holder, Sharpton, race baiting pathetic game playing we all just lived through.

    Plain and simple, that’s what it is.



  • Doug

    Although Marilyn Mosby’s public comments were inflammatory and ill-advised, and although her prosecution of the officer’s was not merited based on the outcome of the legal proceedings, I ask what would have been the reaction of Baltimore’s residents if no charges had been brought? I speculate that there would have been even more rioting and more calls for “justice for Freddie Gray”, coupled with more property damage and possibly loss of innocent lives. Does anyone recall the reaction of the Ferguson, Missouri residents when the decision was made to not prosecute the officer who shot the “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown? I believe that they rioted again and it was unsafe for any decent person to be on the streets of Ferguson at night for a long time, and even that Michael Brown’s long-absent father even encouraged the crowd to burn the place down. I think Marilyn Mosby is a loud-mouthed rabble-rouser and a discredit to the legal profession, based on her clear biases in this case. But if she hadn’t decided to prosecute, there would have been five times as much violence in Baltimore than in Ferguson. Her biggest problem was that, instead of letting the investigation proceed properly, she jumped the gun with her inflammatory comments and her pre-judgment of guilt before all the facts were in – that’s what got her in trouble.

    • Mick56

      I am sorry but to charge someone just because a bunch of people want them charged! Are we going back to the days of public lynching and to hell with the law? I think this is the appropriate response by the officers involved and no matter what Ms. Mosby’s reasons in her position she cannot just accuse someone without some real evidence, not what people want it to be.

  • Doug S

    Ah, the plot thickens. I would have thought that, with enough evidence to indict (which the judge in the cases ruled there was) she would not be subject to liability for malicious prosecution. On the other hand, Federal Judge Garbis is a pretty serious guy, and if he thinks (as a lot of folks here in Baltimore do) that she went over the line in prosecuting these guys, there must be something to it.

  • SickOfThe lies

    I hope the officers win. This was a witch hunt started by the Obama administration. Too bad they can’t sue Obama as well. I am so sick of the lies propagated by the liberal left. I hope she loses her fancy job, fancy car, fancy house, and her law license. Maybe then people like her will realize doing the bidding of Obama isn’t worth losing everything over. Wake up democrats.

  • anniemouse

    Wonder what ever happened to that North Carolina Prosecutor of the Duke lacrosse team. Another incident with racial tensions at play. Now there was a guy who also had political ambitions. Disbarred wasn’t he? I’m hoping for the same outcome here.

  • SickOfThe lies

    I hope the officers win. This was a witch hunt started by the Obama administration. Too bad they cant sue Obama as well. I am so sick of the lies propagated by the liberal left. I hope she loses her fancy job, fancy car, and fancy house. Maybe then people like her will realize doing the bidding of Obama isn’t worth losing everything over. Wake up democrats.

  • Devin

    Oh, and Mosby was NOT, as the author claims “a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”

    She was a woman with high political aspirations and a ladder she wanted to climb who saw this situation as a perfect vessel to propel herself to higher notoriety and ambitions, and went out of her way from minute one to leverage this whole situation for her personal gain wherever she could, only to see it ultimately blow up in her face when it turned out the officers did nothing wrong. She was attempting to make an example of these officers to put a feather in her own cap and get her some of that state representative money. But this is the 21st century, and legitimate journalism is a 4 letter word now, I guess.

  • Why is it that a prosecutor can have immunity but a law officer who has to make a snap decision to ensure the safety of lives, including his own, can be tried for murder? Sounds like a double standard. Everybody should be held accountable no matter where they work or what their position. Even journalists!

  • Sick of the lies

    I hope the officers win. This was a witch hunt started by the Obama administration. Too bad they cant sue Obama as well. I am so sick of the lies propagated by the liberal left. I hope she loses her fancy job, fancy car, and fancy house. Maybe then people like her will realize doing the bidding of Obama isn’t worth losing everything over. Wake up democrats.

  • Ron

    How can the Attorney General Defend her, aren’t they for Prosecution? Will they do BOTH, Prosecute and Defend? CONFLICT of interest rings a Bell but I guess they can do ANYTHING they want! After all they Charged these 6 Officers with all kinds of Felonies and all were found Innocent, rightly so there was NO CASE to begin with! No wonder nobody has the proper Respect for the Police, there is a phase that comes to mind: “Who You Gonna Call” when you need help? 911, I can only hope it is a very slow response to these people that persecute the Police day after day and expect nothing BUT respect without ever giving any!

  • Grannybaw

    So it’s okay to kill someone in your custody .. get away with it .. and now you can sue the person who thinks and knows deep in her soul that this is not right … what a country we live in …..when the police can injure someone in their custody and they die from those injuries and it’s okay ….. no wonder Donald was elected president … our collective social sense of what’s right and wrong are in the toilet.

  • Devil

    So, just to sum up:

    -Baltimore publicly paid officials (the police officers) are going to spend taxpayer money (via the settlement) to pay for attorneys against another group of publicly paid officials he DA’s office), who is going to spend taxpayer money defending Mosby in the civil action she’s now facing (first I’ve heard of the DA dipping into civil matters like this).

    -Ultimately these publicly paid police officers will receive taxpayer money from the settlement they receive by suing a taxpayer funded employee who is being defended by a taxpayer funded legal team.

    Makes perfect sense.

  • HeyRon

    I sincerely ‘hope’ that The Officers whose ‘Lives & Reputations’ were tarnished by this ‘self-serving’, “….simply trying to hold someone accountable….”, ‘Poor Excuse’ for a State’s Attorney ~ ‘SUCCESSFULLY’ ~ $UE her sorry BUTTOCKS, into Abject Poverty, for NOT holding the CORRECT “….someone accountable….”!! Gray, had a history of ‘self-inflicted’ injuries from what I had read. Also, wasn’t there ‘a statement made by another individual’ that was also (arrested) in the Police Van, that Gray was intentionally banging his head(?) into the wall of the van?? The ONLY ‘someone’ that is responsible for for the path that lead to Gray’s demise ~ Is Gray, HIMSELF! His ‘Rap-Sheet’, speaks volumes about His Chosen lifestyle.

  • Jimmy

    Veronica, The only evil is the way Mosby went after the officers. She needs to be prosecuted for her actions, and it looks like that will happen via lawsuit. I am really surprised anybody would print such a foolish article as this.

  • Bruce Wilson

    Simply trying to hold someone accountable? It was proven these officers did not intentional cause this loss of life. It was an obvious rush to judgement by Mosby that these officers were responsible. Your report is very bias! She does not deserve to be in her position. Then wants immunity against being sued because of the position she holds. I am in supports of these officers.

  • Hal

    Huge win for the average person! The government has deep pockets and fighting them can be cost prohibitive. Facts are these charges should NEVER have been brought against those officers, and she very well knew it and was even counseled against such actions. It was a grandstand and now she should be held completely responsible. Kudos judge for getting this one right!

  • Justin

    It’s no surprise to be honest. When you’re in a position like hers you have responsibility to at least have a semblance of a case before you defame someone’s character. She way overreached in this case charging officers that had nothing to do with the arrest let alone him getting hurt. That’s what happens when you have activists that are driven by emotion, and not facts, or professionalism. These officers will be forever stained for something they didn’t do, and should be compensated accordingly. That’s the only way you curb irresponsible behavior in government.

  • Charles Barton

    Quote from author of the article: “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”
    Is the author of the article opening herself up to 6 lawsuits for stating that those police officers are murders? Seems that she is doing exactly that. How bias can a writer get?

    • Mmmmm! “Innocent until proven guilty!” I guess that only applies to some people, not white police officers. Maybe Miss Mosby should have considered that, before grabbing her 15 minutes of fame, after she “heard the people!”

  • Todd

    “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.” –
    Hmmmmmm…. the courts say the officers aren’t guilty of the crimes …. the courts also say there’s enough evidence to allow a civil trial against the prosecutor in this case. Despite our creedo “innocent until proven guilty”, our good and gracious author has decided she knows MORE about the case than those who actually have poured over it line by line and frame by frame. Journalists, Miss Wells, are not necessarily shielded from everything they write or say. The fact you just insinuated these officers are guilty for this man’s death, and the doj is in fact “innocent” … shows two things: 1) You don’t know anything about this case AT ALL. There are few details to back up your claim that isn’t already common knowledge – and it’s done without any attribution of your own. Those quotes are from other stories. 2) You just opened yourself up to a possible slander case. I hope they, the defendants, see your little quib and come after you too.


    This black bit$h should be drawn and quartered and then run out of town on a rail.

  • bill

    they all should have been tried for 1st degree murder i have no trust in law enforcement all they want to do is murder poor unarmed black kids look how many unaarmed black kids have been murdered by cops they should be in prison for life the murderers and the judge is just as bad to let them walk i’d jail her also

  • Mosby is an incompetent flunky and deserves to get sued.
    I hope they sue her for all she is worth for her racist rush to judgement and standing on a podium condemning these officers before they went to trial. Now justice will be served Mosby and you will be sued for all your worth.

  • Brian Mack

    “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.” Did you miss the part where all of the officers were exonerated? Or the fact that this Judge feels that she screwed up enough to allow her to be sued?

  • Lulu

    They need to NAIL HER 4SS to the WALL. She should be sanctioned for ABUSE OF POWER and lose her job.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    There was NO DOUBT this case was a rush to judgement on Mosbys part. I was obvious she enjoyed the spotlight during this very gloomy look @ Baltimore. NOW she will pay for her crimes against good, honest cops!! Enjoy the spotlight once again.

  • Dewey Richards

    “In a very twisted set of circumstances…” Sheesh, could this story start off any more BIASED than that?? Shame on Yahoo for regurgitating hack “news” like this.

  • Al

    Those officer’s have rights. Mosby should be sued and best luck to the officers.

  • Guest

    Sounds like Veronica has an axe to grind.

  • Chrome

    The Author should research before making such a judgement as “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”

    In fact, maybe she should consult with legal help. This is just a variation of “Goleta v Ordway” In which parents brought a suit against the Special Education coordinator for falsfying information to deny services to their child.
    They didn’t want the school district ( and the children ) hurt by this person’s actions.

    The Judge ruled that “immunity from civil liability PRESUMES the intent to comply with the law. If it can be shown that a government employee or elected official INTENDED to not comply with the law, there is no protection.”

    The case is that Mosby by using a “independent” investigation to bring forth charges without being granted authority by the State to do so. Not only did not comply with the law, but willfully ignored it.

    Holding “someone” accountable for the loss of a life is a good intent. BUT, to do so you must comply with the law yourself. Otherwise, all you are doing is saying “we will enforce the laws we like and ignore the ones we don’t. But YOU ( the other side whoever they are ) better comply with the laws we like whether you like them or not.

    You do not fix an inequity by creating a new victim. You do not enforce the law by ignoring the law. The whole concept of civil rights IS, the ends NEVER justify the means.

  • Mike

    What’s truly disgusting here is how there is so much immunity for our government. They can pretty much do whatever they want, to whoever they want, and they have it legally set up so that they can never be prosecuted or face any type of consequence for it. The prosecutors have immunity. The police have immunity. The state has immunity.

    The only person involved in all of this, who isn’t claiming some kind of immunity, was Freddie Gray and we don’t know what really happened to him because the police operate a mafia style policy of keeping their mouths shut.

    Disgusting. Just disgusting.

  • I back the cops. They have a bad job. They have to be a different Breed.
    These guys have to keep their Cool. AND I really cong ratulTE THEM FOR wHAT THEY DO
    tHANK yOU yOU gUYS.. iN tHE bLUE./
    i love you.

  • Paul

    Who is the quote at the end of the story from? the author of this piece?

    One, she didn’t know the law and why the Judge even entertained this is another question. He should have demanded that she have more evidence to support the charges in the indictment.

    Funny how the DoJ stayed real far from this but sad they didn’t step in and stop it.

  • Good. I hope she loses.

  • Coffeeman

    Good!!! Stupid liberal b*tch should go to jail as well!!!

  • John smith

    Mosby is clearly a racist!

    • Jill

      The commenters ignore the facts. Freddie Gray was screaming at the top of his lungs in pain when carried to the police van . Also he was not walking because he had received a spinal injury from the arresting officers. Freddie had been arrested many times and he never screamed in pain nor did he need assistance to walk . The problem with the case is that we don’t know which officer damaged his spine thereby paralyzing him and ultimately causing his death . If he rolled around in the van that was because he was paralyzed and had no control over his movement. Someone caused his eventually fatal injuries but we don’t know who . Maybe Mosby should have offered an officer immunity for telling us who caused Gray’s injuries. The case has nothing to do with race because most of the officers were minorities.

      • Mr.Twotimes

        The facts are the officers were acquitted by a court of law, whether you like it or not. What you said is very irrelevant to this particular discussion.

      • PL

        Fry this self centered, race baiting example of a bucket of feces! All she did was act like the ghetto woman that she is. Her face makes me vomit

  • NotAnInbred


  • G. Gordon Diddy

    If you will notice most of these comments from ‘different’ people are all within one minute of each other and all use the same narrative. Which means they are all paid Police trolls. Mr. Gray was simply arrested for running away from the Police. There were no drugs found on him but they still arrested him anyway. Mr. Gray did not have magical super powers to snap his own neck. The Police put him in the back of their van and took him on a rough ride which is standard procedure. The Officer driving the van made several stops on his way to dropping the prisoners off. He never once sought medical attention for Mr. Gray after he was found unresponsive. We just saw Micheal Slager shoot a man in the back on video. He was acquitted because of one Juror. This idea these people are trying to put forward is the stupidity that just because these people weren’t convicted in racist Baltimore that they were not guilty. Once again Mr. Gray had not committed a Crime at the time of his arrest and he did not snap his own neck. This is the system’s way of telling any Black elected official not to do their jobs and protect the Civil Rights of Black People not to be murdered by the pig. Mrs. Mosby comes from a long line of Police Officers in her family. She knows very well what the can and can’t do legally and has no sympathy for anyone committing a crime. If they convict her, that Judge and all those Officers deserve to be dealt with the same way they did Mr. Gray.

  • John

    AMEN to that ! It is good to see that the “Blues” finally have some recourse to fight back against attorneys and politicians who just want to make career, at the expense of police officers’ their livelihood & personal safety. This case will set a precedent to make D.A. offices think twice before jumping to unfounded allegations against our men in blue for the sake of “Political correctness”.
    It is exactly that kind of jumping to conclusions that has eroded the respect for Law & Order in our communities. People have thus felt entitled to taunt, phonetape, riot and assassinate those public servants who have sworn to serve & protect our communities. It is time for that disturbing trend to be turned down and the above lawsuit seems to be an excellent start towards it.

    • Taz

      This case will set a precedent to make D.A. offices think twice before attempting to prosecute a cop for any crime.

      As it stands now, cops can:

      Legally kill you at any time for any reason.
      Legally kill your pets at any time for any reason.
      Legally enter your home without warrant or cause and seize anything to establish charges.
      Legally lie to anyone at anytime.
      Legally violate your Constitutional Rights and not be charged or prosecuted for it.

      No sir, John….this case now places cops into the untouchable category where DA’s can no longer charge cops with a crime. I guess the badge DOES grant the wearer extra Rights.

    • Citizen Sane

      There are two things happening with this article – first clearly the last line which is clearly literary license and editorialist at its worst demonstrates the clear bias of the journalist. When these charges were first brought it was clear that miss Mosby had a political agenda and was enjoying her 45 minutes in the spotlight. The second point is thank god there is a vehicle for these officers to seek retribution. The assignation techniques of the media and the government against the working man need to come to an end. Te left wing liberal agenda is the closest thing to a dictatorship of fear that the world has seen since 1930’s Germany. I hope Mosby gets what is coming to her.

  • Tman

    The last line in the article is not only off base but a complete moronic statement.

    Prosecutor was on a witch-hunt with blinders for the entire Nation to witness. She was peddling the crowd and keeping the momentum going for all the blm people. After all the Feds gave her orders to “give rioters room to vent and back off”. Setting the stage for a racial divide from within to make law enforcement look bad. What a tool she was and hope the book gets thrown at her from all angles along with all those in her office that pushed the agenda. Riots and rioters should not be tolerated once people and property are damaged. She single handed-ly made the riots infinitely worse and kept the media clowns pushing her message of revenge style tactics. She tried to ruin many lives out of personal hate and rage. Prosecute her with swift civility to make an example that you cannot use your position for a personal vendetta, especially with the job/title she was given.

  • Bruce E Ruttan

    So criminal activism from an elected official CAN be prosecuted at the civil level. Hmmm. So now I can sue congress and the president for the affordable care act?

    • chrome

      Not exactly — The ACA was within the bounds of them performing their job. And you can show that they “intended ” to follow the law.

      On the OTHER hand — the parents of the woman who was shot by an illegal ( sorry undocumented ) alien in San Francisco do have standing. Again viaoleta v. ordway they can prove the City officials did not INTEND to comply with the law ( that is what a sanctuary city is, a city refusing to comply with the law ) and as such all government officials accordingly are personally liable.

      So if you can show damages from actions by a sanctuary city. By all means sue. I suspect all the Sanctuary cities will change their tune the moment the elected officials realize THEIR pocket books are the ones that will be broke.

  • Ben

    Well. It about time.

  • john latham

    No doubt that President and Michelle Obama were also involved in this. Our current President and first lady are leaving office but their stench will be in the air for years to come.

  • InReality

    She is just another leftist Democrat that should have never been put in that position of power. The office was well beyond her ability. She clearly has her position because of gender, race and political party. Very sad.

  • A

    How about the moron that wrote the article, Veronica Wells, throwing in her worthless opinion in the last sentence? She apparently doesn’t know what the word “acquitted” means. Now, Veronica, is when justice is being served!

    • Nepenthe Nepenthe

      Veronica, I am concerned about your statement that “someone must be held to account for Freddie’s death.” Yes, but the right person, and that would most likely start with Freddie and his lifestyle long ago..sad, but true..I do have a question though…why are you showing pics of the Mayor of Baltimore city alongside the pics of Mosby? She has nothing to do with the ruling…

  • Jim

    WONDERFUL! Maybe this will stop future idiots from filing lawsuits and/or criminal charges that they know to be false or unjust just for their own advancement, financial gain or to give in to the mob.It’s about time someone gets held accountable. Now, lets make sure this movement continues to roll out in regard to every lawsuit that should never ever have been filed because it was blatant crap.

  • Richard V

    GOOD! This entire fiasco what completely wrong and a waste of money. The officers were defamed, their families were put through hell. This is what happens when you put an affirmative action appointee above experienced professional.

  • Thomas

    As a person born and raised in Baltimore, I get so tired of everything being about race. The facts of the prosecution’s case against the officers involved was weak from the beginning. They were afforded no special privileges and were in fact demonized locally and nationally (both black and white officers). Something obviously happened to Freddie Gray and someone should be accountable. However, if the law cannot determine the facts you can’t simply prosecution everyone that had the potential to be responsible. That is not how the law works! People walk free every day for doing worse, particularly in Baltimore and other cities with high crime rates. Sorry folks but put the emotions aside. This was flawed from the beginning.

  • Ken

    I heard several current and former Prosecutors on radio and TV that warned that she did not have the evidence to pursue Second degree murder charges and that doing so would be prosecutorial over-reach. If she had pursued only the manslaughter charges she probably would have won. She was using the situation to further her career.

    Also, is this actually supposed to be a news article? Because the statement “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.” is a blatant opinion and not factual information. If this is an op-ed piece then it’s fine, but this is not the place it insert an opinion if it is a news article. How did that get past an editor? Wait, Veronica Wells is the culture editor? Wow

  • Got a white woman’s butt for a chest.

  • Freddie Gray, regardless what he may have been arrested for, in the custody of the police he received a severed spine. The police were callous and indifferent. The judge set an ignorant precedence with his attempted to open the doors for suit against Mosley. If we have to get in formation to support her we will. We will encourage National Action Network, NAACP, Black Congressional Congress, Black Lives Matter, National Conference of Black Lawyers, and any other organization to fight this injustice. There has never been a DA who sent innocent black men to prison charged so none convicted of their heinous acts. Now is the time for all black people to come forward and #resist these type of attacks on black individuals in places of power. The judges goal, and others, are to weaken the political power of blacks across the Nation. We will not let it stand.

    • Richard

      The judge was black. The mayor is black. Most of the city council is black.
      The driver who was considered responsible for the injury happens to be Hispanic.

      And yet somehow this is, to you, proof of the white man keeping the black man down.

  • Michael

    Whoever wrote this article doesn’t understand the facts of the case or just doesn’t care. 4 of the 5 officers charged in this case had NOTHING to do with the transport of Freddie Gray in the first place. The one who did, an African-American man (for the record), was acquitted by a jury of his peers. These officers were put on unpaid leave; several of them lost their houses. Why shouldn’t they sue? MALICIOUS PROSECUTION. The truth is, Marilyn Mosby even knows they’re innocent. She was only trying to appease the ghetto idiots that would rioting in the street. I live in Baltimore. It’s not ALL blacks in Baltimore, but a sizeable majority subscribe to the mob mentality that all police are evil and out to get them. The rioting included attacks on random white people just because of the color of their skin. It was so bad, they couldn’t even let people exit the baseball stadium because it was too dangerous for civilians to be on the street. They looted businesses and destroyed multiple peoples’ livelihoods. Yes, black lives do matter, and yes, Freddie Gray’s death is a tragedy, even if he was a loser/degenerate. But his family received over $6.5 million from the city of Baltimore. They’re driving around in their new cars, while the rest of the blacks still lives in poverty. Marilyn Mosby was trying to further her career, plain and simple. I attended a parade with a mostly African-American audience where she was one of the featured people. As she walked past us, no one applauded. My peers were asking me “Who’s that?” She is not respected in the African-American community because no one knows who she is. She’s just a fool, and has permanently ruined her career through malicious prosecution. I hope each officer gets millions.

  • rz

    Like the author of this ‘story’, she is simply an outed black racist.


    “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”


  • Rose Deacon

    I do hope people will get back on the black lives kick since she is colored.. It does not matter that they flew off the handle of this case for gray, they will do again for her.. She is a troll and needs to be held accountable.. Legally, They should hold her accountable for the damage it caused during any rioting or looting.. I believe most states have laws against inciting a riot and that is what she did

  • Cracker hater

    Dumb ass white trolls come to black sites all day everyday just to leave some stupid uninformed comment your sick obsession is showing…

    • rz

      Many to most blacks are not interested in real justice. This fool proves it. She can barely articulate her thoughts as she did not get into her position on merit and the whole world knows it. She is pathetic.

  • Cara

    Shame on you. They were NOT responsible for a loss of life. The officers were acquitted. That is what that means. Yet this writer still portends that the officers are culpable. This is exactly why they are bringing their suit against the prosecutor who caused others to believe that they were responsible!

    Unfortunately your racial bias and anti-police sentiments (obviously shared by Ms. Mosby – who tried to launch a career on the backs of the innocent officers) are the problem. The officers want justice for the damage done to them both personally and professionally.

  • Sanjo

    “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”

    Did the writer of this article not state that all of the officers were acquitted? Doesn’t that mean that the officers were not “responsible for the loss of a life”?

    I really wish we could get news that doesn’t contain the writer’s personal opinion at the end. Clear biased BS.

    • Cracker hater

      Dumb ass white trolls come to black sites all day everyday just to leave some stupid uninformed comment your sick obsession is showing…

  • rz

    She personifies the typical black racist like BLM.

  • mark

    This is what you posted: “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”

    I’m amazed that you’re not going to get sued for libel for saying the officers were responsible for his death, yet Mosby was just trying to hold someone accountable. ^ officers wnt before the court and all six were acquitted. yet you state here they were murderers and responsible. Talk about an irresponsible comment and article!

  • Phil

    Drive by hack journalism.

  • She’s the personification of an ABW.

  • Renee

    Completely agree with the first comment. Marilyn Mosby felt pressured by the public to charge the officers before all of the evidence was investigated. She wanted to be a hero and make a name for herself. She unfairly charged the officers and now must be held accountable for her mistake. She thought she was immune from being sued and had no regard for her actions. She ruined those officers careers. Let’s see how she likes being the target of integrity and moral character.

  • Justin Cessna

    Good!!! There is justice in America if these officers win their suit. The Mayor needs to be sued too!

  • rock n ric

    It’s a hard thing to process such losing situations
    for all parties but some of Ms. Mosby’s rants were
    over the top for someone in that position. However,
    I don’t believe she brought false charges knowingly
    she didn’t no whom to charge. Maybe they should of charged some
    of the police after more investigation. Mr. Gray was
    not secure in back of vehicle, no fault of his own
    which was in rules, Police that was recent rule that
    many officers did not know.but it was in force for reason.
    Somebody on the police force did help him to die.
    I also feel sorry any officers that were charged that were not to blame.
    What are the suing for ? $$.


  • TomSawyer

    Something extremely evil about a person who plays with peoples’ lives in a vain attempt to play politics. She’s a POS racist who needs to be bankrupted by the lawsuit, and needs to spend years in prison.

    • joseph ware


  • Doug J.

    I surmise, though I do not know that the laws of the State of Maryland have elements to the crime that have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. That usually is the biggest hang-up in criminal trials. More often than not when that happens there will be a plea offer to a reduced charge. Down to the charge, for which the prosecution has the elements, of that crime to pursue and get a conviction. It isn’t always fair. and, it certainly isn’t always justice for the victim’s family but it is our system. Do a stint on jury duty sometime and you will gain an appreciation for how the law works.

  • bob h

    The writer states as “fact” that the six officers accused by Mosby of causing Gray’s death did indeed cause his death. The truth is that despite all Mosby’s power and resources as a State prosecutor a highly respected African American judge found no evidence to support Mosby’s THEORY that those six officers had caused that death. Claiming something is a “fact” doesn’t make it factual.

  • Jay

    Mosby acted with little or no evidence and attacked the officers to deliver a political message that racism will rule Baltimore. Now it is time for the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland to pay for Mosby’s incompetence.

    I wish the police officers charges the very best and hope that after you receive your millions from the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland that your life’s will be free of ignorant individuals like Mosby.

  • Helen

    Our criminal justice system determined that the officers were NOT responsible for the man’s death, a fact that Mosby had to be well aware before she ever filed charges. Her purpose in throwing these brave cops to the wolves was to kiss the ass of Thug Lives Matter, and I hope the officers take her to the cleaners.

  • Deb

    This really is great. Maybe stop other unqualified black attorneys from pulling the same crap.Just a circle of WA WA WA, pay me for my angle (Thug, thief,lazy good for nothing child). I pray tp God these Officers win for all the fear, angst that woman the, the entire BLM , and the community put these officers thru. Maybe will slow some of this stupidity down.

  • Jessie

    Should have sued the mayor as well. She started the whole thing.

  • Russ Greenspan

    Never trust a cop…any of them….they are not your friend…..They knew exactly what they were doing when they put that guy in the back of that van . They all lie and the others will swear to it. Now they want tax payers money for nothing….and they wonder why they get no respect…..REMEMBER,,,,,NEVER TRUST A COP…..ANY OF THEM…..Some times the truth hurts…but it is the truth

  • they need to be careful in the court filed. state courts may provide tort limits, or immunity to the creep. federal court provides no such protection. take everything she has and will ever have

  • Laurence

    The circumstances of this situation are hardly “twisted” – many, if not most, would call it justice of a karmic nature. A violent criminal thug, as a result of his own uncivil actions, is apprehended to be brought to justice. By simple accident, he, sadly, loses his life before earthly justice can be delivered. Out of some belligerent, biased myopia, an officer of the courts wrongly decides to harshly punish many officers of the law for doing their duty, rather than review options of some form of reprimand for some officers whose possible laxity in duty may have contributed to the unfortunate death. Even though cases against the officers failed on one level or another, the assault by the representative of the legal system was deeply damaging. That representative, that myopic, vengeful belligerent – Ms. Mosby – deserves the full weight of the the legal system to be wielded back at her. Maybe she wins, maybe she loses; but, she needs to feel the repercussions of her reckless, unwarranted, draconinian actions.

  • Rusty1325

    I hope they get everything that POS Mosley has.

  • ScrotusMaximus

    If she used her office in a politically motivated witch hunt,I hope she is sued,fired and prosecuted.I hope the officers do very well.

  • Stacie

    If she’s found guilty, does that mean she can also be held responsible for inciting violence and causing all the rioting and looting?

  • Chinchi

    Cops can do anything without loosing any sleep. This is a warning to anyone who tries to go against the cops. What kind of BS is this! When a cop breaks the law they get a paid vacation and if the public presses too much they give them funny charges to drop them later. All this with my tax dollars. This is great!

  • Gela

    What a joke of a “journalist “. NEWS FLASH LADY: THE NEWS IS FACTS not your skewed and ignorant conclusion at the end of this rag of an article

  • justin America

    Excellent decision…
    Perhaps this will encourage people in positions of power to search for whole truth instead of just looking for evidence that supports their (often) politically motivated narratives while suppressing evidence that do not support their agenda. Can one “go sane”? Lets hope so.

  • Loathe Democrats

    This was obviously a chance for a black officer of the court to show all her sistas and brothas that she was going to make sure those white folks get punished. Talk about racism! This incident and the four black kids torturing a mentally disabled white boy shows America just who all the racist are in our country. Let’s start a narrative about that!

    • Richard

      The six officers involved in the arrest were identified as Lieutenant Brian Rice, Sergeant Alicia White, Officer William Porter, Officer Garrett Miller, Officer Edward Nero, and Officer Caesar Goodson.

      Guess what, no they are not all white.
      The driver, the one considered to be the most responsible, happens to be Hispanic.
      The two black police officers likely would not be please at being labeled white either.

      This was not a racial motivated situation. It was hyped up to be one for those trying to push the a narrative that was patently false. As to the four youths in Chicago, the question of their guilt is not an issue because they were stupid enough to video it and publish it. Even Obama said it was disgusting, though it took public pressure to finally get the city to declare it to be a hate crime, the first instance I’ve seen them do that when the victim was white.

  • tom Trader

    veronica wells is dumb as a rock

  • Chim

    veronica is a proud black woman…which mean, like Mosby, she doesnt know anything, but acts like the smartest person in the world.

  • Detective (N.C.)

    This author knows nothing of the law, except what is seen on television. If a police officer can receive malicious prosecution charges with a half witted investigation, then so can an investigating attorney’s office charged with prosecuting the case. This was nothing more than a witch hunt to satisfy the masses of rioters and was done incorrectly. The officers were acquitted and probably rightfully so. However, to continue to vilify the officers when they had their day in court is just stupid. This author should take a leave or perhaps reevaluate his or her writing. This article alone seems like pandering to the rhetoric of police hate.

  • Dan Linville

    Notice it says she is being represented by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office. I’m sure that’s not on her dime. How messed up is it that she tries to ruin the lives of police officers for doing their jobs and the state pays for her legal representation?

  • Lime Flavor

    What this article fails to mention is that the prosecution withheld evidence in this case, and the judge threatened the prosecution with contempt unless they followed rule of law. Freddie Gray had a history of injuring himself while in custody and had received spine surgery in the recent past before his 32nd arrest for dealing drugs.

  • Terry Hostetler

    This woman was loaded for bear. She made these claims figuring it would set her career. You could see the agenda in her eyes when she spoke publicly. She only cared about herself and how this could advance her career.

  • So evil ? Veronica are you ignorant to the fact that this woman made a huge mistake by allowing these officers to be charged and allowing Baltimore to become a battleground before she had all the reports pertaining to the case? She wanted to make a name and also disregarded the loyal police that were falsely accused!
    Now her knee jerk reaction is going to come back and bite her BIG TIME!

  • guest

    “In a very twisted set of circumstances”, Baltimore’s State attorney Marilyn Mosby is at the center of a legal battle connected to the Freddie Gray case. Why is this twisted? I hope she loses everything she owns and has to move in with the Obama family.

  • Frank

    I honestly hope their attorneys read this article and add you into a suit as well. They have been acquitted. “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people responsible for the loss of a life….” sure sounds like a false accusation to me!

  • who is she

    Someone should tell Ms. Wells that she is not doing a editorial page, just reporting. Apparently she felt her opinion was needed with her last statement, Why? We the readers can form our own opinion thank you. Perhaps this is why the officers were acquitted !!!!! Perhaps the justice system works , Hmmmmmm. Ms. Wells must feel her opinion is the only one of merit. Only to your mom Veronica. #not as smart as you think!

  • C.

    You operate out of the limits of the law that protects you then you are liable and can be sued. The judge ruled that the officers have just cause. The last statement by “Veronica Wells” shows how ignorant to the laws and these facts she must be.

  • Steve Johnson

    “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”

    Freddie Gray is responsible for his own death. He ran from the cops, he had an illegal knife on him. There was no proof that a rough ride was given. Mosby over reached and just started charging people for political reasons without even having an investigation. She may have gotten some justice and some charges may have stuck to someone if she did her job but she didn’t and so if Freddie Gray somehow deserved justice it was denied to him by Mosby.

    • Trevor

      “Freddie Gray is responsible for his own death. He ran from the cops, he had an illegal knife on him. ”

      You’re a disgusting person, Steve. If your white son ran from cops, had a knife on him, then was killed while being transported to jail by negligent pigs would you being saying your son was responsible for his own death?

      No, of course you wouldn’t. You’d be screaming bloody murder. You’re a racist, Steve.

      • Mark

        Calling someone “racist” when nothing he said was racist pretty much makes you the racist, Trevor.

  • Brad Ster

    Racist actions by Blacks are now being held up to scrutiny just like racist acts by Whites, they no longer get a free pass. And it is about time!

  • Veronica Wells, Shame on you!
    How can you say “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable!”?
    1. The officers were acquitted, so in fact, are NOT responsible for the loss of someones life!
    2. Mosby was NOT simply trying to hold someone accountable, she was MAKING false claims and bringing false charges against the officers. She did so because she feels she is immune to prosecution.
    She did it to inflame racial tensions and you are complicit by writing this stupid article defending her! Again, SHAME ON YOU!

  • howard

    ‘…There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it….’

    well the officers have a right to a jury trial in any case and since Ms Mosby offered up so many illegal actions through the set of actions she prosecuted, i think they deserve their day in court just like any other citizen.

    you might also remember that the officers were protecting the rest of the citizens of Baltimore against a long time career dope seller and felon. that’s not evil.

  • Rose Jones

    I would donate to that funds that Ms. Mosby will need if she has to pay. She did her job and that the crime in unfair America Law. We keep saying all we want to be able to take care of family and stay within the law of the land. This needs to stop UNFAIR AMERICA. You say make America great again. FOR WHO

  • Just S. Foral

    “…simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.” So if they bring charges against Veronica Bell and hold her accountable for the severed spine and death, will that make the writer, Veronica Bell happy since they would “simply be trying to hold someone accountable.”

  • Packard Day

    And now the real fun begins in Baltimore.

  • cj

    i think the police officers are liable for not protecting physically a detained shackled held without proper reason to detain him.

  • Serge Bernyea

    Good. I hope we never have to see her face again. She destroyed my hometown.

  • Charles

    Public officials do not have immunity from abuse of power.

  • Buck O’fama

    Moseby’s racism, and anti-Americanism, motivated her to attack the Police, as a way of advancing her political career. That she picked such a poor platform, as the vehicle from which to launch her anti-American ambitions, is a testament to her lack of judgement, and an indication that she is not fit for public office. Of course, being unfit for public office, never seems to prevent the anti-American vermin, in the anti-American party, from advancing a “candidate”. She deserves to be in jail, for misconduct while in public office. Her misuse of public resources, in this case, also reached a criminal level. But, MUCH worse, by putting these Police Officers on trial, she insured that they could NEVER be tried, again, if actual EVIDENCE were ever to present itself.

  • Jeff Kampfl

    Once again an ultra left-wing liberal believes that her own twisted sense of ‘social justice’ trumps [no pun intended] the court ruling as it pertains to this case. Is Wells insinuating that the judge, jury, etc got it all wrong? I am wondering just how familiar with this case the author actually is. How awfully ‘liberal’ of Wells to continue to condemn the officers involved in this case – despite their being acquitted in a trial by jury……. It frightens me to think where the judicial system in this country might have gone had the liberals maintained control of the White House & Congress…..

  • Jimh77

    Finally there is JUSTICE in America once more!!!
    Thank you Judge!

  • Charles

    If a public official goes after the police and all the officers are aquited then it is quite possible that the charges were trumped up and politically motivated and that has no place in a justice system. Not only should this person be sued but she should have her law license revoked and be barred from working as an attorney.

  • Jim

    “Plaintiffs’ malicious prosecution claims relate to her actions when functioning as an investigator, not as a prosecutor” and that her office said she conducted an independent investigation.”
    She went above and beyond the scope of her office as an attorney. She was making it personal to further her career and make a name for herself….she walked away with half of that.

  • This author has no idea about law, which this entire case, and cases are based. Ms. Mosby “trying to hold somebody accountable for a death” focused on the wrong people, how about Mr. Gray was responsible for his death. How about the individual who had made a career out of breaking the law and affecting law abiding citizens and ended up in a Police van that night was responsible for his actions. The fact is, those officers probably saved a lot of law abiding people a lot of pain and misery by removing Mr. Gray from the street, and ultimately the planet. If there is such a thing as Karma, Mr. Gray got his.

  • Philip D Iorio

    One for the good guys….I’m so sick and tired of everyone (blacks) going after police when someone they love or know commits a crime, gets caught during the process, and gets shot and/or killed by the police doing their job! Good for these police personnel suing the ones for false accusations, and defamation, and loss of income. It’s about time the police get to hit back. Because Blue Lives Matters, not thugs!

  • Wakita Sioux

    Sue her azz off. Take every penny you can from this clown and sue the City of Baltimore for retaining her after the facts were made clear.

  • Fed up

    So officers can have their every move dissected and be held accountable civilly and criminally, yet the State’s Attorney can act with impunity, throwing whatever she can against the wall hoping it sticks, and you think this is her holding someone accountable? How is she any different than any corrupt cop if she knowingly or through gross negligence tries to ruin an officer’s life in her haste for “justice”?

    • Mike

      That isn’t true at all. The officers aren’t held responsible for their actions. The police department, prosecutors office, nor anyone else in the government is ever held responsible. Very, Very rarely do you actually get a conviction on an officer who commits the most egregious of crimes, because the laws and policies are set up to allow them to force tyranny on the public at their will.

      They have a mafia style culture where police don’t rat on other police. They have everything you can think of legally protecting them. Then, when a citizen actually does have the opportunity to sue and actually wins, the people in government do not pay, including the officers. The tax payers do.

      Give me a break. I don’t know who is or isn’t responsible for the Freddie Gray case, but to sit here and make it out like the police officers across the country are a bunch of unappreciated victims is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Reputations are based in truth. The police have one for a reason.

      • Martha Polasek

        This woman along with the mayor of Baltimore were so eager to jump the gun. The mayor told the police to stand down at first. Gray killed himself by throwing himself around the van. The city paid $6.5 million to his family without a trial, a judge said all of the police officers were not guilty. I hope the police officers get money and I hope the mayor and the state attorney are fired or not re elected.

  • ryan

    “There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”

    So you’re just assuming those officers are at fault … yet they were not charged with any crime. Id love to hear what you know, that the court did not, to make that assumption. Please enlighten us.

  • linden bonner

    Gray had a history of hurting himself while in police custody to sue and get money. The non-police witness said he heard Gray hitting himself against the van walls even while the van was traveling normally.

    What would be really evil is if Gray was once again hurting himself while in police custody to falsely accuse the police of brutality and the police who were entirely innocent were sent to prison by Mosby while Gray, or his family in this case since he went overboard in his efforts to hurt himself and ended up killing himself instead, won millions of dollars in a lawsuit. That’s what would be evil.

    • This Is Better Than The OJ Verdict… But Only In Reverse… Yea Boi!!!

      TRUMP 2016 & 2020 BUILD THE WALL!

  • Jim Rowell

    She most certainly acted with maliciousness and with a political agenda. Her overt contribution to the riots and furthering of distrust in the police is sickening. The black community should be as angry as anyone for her using them to further her own career.

  • Mike Drake

    Disbar her

  • james may

    She should be disbarred. NEVER to practice law ever again. What she did to those officers was disgusting and she FAILED to bring a shred of justice to the Gray family. She destroyed her own credibility and flushed her own dignity down the toilet.

  • Rastaz Muhammund


  • Big D

    Good, she is just another racist scum, Sue her for every penny she ever makes!!!

  • MosesZD

    Nonsense article. Gray had a history of self-harm in order to avoid jail: “The police detectives who investigated the death of Freddie Gray were told that he had a history of participating in “crash-for-cash” schemes — injuring himself in law enforcement settings to collect settlements — but were advised by a state prosecutor not to pursue the information, according to defense attorneys for the six officers charged in Gray’s arrest and death.”

    In short, Mosby ordered the police to ignore the fact that this was almost certainly a self-inflicted wound AND all the evidence presented indicated there was no ‘beat-down’ or ‘rough ride.’ Yet Mosby went with that theory even though evidence indicated she was wrong.

  • Rick Richards

    Miss righteous indignation made her own bed. Now she can lie in it. Spite and incompetence is her name.

  • She needs to be in (jail)

  • TMMI

    I am not surprised. That is how white supremacy works. I hope the City of Baltimore stands behind her any way they can. White supremacy not only creates monsters, it encourages people to protect them.

  • NB

    Mosby’s irrational rhetoric started the riots, and the defamation of good police officers. You damn right they should sue this idiot. All the hype was nothing but a political ploy at the expense of good officers who protect and serve. She should be thrown in prison.

    • Mosby should of been fired for trashing good officers the way she did. These officers deserve to sue her and put her in the poor house. Maybe even in jail. In my humble opinion, she should be strung up from the tallest tree as a perfect example of how to deal with her kind.

  • johnny833

    She knowingly jumped the gun, tried these men and woman when there was no evidence, so yes, she should be hung out to dry…

  • good for them. her and the city and everyone else involved should be sued.

  • chris schmitt

    No they were no responsible for the death of Mr. Grays death. That is why the lawsuit was brought.

  • Guest

    “The officers claim that Mosby knowingly brought false charges against them.”

    If the above statment is true than this statement …”There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it.”….is a nonsensical statement to make.

    IF she knowingly ( if and knowingly being the key words) brought false charges on them than that is also an evil thing to do and she probably had other motives besides just trying to hold someone accountable.

    • Richard

      well commented – this writer is typical of the views of the mainstream media these days.

    • Flat roader

      She was trying to catch obama’s DOJ attention. She knew it was a hot button issue and in an atmosphere of obama’s DOJ also riding on that band wagon….. She knew the would be “Movin’ on up” with a couple convictions. She was throwing darts at a dart board hoping for a bulls-eye that would catapult her to the national stage and mayba a place in obama’s or Clinton’s DOJ. She wasn’t even sure the would get a conviction but more on her tenacity to prosecute anyone who wore a blue uniform. Thank God the sanitation dept. didn’t wear blue or they would have been in her sights also. She was a yuppie with her sights on a higher prize and was going to get it no matter how many lives she ruined…..period !!!!!