Skin Bleaching Cream for Men Coming From Jamaican Artist

October 11, 2011  |  

Fans of Vybz Kartel were a bit stunned and outraged earlier this year when the Jamaican dancehall artist appeared several shades lighter than his normal chocolate brown complexion and exclaimed: “This is my new image.”

Now the artist, who is also awaiting trial on a charge of conspiracy to murder, is bottling up his new image in a line of cosmetics for men which includes a number of skin lightening items.

Kartel originally claimed to use cake soap to lighten his skin but after the Jamaican manufacturer of the clothes-bleaching product, Blue Power Group, denied his claims, Kartel said that he actually used his own special concoction which will soon be available under the Vybz label.

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  • To each his own! In my experience creams don’t work. You’ve gotta go with microdermabrasion or IPL… But if you have dark complexion, you aren’t a candidate for IPL.

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  • Guest

    Unless he is a singer/chemist/medical doctor he has no business selling any "concoctions" that could do serious damage to people's health (internally and externally). The FDA will have this trick up on charges and looking at serious fines if he tries to sell this BS in the US. Besides, skin bleaching creams have been on the market for decades. This is nothing new! Whether or not they get him, I doubt he has enough money for all of the lawsuits from injured and unhappy constumers, since I doubt anyone even knows who he is who is not Jamaican or listens to dancehall music. I guess he's trying to look like Sean Paul, but that would take a lot more than skin lightening. I wonder if he has lightened "everything" or just the top half? I am sure it is really working for him to be three shades lighter on the top half than the bottom! In life, you play with the cards you are dealt. If you don't realize that just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should do something, all the fake hair, nails, breasts, noses, and nonsensical justifications aren't going to make you like yourself any more than you obviously don't right now!

  • NatCole

    Michael Jackson had vitiligo I’m black and my grandfather had it so I’ve seen what it does. I can understand lightening your skin for that it’s a reasonable cause. I wouldn’t want to walk around with white patches on my skin but that would be my only acceptance for skin lightening products.

  • highfivesix

    He looks a wreck…Tryin to look light…bright and damn near white…isn't right!… He looks all wrong. I wonder if his yes people are whispering to him that this is an improvement while laughing behind his back. Brown is beautiful…don't tamper with perfection!!

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  • JustMe

    He should be more concerned about going to jail.

  • LuLuBell

    Vybz: Use my product and look as good as me = Marketing fail

    Is he going to sell it to the undead or what?

  • MiMi

    He looked better before. What a waist of beauitful milk choco toned skin : /

  • Jessica

    Literally just laughed out loud.

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  • Why? Don't we have enough self hatred like dying our hair blonde and wearing blue contacts? Just love the skin tone god gave you and embrace it! I'm light skinned and dark skinned people are beautiful to me, even my man is dark skinned as long as he a great man on the inside.

  • wildflower

    Why, Why and finally why he was so much sexier with his skin much darker…… now he looks like a freak of nature and some women in africa are probably probably praising his rubbish behavior


    Yeah, I’d use it, on my nut sack!

  • JustSayin

    There are many things that we as blacks do that makes no sense but if it works for you so be it.

    – Tan in the sun claiming they want a bronze glow
    – Weaves that stay in so long you, yourself have no clue what your real hair looks like
    – Tattoos all over your body because its fad-ish
    – Colored contacts (Yea, they "STILL" rock em"
    – Fake nails

    I could go on and on—here's the deal… if that's your thing do your thing, this kat is doing is doing his, while I don't condone- plenty are judging that shouldn't!

    just sayin….

    • DollBaby

      OMG! I thought I was the only one that felt that way about how it's getting out of hand with the tattos..
      I absolutely hate it.

      I remember the first time I saw Vybz (early this year) with his bleached out skin and read his comments about women perming their hair. Although I don't really think its the same thing, I felt "well, you do relax your hair"….

      So I'm currently going 7 months… No relaxer and I'm not going back (Hopefully.. Got to say hopefully because hey you never know).
      However I'm not knocking anyone straightening their hair because straightening your hair just makes fixing your hair easier

      Although I love it, caring for my hair takes up a lot of my time.

  • Youknowwhatitis

    My brothers BED'NOT buy this s h i t. Dark skin is always the sexiest and healthiest skin.


  • Jabor

    What are all the black women complaining about, you about to get all the light skindednes black men you all love and chase.

    Now you will have a sea of light skin men, you black women are in for a treat. This is how life goes, men chase what they deem that women prefer and it is life.

    Vybz, I gots a bottle sir and want to be every dark butts fantasy.

    • Mimi

      I have enough lightskin and preferthe brown and darkskinned borthas, so there. We're not pressed over skin tone…

    • Carrie

      Jabor: You are an idiot-don't procreate, please.

  • Jabor

    Well all the dark skin black women will now get all the light skin men they can get.

    Light Skindedness for all the negro womens.

  • DollBaby

    I think some comments here are very ignorant. Dana Mincey, if someone where to mention a light skin artist/actor and say they would be “hidious” dark skinned then we would be all up and arms… We can admire someone’s attritubes without putting other’s down.
    Gail S… Maybe if you watch the news, you would know that Michael did have a skin condition. I have seen 20/20 mention it after his death and I actually heard it this morning on Good morning America. I don’t condone what Michael did but he probably didn’t want to walk around with patches of white and dark brown skin. I honestly don’t know what I would do but that’s a decision he felt was best for him.
    However, I do feel we as blacks or anyone for that matter should be proud of who they are…
    The point shouldn’t be “yeah he’s right” if others are doing x,y, and z… Then he should be able to do whateaver he wants…. Vybz and (I’m sure many of you posting) are grown ups. Your decision making shouldn’t be dependant on how others are living their lives. Vybz’s comment is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. This is an artist that is desperate for attention and before he lightened his skin, who was really talking about Vybz outside of those that listen to dancehall.
    I just can’t understand why someone would lighten their skin just to cover it up with tattoos… It’ s just dumb and for us to defend what he’s saying… Makes me question what state is our world is in??

  • cassie

    oh lawd……………………..he looks so ugly with the light skin

  • Rosanna

    He had such beautiful skin before. Now he just looks….ashy. smh

  • lydia

    The sad thing about this is that he has a self esteem problem, whats even worse is that he wants to profit off others who feel that they are less than….

  • tg44

    its sad – I bet the black race has the most self-haters in it then any other race. But its not ALL our fault – we have been bamboozled and freak in the arse, etc. every which way possiblem for so long – we have no clue who we are – or who we want to be. Whether African or White – we have no clue. A lot of us hate ourselves. So SAD because we really are a beautiful people physically, mentally and color wise.

    • Kay

      WRONG! Clear colorism can be found within minority groups from Latin America to Australia. Despite present issues with colorism, Black American’s have led the fight against racism and subsets of it like colorism. We’ve made it taboo in the US to openly discriminate against someone’s color.
      There are countries where skin bleaching companies run multi-million dollar campaigns promoting "lighter better skin". In the US Loreal got the tong-lash of their lives for turning the light-up on Beyonce in their ads. We are bad sometimes, but not the worst all the time.

  • Tammy

    terrible. he rather look like a monster than have his nice skin complexion. no way can he say he looks good. he looks dead

  • JustALady

    Enter text right here!He looks so much better as a chocolate brother! Does he not know the history of is ancestary and how hard we fought to not be ashanmed of our chocolate skin!

    • Kelly

      I agree, he looks a lot better darker than he does lighter. What a fool!!

  • DatsLife

    People who bleach there skins are ignorant. Hello, your kids will still have a dark complexion. The cream doesn't change your genes. I can not understand how an eerie glowing look and burnt lips are attractive. Who is he fooling?

  • NEWHAIR5000

    lol well can you BLAME him?? out of any race the black race is the one that puts it's dark skin people down.we constantly make fun of them and compare them to the night sky.and we always say how dark chocolate isn't as pretty as milk or cream. were as lighter skin is praised and considered better and prettier.if we get angry about a dark skin man lighting his skin,then why aren't we angry when their being made fun of having dark skin??.

    • lisa

      Every been to India? darker skin is not consider beautiful all over India Pakistan Thailand Sri Lanka..etc. Those with darker skin (especially women) get teased and they bleach their skin. It's very common for women in that part of the world so no need to claim that this is something that only black people are guilty of.

      • jjac401

        …And over in Asia skin bleaching is common because the lightest skin is seen as the most beautiful. Even in Brazil the lighter skinned people are seen as more attractive.

        Thank goodness that some people enjoy skin that is tanned!

  • r u serious

    I am glad I love myself and will not let anyone tear me down. At the end of the day people should do what makes them happy. As long as he is not tearing down other dark skin people he can bleach what ever he wants to bleach. But it is really ashame though, there are soooo many beautiful dark skin people out here but too many listen to people who say a lighter skin is better. SMH. It is a shame how words can break a person and lower their self esteem. “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen” (Ephesians 4:29, NIV).

    • cece

      Amen. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus!

  • L-Boogie

    This is really sad. His skin WAS gorgeous.

  • Caribbean Girl

    I really like the comments on this sight. You ladies/,men show me a different side to black America. Rational, un-biased and intelligent. Thank-you.

    -Caribbean Girl

    • nikki

      who cares what you think about black americans? Have you ever heard of island You can go there for your daily hating on black americans. PEACE

  • Lilmsjaymo

    What he said was true. If people can west weaves and wigs and other fake ish who are we to tell him he shouldn’t bleach his skin. Sad but true. Then again it is him that looks like a damn fool. He looked better chocolate.he coulda got it back then. *sidenote I hope you come out with a line of chap stick cuz them lips is looking dry. How can you bleach your face but not moisten them lips lol

    • shelshel

      good one on the chap stick comment

    • LMAO at "…not moisten them lips lol"

    • Carrie

      LOL!!!! @Lilmsjaymo: THAT was funny!! My stomach is hurting from laughing so hard.

  • Ash

    @pat but we also love Michelle Obama oprah idris Elba and other dark skinned blacks.

    • GailS

      Yeah, but we'd love them even more if they were lighter.

      • Reese

        speak for yourself. I wouldn't love them more or less based on there complextion and I know I am not the only one. I agree that there is favorism for light skinned all over the world where white supremecy has taught people the closer they are to looking white the more desirable they are.

      • No, the best part about Idris Elba is the chocolatey skin. Same with Tyrese. They would be hideous if they were light skinned. Mmmm, Idris…

  • pat

    why do americans act shock about skin lightign when u guys whorship light skin ppl beyonce halley berry rihana obama and many other successful light skin ppl all the man want a light woman not too dark

    • GailS

      Exactly. Michael Jackson changed his skin color and everybody wants to pretend he had a skin 'condition.' I guess he had a nose condition and a hair condition, too.

      • Youknowwhatitis

        Michael Jackson had vitiligo, there ain't a bleaching cream in the world that works that good, or all of these ignorant mofo's would look like Casper. He got a nose job the same reason Janet and Jermaine did…

  • chelle star

    He looked better darker. I hope he don’t end up really sick from the chemicals.

  • Christielove1468

    MadameNoire is dead at putting Vybz’s face on Michael Jackson’s body! I wont be surprised if Sammy Sosa was next in line to create a skin bleaching cream system for men too.

  • SMH! Why can't we just love our skin no matter the color? Sigh!

  • IllyPhilly

    Him and Lil' Kim look dead! what the hell would anyone wanna do this for besides to get rid of stretch marks?

  • Princess Grace

    complexion will always be a complex issue within all races. Brazil, Spain, Africa, Italy even Ireland where they have an issue with redheads. People really need to love themselves and the reflection they see in the mirror

    • Sumpplhate

      I agree.. when people do this to themselves can they honestly look at before and after pictures and say that they look better? All the cases I've seen have tragic outcomes.. Look at his before and after he looks scary now! Every shade of black is beautiful. People need to realize that. This is just sad.

    • sucksalt

      i'd love to get rid of my blood red stretch marks and black booty….LOL
      an even skin tone is all i'm asking