Who Are You at Work?

October 10, 2011  |  
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If we had our choice many of us wouldn’t work– or certainly not with any consistency. But since we have to eat, pay bills and support our shopping habits we spend a majority of our lives grinding, whether mentally or physically, at our 9-5. If you work with other people you’ve noticed that every individual has a different working personality and style. Check out the list and see if you see yourself and some of your co-workers on this list.

Mother Hen

If you find that you’re trying to help others be their best selves at work you might be the “mother hen” of your company. Instead of viewing work as a dog eat dog world you’re more likely to find pleasure in helping others. After all, for you it’s about teamwork.

Cut Throat

In stark contrast to the mother hen, there’s the Ms. Cut Throat. At work it’s all about you and your shine. Screw your co-workers because you can’t spell team without the word “Me”! You know that in America the road to corporate success is a rat race. If you have to step on a couple of toes to end up on top then so be it.

Worker Bee

When you’re at work it’s nose to the grind. You wouldn’t mind helping other people, if you noticed they were there. The only person you’re in competition with is yourself. You keep your head down and do what you get paid to do. You’ve been been known to skip lunch breaks and company parties to get your work done on time.

The Suck Up

You know that in order to get where you’re trying to go you have to befriend the right people. And most times those people are your superiors. Sure you’ve been called a kiss… up or a brown noser but whatever, you’ll wave to haters from the top. If there are rumors about who the boss is sleeping with your name certainly comes up in the conversation.

The Escapist

You come to work just to collect a paycheck and nothing else. You’re not there to socialize, shoot… you’re barely there to work. You spend most of your  days thinking of ways to get out of your current job and into a career you actually enjoy. You check your watch at least 30 times in a 20 minute period, waiting for 5 o clock. Truth be told you’re reading this article at work when you know there’s something you should be working on. God forbid you use your work computer for company business.

Anti Annie

It’s not that you hate your job, you just can’t stand any of the people you work with. But they don’t seem to get it. They’re always inviting you to happy hours, their kids’ birthdays and retirement parties. You could care less. Can we just work and go home, please?

The Lounger

Work…schmerk. You do what you need to do but at the end of the day you know you’re more important than your job. You’re constantly asking your boss to incorporate nap time in the schedule and you’re thankful for your enclosed office where you can lay out when necessary. So what if you have to use all your sick days in a two week period, a healthy, well rested employee is a productive employee.


You’re all about your job. The people, the actual work you do, everything. You love it. Actually it’s hard to separate your personal life from your job. Chances are you’re working in a field that caters to your passion or you own and operate your own business.

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  • LOL I am the ESCAPIST for real I thought you were talkin about me when I read that part ahah any job I get , I leave after 6months or so Im always lookin for new opportunities…People around me say Im crazy…

  • Stillrocking!

    It's funny when people tell you their life stories and you just smile and they don't get it.

  • nursedred

    @dcarter i think that all depends on what line of work youre in. In my field when it’s time to ‘clean house’ management is the first to go. “Lazy nurses” who avoid trouble can stay forever

  • Dcarter910

    What they should point out is that in this economic climate, if you are anything other than a worker bee, then you are setting yourself of to be among the first in line if pink slips are ever passed out. From a management perspective, even if you like someone, if they arent producing….personal feelings are set aside the decisions have to be made of whose staying and leaving.

    Ladies, dont allow yourselves to get too comfortable…find a way to produce and make known your productive nature, because no one wants to find themselves in the unemployment line.

  • I am the Escapist daydreaming about when my business takes off so I can be Lovestruck.

  • I am the lounger but trying to get to lovestruck. 🙂 I appreciate my job, have the best supervisor ever, and I'm the only woman so I run the show. Running the show with all these men is definitely a job that needs nap time incorporated, lol.