Sherri Shepherd and the N-Word…

October 9, 2011  |  

Did you catch Sherri Shepherd’s sentiments on the N-Word on The View this week? Do you think non-blacks should be able to use the word?

Watch the video here and let us know if you agree or not.


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  • Miss Charlie

    No one should use it. I understand trying to make lemonade out of lemons, but it's a useless word.

  • Ms. Cee

    I grew up using it as slang, but always brushed away the pain and ugliness of the word. Sherry stood up for her beliefs and spoke her mind. I applaud her. Whoopi, bless her heart, was also minimizing the situation because she chooses to ignore it as her solution. Barbara said it so many times it reminded me of a Richard Pryor joke. She was pushing it to the limit for shock value. I'm glad Sherry brought her back to the reality of the pain it can cause. It really isn't just a word, after all. It's a piece of African American, black history.

  • techlilinu

    No one should use the word but, I understand how black men who have known each other for years would use it as a term of endearment so it's up to them if they want to continue to use it. If they were to use it in front of me I would definitely let them know that I find it offensive. For other races, not just whites, absolutely, positively NOT!

    I don't think Barbara meant any harm. I don't believe she is a racist. If she used the word to explain a situation, that is understandable but, for someone who is anything other than black to use it in their everyday language would be wrong in my book. No excuses. It would be just plain wrong.

  • Miss_Understood

    It is unacceptable for non-Black people to use this word and we, the Black community, don’t owe anyone an explaination or rationalize for why it’s different when we say it, it just is.

    If you have gay friends, you know that they often used the F-word towards each other in an “endearing” way but I would NEVER use it against them, no one has to explain it, I just know not to…

  • Stacey

    I’m 56yrs. That word comes from a real dark place. You have people turning it to word of Endearment. I can remember going to my Father practice do people know when someone hate you because they’re not you. That dark place still remains.There are still lynching less than a year ago in Mississppi 24yrs.old, and the excecution of Troy Davis. What endearing about darkness.

  • Rosanna

    I agree that we shouldn't ignore the word or sugar coat it. I also agree that it's much more offensive when said by someone who is not Black, and that's something they may never understand. It's like this. I can sit around with my cousins and laugh about my aunts. But, if someone OUTside of the family makes fun of our aunt, we'll be upset. Why? Because that person is NOT in our family.

    • Melissa

      We were just discussing this lol! My family and I were just sayng how we can argue back and forth all day but let an outsider say something bad about them!

  • Melissa

    I dont feel it's right to minimize her feeling. If Sherri was offended by that she every right to speak her mind. I dont think Barbara is a racist and while it may have been"wrong" for her to say it or the way in which Sherrie perceived she said it I really dont feel Barbara was intending to come off offensive. Personally though I feel we should all stop using the word. whether were saying Ni**er(I believe is what Barbara said, or saying Ni**a as what Whoopi said its still offensive and for everyones sake it time to put the useless word to rest. Once and for all.