8 Men Who Make Androgynous Work

October 5, 2011 ‐ By Toya Sharee

Prince can strut in a pair of 4” boots better than most supermodels and I know, B. Scott’s lovely locks are the envy of female hair follicles across the continent.  They’re the men whose talent we admire, whose fashion sense we respect, and whose tough talk but tender taste makes them stand out from the rest.  They’re the men who make androgyny work and we don’t care half as much about whom they are attracted to as much as we care about how attractive their style is.

1.  Prince

Prince has always tip-toed along the thin line of feminine and masculine style in stilettos that are about as high as his 4 octave vocal range.  Choosing to rock ruffled blouses and crushed velvet in shades of purple that rival the passion in his lyrics, Prince threw a bit of color into the rock and roll game long before Lil’ Wayne was shopping for leopard jeggings.

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  • uniquefashionista

    I guess I have been living under a rock, but I have no idea who B. Scott is. Never heard of him. But, I knew the rest of the men from the list and love each of them. I could marry Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Brett Michaels. LOL!

  • Gab Winter

    Lossa East Asian men who are truly Androgynous, or even feminine. Search up Bou (from the band An Cafe) for instance, and countless more from the visual kei scene; or the korean pop artists, or taiwan youths.

  • Yvette

    Adam Lambert is androgynous gorgeousness.

  • Shila

    I love Bowie when he was trans.

  • Shila

    All those me are pugly accept for prince. Too scared to feature men who are prettier than you? I love beautiful males who can cross over. I can lok like a cute boy if I wanted to, so I relate, not fear, but utterly sexiful!

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  • turqblu

    NOO you forgot Andrej Pejic!

  • 1) Prince..2) Brett..3) Kravitz…the rest, (other than Bowie on a scale from 1 to 10 gets about an 8 due to the fact he doesn't look like that anymore, his wife is a supermodel and it was 80s), couldn't make androgyny look androgynous!

  • Reese

    But David Bowie was caught in bed with Mic Jagger. Alot of them are bisexual on this list if not gay.

  • Reese

    working for who? I like men to look like men.

  • Molly D

    Chase, I think Degeneres fits the description much better than Lenny Kravitz or Bret Michaels. Have we even ever seen her wear anything feminine?

  • Molly D

    Well, Lenny Kravitz and Bret Michaels' feelings are going to be hurt when they read this. Prince and David Bowie are going to claim they are bi-sexual and the other four are simply GAY men. There is nothing androgynous about them. They are merely men who wear VERY large women's clothing.

  • KISS, keepitsimple

    I thought B Scott was Denise Huxtable at first glance. While Prince is prettier than most women I know. I like the "yea to be yea and the nay to be nay." I don't want to be confused are questioning my eyes what they see. Bring back the days of yea and nay.

  • clearly don't understand the meaning.

    In the 80's, androgyny didn't mean a man was gay but now with homophobia being so rampant, any man that doesn't subscribe to a narrow definition of manhood and doesn't exhibits machismo attitude is so-called "gay'. This is the generation of sameness. All must look and be the same.

  • L. Chase

    Wat about grace jones? And out of genuine curiosity, is ellen degeneres androgynous?

  • DJ1969

    There are only 2 true androgynous people on this list; Prince and B.Scott. Being androgynous means there's a lot of ambiguity in one's gender. You don't know what the hell they are at first. Being a hot, flaming homosexual (Miss J, Big Leon) and fashion forward (Lenny Kraviz) doesn't mean androgyny.

    • JustSaying, IMFO

      Just want to add Miss J and Big Leon have gone beyond flaming homosexuals. They're caricatures of it.

  • iStill say MICHAEL JACKSON was the best androgynous man to slay the world with his greatness shrug.

  • 'Androgynous mean having both male and female characteristics". "Characteristics meaning a distinguishing attributes"! "They are different and I love it, they look damn good to me and Ms J can teach women a little something about how to walk on the runway"!!! :))

  • JerseyVixen138

    Hmm you only have 3 , thats Lenny, Prince and B Scott. The rest were just fillers to make the article.

  • bayareachick

    Do you know what androgynous means?

  • an avid reader

    no derek j?!?

  • Irrepressible

    It is eccentrics that make them attractive. The unknown but wit.

  • IllyPhilly

    WTF, they're not androgynous if they're gay. This list had at least two who were gay.

    • Mary

      ……you might want to look up the meaning of androgynous

    • IllyPhilly

      Asswipe, i get it. i was being sarcastic and Gay is not representing females it's gay. plain and simple.

      • Lapinblanc2jours

        Oh! why don’t I just declare my pea-brained ignorance in a public forum for the whole world to see? Dear World, I am a repressed homosexual & I try to hide it by calling anyone who is not a meathead like me gay! Illyphilly (bahahaha) xoD

  • butch

    No Comment