Tamera Mowry on Her Wedding, Her Husband and Celibacy

October 5, 2011  |  

We can’t help but love the Mowry twins. They’ve grown into real role models. Nice to see child stars that didn’t end up on the wrong path. Apparently we’re not the only ones interested in the sisters. The Style Network picked up a reality show featuring the sisters aptly titled “Tia and Tamera”. During the first couple of episodes we watched as Tamera planned her wedding to Adam Housley.

In an exclusive interview with The YBF, Tamera Mowry gushed about the behind the scenes details of her wedding, how her family received Adam and waiting until marriage.

Tamera, let’s get right to it.  You and [your husband] Adam got slammed with hateful comments and criticism about your interracial relationship.  Especially as soon as your engagement photos hit the net. Why did you choose to release the photos?  How did you all deal with the negativity?

It’s something I wanted to share with Adam, our fam and friends, and years down the line with our kids.  There’s something, I think, special about that.  I wanted them to see something more than just us in our wedding attire.  I didn’t feel like we shouldn’t have put them out–I was just shocked that some people still feel that way.  It’s 2011!  They did a poll recently and 83% of Americans are OK with interracial relationships.  I never expected that kind of negative response to us.  That’s why I was OK with our wedding photographer (Jose Villa) putting those pics on his website.  He was ok with them, and I was ok with them.

You mentioned on your show that you and Adam decided not to shack up.  Does that mean you went the Sherri Shepherd route and decided not to sex it up either?

I’ll be very very honest. (Laughs embarrassingly)  We decided, it was both of our decision, not to live together for religious reasons.  I’m being very honest. We actually didn’t wait before we got married to be intimate…but we did wait 3 years. (The two have been together for 6 years). I wanted to do what felt right for me.  I became re-virginized. It’s something that just felt right for me. It was just a personal choice.  And even after being intimate, we decided as a couple to be celibate until the wedding.

What was you all’s FIRST DANCE song at the reception?

It was Journey‘s “Faithfully.”  My husband and I always travel up to Northern California–he had a place there–and we always listened to that song.  It’s about a man who travels a lot.  But always loves his significant other and comes right back.

Oh, and Adam is a HUGE LL Cool J fan.  He was set on having LL in the wedding some way. So he wanted “Going Back To Cali” played, it’s his favorite song.  So my brother choreographed a dance that we all did at the wedding.  We had our slow dance, then we broke out into LL Cool J.  It was hilarious.  Oh my gosh.

Give us a peek into what a newly married woman feels like.  I always wanted to know a bride’s thoughts the very next day.  Happiness, REGRET even (laughs). What was the very first thing you did the next morning as Mrs. Housley?  Brush your teeth extra happy….cook him breakfast….what?

Well, we were actually in our hotel room still.  We went straight to our Honeymoon the next morning (in Greece).  Honestly, I woke up the most peaceful I have ever been in my entire life.  And……(cracks up laughing) Adam and I had waited for a while to…you know….so….[trails off with laughter].

Ya’ll had some catching up to do!

We did!  It was like an “A-ha” moment.  It was amazing.  [Laughs]  I was the most peaceful I’ve ever been.  Just so happy to be a wife.

You can read the rest of this adorable interview over at The YBF.

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  • princess

    After reading most the negative comments on here i think people should be a little more accepting of bi racial couples if the black person is “white washed” such as tamera or kerry washington or halle berry ect.

  • jujubean

    She is so classy and beautiful. I’m glad she found an educated and GOOD MAN!

  • She is not black and many of my friends and I are not married to thugs. It’s simply you young trash black men who keep perpetuating the idea.

  • I don’t understand the hoopla. She is a product of an interracial relationship, white dad and black mom. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness.

  • schemiender

    Are you serious what black females you’ve been with??. Most black women I’ve dated have rules and a wait when it comes to intimacy. White women are more willing to have sex on first date and have multiple partners.

  • amber

    seems to me that someone is bitter and jealous that they aren't in the mix.

  • MoTruth

    Was someone surprised she married a White man??????????? Why?
    I wasn't shocked in the least! Expected it, actually. Some reject no other
    White person wanted…..that is what the Brothaz and Sistaz generally end
    up with, when they get involved with someone outside their own race.

    • Likewaterforchoc

      @MoLies, no that usually applies to bm who date wm. I think that you are generally judging by the physical, but usually bw who date wm usually end up with someone who is financially, educationally and intellectually their equal. At least that the case with me and women that I know. I don't discriminate, but the only men that I HAVE dated that are financially, educationally and intellectually inferior are bm. Because there are more bm in prison than in college. Subtract gay or bm who exclusively date ww and the pool of all of the "eligible" black men gets a lot smaller.

      • ohio_lovejones

        wow,inferior is such a strong word like you are superior to someone. I know bw that didnt go to school or even finished,but I wont stoop so low as to call someone inferior. thats right,because there are no gay bw or those that exclusively date wm. when i was in college,i saw plenty of sistas trying to be in relationships they knew werent interested in a commitment. I hope your marriage works out,but if it doesnt,i hope you remember all the siddity and hateful crap you uttered.

      • jujubean

        you are so right! they are inferior with a capital I. I’m soooo happy for Tamera!

  • Wale

    Congtats, it’s a great article and a better story. It is refreshing to read about a couple who didn’t live together before marriage. I thought my wife and I were a dying breed. Six years later with three beautiful kids, I can’t complain.

  • KISS, keepitsimple

    Bitta much?

  • whowantstoknow

    Well thats great for Tia & Tamera but alot of you women know that you ain't wife material, as a matter of fact alot of you are just 'reformed HOs' I mean be honest with yourselves you are now in a position where you have been used and abused by legions of men and now you want to behave like you are about something and so serious about life. LOL. C'mon you gave the best years of your life to dead beats and give whats left to the 'good black man' HA! #PASS

    • Lucky

      You can't even qualify your statement because you don't personally know every Sister who's alive. There are still plenty of good Black women out there, just as there are still good brothers….you're just not one of them.

      • whowantstoknow

        LMAO obviously I don't know every black woman I only know the one I'm married to and she loves this gender biased website and I told her most of whats on here is just hypocritical rhetorics aimed at strengthening ignorance. Mi nuh support dat.
        Big up to all the beautiful queens keeping their lush bodies pristine and their wombs closed, as for the rest of you..well you know what to do.

        • Get REal

          Why are you so worried about what other women do with their bodies, enough to come on here and berate others like you have never made a mistake?Are you perfect?Are you God? Both answers are definetly NO, so sit down shut up and keep your ignorant opinions to yourself.

        • Likewaterforchoc

          Be concerned about the "beautiful queen" to whom you are married and her "lush" body. She is the only womb you need to be concerned about. You have no opinion or rights over any other woman's body. You are not single, so no other woman (other than a daughter) should concern you and well… you know what to do.

          "Mi nuh support dat" lets me know that you are from some homophobic ,gender-biased nation and you should take your business elsewhere.

    • reese

      How do you know? Alot of us on the site are like your wife who are married or in long term relationships(well unless she is a reformed ho and couldn't get no good bm and had to settle for you). But even so that is her story and not ours.

  • ladylum

    People will continue to stare, say something under their breath as well as just have open hostility. I hope she and her husband can overcome that hatefulness together. It's tough but bearable.

  • I like Tia and Tamera so much and wish them well. It is odd how they are so different and have such different circles of friends. I hope Tamera has made the right decision with her husband. He seemed rather cold and aloof on the programme. I hope he has married her with good intentions and love as far too often we do not get the best white partners but those that we get are often on bad terms with there parents or the rejects from white society. Not being a hater but I really want the best for both girls.

    • Likewaterforchoc

      Kara, yes, you are being a hater. I have read several of your postings regarding black women and interracial romance and they are usually negative, black-male sympathizing and low in regard. You needn't worry black love isn't going anywhere. Can't you tell by the out-of-wedlock pregnancy rate of black women? So, this comment does not surprise me that you would be negative. How many black men have you been with that will wait 3 years for sex? Count em'…I'll wait. If you are a black woman dating black men, the pickings are rather slim, but if you are celibate and dating, they are even slimmer.

      • There are black men who will wait. I have friends who were not virgins, but their black husbands were when they got married.

    • reese

      The same thing with some bw who only date bm they end up with men who aren't the best. The stats for bw in ir relationships on average their mates make more than bmale counterparts and are more educated.

      • ohio_lovejones

        so bw are the best? there's quality and not so good quality everywhere. thats on you if you kept choosing the wrong bm. some marriages last and some dont,so be mindful of your comments. by the way,more educated and more money doesnt make you better mates. since most of your post have bad things to say about bm,maybe your dad and grandfather aren the best either

      • Ok. So why would women like them and like you interject yourselves into other black folks lives? Why not walk away and leave folks alone?

  • Congratulations to both of you!

  • Can

    I really like both of them and the show makes me like them more:)

  • psycho’s woman

    I’m so happy for her and her husband!

  • L-Boogie

    Glad for her and her husband.