Stereotypes of Black Men That Aren’t Always True

October 4, 2011  |  

The funny thing about stereotypes is that there’s a little truth in every ‘I’m just kidding.’ Meaning, we laugh at stereotypes because at the root of them there’s normally a little more truth than we like to admit. For instance, the stereotype that black people love chicken makes us laugh because deep down we know chicken is one of the first things to disappear at the family BBQ. But then there are some stereotypes that are a little overused and while true for some, these stereotypes don’t represent the majority in any way.

Here are a few that I just can’t wrap my head around:

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  • Princess Luna

    No one should be stereotyped for their race. I never subscribed to any of those stereotypes. I was a 90’s kid & I grew up in a diverse area. I saw people of all types from all races(I’m Asian). Plus that guys in the 1st  2 pics are c u t e


  • Jimmy Swaggered

    If at first you don't succeed…

    • Luna

       Don’t try to invade Russia again 

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  • sosdd

    oh my.
    i probably made someone unhappy,oh well..the truth usually does upset people.

  • Guest

    No–and I'm as white as they come… I have several friends who are black and I was offended as hell by it….

  • Reese

    The dl one is the scariest. Always wondering, but I have a lot of gay friends who tell me he is dl. Thank god.

    • Luna

       Yeah always do your research to cover your bases. So no DL plays you like that.

  • Molly D

    I don't think men should be on the down low. Come on out with it. If men desire other men, be with them. It's deceptive to use women as beards. The same goes for women who want other women.

  • Korey

    The stereotype that all black dudes swing like elephants…

    But it's when I tell a black dude… "Uh…. put that away. I don't practice bestiality."

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  • kay

    looooooooooooooool scared me too very disturbing pic

  • numero uno

    I hate being boxed, can I just be myself? Would I be better off being a white me…Chinese…Indian?

    • Jimmy Swaggered

      No, but an Australian-Kenyan version of you would be pretty cool. The accent would be completely original!!! You'd be like a cool african crocodile hunter person!!

      …but whatever you do… don't be yourself!!!

    • Jim Swag LIVES!

      I feel you!

    • numero uno

      Whoever is disliking my statuses , and lets be real. I KNOW WHO. I've been reading and commenting on this blog for over a year. What I write is merely life experience, if you in any way feel disrespected or think trying to be excessively rude YOU SHOULDNT! The thing about stereotypes is that I've done so myself. I was raised understanding people are who they are, people do what they do, and act upon things as they will. I know my boundaries, I try to see as much good in people as possible.

  • Sensible Sista

    I think Black men do feel emasculated by a woman who makes more $$ than him… but hey that's his problem and it's a personal issues. I will never stop my sucess for a dude's feelings. I would never throw it up in his face either, but I would never hide my shine ever because there is no shame in earned success and wealth.

    • Big Mike

      Both of your posts are pure BS.

  • Sensible Sista

    I'm sorry but Black men still see white women as the epitome of success…. they will choose a fat sloppy white ho over a beautiful smart sista with all her ducks in a row… I've seen it happen and it's disgusting !!!! To those brothers that do this I say stay with those tricks , the race is better without you !


  • Brodie

    Or Rap. They are basketball, drug dealing, rappers living in the hood. Obviously this doesn't apply to Rick Ross, T-Pain, Lil Wayne (pants too tight), or Kid Cudi-his head is too big.

  • The Voice of Reason

    The white women one is true

  • I hate to hear because he comes from the "hood" he is dumb and uneducated. This is a very wrong and a very untrue assumption as many men who live or come from the "hood" are educated but they just carry book smarts along with street smarts. Never assume unless you know someone's story.

    • Luna

      You said it!

  • Princess Grace

    they need to add one more, that black men are not interested in education. There a lot of young men going to college and focusing on their futures

  • whowantstoknow

    This is really random but J Cole debuted at number 1 on the billboard, which makes him the first rapper with a DEGREE to do this. Did you know he was raised by a WHITE mother and his aunts. HEHE JUST CAUSING TROUBLE.LOL

    • Big Mike

      Good for J-Cole. Too bad his music sucks ass.

      • Brodie

        Yeah but he is nice to look at. H8R!

    • elecktriclady

      he was raised by a WHITE mother and aunts, but was left by his BLACK father….same equation as most blacks. speaks volumes about the lack of morality, maturity, and accountability of black men than says anything about black women. HEHE just causing trouble (NOT!)

    • Mob boss

       And Obama is the 1st black president but he had a black father & white mother. I think he was raised by his black grandparents after his white mother passed away. I’m not sure.

  • seek2027

    I like this article soe true

  • L-Boogie

    Another one to add to the list: Black men are irresponsible. So not true! I have too many positive male role models.

  • JustSayin

    Thank you Native for this piece. There is just too much bashing of Black men on this site & I say that from the perspective of a woman.

  • Brodie

    There is a lot diversity in black men so acting like these men don't exist among them isn't being honest. He could be a reformed dog or a former DL who came out the closet or had a past infinity for white flesh. So there is room for black men to transition from stereotype to stand up guy. I used to be a fat, angry black woman with a weave. Now I'm slim with a HUGE fro and pretty chill. It happens.

    • OSHH

      Thank you… it is equally dangerous to act as if these things do not exist..the DL thing in particular isn't necessarily sensationist bs at all, shame on you author, but a scary reality women must acknowledge and be aware of out here.
      It's not men that are being toyed with, used, and deceived in this cruel selfish and trife manner, it is women.

      • OSHH

        Think it's a game or some ol make believe boogey man bs, if you want!
        It's life and death out here

      • Brian K

        Black men are on the DL and evil, but white men are in the closet and need help and understanding. I wonder how this double standard developed. Women, of all races, love to label people gay because they love the idea of a gay male friend. Its kinda insulting to gay people as well.

        • OSHH

          Poeple need to be honest with themselves and people they involve themselves with sexually.
          Its about protecting the hearts, minds, and health of unsuspecting women period,
          Also what do women who are befreinded by openly gay men have to do with anything?!?!

        • Reese

          No white men are generally out. I have met them or seen them online profiles and they say they are bisexuals. The black men most of the time don't they hide it and have to seperate profiles.

  • guest

    how about this one. all black men are prone to violence as the solution to all of our problems…….

  • homie

    What about black men having the biggest u know what???
    I've never believed that, even though I 've never went outside of my race.
    Sometimes I do wish I had the mind of a man— would be much smarter.
    I like the fact that men are simple creatures– sex and meals and their happy.

  • Msknowitall

    I see the authors' point about gross generalizations but i can tell he obviously does not live in Atl! I'm a healthcare provider, believe me the DL issue is real down here specifically in the African American community ( not the same for Caribbean or African communities)

    • OSHH

      Matter fact it's irresponsible for a man to try tell a women this danger doesn't exist, or is just blown out of proportion when the fact is, there are more people living this lfietstyle than the average woman would believe or care to know.

  • Brothers and Sisters date outside of their race for different reasons. My current guy is white, and he is NO better than a brother. He's just different. He's got his issues too. Granted they're different issues, but nonetheless they still need to be dealt with.

  • shan

    I feel that black men go for white women for completely diff reasons than black woman go for white men. From personal experience, being a dark skin woman, most black men won’t even look my way. Don’t get me wrong, they are not all like this. But a black man in many cases will hop over five beautiful black women just to get to the white woman at the end of the line. This is why i don’t blame black women for wanting to get their swirl on, black men just don’t appreciate black women anymore and why would a black woman or any woman want to keep getting rejected and ignored. So for people who say that we don’t give black men a chance are completely wrong. We’re just fed up.

  • shan

    I feel that black men go for white women for completely diff reasons than black woman go for white men. From personal experience, being a dark skin woman, most black men won’t even look my way. Don’t get me wrong, they are not all like this. But a black man in many cases will hop over five beautiful black women just to get to the white woman. This is why i don’t blame black women for wanting to get their swirl on, black men just don’t appreciate black woman anymore and why would a black woman or any woman wanted to keep getting rejected? So for people who say that we don’t give black men a chance are completely wrong. We’re just fed up.

    • Brian K

      You feel but you are wrong in most cases. I understand that as a dark skin woman you get little love from brothers so do you with the white guys. But some brothers get shunned by black women too because of the way they act, dress, look as well so they go for white chicks. Why is there this double standard? Saying your fed up is stupid because some black men can say that as well but that gets us no where. We are the only people who get so fed up with each other we think it is an explanation to date out, and you are no different from the stupid brothers who say they are fed up of black women.

      • Guest

        Getting rejected b/c of the way you act and dress is appropriate…what r u supposed to be rejected on. Also most people are rejected for their looks….you have to have attraction. But what I see is that a black man will think that a dark bw is cute, fit attractive etc and STILL reject her b/c of her coloring. I mean really. I don;t prefer the looks of most bm, but if I were to meet one that I was attracted to and he met the other qualifications for a spouse I would not reject that person b/c he is black/light/dark. Thats stupid. I don't care if bm find me attractive b/c I never dated bm….not my cup of tea. But I don't understand rejecting someone you think fits the bill b/c of their skin color……

        • Brian K

          Do you honestly believe that there are a majority of black men who find dark skinned women really cute but reject them JUST because they are dark? I think the issue is that because of images in the media etc we don't find dark women as cute as we should. And its not just skin tone but facial features/hair as well.

          I find it funny you describe an entire race of men as 'not your cup of tea' which is why you have never dated them, but you have a problem with someone picking a date on the basis of skin tone. So its cool for you to make choices on the basis of race as to who you date but it is stupid for others to make choices on the basis of colour? Both sound stupid to me.

      • Brian K

        Shan I understand what you are saying, but you can't hold the double standard that black men date white women for different reasons than black women date white women. You don't know what goes into the minds of people who date interracially, and sometimes it isn't a rejection of you but just love. Yes WE do discriminate against EACH OTHER, but it is something black men and women do. But keep your head up my sister, stay proud and stay black.

      • Reese

        If black men aren't approaching her because of her complexion than who should she date? It is different than liking the way someone dresses because bw are rejected on that too. The truth is that most bw don't care about swag or whatever. Sisters date who you want I don't think bm will ever get it so stop trying to convince them.

    • kyss

      Amen my sistah!

    • Cornell

      I don’t agree with “most black men will hop over five black women just to get to the white women” That makes no sense. Black women are so quick to blame everyone else with out looking at there flaws. Its always that white she devil that’s stealing good black men. One if your a strong women no one can take your man away from you. Speaking as a black man the problem is finding a good black women that acts like a lady. They boast how they strong black women and are lady like. But the truth is to many of them are ready to fight first and ask questions later. Lets look at facts. 70% of white women are married. 56% of Hispanics are married. But only 20% of black women are married! Don get me wrong there some great black women out there but you really have to look. To many have kids by different baby daddies who don’t even take care of there kids! You date a man who has no job, no house, no car, and is in and out of jail. Then when he leaves you for another hood rat you call him a dog?! lol

    • Damon Craven

      Fed up with what, sweetheart? You say that most brothas don’t look your way, well how did you act when a brotha DID look your way. And about black men hopping over black women to get to a white woman and black women constantly getting rejected, what kind of energy are y’all putting out and what kind of message are y’all sending to him. Now if black women want to get their swirl on that’s their business but if the sole purpose of you doing so is because black men don’t appreciate black women anymore, then that’s saying more about YOU than it does about black men.

  • detdoll313

    so what longitudinal study has been done to offset theses so called stereotypes? becasue the fact is black men are guilty of all this behavior whether you want to believe it or not. the issue of the white women is one with so many layers to explain it really is the one worth the study.

  • Candy

    I have to agree that all of these are blown out of proportion. But there's the 'all black men have at least two baby momma's.' stereotype. I know a lot of men (all races) do, but some men do there best to avoid that one. My mother would have slapped the fire out of my brothers if they had a baby before marriage.

    That dog picture was just wrong…please don't do that.

  • thatonegirl

    Dead athe dog/man morphing pic my heart stopped for like 2 seconds.

  • JustAshley

    Just like the "all black women are angry" stereotype, I've heard the same about dark skin black men. Wrong on both counts.

    • Cornell

      Sorry but I don’t see a lot of load angry dark skin black men. Honestly the ones that are loud ghetto, and act like men with breast are black women. Just go to youtube and look up fights. 9 out of 10 the person causing the fight is a dark skin black women.

  • Silky

    That black men will sleep with ''ho''s but will wife up a good chick. NOPE hun, he will wife the ho too.

    • Big Mike

      Unless there is some 'time machine' that let's you see a woman's past. a guy doen't know if that woman is a ho or not.

      Since there really is no way of knowing, men marry based on compatability and comfort. They DON"T marry based on your degree, your money, none of that. That's why you'll often see men with degrees with women without one.

      • SayCheese

        I will agree with the not knowing if someone was a hoe before hand.