Health Issues You Should Be Able To Talk To Your Partner About

January 10, 2017  |  
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When you’re happy and in love, it can feel like you’ll live forever—like you’re invincible! While love can make you emotionally and mentally stronger (and even physically stronger! Since there is some evidence that being in love can reduce blood pressure and have other positive effects on your body, love cannot rid you of genetic disorders, chronic conditions, or contracted infections. And if you plan on spending your life with someone, possibly having children with them, and having sex with somebody, there are some health conditions you need to be able to discuss with them. Ideally, you spend your life with someone who you’re comfortable talking to about anything. Here are health conditions you should be able to talk about with your partner.

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Most sexually active people today have human papillomavirus so unless your partner was a virgin before meeting you, he shouldn’t judge you if you need to tell him you have it. From there, you should discuss what strain you have and what risks that carries for him.




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Herpes affects one out of six of people between the ages of 14 and 49 and is easily contracted even if protection is used, so this is another condition for which a partner shouldn’t judge you. You should, as a couple, be able to talk about ways to prevent one of you from spreading it to the other.




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If you suffer from anxiety, trying to hide your symptoms from your partner can often just heighten them. Also, you should be able to tell your partner what triggers your anxiety, so he can help you avoid your triggers and create a home environment that is calming for you.





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An astounding number of people of all ages and from all walks of life struggle with depression at some point in their lives, so if you suffer from it, you are not alone, and you are not an anomaly. Having a close, loving relationship with someone who knows everything about you—including the fact that you deal with depression—can actually help alleviate some of your depression.





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If you suffer from either of these illnesses, not only does your partner need to know because of the debilitating symptoms they create, but also because they can be passed down onto your children.








Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS symptoms may not be as severe as those of Chrons or Colitis, but they will affect your quality of life, and at some point spill over into your life with your partner.










Even if you are a recovered addict, remaining one will greatly depend on you telling your partner about your past. Simply the fear or anxiety surrounding hiding that fact could cause you to fall off of the wagon, and it doesn’t put your partner in a position to help you.





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Anything hereditary

If you know a certain condition runs in your family, you owe it to your partner to tell him this before you try to conceive children. You can always discuss options like testing to see if you are a carrier, and looking into alternative methods of having a child.






If you suffer from insomnia, it’s important that your partner understands the extent to which it affects your life. Insomnia can lead to heightened feelings of depression and anxiety, and cause other health issues, so your partner should take it seriously and help create a relaxing sleep environment for you.






The Worst Ways To Lose Weight

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Disordered eating

Having to hide your eating disorder can only make matters worse. And, since eating disorders are rarely about the need to be thin and rather about suppressing or trying to control another issue, it’s important you talk to your partner about your disorder so he can help you work through your triggers.





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Breast cancer

If breast cancer runs in your family, this is something you must talk to your partner about for the very practical reason that he probably feels your breasts on a regular basis. Your partner could be a crucial part of determining if you have any growths.






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Congenital heart defects

If you live with a congenital heart defect and you and your partner would like to have children, you should talk to your partner and your doctor about your condition. Some congenital heart defects are so severe that becoming pregnant is unsafe for a fetus.

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Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

If you have been diagnosed with PMDD, a condition that causes severe depression and irritability in women before their periods, you must tell your partner about this so he doesn’t take your heightened agitated state personally and can try to help alleviate your symptoms.







Okay so having twins or being part of a set of twins is not a health issue, but it is something to discuss with your partner! If you’ve noticed twins showing up more in some families than others, that’s because there is a gene that can make a woman more likely to conceive twins. Your partner should know if you carry that, and consider if he’s up for having two kids at once.





What You Need to Know About Dating Someone With Bipolar


Bipolar disorder

It’s very important that people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder tell their partners about this. Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of, and your partner deserves to know what causes your mood episodes so he can help and also not blame himself.

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