Gassy Much? Here’s Why

January 5, 2017  |  
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Nobody wants to be gassy! It can ruin a first date—or any date for that matter—and take sex entirely off of the table. Being gassy can make you uncomfortable in certain clothes, particularly any that press on your overly active tummy, it can make eating uncomfortable because it puts your entire intestinal tract into overdrive, can cause you to sleep in separate bedrooms from your spouse, just to spare them the horrors, and it can be downright embarrassing. Most people who are gassy just live with the problem and believe you’re either a gassy person or you’re not, but that’s simply not true. There is probably something you are doing (or eating) that is turning you into a human wind instrument, and if you identify them, you can fix it. Here are some possible reasons you’re so gassy.

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You’re on the kale kick

Just because kale seems to be in five dishes on every menu that calls itself healthy doesn’t mean you should be consuming five heads of the stuff every day. Cruciferous veggies like kale can produce a lot of gas, but most people don’t realize kale is a cruciferous veggie.





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You dive into fiber

If you have struggled with constipation and you’d like to fix it by incorporating more fiber into your diet, you have to do it slowly. Your body needs time to learn how to properly digest a lot of fiber, so you can’t just start adding four spoons of some fiber powder to every glass of water.



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You don’t know you’re lactose intolerant

Many people think that so long as they don’t vomit or have diarrhea after consuming lactose, then they must handle the ingredient pretty well. But a mild intolerance to lactose can manifest itself in a lot of gas. Pay attention and see if your gas shows up after you eat lactose.





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Carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages contain gas that ends up in your body, and needs to come out one way or another. Just because you stick to zero-calorie sparkling water doesn’t mean you won’t experience some side effects.






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You need probiotics

If your body doesn’t have enough good bacteria to break down and help you digest certain foods, you could end up being gassy, even if you don’t eat anything to which you’re sensitive.







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You suppress burps

If you swallow your burps for fear of embarrassment, they’re just going to find their way out of you in a more embarrassing way later.







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You drink at meals

Some nutritionists suggest that you should keep liquids at least a half hour away from any meals because having food and beverages at the same time can disrupt the digestive process and result in gas.





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You’ve cut out meat

It’s not the removal of meat that causes gas, but it’s substitute: tofu. If you’ve started eating all soy fake meat products because you miss chicken nuggets, don’t forget that soy is a bean. And beans create gas.






You’re on a new sleep schedule

To put it simply, regular sleep leads to regular, well, everything. Disrupting your regular sleep schedule can mess things up internally, and lead to gas.





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Some people struggle to digest sugar, and we often forget that there is sugar in alcohol—particularly wine. In fact, considering that some anti-gas diets recommend quitting grapes and raisins, it’s easy to see how drinking a lot of wine could cause flatulence.


You’re worried

People who are under stress tend to swallow more (so the cartoon “Gulp” sound is actually rather realistic). Swallowing drives extra air into the digestive tract, which needs to one way or the other. Sometimes, it’s the other.





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You’re a gum addict

When you chew gum, you swallow a lot of extra air which we’ve already learned results in gas.









You’re throwing dietary caution to the wind

You’ve spent too many years dieting and now you’re going to have bacon and French fries every day. But watch out; your body doesn’t quite know how to break down fatty foods and when it gives it a shot, it’s going to result in some gas.





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Not all carbs will cause gas, but those that are made from wheat or oat flour boost the production of hydrogen in your body, and hydrogen is a gas.







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You’re a runner

The process of running is actually rather shocking on your body and, as it turns out, can make you pretty gassy! That’s a little fact that regular joggers know about.



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