You Probably Didn’t Know That: 10 Signs You Are Dating A Narcissist

January 3, 2017  |  
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Relationships can be confusing, especially when you are dealing with a man or woman who may be emotionally unavailable. You may notice that your man doesn’t call as much – so you blame it on him being busy. You notice that he is always late for things – so you blame it on him working so late that the exhaust bug got him. What you probably don’t know is that the charmer who once called a lot to see how you were feeling or the man who used to be on time – all the time – was fooling you. Take a peek at these 10 Signs That You May Be Dating A Narcissist. Save yourself the heartache.

Super Self-Absorbed

Okay, we are in the era of selfies – however, a man who thinks of himself only may exhibit signs of narcissism. There is no problem with self-love, however, when your mate only sees themselves in the mirror in all aspects of their life – you may have a problem on your hands.

Very Secretive

We all have secrets we don’t want to share. Maybe we hail from a dark past or don’t want to scare our partner away with our issues. However, if your mate is tight-lipped about just about everything – they may have some really fragile skeletons in their closet.

Face Tells A Different Story

They say a picture is worth a million words. Look at your partner in the eye – what story can you see? If your partner is truly hard to read – it may be time to back off a bit.

Hmmm…No Clear Family History

So you never met his mother or his father. He notes that his brother is a bit off. For some reason, it is difficult to connect with anyone in his circle. Sure he could be hiding you, however, there could be some real drama that you may or may not be privy to. A true narcissist keeps people divided so you can never put together their pieces.


Changes Jobs Frequently

Is job stability an issue in your partner’s life? A narcissist usually has trouble with accountability and often struggles with responsibility. Don’t be surprised if they are often out of work or switching careers. A

A Serial Womanizer

A man that has a sketchy dating history or lacks one thereof should really alarm you. Grown men who have difficulties holding down a relationship simply may be unable to. The harder you love them, the more emotional chaos they cause. Narcissistic people get bored easily. You may be next.

Secretive With The Phone

Simply put – a person who hides his mobile device or cuts it off when you are around may be hiding some juicy news via texts or interesting images – if you know what we mean. A relationship that is open and free is built on of trust. Remember that!

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Very Charming In The Beginning

Well look at that…the narcissist shows up with flowers and cards just when you need them. A true narcissist is super charming in the beginning, but once they get comfortable, they start the devaluation stage – which usually leads to a rapid breakup when the union gets too mundane for their taste – or at least they will stop with all of the relationship perks.


Emotionally Detached and Hates Conflict

The one thing about a narcissist is that they hate conflict – more or less because they hate to be exposed. A narcissist usually have boiling hot temperatures under their cool and collective personalities, so be very careful when drilling up drama.


Simply Unreliable

Making plans with a narcissist is like pulling teeth. A true trait includes a person who doesn’t value your time, feelings or expectations. They just can’t see how important date night is to you or the importance of quality time. Simply, they are not built for things that require a real commitment.

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