Online Dating 101: 10 Things You Need To Know

December 22, 2016  |  
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Dating in 2017 should be smooth, especially if you want to get offline and hit the online terrains. If you plan to jump in the dating ocean, you have to be mindful of the type of fish looking around for bait. Online you will find the mild-mannered, but you will also find a bevy of sharks. Before investing in a digital romance – follow these 10 online dating tips!


Look Beyond The Profile Picture

Just because your ‘new potential’ has a great smile or he has a fly pic from a vacation spot, doesn’t mean the man behind the mirror doesn’t come with a host of issues. Initially, we gravitate towards someone because of their looks – but we have to keep on digging to see what’s behind the glaring eyes. Also, be sure that the photo isn’t a decade old. Trust us – they try it.

Don’t Give Up Private Information Too Soon

We make strike up a bit of chemistry with someone we meet online. In fact, their laughter and a strong sense of self may have us giving up pertinent information too soon. Before you overshare info such as where you live and work, or hot spots you frequently hit up – be mindful that the person on the other line could truly be a stalker with an abusive past.


Write A Brief, Yet Clear Profile Statement

When filling out your profile statement, keep it short and sweet. You should stress your field of work – so you meet the like-minded, dating intentions and region where you reside. However, you shouldn’t list your actual neighborhood, or job location, including salary and social media information. Any person whose intentions are not good will try to do extensive research on you, so you want to tread carefully.


Do Not Give Up Your Phone Number Immediately or Address

This statement is pretty self-explanatory. You shouldn’t allow anyone into your home or you shouldn’t visit anyone until you have a clear picture of their character and intentions. Many online sites allow you to communicate directly via their platform for safety reasons. Take advantage of the benefit. Besides, if you no longer like the person that you have been communicating with – them not having direct contact with you will make the departure super clean and easy.

Be Honest About Who You Are And What You Want

If you are looking for a long-term relationship or the road to marriage say it. The last thing you want to do is connect with a person who notes they are only looking for a sexual escapade with no commitment.


Definitely, Read Between The Lines

If your online mate notes that he is between jobs or is staying with a friend for a while because his house caught on fire – that should raise some serious red flags. If he notes he used to be married, but all of his images have a wedding band on – you may be chatting with an online pathological liar. Just remember, behind the screen, people can be anyone they want to be. Don’t get caught up.

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Don’t Fall In Love Fast

You may have met the man who says all the wonderful things that your ex didn’t. However, just because he texts 6 times a day and responds to all of your online messages doesn’t mean that he is a dream come true. If you’ve met in person and he is just as sweet, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep an eye out. Time is the master. Let time and experience tell your story. Slow down on love.


Ask About His Online Dating Experiences

How long has he been online seeking the ideal partner? Has it been a month, a year or a few years? If your pal hasn’t been able to get the engines running after a host of dates, he may be on the dating scene for the fun of it – and not to really have a budding romance.

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Check His Log In and Last Time Out History

Another thing to look into is his online activity. One most sites, you can tell when was the last time a person logged on or off. If you and your ‘friend’ are deciding on the exclusive route – you want to make sure that you both agree to delete your profiles as a sign of seriousness. If he’s still fishing around – he’s not sold on you.

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See If He May Have Profiles In Other Places And Compare

This may be a stretch, but some men have multiple profiles with multiple stories. Check around popular sites and search the location where your online partner resides. If you see him elsewhere with a different bio – get out fast!



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