Celebs Who Look Better Natural

October 3, 2011  |  
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Before the relaxed chicks start pouting and whipping their hair and the naturalista mafia starts throwing up Black Power fists please know that this post is not about celebrating natural at the expense of our relaxed friends. If your hair is healthy and it looks good then it looks good- I don’t care whether you put chemicals in it or not. Honestly there are some celebs who look better with a weave or a relaxer…no names. So with that said, here are the celebrities I just happen to want to see kinky rather than straight.

Tiffany Pollard

Maybe it’s not so much the hair as it is the understated appearance. Every time I see “New York” I always think she’s doing the absolute most… and not in a good way. Half the time we can’t even see her eyes because of all the gunk she has caked up around them. But I can get with this less is more, natural look.

Kim Fields

If you’re a fan of “Living Single”, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be, then you know that Kim Fields’ character “Regine” stayed with a wig. While it certainly helped for character development, in real life Kim was trying to protect her hair. (Smart) We hadn’t seen Kim in a minute so some of us were a little shocked to see her golden locs when she resurfaced on the scene.

Jill Scott
Jilly from Philly is absolutely gorgeous. Whether relaxed or natural she’ll look stunning. But maybe I just don’t like change because I just can’t get with Jill’s short cut… even though I realize it’s cute and flattering to her face. She addressed the transition during an interview with Afrobella, saying she’s been natural for years  and there’s nothing wrong with switching it up. True story.

Lauryn Hill

It’s a rare occasion when we see Ms. Hill with a straight wig on. Even though a majority of her natural styles aren’t necessarily hers either, she’s obviously playing to her brand and her beauty with the kinky, coily look.

 Kim Coles 

Really we could argue that Kim Coles has been natural all along. She’s rocked the micro braids for over a decade. Which is why the reveal of her natural hair garnered so much attention. I am glad she stayed in the same color family when she unleashed her tresses. That color truly works for her.


Solange was actually surprised when the reveal of her new hair look was trending on Twitter more than the Iran elections. SMH. It’s not surprising, just sad. We’re so backwards over here in the U.S. After the dust settled Solange went on Oprah saying that the maintenance of her straight hair and weaves got to be too much for her. She began to feel imprisoned by it. I absolutely adored the short cut but her afro wigs are pretty fierce too. Does anyone, besides Bow Wow, prefer Solange with the super straight look?

Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele is another songtress beauty, who’ll look good regardless. With her captivating eyes and the staple eyelashes, it was only natural that someone would eventually realize she didn’t need all of that hair in her face.

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  • Ronnie

    Tiffany “New York” Pollard looks like Janice from the Muppets in the picture where she’s not natural. The Muppet with blond hair and thick lashes. That character says man and like a lot . . .

  • Junie

    It’s not that they look better Natural; their sraight hairstyles look fake and tacky. Most weaves & wig styles that Natural & Relaxed hair women wear don’t look right.

  • PolkaDots

    I totally agree with this list…Lauren Hill? She looks great in ANYTHING and I could go on and on…Nope – definitely DON’T agree with this list.

  • DisplacedCityGirl

    This article is fine, but women who are trying to push a certain hair theory on others is so annoying. Women with weaves talk about, women who chose to be natural. Girls with their own relaxed hair, talk about the women with weaves. Women with their own unrelaxed hair, talk about the women with weaves and relaxers. And, even among natural girls, there are discussions about what is “truly” natural. For example, “if you dye your hair blonde – the one and only hair color that is solely found in white people – how are you really celebrating your blackness?” It is all so tiring. Folks should do what they want. Other folks should mind their own business. Besides, some wigs, weaves are worn due to hair loss that can be caused by lupus, thyroid disease, aging, etc.

  • GlideGirl

    This is a loaded topic because it carries deep racial and self-esteem implications.

    I’m natural but I have curls that I can just wash-n-go to achieve my desired curl pattern. I can only hope to continue seeing more of us gain wisdom about the beautiful styles that we can have with and benefits of natural hair thanks to YouTube’s natural warriors.

    But as a natural only since 2009, I understand the challenges. For instance, shrinkage of 5-7″ is tough for some. Some natural textures require less work than others. Not to mention family, spousal, peer, regional and workplace
    cultural issues.

    I personally wish we were all rockin’ natural styles instead of relaxers and straight weaves. I love seeing more natural women (including non-black naturals) in the media like Solange Knowles. But I also feel that if the relaxer style looks good on you, it’s pretty also.

    What I don’t like is seeing what looks like clowns in costumes — a look so extremely opposite to our tones and bone structures that self-hatred is written all over it. A well-groomed natural or relaxer/weave/wig looks good. It’s all about balance and I’m happy to see the scales balancing out.

  • Jade Edwards

    yeah kim coles looks better in the first one. I could agree with the rest

  • EON

    Ny actually does look pretty natural…. it calms her down a bit… the weave than extravagant makeup just add to her over the top tendencies… she looks chill

  • thatchicTuesday

    ERYKAH BADU is missing from this list!!! JILL SCOTT is beautiful and makes any style look good! POW! CHRISETTE MICHELE is also beautiful, but I’m on the fence about her natural look, mostly because the blonde high-top fade she’s rocking nowadays does not suit her. Maybe that’s why MN didn’t use a more recent pic for her. HMMM. lol 😉 Finally, this post should have a voting poll! =D

  • linda m.

    I thought “natural” meant “your own hair”. but some of these women are wearing natural style wigs and clip-ons. i am an African woman and we (in africa) have long natural hair, in fact, it is but normal to leave your hair grow. so, why the excitement over a woman having hair? it’s like “african-american women” are bald. i don’t get it.

    • Junie

      Only in the US. It seems like a little over 5yrs ago U.S. Blacks discovered what blacks in Africa, Caribbean Islands and other places around the world have known all their lives: “Natural Hair is something to be proud of, really nice and can be worn & styled.” The rest of the world is still shocked.

  • Camryn

    Funny, when they showed Ms. Patterson, I thought they were going to compare her breasts before and after… she looks better with natural breasts and hair… too bad she messed up her perfect body with those godawful implants…

  • Naturallady3

    They look good both ways. I’m natural. I like the diversity of black women hair.

    • Junie

      Exactly! They are setting their own standard of beauty for black women based on rebellious attitude against a European standard of Beauty. Not realizing that black women come in different shades & hair texture that carries European DNA & traits. Some women have straight hair others have curly non-kinky hair

  • Guest

    WOW!!!! Tiffany needs to stay natural!!! My girl Jill can rock ANY style!

  • Candacey Doris

    Everyone of these women look beautiful but i prefer the natural look. Especially for New York. If she would wipe off half of that makeup and go natural again i think she would be so much more appealing.

  • tt

    i’m glad so many women are embracing their natural selves instead of being caught up in other people’s hair. i’ve NEVER seen a black woman who looked bad in her own natural textured hair. NEVER!

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    natural is beautiful but black women are the only ones that can go with out….and not ever have a problem…but SOLANGE IS SO COOL not living under that SHADOW…good for you 

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  • Suemitch65

    OMGosh New York looks so pretty….

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  • Smp520

    Tiffany should always go natural!

  • BS

    they ALL look better in their first pic

  • asd

    wtf. they are all with makeup.i dont see anything natural here

  • me assustei com algumas, ñ achei bakna

  • tem umas akiq tavam melhores antes!

  • Keel Whitey

    New York and her mom look like the runners up from RuPaul's Drag Race.

  • MissBEL

    I miss Lauryn Hill =[ I think Jill Scott & Chrisette both look gorgeous w/ and w/o the weave. Interesting list overall =]

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  • cheryl

    These people are all wearing make-up, so they are not natural! I had trouble figuring out which photo was supposed to be which! You need to get a clue. Besides learning the definition of natural it looks like you also need to learn the definition of celebrity because most of the people pictured are not celebrities! New York? Give me a break? Solange? NOT! Maybe 10 years ago, but not now. Same goes for Kim Fields, except she was a celebrity about 30 years ago.

  • Soldier

    If you are good looking, you should look good in ANY hair style.

  • How about a follow-up with some product on managing those natural looks?

  • I agreed with all except maybe the last three. Chrisette probably would have done better with her look had she toned down the makeup some.

  • Any

    Check out this website for natural hairstyles http://www.blackwomennaturalhairstyles.com

  • Really?!?

    I'm sorry I agree that Chrisette Michele is a beautiful woman but she looks like a damn fool natural. Maybe it's just those ridiculous eyelashes… Also, I can't believe that is really Jill Scott w/ the short cut. If so that's an amazing transformation Jill has never looked that good in her life.

  • Hello There!
    Thank you for this post and I wanted to give you a more updated view of how my hair looks now.
    see how far I have come: http://youtu.be/wNWMiKP4_08

    I simply made a decision to look in the mirror and embrace my OWN hair texture as is grows from my head. It is a deeply personal choice even if you are a public person.
    Be Well
    and woowoowoo!

    • Kam

      Hey Kim, not only do I love your hair in that pic, I love your earrings!!!

    • tt

      kim, your hair looks wonderful! again, i’ve never met a black woman who looked bad wearing their own natural textured hair. NEVER!!!

    • GlideGirl

      You look fabulous, and being a public person, your reach is greater. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • I'm thinking of going natural and have been doing a quick weave for 4 months now… so thanks for this article. I really want to see what my hair looks and feels like IN REAL LIFE. Without a perm…:-)

  • Not to mention that Lauryn looked an absolute FOOL with that mushroom wig on. I mean.., mushroom? For real??? i love Illy Jilly either way, so of course natural is like home for her to us. But that short cut is FYE! Either way though, LOVE!

  • SexiQueen

    There are sooooo many beautiful women of color who have bought into someone else's idea/view of what beauty is. When I was younger I wanted long straight hair. Didn't work for me. I have been totally natural for almost 2 years now. I wear my hair in a "buzz" cut and I LOVE IT!! I get a professional trim and line every two weeks from the same stylist who has helped maintain my hair/scalp for the past 13 years. Do what's best for YOU not what SOMEONE ELSE thinks is . Too often we women fall prey to " Girrrll….."

  • SexiQueen

    I respectfully disagree, natural is not for ALL "black sisters". Healthy, well groomed hair and scalp is what makes a Sister, no matter her color, look better and younger. Straight, kinky, relaxed or not…Healthy is beautiful!

    • Nyomi

      I agree. I think New York looks better with the weave.

  • Linda

    Minam, If you live another 200 years, you will not see Beyonce natural.

  • minam

    Lovely article with a strong and vibrant message but what about beyounce think we’d all love to see her natural

  • Wonderful article but why was the writer so defensive. She really did not want to be mistaken for being a Black conscientious person. She did not want to seem militant as if it was a fault. Most people would have taken the artical at face value anyway. Just be you. No apology needed. Be truthful and let the chips fall where they may.

  • "New York" looks amazing as a natural! If she toned it down a bit (make up and clothes) while wearing the weaves, she would probably look amazing still! Jill Scott is just beautiful, even if she put a bowl on her head, Same for Lauryn Hill! And Chrisette Michelle is just stunning!! She's a Betty!

  • Say What Na?

    I think out of all them, the ones that look the best natural are Lauryn Hill(I just loved when she had her dreads, so pretty), Jill Scott, and Chrisette Michelle. Solange has a long face and that afro wig/weave doesn't look right on her. I personally think she looks better with the long hair. I don't like Kim Cole's hair either.

  • JustSaying

    How about A. Keys…she's gorgeous with both natural and relaxed hair but I really loved these cornrows. She started a trend at my school back in the days 🙂

    • GlideGirl

      Me too! And it made her look ethnic. I miss that look.

  • Weezie

    I feel ashamed and embarrassed for some sisters who wear obviously cheap and fake-looking weaves, wigs and extensions on their heads. If only some of the knew how ridiculous they looked.

    • we can't all be celebrities and spend exorbitant amounts of money on a super nice wig.

    • yes but at the end of the day it’s about taking care of your hair no matter how you wear it.. and if you don’t know how to do that then research research research… I’ve seen some natural head girls that look like they just got out of bed and went out…dry dry and just neglected… as a natural hair’d women i put a lot of work into my hair as much as i did when i relaxed it. And when i’m at lost for how to do something of what products work best for what i research…

    • GlideGirl


  • SoTrue

    SMH Solange complained that "the maintenance of her straight hair and weaves got to be too much for her"… TRY BEING A NORMAL GIRL WITHOUT ££££££££ / $$$$$$$$$'S LIKE YOU!! LOL

  • manybellsdown

    I'd love to see Michele Obama natural. I do not like her relaxed hair.

    • Guest

      She's a straight natural.

    • Nichelle

      There are old photos of Michelle Obama from the 90s looking great in natural hair. Think she changed it to have more of the political wife look.

    • gwnwomn

      I wear my hair both ways, natural and blown straight and I really don’t like it when women (only women, never men) make a big deal out of it when I wear it natural like I’ve done something that took some effort. I like Michelle’s hair straight. Lauren Hill looks great natural, Michelle probably would not. Anyway, Michelle represents her Black pride by being educated, classy, well-spoken, and a by being a respected mother and wife, she does not need to wear an afro to prove that. Lauren may represent her pride by wearing natural hair styles and having multiple out of wedlock babies, having an affair with a married man and being uneducated, and financially irresponsible. I guess if you have nothing else to work with, wear an afro and people think you have Black pride.

  • Molly

    Not everyone looks better natural, in my opinion. The ones that look the best seem to have both an Afrocentric AND European vibe. Example, Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill. Even Tiffany Pollard looks good natural! HOWEVER, Solange looks crazy with the afro and TWA. To me, she looks better with the straight hair (weave or not). And, if Chrisette Michele was really comfortable with her short afro, then she would stop with the extreme eyelashes. I mean, the shorter her hair, the longer her lashes. When will it stop?

    • Evelyn

      THANK YOUUU I think Solange looks CRAZY As hell with a afro probably the short afro but the big no mas…and the straight hair accents her features. Natural is not for everybody and who better than lauryn . jill. and kim fields to represent. I still love jills new do tho. very classy and soo supreme era beautiful.

      • GlideGirl

        Natural is for everybody because it grows from our scalp that way. But maybe different style choices would be more complimentary.

  • Come On People

    They look good natural because it is natural *shrug*

  • Sensible Sista

    I am so glad I went natural…. I love my hair so much more now !!!!! These women are all gorgeous and wonderful examples of how natural hair is beautiful !!!!!

    • GlideGirl

      I love my natural hair also and wish that it was natural since childhood.

      On Facebook, I see my friends’ daughters with natural hair and it’s long-long-long and beautiful. One even has her own YouTube channel for natural hair. Imagine that. A young black girl who embraces her natural hair so much that she can advise others 🙂

  • Ron

    set up the poll let us vote

  • Fee

    Solange needs to start an afro wig line! I lover her fro wigs! She has def stepped out of her big sis's shadow into her own fierceness!

    • I would love to be her first customer!!

      • Ziah

        those are not wigs. That is her hair. you all can have that, it's growing from your scalp

        • it wouldn’t look like that on everyone… come one don’t lie to these ladies

        • Ash

          No, not all of that is her hair. She wears afro pieces and wigs all the time.

        • MzMaryPie2U

          Actually she has admitted she wears afro wigs at times

  • NayNay

    I love Chrisette Michele!!

  • keepinitreal

    lauren is beautiful… all the rest, someone lied to them.

    • Likewaterforchoc

      You're an idiot!

  • Caramel

    They all look so much better natural. Wholesome, healthy and beautiful!!!! And more important YOUNGER!!!!!!!! Weaves put years on a sister. They make you look older. I am growing my hair out as we speak and I cannot wait to show my beautiful curls!!!!!!

  • Niché

    I think New York is better natural

  • Brodie

    Totally agree with this list, especially with homegirl Lauryn.

  • Victoria

    lmao, Wow, I couldn't even believe my eyes when I saw that picture of Tiffany aka New York. She looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better with a natural. Actually looks like a normal human being for once! lol

    and i love kims locks 🙂

    • DOUBLE LIKE! Right New York does look better natural and finally does look human and not like a "Muppet". LOL

      • Mynda

        I was just thinking that… no more Janice from Electric Mayhem!

        • Guest

          YES!!! LOL!!! I never thought about it until you posted it, but she does look like Janice! Still ROTFL!!!

  • miss k.

    Jill Scott looks HOTTTT in that first shot! She looks more warm and friendly in the second one – both are gorgeous!

    • I think I like the "fierce" Jill Scott better. The new style is more "jazzy" though.

  • Renee

    Yes Tiffany aka New York looks so much better natural, she doesn't look like a drag queen trying to hard. Jill Scott looks gorgeous either way!

    • LisaJoy79

      TOTALLY agree-I had to do a "double-take" on Ms. Tiffany! Not only is she waay prettier in the natural, she actually looks mature-like she's grown away from all of the childish hoopla that she once surrounded herself with:) I personally LOVE Jill's new look! Yes, she's beautiful either way, but homegirl is rockin' that bob!

    • blkck101

      Why are we pretending that some of these women with “natural” styles are not wearing natural style wigs, clip-ons, and hair pieces. Either way is nice if they just take the fake hair off and wear it clean, natural or straight.

  • Tiffanie

    I agree until you put Kim coles on there…. NO she look a mess natural … NO mas

    • Tweetie


  • I have to say I agree with this post as the beauty in these women seems to shine through more when they are natural. With that said, Jill Scott is an exception as she has such a beautiful face she can rock anything on her head and still look gorgeous.

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